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Palestinians were offered 97% of the land they wanted in 2008 under Olmert. They refused, and now Abbas wants to go back.

Let's go in the wayback machine, Sherman.
2011: Abbas expressed regret for rejecting the 1947 partition plan.
2000: the Arab world called Arafat's rejection of the Camp David Plan under Ehud Barak a terrible mistake.

He was offered 97% of J&S, 100% of Gaza + $30B. He launched the 2nd intifada instead.
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Statement by Al-Awda, The Palestine Right of Return Movement on the “Deal of the Century.” (THREAD) 🇵🇸

In the aftermath of the release of U.S. president Donald Trump's "Deal of the Century," we at Al-Awda deem it necessary to issue a statement regarding the ill-fated proposal.
Although the proposal (#DealOfTheCentury) isn't worthy of acknowledgement, and is by no means a roadmap to restoring justice or instilling peace, we still feel a measured response is required by Al-Awda, The Palestine Right of Return Movement. 🇵🇸
There is absolutely nothing in the "peace plan" that is beneficial to Palestinians. It is an insult to the dignity of our people to suggest otherwise. It does not end the occupation, but rather attempts to absolve Israelis of the responsibility of the occupation of #Palestine🇵🇸
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@rlefraim Roger Froikin Eevaluates "The Deal."
"There really are good parts of this plan. (1) It gives Israel approval & backing of the US & important Arab regional nations, to annex portions of Judea & Samaria & to legitimize Jews living there and having rights there - 1)
without any necessity for negotiations or agreements (the Jordan valley too). (2) The rest is contingent on the Palestinians doing the following: Ending Hamas, ending all terrorism, ending payments to terrorists' families, 2)
ending efforts in Europe & UN to gain statehood recognition, & acceptance of a small, demilitarized semi-state & zero "return". Now, consider whether the PA will accept or be able to accept this. 3)
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Want to understand why Trump’s Middle East plan is racist & enshrines apartheid in the holy land? Try replacing the words “Israel” with “White people” & the word “Palestine/Palestinian” with Black people & then re-read the plan. Here are some examples: #DealOfTheCentury (thread)
“White People will maintain at least one early-warning station in places where black people live, as designated on the Conceptual Map, which will be run by white security forces. Uninterrupted white security forces access to & from any early-warning station will be ensured.”
“To the extent reasonably possible, solely as determined by caucasians, white security forces will rely on blimps, drones and similar aerial equipment for security purposes in black areas in order to reduce the White people’s presence within the black communities.”
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Trump‘s „Friedensplan“

Ich erkläre in einem kurzen Thread erst die Fakten und dann, was mit diesem sogenannten Friedensplan nicht stimmt:

1. Palästina existiert als Staat seit 1988 und wurde von 71 % der Welt anerkannt.
(Grenzen der Staatsgebiete sind unklar: es existiert der UN Teilungsplan und die 1967 Linien).

1.1 #Gaza, #WestBank und #OstJerusalem (= #Palästina)
sind von Israel besetztes Gebiet.
Besetzte Gebiete dürfen weder vom Besatzer besiedelt, noch darf die indigene Bevölkerung
zwangsweise umgesiedelt oder vertrieben werden.
Beides geschieht jedoch seit der Besetzung, also seit 1967.

(Deshalb hält Israel den Weltrekord an UN Resolutionen.😬)
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#Hezbollah issued the following statement in response to the #DealOfTheCentury

Hezbollah expresses its condemnation and firm rejection of the #DealOfShame launched by the savage #Trump administration at the expense of the Palestinian people, their land, sanctities,
and legitimate natural rights, and considers it a very dangerous step that will have very bad repercussions on the future of the region and its peoples.

#Hezbollah considers that the American satanic administration, after decades of supporting the enemy, its occupation,
its aggressions and massacres against the Arab people, crowned its aggression today, by trying to eliminate the historical and legitimate rights of the Palestinian people.
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On Al Jazeera, Mahmoud Abbas says "No, no and Big No" to the #DealOfTheCentury. Now UNSG @AntonioGuterres has his finger in the wind: what type of announcement would most help him get 2d term to keep misusing public money and censoring Press which asks?
@antonioguterres @MatthewLeeICP @FUNCA_info @silas_atefor Al Jazeera translates Mahmoud Abbas saying the US people have been "big-willed" but that some in US Congress support him. He says, "There are still some honest men." Hey - what about Elizabeth Warren? #DealOfTheCentury
@antonioguterres @MatthewLeeICP @FUNCA_info @silas_atefor Mahmoud Abbas says that Palestine is now the head of the Group of 77 & China.

Two weeks ago, the Chair of G77 passed to Guyana; @AntonioGuterres lavished praise on both. But he's silent today, cancelled press conference, will email out a canned statement at 3 pm
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Plan envisions a 34km tunnel from the West Bank to Gaza? That would make it one of the longest tunnels in the world (only 6 are longer) and tunnels of that length take many years to build. Don't see how Israel has resources or commitment to do that really; maybe a covered road
There are also some 60-100km of access roads for Israeli "enclave communities" in West Bank. That is also a major operation to build or maintain, depending on what resources go into them. Is it like the 443 basically a road with concrete and fences along it and pillboxes?
Also envisions improving around a dozen bridge/checkpoints that go from one Palestinian area to another, or sorts of border crossings. Some of these were already improved upon in last 20 years.
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. @netanyahu : C'est un moment historique qui rappelle un autre jour historique quand Ben Gourion a déclaré notre indépendance ... dans des décennies, nous nous souviendrons également du 28 janvier 2020.
@netanyahu @netanyahu : En ce jour, vous êtes devenu (Trump) le premier président américain à reconnaître la souveraineté d'Israël sur régions de Judée et Samarie.
@netanyahu @netanyahu : En annexant la vallée du Jourdain, nous pourrons avoir une frontière orientale permanente avec la Jordanie. Demande également que le Hamas soit démilitarisé.
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Des responsables des Émirats arabes unis et de Bahreïn assistent tous deux à l'événement.
@realDonaldTrump : Aujourd'hui Israël fait un grand pas vers la paix. Les jeunes du Moyen-Orient sont prêts pour un avenir plus optimiste.
@realDonaldTrump @realDonaldTrump : Hier, j'ai eu le plaisir de rencontrer le Premier ministre israélien et un homme qui travaille dur pour devenir Premier ministre israélien. Les deux dirigeants se joignent à moi pour exprimer leur soutien.
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Thread for the deal of the century announcement. Follow this for all the info as it is released. We recommend watching it live as well.

#Israel #USA #DealoftheCentury
UAE and Bahrani officials both attending the event

#Israel #USA #DealoftheCentury
The President @realDonaldTrump and Prime Minister @netanyahu have walked in to hail to the chief.

#Israel #USA #DealoftheCentury
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Hoy comenzaron las primeras reuniones entre las autoridades israelíes y el presidente de los Estados Unidos. Mañana será la presentación oficial del plan de paz. #Paz #Israel #Palestina #DealOfTheCentury ImageImage
Aunque peque de optimista, le tengo mucha fe a este #AcuerdoDelSiglo. Veremos que nos depara el futuro.
¿Cuan exitosa suponen que será la propuesta de Trump para israelíes y palestinos?
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On my way to hear @NikkiHaley speak in Tel Aviv. Will be live-tweeting!
Awaiting patiently...
She has arrived! @NikkiHaley
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A few thoughts on the economic plan released by the Trump administration last night, despite my instinct to avoid giving this any more air time. Thread. #PeacetoProsperity #Trump #DealOfTheCentury
1/ The 40p doc. is little more than glossy repackaging of recycled economic projects, including the Kerry initiative, that have been in the public sphere for years. Even by the lowest threshold of anticipation – offering innovative economic prospects – this plan fails to impress.
2/ The plan underscores the confusion of the Trump administration: cutting funding to development projects while asking Palestinians to dream of funding amounts that dwarf what has been slashed. Revamped USAID pictures from shut projects add to the absurdity.
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Jared #Kushner, le gendre et conseiller du président #Trump, dévoile la partie économique du plan de paix #Israel-#Palestine, qui sera discutée lors de la conférence de #Bahreïn. Il prévoit 50 milliards de dollars d'investissements dans l'éco palestinienne…
Le plan "Peace to Prosperity" se fixe des objectifs généreux (créer 1 million d'emplois, réduire de 50% le taux de pauvreté...), avec des projets plus ou moins concrets (création d'1 Université, 1 corridor entre #Gaza et #Cisjordanie); le tout sans carte
#Israel #DealOfTheCentury
Sans surprise, Singapour est donné plusieurs fois en modèle par l'équipe #Kushner (faire de #Gaza le Singapour du Moyen-Orient est une marotte du discours israélien)…
#Israel #Palestine #DealOfTheCentury
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1. Israel's regime is the biggest threat to peace in the world 🤨👇🏼
2. Israel's regime is the biggest threat to peace in the world🤨👇🏼…
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1. Israel's regime is the biggest threat to peace in the world 🤨👇🏼
2. Israel's regime is the biggest threat to peace in the world🤨👇🏼…
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