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1)Passaporte sanitário do governo escocês envia dados privados para a Amazon e a Microsoft
Como se as associações antiliberais do passaporte da vacina não bastassem, agora foi revelado…
2)que o governo escocês permitiu que os dados do programa fossem compartilhados com empresas privadas, incluindo a Amazon relata
Aprendemos que o aplicativo móvel do NHS, que apresenta informações médicas pessoais na forma de um código QR, está
3)compartilhando dados com empresas como Amazon, Microsoft, ServiceNow, Royal Mail e uma empresa de reconhecimento facial AI.
Os defensores das liberdades civis e políticos da oposição reagiram furiosamente às nossas revelações.
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I’m at a global travel & tourism conference in León, Spain - hearing from industry experts about what they’re expecting for the next year.

This is an industry on its knees, and much of what I heard was depressing. But there’s also very promising signs. Some takeaways: (🧵 1/6)
One thing’s clear: industry feels EU’s successful #VaccinePassport scheme saved the summer.

Travel within 🇪🇺 now totally open and mostly hassle-free, esp compared to European countries requiring PCR test instead (UK). But travel outside EU will stay at low levels for some time.
I heard predictions that travel & tourism sector won’t recover to 2019 levels until *2025*.

Many tourism businesses will fold if it takes that long. What do they need? Quick international coordination on travel requirements and globally recognised vaccination certification.
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I can speak for most vaccinated people, and say I take great joy in seeing unvaccinated people excluded from parts of society.
The latest numbers I can find on quick search is ~80% support for vaccine passports. Around 4/5 people agree with the system.

78% Canadians support COVID-19 vaccine passport for public places: poll…
In response to my Tweet, people are posting all sorts of extremist content in my replies.

If you want to see what right-wing extremism actually looks like, please take a look. This is not normal.
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@JA_Irl @ClareDalyMEP @dfatirl @EPinIreland QUESTION for @Europarl_EN😴

en route to next week's #COP26
#GlasgowCop26 #COP26Glasgow

I keep asking that question
since #CopenhagenGate!

😴1999 @Europarl_EN😴

Operation #ClimateChaos
#HAARP Alaska, Antarctica, Orbital🔜
@JA_Irl @ClareDalyMEP @dfatirl @EPinIreland @Europarl_EN @TimmermansEU @COP26 Can the European Parliament answer my previous Q&A about their own 1999 report?

" #HAARP disrupts #climate"

@JA_Irl @ClareDalyMEP @dfatirl @EPinIreland @Europarl_EN @TimmermansEU @COP26 Can the European Parliament answer my previous Q&A about their own 1999 report?

" #HAARP disrupts #climate"

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1/ A result of this decision by @UHN, some people have been withdrawing their organ donation consent in protest - given the ongoing campaign by the pro-lockdown lobby to demonize unvaccinated people.

This thread discusses the procedure in Ontario.

#TOpoli #ONpoli #cdnpoli #UHN
2/ To check if you are registered as an organ donor in Ontario, go to Service Ontario link below and follow instructions set out below.…

#TOpoli #ONpoli
3/ You can withdraw a previous organ donor consent in Ontario at any time at Service Ontario link below.

Click on "Register, Check or Update".…

#TOpoli #ONpoli
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Figure 7. #Canada: deaths with #covid19 as of October 1, 2021: 27,660

Figure 7. #Canada: deaths with #covid19 as of October 8, 2021: 27,660

No additional deaths WITH covid.

Yet #media hysteria continues for experimental jab / #vaccinepassport (#digitalID) uptake.
Note on same page it states "the count of deaths related to COVID19 in Canada was 28,141 as of Oct 7 2021". (Possible that new deaths w/ covid will not show up on this chart until next cycle).

#Adverse event reports up to/including Oct 1 2021: 17,982…
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#vaccinepassports: "They are creating a new inescapable web of #surveillance. W/ geolocation data being tracked everywhere. We have a global #digital infrastructure that is growing [] all around the world."

- Ann Cavoukian, former Privacy Commissioner of Ont., advisor/#ID2020
Cavoukian: "And I should mention w/ the
#vaccinepassport, which I find highly, highly offensive from a privacy perspective, both #Quebec & the port-a-pass in #Alberta have been found-the CBC revealed this-to be incredibly #privacy invasive."

Quebec 👇

Cavoukian: "Contrary to what's being said by the govt, lots of personal information is being collected & retained. That will have an impact upon you & your freedom. #Privacy forms the foundation of our #freedom. We cannot give that up."


[Source: ]
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The map no longer exists, and here is why.

~ a thread
Over 3 weeks ago, @blogTO released an article about NoPassList: a website created for businesses to register as non-compliant with the new #VaccinePassport system. It shocked me beyond words, and after days of not being able to "shake" it, I decided to do something about it.
The idea that there were hundreds of businesses registered with a website actively defying the passport system - many not informing their customers - infuriated me. They were taking away the right to informed and responsible consumerism.
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SEPT 27: #COVID19 in #Ontario
613 cases, 0 deaths🙏🏻, 578 resolved,
22633 tests/day, 9306 pending, 2.0% pos
184 in ICU (130 on ventilator)🏥

+20,454 vaccinations💉
85.9% of age 12+ ≥1 dose💉
(80.4% = 2 doses)
See thread for more graphs📉⤵️
#onhealth #COVID19ontario
🦠Cases (new):
Unvaccinated: 350
Partial vax: 35
Full vax: 159
Unknown: 69

🏥Hospitalizations: N/A

"Due to incomplete weekend reporting, vaccination status data for hospital & ICU admissions is not updated on Sundays & Mondays."
Sept 27: Cases/Hosp/ICU by vaccination status *PER MILLION*

Cases: RR 6.0x unvaccinated to vaccinated

"Due to incomplete weekend reporting, vaccination status data for hospital & ICU admissions is not updated on Sundays & Mondays."
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Police continue arriving and filling in around the demonstrators. They need a strong show of force to reinforce their authority in the minds of the sheeple. Especially after yesterday and the rugby guy.
Cops are bringing in water. Has this monument turned into a prison camp at this point?
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1/ The Vax$ contains the RNA (encapsulated in liposome) to make one of the spikes found on the outside of the coronavirus. When injected, it is absorbed into a cell and makes one of those spikes on the outside of whatever cell it went in to.

#VaccineMandate #VaccinePassport
The RNA shot was supposed to stay in the arm muscle, making those spikes on the outside of muscle fibres, but instead most of it got flushed into the blood and spread around the body.

#VaccineMandate #VaccinePassport
The place where blood slows down the most is in the capillaries & this is where the RNA has mostly been absorbed & those are the cells that started growing those little spikes.

Problem is those capillaries are supposed to be nice and smooth.

#VaccineMandate #VaccinePassport
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THREAD: "F**k Joe Biden, Biden is a Pedophile" Hundreds marched through NYC protesting vaccine mandates.
All Videos by @yyeeaahhhboiii2 (FreedomNewsTV)


#VaccinePassports #vaccines
"We all have to develop an immunity to this entire virus" said speaker Del Bigtree, "We're gonna have to catch this cold." he added


Del Bigtree speaking at Anti-mandate Protest in NYC "I told you over 7 months ago, this vaccine does not work". When interviewed and reporters who say that he doesn't have a medical license, he responds "That's why it's so terrifying that I'm the only one getting it right" #VAX
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#VaccinePassport This Protocol is heavily flawed and here's why.

1. Vaccination - getting the jab doesn’t mean immunity from the virus, it simply means you will experience less hectic symptoms, which makes the virus manageable at best. You can still get the virus, spread it -
and die from it even when vaccinated. With that being said
2. Uniformity - Not all countries agree to a #VaccinePassport, this means there is no standard of evaluation of information. In simple words. There is no standard we globally can follow as the best method to asses the quality of your passport. -
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Es geht wieder los in #France:

Thread mit Videos🧵 1/n

In Pau demonstrieren die Menschen am 9. Samstag in Folge gegen die #Impfapartheid.
In Paris hat die Polizei aufgerüstet…
2/ #ChampsElysées und #Wagram, sind von der Polizei abgesperrt: mehrere Wasserwerfer, Dutzende Polizei- und Gendarmeriewagen stehen bereit... #Paris
3/ Aix-en-Provence auf der Straße gegen den Gesundheitspass.
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Italy vacationers are foaming with rage: show vaccination records, end up next to the pizza oven...

[THREAD] #vaccine #vaccination #VaccinePassport

Things like these need to happen more often though.
(1) To show those that are vaccinated and gleefully cheering the discrimination of unvaccinated people, that the coin can flip very easy.

Okay what's this about. In Italy, vaccine passports are needed to eat inside restaurants.
(2) The patrons of these restaurants now seat the unvaccinated outside at the fresh air (great weather!) and the vaccinated need to sit inside. Patrons do this to be able to serve more guests.
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#Quebec #vaccinepassport QR code begins w/ shc:/. "shc"- acronym for SMART Health Cards specification spearheaded by the Vaccination Credential Initiative [VCI]. Akinox, developer of #VaxiCode & VaxiCode Verif for the Quebec govt, is member of VCI.

#4IR #Salesforce #Rockefeller
Aug 20 2021: "Many US states have outlawed #vaccinepassports but the #SMARTHealthCard is being rolled out across the country with help from the private sector.

#VCI is a consortium of key players [] & includes major corps like #Microsoft, #Salesforce..."…
[Source of information highlighting #VaxiCode acronym for #SMARTHealthCards:…]

Smart Health Cards [#VCI] & Common Trust Network:

#4IR architecture
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According to Page 27 of the #DDCCVS #WHO #VACCINEPASSPORT
"Use of a DDCC:VS to restrict the right to
freedom to movement and other human rights is only justified when..."

That's all I really needed to read to know that I WILL NOT COMPLY with this...…
"(when) supports the pursuit of a legitimate aim during a public health emergency & is provided for by law, proportionate, of limited duration, based on scientific evidence, & not imposed in an arbitrary, unreasonable or discriminatory manner."

LEGITIMATE -who determines this?
EMERGENCY -according to who?
PROPORTIONATE -whose standards?
LIMITED -any future, changeable deadline can still be considered limited
SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE -except evidence they don't like
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Bill & Melinda Gate's Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation are funding the World Health Organizations guidelines for a digital Vaccine Passport called DDCC:VS.👇👇
And apparently the following had input on this System Aga Khan University,World Bank,European Commission,and CITIZENSHIP AND IMMIGRATION CANADA. Yes you heard me right..The Canadian govt contributed to the WHO`s guidelines for a digital passport system. #WHO #vaccinerobots 🇨🇦
Bar codes ,passes and identifiers 🤖👇👇#WHO #VaccinePassport
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It can't be both ways.

The vaccines work, and protect you from getting super sick or hospitalized from Covid.

If that's true, then super, everyone who has had the shot of some form, is as protected as they can be.

#VaccineMandate #VaccinePassport #COVID19 Image
(1) Those who have not had the shot, are likely to encounter the virus and get it. Good news, if they live, then they too have protection from the virus.

Now, I get that the recommended method isn't to get sick and get over it, but then, that's the reality of this.
(2) Since the government has chosen the path they have on vaccinations, rather than be truthful, we have been told a series of lies, misinformation and outright garbage, which caused massive hesitation among the population.
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#COVID19: The reaction of doctors and fake scientists to vaccine adverse effects (and eventual deaths) is worth deploring and taking to courts. They are helping in this #Genocide and most heinous #HumanRights violations of humanity so far. #DigitalIndia #IndiaAt75 @_Perry4Law Image
#COVID19: With data of infections, hospitalisations and deaths despite vaccination, it would be a legal obligation to revoke all permissions of emergency use of vaccines. Ignoring these conditions and deaths is criminal negligence…. #DigitalIndia #IndiaAt75
.@threadreaderapp unroll please.
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Here is my second thread on #COVID19, #ForcedVaccinations, #HumanRights violations and other aspects. Let us start it on a lighter note but the message is clear and pure truth as we are not living our lives due to fear. Go out and enjoy your lives today. #DigitalIndia #IndiaAt75 Image
I would also like to know more about and meet my two anonymous followers as they have been patiently reading my tweets without any interference and disruption. I appreciate your commitment and let us have a word now friends. DM me if you are introvert. #DigitalIndia #IndiaAt75 Image
Hi @jack and @TwitterSupport. I am unable to see my 2 followers and therefore I cannot interact with them and share my views and learn theirs. Is this a flaw or feature or both? I hope you would help me in communicating with them by making them public. #DigitalIndia #IndiaAt75 Image
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1/10War on virus is about cognitive dissonance. Those of us who stood by silent as minority communities were gentrified through the war on drugs, or profited by it, do not imagine being the targets of an epic urban renewal through lockdown measures and vaccine mandates.
2/10War on virus is about destabilization.  The bulk of wage workers as well as business owners who cater to the establishment must collide with those who have realized that their livelihoods are being destroyed or their businesses are being swallowed by large corporate entities.
3/10Communities are divided.  Family members are divided over fear and uncertainty.  We are being primed for further colonization of humanity and nature.
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the doctrine says this: when the federal measure is temporary, it is difficult to dispute that a crisis exists. see Anti-Inflation Act Notice, (1976) 2 S.C.R. 373
Constitutional law, 6th ed Henri Brun, Eugénie Brouillet p.586
#Canada #VaccinePassport #lawtwitter
Here are the questions to ask
1) is the maintenance of the emergency measure valid?
2) where is the publication of official national death data by age groups 2020-2021
3) is compulsory vaccination a temporary measure?
#Canada #VaccinePassport #lawtwitter
about the Anti-Inflation Act Notice, (1976) 2 S.C.R(1976), the Federal has discretion to determine whether there is an emergency and the courts do not intervene if this decision is taken on a rational basis or if there is no very clear proof on the contrary 3/
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