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Today I say a prayer for the New Year, that my sins of the prior year be forgiven, the slate be wiped clean, and that by His guidance 2019 shall be GLORIOUS!
I’m not making a New Year’s Resolution this year... I never do. I vow instead once again to continue the #TRUTH REVOLUTION!

NOFX - New Year's Revolution

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Also possibly the type of dummy drone plane used to hit the North tower on 9/11.
All 9/11 footage of a plane hitting the south tower was 100% CGI.
I will post footage of these mini planes flying everywhere!!!
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scroll to pg 27/28 Human Fetal Tissue Research #Obama announced his intention to launch a Precision Medicine Initiative #PMI 2015
ATTN: #whitehats #QAnon #Q
2) @AllofUsResearch…
NIH, as a federal awarding agency, is responsible to Congress and the U.S. taxpayer for carrying out its mission
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1/ WHAT IF I TOLD YOU OF A SECRET WAR, a war for control of “YOUR DNA?” What if they had the cures for many Diseases but instead used this knowledge to Create Illness Instead 😱 #VictimsForProfit
#DNAEditing #ReleaseTheCure #Matrix #QAnon #WWG1WGA
@realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn
2/ Each living Organism has it's own Genetic Code... #DNA is the Genetic Map of “YOU”. It holds detailed codes from your Parents/Ancestors, including your strengths & weaknesses...
@realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn
3/ United States Department of Energy Cites “Q Clearance” as a “National Security Position” of “Critical & Sensitive Matters.” The #DOE had full Oversight of the
👉🏻#HumanGenomeProject 👈🏻 🤔
@realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn #WWG1WGA #QAnon #BioSimilars
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WHAT IF PRESIDENT JOHN FITZGERALD KENNEDY HAD OF LIVED? OUR NATION WENT INTO MOURNING THAT GOD AWFUL DAY. Our Teacher told the Class he’d been shot; I was 12! Think what kind of EVIL lives to instill fear in humanity? OUR GOV MURDERED THIS GREAT MAN!
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Evidence of DEW in genocidal California wildfires

I'm combining CA fires #CampFire #WoolseyFire info w/ recent 9/11 thread because neither tragedies will ever make sense without studying the use of dark weapons technology

Amazing precision in destruction
Wait so accidental false emergency evacuation alert from Red Cross in August??? #DEW practice drill #CaliforniaFires
Fires #DEW #QAnon California WildFires MalibuFire #WWG1WGA evacuation paradisefire Calabasas #deepstate #TheStorm

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💥Nothing to see here folks!!! 💥
Just “THE #UN GLOBAL PACT FOR MIGRATION” 😱 - that’s right, because they have a right to go where ever they want, and 👉🏻WE👈🏻 are Expected to FUND This Insidious Dark Agenda... 😖
👉🏻 @realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn #QAnon
2/ Document Attached 👇🏻 🙄
Tell me the #Caravan isn’t being Funded by The United Nations too...
This is your hard earned tax payer dollars at work Folks 🤦‍♀️

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Isn't it interesting - some people claim that #Agenda21 is a conspiracy theory....... but a quick search at the UN website reveals

Results 1 - 10 of 291 for AGENDA21. Search took 0.164 seconds
It all started at the United Nations SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT CONFERENCE in 1992.
what a wonderful idea (right)?
He's the outline.…
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National guard brought in, today they announced they are considering "camps" as an option for displaced people. FEMA is registering en masse
2) Deaths are far above 200.
Media keeping so much.
Entire towns wiped.
Tens of thousands living in tents or parking lots right now.
Looks like apocalypse.
Air quality is killing us.
9/11 2.0
Watch CA. Voter fraud.
Republican strongholds hotnwith mass fires and shootings
3) Coordinated attacks.
These are solid facts and there are plenty of them out there
The REAL story: Elites like the Rothschilds manufacture wars and crises with their shell companies in this case-(PG&E)

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I appreciate everyone telling me about Agenda 21. I just want to say is OLD news. Is it real? HELL YEAH! 1992. BUT like my grandfather always told me in the 80s ‘the UN was created by the devil him self’

#Agenda21 #UnitedNations
Many may not even know that picture above and this one as well is from Jehovahs Witnesses. Am I one? NO. Was I raised one in a hardcore truth seeking family?


FYI 7 headed beast above in thread.
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Actual Footage of Incendiary B's Fired/Laserd onto N. #CaliforniaFires - incinerating innocent U.S. citizens while sleeping-running.

#War on citizens while Cabal Stooges laugh & Lie!

#FalseFlag #Agenda21 #QAnon #DEW #GeoEngineering

2.) What's Not Reported: Numbers of People incinerated while sleeping or trying to escape in their cars are significantly more!
#FalseFlag #Agenda21 #QAnon #DEW #GeoEngineering
3.) OPERATION TORCH CALIFORNIA: A Special Report on the Firestorm Terror Operation
#FalseFlag #Agenda21 #QAnon #DEW #GeoEngineering…
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California is being HIT AGAIN with Directed Energy Weapons FIRES are melting homes buildings cars but not trees! To further agenda 21/30! Getting rid of people off coasts via weather warfare, DEW! East coast, Gulf of Mexico constant hurricanes, tornadoes & fatal floods! DEWs!
Just do a search on YouTube you will see the fires directed energy weapons are causing. I will continue to provide information in this thread.
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George Soros’ #Agenda21 Plan:

“... due to the nature of its Constitution & the antiquated tenacity of the American people’s belief in individual rights...

Simply put, if the United States is to be moved towards progress, regular FREE ELECTIONS MUST be abolished.
(2) “THE FINAL ELECTION will be accomplished by a collision of factors that will strike simultaneously to create a fracture in the American Dream

This engineered crisis will necessarily involve great loss of life & of property. The result will more elections in America”
“Our infiltration of some White Nationalist wings, have allowed us to create a high chance of success to have trained ex-military snipers to commit random killings at early polling stations.

This will provide additional leverage to the cancelings of elections.”
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1/ Dearborn MI, Funeral Homes - Part 2
#Huma & #HRC direct ties to Death Industry...
👉🏻 Is #LaFarge - #CEMEX Partnership connected?
Down the #RabbitHole we go...
#HumanTrafficking #OrganHarvesting #Concrete #ChildsexTrafficking
@realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn
2/ For those that didn't read my last thread, #HRC & #Huma ties to Dearborn MI, #MuslimBrotherHood, #IIRO,
#Al-Quaeda all connected...
I highly recommend you begin there first...
#OrganHarvesting #QAnon
3/ ⚠️ Warning ⚠️ this is a tough subject matter, it's horrific & heartbreaking ... especially if you have no knowledge of #PizzaGate or #SatanicRitualAbuse
#ChildSexTrafficking #OrganHarvesting #HumanTrafficking #QAnon @realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn
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Cecil Rhodes, Globalist 1877

Why should we not form a secret society with but one object: the furtherance of the British Empire and the bringing of the whole uncivilised world under British rule for the recovery of the United States for making the Anglo-Saxon race but one Empire
This Is What The Globalists Are Still Trying To Do Through The UN Agenda 21

Rhodes envisaged joining the British House of Commons to the United States Congress, establishing an "Imperial Parliament" that would sit for five-year periods, alternating between London and Washington.
Cecil Rhodes died in 1902, his fortune was used to establish the Rhodes scholarship, which brings students from around the world to study at the University of Oxford in England, generally for two years.

Training Future Leaders

Bill Clinton - Rhode Scholar - Globalist

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Perhaps the most damning of Vajpayee’s achievement is the implementation of #Agenda21 in India.

From British Spy to Bharat Ratna

In 1989 a pamphlet titled “How patriotic is Atal Behari Vajpayee who betrayed the Quit India movement" was issued by All India Freedom Fighters Organisation (AIFFO) which included his confessional statement given to British because of which Indian freedom fighters were jailed.
Whether Vajpayee was a British spy or not and although these details about his controversial past is common knowledge, there are crucial facts regarding the policies he implemented after becoming the Prime Minister of India that most people are not aware about. #SpyRatna
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1. Here’s the reason for “Trump is literally Hitler”, “Trump is a racist dictator”, “Trump is dangerous to our democracy” rhetoric... they could feel themselves losing & needed an “insurance policy” to protect themselves from being indicted for their other “insurance policy”
2. A plan B perhaps 🤔
3. Imagine you’re the #NWO and you’ve been working hard to get your plans for global government in place. You’ve managed to create the EU, NAFTA, and #Agenda21 and you’re well on your way to implementing #Agenda2030 and the TPP. You’ve got all your ducks in a row...
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We are living under International Law via the #ClimateChange/UN"Sustainable Development" Agenda 21 BS. Infiltrated down to city/local level via #CityComprehensivePlanning #Biodiversity BS. Quiet #SanctuaryCity #Sanctuary USA #FakeRepubs at the top have BURNED US BAD! #TREASON🇺🇸
#GlobalHealthInitiatives CLEARLY state "we need to CONTROL and REDUCE the population via #Healthcare and #Vaccines to eliminate #CarbonEmissions. Let that sink in.
#SilverTsunami...20 years of massive Medicare age growth starting. Massive EMS shortages looming. NO info given under #CityComprehensivePlanning to disguise mass population of urban areas as rural is decimated. Quiet DESTRUCTION of the healthcare system from the streets. #EVIL👹
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This thread relates to recent #Q posts and gives a big-picture explanation of the massive #Treason that #POTUS and #WhiteHats have been fighting. This almost led to a military #Coup against #Traitor44's regime.

Graphic below acts as a map to clarify key elements.
Many of the crucial components of the #Treason are contained w/in the "Shell Game" report compiled by #Patriot #ScottBennett. This was recently publicized on the internet, explained in this thread:
Ever wonder why #DEM AND #GOP leadership opposed #Trump w/such animus? #Flynn and #Trump knew about the level of #Corruption/#Treason involving the elite, on BOTH sides of the aisle. Trump would discover, reveal, and punish their crimes (#DrainTheSwamp).
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#badactors #QAnon What is the connection to #Rothschild #MH370 #Freescale? #AbelDanger @Telford_Russian…
In 2013 Freescale Semiconductor announced the creation of the world's physically smallest ARM-powered chip. Freescale says the chips could be used for swallowable computers. Freescale already works with a variety of health and wellness customers #nanobots
In March 2015, a merger agreement was announced through which Freescale Semiconductor would be acquired by NXP Semiconductors and that the companies would be merged to form a US$40 (equivalent to $41.30 in 2017) billion company. #QAnon #followthewhiterabbit #AbelDanger
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1. @realDonaldTrump #RedPill 10-part thread laying out prediction of how #POTUS will expose evil #Cabal & workings of #DeepState #Coup. #Memo will reveal #DeepState abuse of intel services, leading to exposure/removal w/in #DOJ, #FBI, #CIA, #Agencies (leave behinds), #SES, etc.
2. @realDonaldTrump Next, we will need to expose, remove, and try for #Treason those involved in the #DeepState. Their nefarious work doesn't stop with the current #Coup but is widespread, including more recent scandals (#Benghazi, #IRS, #FastandFurious) but goes back decades.
3. @realDonaldTrump Before the full #TRUTH can be disclosed, we must round up, arrest, and try for #Treason and other relevant crimes those involved with the #Cabal. I'm unclear on sequence here due to need to manage the public (civil unrest will be pushed by #Cabal).
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