1/210: Markus Kerber's Apollo 13

In March 2020, the German Ministry of the Interior @BMI_Bund issued a #strategypaper that weaponized fear in order to accomplish compliance with #COVID policies. The authors' emails were litigated under #FOIA request. My analysis. #MEGATHREAD ⬇️ Image
2/210: The @BMI_Bund emails have been released to the public as they were successfully sued by lawyer Niko Härting in a FOIA proceeding. They can be requested directly from @BMI_Bund/ @rki_de via @fragdenstaat. Download it here: bit.ly/3knoa6Y bit.ly/3Bd0rgj Image
3/210: The emails originated March 19-25, 2020. They are so explosive because they map the inner discourse of the @BMI_Bund's now infamous #COVID-19 taskforce, which produced several crucial domestic policy documents. bit.ly/2TT3R7O @OttoKolbl
4/210: 1) The #strategypaper (03/22/2020) leaked by @fragdenstaat: bit.ly/3fObGUO 2) The #policypaper (03/24/2020) leaked by @CoronaAusschuss 03/2021: bit.ly/3rGMnXi 3) but still denied by @BMI_Bund: bit.ly/3d1nktI 4) and diverse other policy papers. ImageImageImageImage
5/210: In my eyes, the @BMI_Bund email files are key documents for understanding what has happened in Germany - analogous to the entire world - since the beginning of 2020. They are first-rate documents of contemporary history that have not yet been adequately processed. Image
6/210: Unlike German newspaper @welt, I do not conclude that in March 2020 politicians instrumentalized science for their own purposes, but scientists with conflicts of interests and #lobbyists manipulated politics. bit.ly/3s80OUr bit.ly/2RoAh8N
7/210: Unlike suggested by an article of @WELTAMSONNTAG/ @Tim_Roehn, I do not conclude that @OttoKolbl was the key lobbyist and panic modeler of the COVID-19 taskforce, but played a rather minor role. bit.ly/3hoZZVA ImageImageImage
8/210: My analysis is that #CCP-affiliated lobbyists may very well have been the driving force in the COVID-19 task force, though not @OttoKolbl, but @mayer_iras of the University of Nottingham Ningbo China @UNNCHome, now back at @UniBonn. @BMI_Bund
9/210: In the following, I will go through a total of 59 @BMI_Bund emails, step by step, and postulate 22 theses about them. I have derived most of the email authors with the help of secondary sources and then backchecked whether the corresponding email address fits in. ImageImageImageImage
10/210: My research partners: Bobby Rajesh Malhotra @Bobby_Network (co-author, video art) & Simon Goddek (research/ t.me/goddek). BMI Letter: bit.ly/3Bd0rgj (ger) BMI Emails: bit.ly/3knoa6Y (ger) Sources on the thread: bit.ly/3zIrGPM (eng)
11/210: With my "decodings" I do not claim to have evidential value in the legal sense. However, considering the relevance of the @BMI_Bund emails for the political development in Germany and beyond since 2020, I think it is important to work through them and draw conclusions. Image
12/210: Our story begins on march 16th 2020, when @c_drosten and Lothar Wieler, head of @rki_de, pay a visit to the Interior Minister Horst Seehofer and talk him into his conscience. After the visit, Seehofer is convinced of the need for drastic measures. bit.ly/3s80OUr
13/210: Seehofer instructs State Secretary Markus Kerber @BMI_Bund to convene a COVID-19 taskforce. EMAIL 1) March 19th, 2020, Kerber writes a first email to a circle of hand-picked experts. It would be about "getting in front of the situation mentally and in terms of planning". ImageImageImageImage
14/210: The @BMI_Bund does not need "an epidemiologically perfect model", a "plausible modeling" is "sufficient" to introduce "measures of a preventive and repressive nature". According to Markus Kerber, the desired starting point is the model of Boris @augurzky @RWI_Leibniz_en
15/210: Kerber expects a multi-month shutdown would raise GDP declines of >10% and systemic issues: "From economic programs WITHIN the system to a transformation OF the system by force". Kerber speaks of "resilience" and "irreversible turning points". Image
16/210: "In order to maintain internal security & stability of public order, Germany must be 'triage-capable' on the measures side."

Update 2021: Germany is triage-capable, Mr Kerber. @BMI_Bund bit.ly/3vLjRWr
17/210: Kerber points out that the task force must work "outside of operational crisis management institutions" and "confidentially". He fears that "the networks" may no longer function reliably. Did he already expect a "cyber-poligon"?
18/210: For this reason, Kerber additionally asks the authors to deposit private data: "Better safe than sorry". The @BMI_Bund emails confirm my suspicion that Horst Seehofer and Markus Kerber were in a kind of "panic mode" in March 2020. Image
19/210: In addition to the emails, my thesis is based on an article in @zeitonline: It reports that Horst Seehofer and Markus Kerber had themselves endured viral diseases in the past, including heart muscle inflammation and the need for hospitalization. bit.ly/3wNikkp ImageImage
20/210: Furthermore, I was informed by a reliable source from the ministries that Horst Seehofer did not leave his office for two weeks in March 2020 at that time. According to my informant, the minister had barricaded himself in there. @BMI_Bund
21/210: This does not speak for ice-cold political calculation, but sheer panic - the panic of no longer very young gentlemen to belong to the #riskgroup of a dangerous killer virus. In this mindless state, they were MAXIMUM susceptible to lobbying. @dfeldner1 @mayer_iras
22/210: Markus Kerber's "Apollo 13" metaphor seems almost touching, but arguably also a little ridiculous here: "To my friend and neighbor Lothar Wieler, I compared the task with #Apollo13. Very difficult task, but with HAPPY ENDING due to MAXIMUM COOPERATION." @BMI_Bund @rki_de Image
23/210: What we learn from these lines: Mr. Kerber oscillated mentally between fear and #pathos these days in march 2020. He experienced himself as the main protagonist of his own heroic epic. The undertone of all his emails is accordingly Hollywood-like and pathetic. Image
24/210: Markus Kerber introduces two experts: By "a profound political (...)" he probably means political scientist @mayer_iras and sociologist Heinz Bude "for the sociological-group dynamic component". I have hypothetically supplemented the text: ImageImageImage
25/210: EMAIL 2) @mayer_iras takes the taskforce stage. He introduces the ContainCovid-19 Taskforce, a team from the University of Nottingham Ningbo #China @UNNCHome that could offer an "interdisciplinary approach to disease containment & context-saturated knowledge about #Asia". ImageImageImage
26/210: His team "has valuable knowledge on health governance, quantitative social science, law, international relations, innovation research & digitalization research". In january 2020, @mayer_iras returns to @UniBonn after a 5-year academic stay in China @UNNCHome.
27/210: In @mayer_iras' signature, two sources appear as "new publications". However, these are not new, but from 2018: 1) bit.ly/3tdILxx 2) bit.ly/3mDBkgA. Both consider geopolitics and the need for a strategic reassessment of EU-China relations.
28/210: EMAIL 3) Markus Kerber is happy to announce sociologist Heinz Bude as a new task force member. This is very probably Bude, since Kerber still wanted to "win him over" and as one of few in the group, he has a certain celebrity status, along with @michael_huether. ImageImageImage
29/210: EMAIL 4) Dr. Boris @augurzky, health economist @RWI_Leibniz, enters the taskforce stage. He presents his economic model with different #scenarios as a kind of "basic version": It could be adapted and modified depending on the available data. ImageImage
30/210: @augurzky's model probably corresponds to a @RWI_Leibniz position paper he published with his colleague Christoph M. Schmidt two days earlier (17/03/20). Remarkably, BEFORE the @BMI_Bund taskforce, the two RWI professors advocated "herd immunity": bit.ly/3ebtmb1 ImageImage
31/210: EMAIL 5) The fifth email comes from an office of the University of Nottingham Ningbo China @UNNCHome. There is even an office number given, Office AB 219. For @mayer_iras' email address the redacted field is a bit too long - besides that, he was back in Bonn at that time. ImageImageImage
32/210: Office list @UNNCHome shows all people who are eligible. Nicholas Ross Smith @1NRSmith is @mayer_iras' research partner. Office 218, just one door down. Moved? bit.ly/3eKK5Db bit.ly/328sPko
bit.ly/3d91S6g https://t.co/MQaCNn5Rbz ImageImageImageImage
33/210: Smith's research topics in 2020: Digital vaccination cards: bit.ly/3d9bttO Why countries should resist the protectionist temptation: bit.ly/3a1aXMA The Corona crisis as an "epochal moment" for China: bit.ly/3d8IK8u ImageImageImage
34/210: Source 1) in the email signature is from Nicholas Ross Smith @1NRSmith and @mayer_iras, in the others Maximilian Mayer is (co-)author. 1) bit.ly/39YuRI2 2) bit.ly/3s6exLH 3) bit.ly/3wN8D5s 4) bit.ly/3d4XBAQ ImageImageImageImage
35/210: I may be wrong that the email is from @1NRSmith: Smith denies any involvement. But then who is "NICOLAS" whom Mayer mentions in EMAIL 9), and whom @rki_de forgot to black out? Who was responsible for the provision of Chinese documents? ImageImage
36/210: "Gold standard" be @imperialcollege studies: @neil_ferguson's study, the first COVID horror modeling, which assumed millions dead and was subsequently shown to be #FakeScience. Ferguson, by the way, broke the lockdown he recommended: bit.ly/3ww0kKq ImageImageImageImage
37/210: EMAIL 6) is identical with 4). EMAIL 7) I suspect sociologist Heinz Bude here: "Trend analyses, group-specific profiles, group of the immunized" sounds like #sociologist-speak. On Bude's role in @BMI_Bund task force, his media work offers inferences: ImageImageImage
38/210: "The fundamental problem I feel responsible for is that of affectivity and legitimacy, i.e., of #fear and #willingness to follow in the population." Speaking of fear: In March 2020, Heinz Bude was afraid of children. bit.ly/3pCXr8F Image
39/210: Bude's wordings read strikingly similar to the controversial lines of the strategy paper. Bude denied having worked with fear & @OttoKolbl confessed - but a certain fascination for the topic of fear is indisputable with Bude: bit.ly/3yrLTZM ImageImage
40/210: On Friday, 20/03/2020, the first video conference of the task force took place. As we will see, @mayer_iras was able to make first valuable contacts with the @rki_de ("the German CDC") on this occasion. Image
41/210: EMAIL 8) Hanna Katharina Müller, head of @BMI_Bund unit GII2 "Political order models and hybrid threats" thanks everyone on behalf of Mr. Kerber, sends out a list of contact details and announces the next video conference on Saturday at 10 am. Image
42/210: EMAIL 9) A key email of the document. @mayer_iras' address fits, but there are some spelling errors in the text that are atypical for native German speakers. Mayer or another @UNNCHome person with translation software, those are the options. ImageImageImageImage
43/210: The mail goes to Matthias an der Heiden @rki_de, whom @mayer_iras got to know in the video conference. Mayer sends him "the promised documents", including a "Seven-point-plan for Germany": This is confidential and should go to "suitable persons in the RKI". Image
44/210: More "suitable persons": In CC, @mayer_iras links "colleagues" from @SWPBerlin, arguably Germany's most influential policy advisory think tank (#Agenda21/ #Agenda2030). By referring to SWP, Mayer promotes his #containment ideology as a new "official" guideline to @rki_de. Image
45/210: Mayer hopes "to be able to do the same with @rki_de soon, if Mr. Kerber/the Minister should give the green light to the idea of containment." Interesting: In March 2020, the @BMI_Bund had not yet decided between #containment and #contamination. Image
46/210: He links to a Google Drive folder that has since been deleted. This folder contains "no scientific publications/newspaper articles, but documents from trustworthy NGOs". A manual of @foundation_ma from 19.03. would be "comprehensive": bit.ly/3mKErn3 ImageImageImageImage
47/210: @mayer_iras announces a permanent update of this database with documents from #China, and "hopefully" soon other countries in Asia, when such documents are available in English or German: "thanks to Nicolas!" @1NRSmith Image
48/210: "These resources could be used by government agencies, hospitals, and the general public. Please share with the appropriate agencies and individuals." Here, the Asian way is presented as a "ready-made solution" and the @rki_de/@SWPBerlin is literally courted with it. Image
49/210: In signature of email 9) there are again three sources of Maximilian Mayer @mayer_iras: 1) bit.ly/3s6exLH 2) bit.ly/3d4XBAQ 3) bit.ly/3tdILxx - so it speaks a lot for Maximilian Mayer as author of the email, despite the spelling mistakes. ImageImageImage
50/210: EMAIL 10) Matthias an der Heiden @rki_de enters the taskforce stage. He writes to the head of RKI Lothar Wieler: "When discussing the modeling platform, @mayer_iras had been very consistent in advocating a containment strategy analogous to the strategy in (South Korea)." ImageImageImage
51/210: "He provided me with some documents on this confidentially afterwards. I think we should look at this and check for consistency with @rki_de strategy. In particular, the #test strategy is of great importance according to @mayer_iras."
52/210: One of the "appropriate persons" to whom Matthias an der Heiden's forwarding of @mayer_iras' email went was Lars Schaade from the @rki_de. Along with Lothar Wieler, Schaade is one of the main protagonists for "Health Security" in Germany. bit.ly/3uK0rkT ImageImage
53/210: EMAIL 10) reveals: The scientific ideology of a "containment with the help of mass testing", contact tracing, lockdown and even more #CCP-#FakeScience came directly from scholars of Ningbo Uni China @UNNCHome to the leadership of the „German CDC“ @rki_de. Image
54/210: EMAIL 11) @OttoKolbl takes the taskforce stage. He sends 2 documents: 1) calculations on CFRs 2) "immediate measures to contain by testing and isolating that could be taken very quickly (without law changes to mandatory quarantine)". ImageImageImage
55/210: Interesting: @OttoKolbl is aware of the rights violating nature of the measures; he looks for loopholes in the existing legal framework. Even more interesting: A China-affine German language teacher and Mao fan calculates case mortalities (IFRs) for @BMI_Bund and @rki_de. ImageImage
56/210: EMAIL 12) Markus Kerber thanks for "the reasonably comforting best case model that would correspond to a severe flu with 126,000 deaths." It is instructive that Markus Kerber considers 126,000 dead to be only a "severe flu": In Germany 2020, COVID figures were much lower. Image
57/210: Related to this assessment by Kerber: How then is the status quo with significantly fewer deaths than @BMI_Bund expected, to be assessed? A "medium flu/normal season"? EMAIL 13) Early in the morning, Markus Kerber continues his thoughts from the previous evening: Image
58/210: "The combination of intuitive graphical representation of quantitative relationships and plausible narrative SHOULD GUIDE US THE WAY." "The worst case scenario clearly shows us what to avoid WHATEVER IT TAKES!"

Great cinema, Mr. Kerber. Image
59/210: EMAIL 14) A strange email without salutation and greeting. It seems somewhat like a stream of thought; probably from Heinz Bude or Christoph M. Schmidt @RWI_Leibniz. The author proposes two pages of scenarios "representing what can be expected over time." ImageImageImageImage
60/210: "Intelligent combination of contagion and social distancing" Keyword #contagion: This email cannot possibly come from one of the Asia lobbyists @mayer_iras or @OttoKolbl, because they vehemently opposed the concept of herd immunity = contagion right from the beginning. ImageImage
61/210: "SOCIAL DISTANCING with SOCIAL CONTROL" "Clean regulatory justification of new forms of SOCIAL CONTROL" "curfews for the population must be recognizably accompanied by measures of outreach collection and organized referral." (German audio)
62/210: "@Markus_Soeder (a German minister) is intuitively right: the spreading sense of powerlessness must probably be held in check by the impression of strong state interventionism." A 'return of the state' is Bude's theme: bit.ly/3fJ4msa Let's move on to #Hohenlohe. ImageImageImage
63/210: #Hohenlohe. The district of Hohenlohe (Kupferzell) was one of 4 early "Corona hotspots" in Germany where the @rki_de conducted seroprevalence studies as part of the "Corona Monitoring Local" project. In this context, I came across Dr. Thomas Lampert. (German video)
64/210: Dr. Lampert was head of @rki_de epidemiology monitoring since early 2020 and led the study "Corona Monitoring Lokal" together with Claudia S. Hövener. On Dec. 11, 2020, he passed away unexpectedly for colleagues due to a "short severe illness." He was 50 years old. #RIP Image
65/210: Already in the summer study, there were no more acute infections at the former "hotspot". 28% of those previously tested positive had developed no antibodies. In the meantime, there were 2 follow-up studies in Kupferzell: An autumn study and currently, a #LongCovid study.
66/210: Although the third follow-up study already took place in Kupferzell, the @rki_de has not yet published the results of the 2nd fall study - only those of the 1st summer study: bit.ly/3yw4pjy. We should keep an eye on whether the data will be delivered later. ImageImage
67/210: EMAIL 15) @augurzky announces a contribution by his colleague Roland Döhrn. EMAIL 16) Schmidt @RWI_Leibniz thanks Augurzky and asks to forward the mail to Roland Döhrn. EMAIL 17) @DohrnRoland enters the taskforce stage. He sends an "outline of economic scenarios". ImageImageImage
68/210: EMAIL 18) @augurzky submits an extension of the model. Thanks @rki_de for the un-redacted leftovers "BA"! Saturday, 3/21/2020 at 10am, the second video conference of the @BMI_Bund COVID-19 task force takes place. Image
69/210: EMAIL 19) Immediately after the video conference, @mayer_iras bring his proposals to mind again. The email contains several legal spelling errors. He proposes a "package of immediate measures" as an appendix (the later so-called "measures paper" of 24/03/2020) @BMI_Bund Image
70/210: "Estimate and massively ramp up needed testing capacity, improve practical implementation of testing, increase contact tracing teams, prepare isolation measures and procedures, mobilize civil society self-organizing forces." Image
71/210: Attached, a so-called "seven-point-plan" outlining an "infrastructure to contain and permanently control COVID-19", including "isolation centers." The isolation infrastructure proposal, by the way, has been implemented - only as a deterrent, of course!
h/t @argonerd Image
72/210: @mayer_iras is sure: #Isolation cannot take place within one's own four walls, but only in centralized state institutions. Vacant country hotels or schools are suitable for this purpose - most importantly, it is remote. Mayer calls this a "HOLIDAY AT STATE EXPENSE".
73/210: EMAIL 20) @OttoKolbl estimates R-values. Otto. Kolbl. Estimates. R.-values.! It exemplifies the level of hostility towards science of the German government and @BMI_Bund to leave the calculation of R-values to a Germanist and #CCP lobbyist - unfamiliar with epidemiology. Image
@OttoKolbl @BMI_Bund 74/210: In 2020, @OttoKolbl gave some interviews that allow deeper insights into his worldview: According to Kölbl, to cope with Covid-19, one must NOT listen to science and instead better learn from China's practical experience. Image
75/210: @OttoKolbl's R-values are not completely off the mark, as he has simply traced the seasonal pattern. The "voodoo" of his argument is to attribute a natural flattening of the curve to the proposed "measures": #lockdown, school closings, social distancing.
76/210: EMAIL 21) The following is a long mail from Dr. Schmidt @RWI_Leibniz. According to Schmidt, "the German economy is a high-performance machine that tolerates small fluctuations well" - unless we are dealing with a "real disruption equivalent to a meltdown". ImageImageImageImage
77/210: According to Schmidt, additional lockdowns and a possible collapse of society into anarchy must be prevented at all costs. In his email, Schmidt uses the #hammer-metaphor for a "short, hard #lockdown".
78/210: The only way to quickly reboot the economy, Schmidt said, is a two-step strategy of first sledgehammer (#lockdown), then massive testing. The "Hammer and Dance" scenario in the @BMI_Bund strategy paper is based on @tomaspueyo's blog article of the same name. Image
79/210: Why blogger @tomaspueyo's article, which is not scientific, went viral worldwide, influenced the health policies of entire countries and was cited by @c_drosten as if "hammer & dance" were an old concept in pandemic research, remains a mystery to this day.
80/210: Also, why the "hammer" metaphor already appeared in an article by Taskforce member @DohrnRoland as early as 06/03/2020, as if an agenda of the same name had already been known, we will probably never know: archive.is/Q5mY7. All referred to Tomas Pueyo (18/03/2020). ImageImage
81/210: The five representatives of the economic institutes acted in accordance with a capitalist system logic (which in itself could be questioned, but here represented the lesser evil). They were "out-smarted" by lobbyists close to the CCP who sold them "Hammer and Dance". ImageImage
82/210: @mayer_iras and @OttoKolbl sold the #Hammer (=short lockdown) & #Dance (=containment by testing & tracing) scenario as a "carrot" for a quick reopening of the economy. In doing so, they were able to rely on their Asia-savvy bonus.
83/210: EMAIL 22) Hanna Katharina Müller, head of the @BMI_Bund "Unit for hybrid threats", suggests an outline: #WorstCase avoidance as a strategic goal for Germany and the EU. Ramp up an awareness campaign, metaphor "siren warning": loud and arriving everywhere!
84/210: EMAIL 23) is by Schmidt @RWI_Leibniz_en or Bude. The author emphasizes the importance of a functioning crisis "federalism", not to mention the "HUGE PROBLEM CASE BERLIN." For Bude speaks, he attested Berliners a certain "death addiction": bit.ly/2U3BJyP ImageImageImageImage
85/210: EMAIL 24) @OttoKolbl proposes together with @mayer_iras to write something on point 2 (justification of core assumptions starting from their country data) and point 4, i.e. to deliver a "first version" on this. Image
86/210: EMAIL 25) Markus Kerber refers "to various telephone conferences of the last two and a half hours with representatives from the federal and state governments" and describes his impression: Many would still mistakenly think that they were dealing with "just another 2008". Image
87/210: In his opinion, the fallacy was that many believed that a Soffin (Financial Market Stabilization Fund) "like back then", which could be used to help the financial sector, would be enough: However, a "mega-Soffin" for the entire national economy would not be possible. Image
88/210: EMAIL 26) comes from Christoph M. Schmidt @RWI_Leibniz: "The comparison with the transmission in 2008 is of course not (any longer) valid. A quasi-real Soffin is, after all, probably on the way via draft legislation." Image
89/210: EMAIL 27) @augurzky @RWI_Leibniz presents a possible graphical representation of the different scenarios. The current version of the model has two best cases & one case "Suppress": test and isolate, model: South Korea. Image
90/210: EMAIL 28) is from @augurzky. The "measures" they inserted could also be sorted downward, but the idea was, after all, TO PRESENT "testing, tracing, isolation, if necessary, assembly bans" AS economically and medically NECESSARY". Image
91/210: "TO PRESENT isolation/ assembly bans as necessary"? Exciting way of putting it, @augurzky! EMAIL 29) Schmidt @RWI_Leibniz thinks it's a good idea, "especially if we put the suppress variant next to it as a hopeful target scenario." Image
92/210: EMAIL 30) Matthias an der Heiden @rki_de contributes his findings: he has studied the impact of existing measures on the spread of the virus in Germany. In his eyes, there were "slightly encouraging signs, but we need to continue to monitor them". Image
93/210: EMAIL 31) Markus Kerber thanks his colleagues. EMAIL 32) Veterinarian and head of the @rki_de Lothar Wieler enters the taskforce stage. This is his first and only email within the document. He puts in a good word for the work of his colleague Matthias an der Heiden. ImageImageImage
94/210: EMAIL 33) Dr. @DohrnRoland vom @RWI_Leibniz verweist darauf, dass die negativen Auswirkungen auf Staatseinnahmen bislang noch nicht genannt wurden und im Modell nicht enthalten seien. ImageImageImage
95/210: EMAIL 34) Dr. @michael_huether enters the taskforce stage. He addresses a query to @RWI_Leibniz colleagues @augurzky, Dr. Schmidt and @DohrnRoland; their assessment of a "breathing" policy governance, a concept proposed by his @atlantikbruecke colleague @dfeldner1. ImageImageImage
96/210: EMAIL 35) @augurzky @RWI_Leibniz responds to the proposal of "breathing ecomonic control": in principle yes, but only once it is clear in which order things can be reopened, concessions could be made again. Image
97/210: EMAIL 36) Dr. Schmidt @RWI_Leibniz thinks that the topic "breathing control" exceeds the "scope" of the paper. One could also not address fiscal aspects or longer-term implications of a shrinking global economy. A short paragraph on this is conceivable. Image
98/210: EMAIL 37) comes from @augurzky. Thematically, it would fit Bude: school openings after Easter are mandatory, otherwise social inequality is reinforced. Parents gain "great importance". Image
99/210: The third video conference of the @BMI_Bund COVID-19 task force was held on Sunday, 22/03/2020 at 9am. Image
100/210: EMAIL 38) Matthias an der Heiden pleads for "no categorical keeping of schools closed after Easter", but "conditions". You can see very clearly in which direction it goes: Embedding everything in unfulfillable conditions, result: eternal lockdown. ImageImage
101/210: EMAIL 39) "Not only do we need testing capacity, but massive numbers of people are needed to do contact tracing, which means support for health departments - can you say anything more about this from your experience in Asia, Dr. Mayer?" @mayer_iras Image
102/210: Apparently Mayer had again made an impression in the video conference with his "Asia insider knowledge". Because it was Markus Kerber's announced motto to learn from the experiences of the #SARS countries, everyone was eating out of @mayer_iras' hand. Image
103/210: EMAIL 40) @augurzky @RWI_Leibniz_en again "refines" the opening conditions of colleague Matthias an der Heiden @rki_de:
→ exempt high school graduates from classes
→ extend school hours to full day
→ thorough daily cleaning
→ protective masks for all students ImageImage
104/210: EMAIL 41) @mayer_iras addresses Mr. Kerber and Hanna: He revised part 4c4 and suggests the motto "DISTANCED TOGETHER". He stresses that "contact tracing" is very important and asks for contact to a @rki_de colleague who has been to [China] before. Image
105/210 EMAIL 42) An der Heiden gives @mayer_iras the contact. EMAIL 43) An der Heiden sends a link to the modeling and points out that the lethality rate determined by @rki_de is 0.56%, which is "somewhat" lower than the 1.2% proposed in the strategy paper. ImageImage
106/210: Also interesting: The technical disagreement regarding the IFR between @RWI_Leibniz (1.2%) and @rki_de (0.56%) bypasses most taskforce authors, as they were no longer addressed in the recipient line. They were not privy to this debate in advance. @BMI_Bund Image
107/210: EMAIL 44) @augurzky @RWI_Leibniz_en has included the link, but points out a difference in numbers: The @rki_de would come with its IFR in the #WorstCase to significantly fewer deaths than the RWI. This would result in a need for justification of their higher number. Image
108/210: He would justify it with the [South Korea] data. It remains unclear whether he means pandemic data or the coronavirus exercise dec '20 in South Korea mentioned in email 5. @augurzky points out different views between @RWI_Leibniz and @rki_en which "he could not resolve".
109/210: @augurzky invokes the principle of "arguing from the goal, showing high pressure to act, better safe than sorry", hence preemptively the orientation towards a rather high #IFR. Here the Achilles' heel of Markus Kerber's approach of "maximum cooperation" becomes clear: Image
110/210: EMAIL 45) Matthias adHeiden @rki_de suggests how to integrate the lower @rki_de IFR in a meaningful way. At the same time he expresses doubts about the 1.2%: The mortality rate among ICU patients would then have to be 80%. He asks @augurzky if that is the assumption. Image
111/210: This would then have to be "explained and possibly justified with clinic overload". Interestingly, the @rki_de epidemiologist has problems to justify the 1.2% IFR as proposed by RWI/ the lobbyists. We now know: both 1.2% and the "moderate" RKI figure were much too high. Image
112/210: EMAIL 46) @augurzky points to "assumptions" that explain the genesis of "their" #IFR: "We calibrated everything to end up with a mortality on infected of about 1.2% (without rationing). Are we completely wrong about that? No one had remarked so far." Image
113/210: EMAIL 47) Matthias an der Heiden @rki_de pleads for "rather bundling", i.e. "not letting the mild cases die", rather staying at 80% #IFR for intensive care patients and justifying this by "hospital overload" - which is then not unrealistic. Image
114/210: EMAIL 48) @augurzky has followed up by lowering #IFR to 0% "for mild & non-intensive hospitalized cases". As proposed, he would justify the 1 million deaths in the worst case with rationing - the much-vaunted overburdening of health care systems. Image
115/210: This email clearly shows how the justifications were literally "juggled" in order to comply with a fixed, seemingly magical figure of 1.2%. An open end scientific approach looks different. EMAIL 49) Matthias an der Heiden @rki_de is now satisfied and thanks. Image
116/210: EMAIL 50) First email from Monday. The strategy paper is ready. Markus Kerber @BMI_Bund tells taskforce participants how well the paper was received (very likely, by ministers @jensspahn and Horst Seehofer) and the taskforce should "absolutely" continue its work. ImageImage
117/210: Since "digital solutions" would play an increasingly important role in the fight against pandemics (he links this @welt article: bit.ly/3uTgRHC ), he invited Klaus Vitt, @BMI_Bund State Secretary for IT issues, who could "remove some obstacles." #DataPrivacy?
118/210: Kerber announces that in the next days the operative implementation of 'testing and isolating' and the elaboration of a communication concept would be in focus. They would still need more #data from #Asia, especially on 'digital experiences'. Home match for @mayer_iras! Image
119/210: Markus Kerber asks for estimates of test capacity, medical supplies & personnel. "Transparently communicated solution parameters" are to be used as "narrative elements of a community-creating communication strategy to create an #APOLLO13 ATMOSPHERE IN GERMANY" @BMI_Bund Image
120/210: EMAIL 51) Matthias an der Heiden @rki_de sends a flowchart to be included in the strategy paper. It suggests to have ALL persons with acute respiratory symptoms & their contacts tested, rather than per self-suspicion, if testing capacity is available. ImageImageImage
121/210: EMAIL 52) Short & insightful email: Markus Kerber thanks for the recommendation and would like to clarify in the next day's videoconference whether the @rki_de scheme is CLOSE TO ASIAN PRACTICE and meets the "EXPECTATIONS FOR an extended testing strategy in GERMANY". Image
122/210: This points out: Kerber prioritizes Asian practice over @rki_de's. He wants to wait for @mayer_iras' assessment in the video call the next day first. Which leads to the question: Who exactly is actually setting "expectations for an expanded testing strategy in Germany"? Image
123/210: On Tuesday, 24/03/2020 at 12 o'clock, the 4th video conference of the COVID-19 taskforce @BMI_Bund took place. Since the infamous "measures paper" was created on that same day, we can assume that the guidelines for that paper were discussed in that video conference. Image
124/210: EMAIL 53) catches the eye at first glance because of its micro font size. If this maneuver was meant to distract from its explosive nature, it has in any case failed. In all probability, the email originates from turgot-ventures.com, an unknown Swiss consulting firm. Image
125/210: The company is listed in the @rki_de cover letter as email sender and has not yet appeared in the document so far. Turgot Ventures has lab contacts: bit.ly/2QvFFGK The greeting form "Grüsse" with double S instead of the German ß also suggests a Swiss sender. Image
126/210: Theoretically, Klaus Vitt, then State Secretary for IT Issues @BMI_Bund announced by Kerber as a new taskforce member and possibly blacked out because retired, would also come into question. However, when I asked a task force member, I learned that it was not Klaus Vitt. ImageImageImage
127/210: Problematic about the email is the phrase: "Ideally, the reports about #tests/ of which #positive/ incl. place of residence of the patient from the data of the insurance card to the RKI do not run via registration offices, BUT DIRECTLY FROM THE LABORATORIES TO @rki_de." Image
128/210: Patient #data is one of the most protected assets in Germany. Forwarding this highly sensitive data directly to the government agency @rki_de clearly violates #dataprotection. So what entitles the author to call for data protection to be undermined in this way? Image
129/210: Data protection is not very loved by some taskforce authors anyways ->@mayer_iras. Regarding the question "Do contacts to lab companies already exist in @rki_de, or should we build them up directly from our circle here?", conflicts of interest need to be clarified. Image
130/210: EMAIL 54) Big jump into april. Markus Kerber, noticeably nervous, reports back to the taskforce authors. He has an unpleasant task: A leak of the strategy paper by @fragdenstaat had led to critical questions, among others about the identity of the authors. Image
131/210: Markus Kerber inquires with the task force authors whether he may publish their names and institutional affiliation. He then receives different answers. EMAIL 55) Probably @augurzky @RWI_Leibniz: "Yes of course". Image
132/210: EMAIL 56) probably comes from @michael_huether. Apparently, he has a bit of a stomachache with the overall result: he doesn't really want to stand by it. EMAIL 57) Christoph M. Schmidt from @RWI_Leibniz_en also prefers to take responsibility section by section. ImageImageImageImage
133/210: EMAIL 58) @mayer_iras has no problems with naming his authorship. In the signature, @rki_de has thankfully overlooked Mayer's email address of his former university (Tongji). EMAIL 59) @OttoKolbl or Heinz Bude agrees to a citation of his authorship. Image
134/210: Congratulations! You did it! We have rocked 59 @BMI_Bund #panicpaper emails and proved how prudent, competent and open-ended the German Ministry of the Interior @BMI_Bund took advise in March 2020 for the 'common good' - likewise all COVID taskforces installed worldwide.
135/210: The @BMI_Bund emails are a unique document. They provide an opportunity to better understand not only the particular events in #Germany, but also the global dynamic: How did it happen that, since March 2020, many countries turned into variations of #China? Image
136/210: My article "China and the Great Reset" represented a first attempt to provide answers to this question - a sketch in broad brush strokes. The strategy paper of the @BMI_Bund was already my favourite topic at that time: archive.ph/zvbt6 Image
137/210: Many of my theses at the time have been substantiated after analyzing the emails. There were definitely too few health experts on bord. Judging by the emails, Lothar Wieler and Matthias an der Heiden, the two @rki_de experts, did not have much to say in the taskforce. Image
138/210: The federal government of Germany always refers to scientific expertise. However, the strategy paper of the @BMI_Bund does not have any source references. It is therefore virtually impossible to stringently trace back "scientific ideas" contained therein. Image
139/210: All targets of the strategy paper (#IFR, return to normalcy after a few months, rescue of the economy through effective containment measures inspired in #Asia) have failed to materialize. Did @BMI_Bund or the @jensspahn even take note of their epic #failure? Image
140/210: The economic goal of the strategy paper has long since slipped by dimensions. In contrast, a complex surveillance infrastructure based on the Asian model has been partially implemented in Germany, following @mayer_iras' "seven-point plan". Image
141/210: The @BMI_Bund-#panicpaper contains virus panic, economic panic ("There will not be a RealSoffin!"), social panic ("Anarchy!"), moral panic ("Children infect their parents!") and career panic ("Those who do not outline the worst case cannot survive politically"). Image
142/210: Questions remain. Why did Kerber rely on Ningbo @UNNCHome geostrategists in an epidemic situation of national scope? Why were individuals with opaque #CCP ties and conflicts of interest allowed to assume the role of epidemiologists in the @BMI_Bund-taskforce? Image
143/210: Who finances @OttoKolbl, whom the University of Lausanne employs only 30%? Since april 2020, he lists "Member of the German Covid Taskforce" in his Twitter bio. Is he a "scapegoat" on social media, a smoke grenade for damage control, a distraction?
144/210: Why was the only RKI epidemiologist on board, Matthias adHeiden, only a consultant but not an author? Why did the @BMI_Bund prefer the significantly higher #IFR of the @RWI_Leibniz and the "China experts" over the in-house figures of the taxpayer-funded @rki_de? Image
145/210: Did Interior minister #Seehofer see the opportunity to make his wet surveillance dreams, languishing in drawers for years, come true? One thinks of ELENA, a reservoir data storage he proposed years ago, his second favorite project right after his model railroad.@BMI_Bund
146/210: Why is there a new area clustering for #opposition members in Germany, where a misdemeanor like missing a mask in a station leads to a 6 months #railban? Based on a mysterious @BMI_Bund "decree"? Is that still proportionate, or the beginning of a #SocialCreditSystem? Image
147/210: Why did the minister president of Saxony @MPKretschmer & Dresden's mayor Dirk Hilbert get advice from the governor of Wuhan, two days before the first #demo ban in Germany? Geopolitical cluelessness or "learning from China means learning to win"? bit.ly/2UWMPGH ImageImage
148/210: Why is an #isolation infrastructure established in Germany, according to the instructions of the "7-point-plan? Will that "quarantine breaker infrastructure" still be used - for example, in the often announced "next pandemic"? Become a bit like #China, just a little bit? ImageImageImageImage
149/210: The COVID-19 taskforce @BMI_Bund produced additional papers in loose composition. The 'measures paper' (24.03.20) is the most notorious. It was produced by #4IR think tank @Crowdhelix, geostrategic think tank @SWPBerlin and @mayer_iras & his Chinese university @UNNCHome. ImageImageImageImage
150/210: The @BMI_Bund denies to this day that it has issued the 'measures paper'. This lie can be easily refuted, since EMAIL 53) DIRECTLY QUOTES point 1.3 & 1.4 from it. I assume that the 'measures paper' emerged from @mayer_iras' "Seven-point-plan", made by @UNNCHome. Image
151/210: The most explosive points of the 'measures paper' are 2)2.1-2.11, including the decision to amend the Infection Protection Act and to introduce an Asian-style quarantine center infrastructure in Germany. Another focus of the paper: the necessity to control "fake news". ImageImage
152/210: No wonder the @BMI_Bund denies the existence of the 'measures paper' until today: Both #China and #camps are sensitive topics in Germany. @mayer_iras therefore prefers to speak of South Korea, 'China light' so to speak. A passe-partout to which nothing can be objected. Image
153/210: March 16th, 2021 I confronted @mayer_iras with his collaboration on the measures paper. Mayer blocked me, unblocked briefly to refer me to an article of his, then blocked me again. "Coincidentially", I received the 400-page doc one day later from an anonymous informant. Image
154/210: In his article, @mayer_iras accuses the West of #Orientalism when criticizing China's authoritarian intenet policy, because the majority of China's citizens has no problem with it. He speaks of "digital orientalism" in reference to Edward Said's concept of Orientalism. Image
155/210: What is problematic about @mayer_iras' inflationary use of the term orientalism (2019 "digital orientalism"-->2021 "epidemic orientalism") is that he misuses an approach critical of colonialism to confer a certain immunity on the policies of the Chinese Communist Party. Image
156/210: The foreword is by @michael_huether, editor is Denise Feldner @dfeldner1 In her article, she describes why the West needs to learn from Asia, remarkably in February 2020, before Corona arrived. Corona is not yet mentioned with a word. But already now: Learning from Asia. ImageImageImage
157/210: Which brings us to the question: Who is Denise Feldner? According to a few press reports, she was part of the @BMI_Bund COVID-19 task force. @dfeldner1 is a business lawyer & strategic lead advisor @Crowdhelix, a 6.5 billion think tank for the 4th Industrial Revolution. ImageImageImageImage
158/210: @Crowdhelix is listed as co-author of the @BMI_Bund action paper of 03/24/2020. Denise Feldner thus played a leading role in setting up a "Corona security architecture" in Germany, including isolation centers, an overall test regime and Corona tracking apps. @dfeldner1 Image
159/210: The most exciting thing about Ms @dfeldner1, besides her worldview, are her affiliations: @atlanticbruecke, #China, Russia, Israel, #ZeroCovid, Industry (@the_bdi), #YoungLeaders, St. Gallen, @c_drosten @ "Netzwerk Universitätsmedizin". ImageImageImageImage
160/210: Ms. @dfeldner1 calls herself a "tech enthusiast." In a 2019 article in @theglobalist, she laments Germany's backwardness in terms of digitization and waits for an Asian-style "Sputnik moment" in Germany: bit.ly/3jGJqp3 Image
161/210: Life will never get back to normal, we will always wear masks from now on, we have to orient ourselves more to #Asia, smart cities, surveillance, testing, contact tracing, the age of pandemics - Denise @dfeldner1's worldview is strongly reminiscent of @ProfKlausSchwab's.
162/210: Denise Feldner, the "Corona architect" of the @BMI_Bund. The question arises why in 2020, during the Corona crisis, the very technologies are suddenly "in vogue" for which Ms. @dfeldner1 was hoping for a Sputnik moment already in 2019. Coincidence? Image
163/210: In "The Globalization Paradox", Dani Rodrik describes #democracy, nation states and free world trade as incompatible. Where from the recklessness with which #4IR apologists like @dfeldner1 and @ProfKlausSchwab are willing to let go #democracy first? Is it "dispensable"? ImageImage
164/210: @BMI_Bund & media conveyed the narrative that the COVID-19 Taskforce was merely an informal advisory board whose findings were optional. A network analysis shows clearly, the group was high-profile and strategically staffed. @Bobby_Network (wip): littlesis.org/oligrapher/714… Image
165/210: From the @BMI_Bund emails it appears that the consulted economic experts were ostensibly concerned with a "rescue of the old economy". After a detailed analysis of the "players" involved, I come to a different conclusion: it was never about rescue, but #transition. Image
166/210: After prolonged #lockdowns, a de facto abrogation of the constitution with the new established infection law #IfSG §28b, an astronomical national debt and a downright vulgar liquidation of the middle class: How must one feel as an economist of old school? @RWI_Leibniz_en ImageImage
167/210: How does @michael_huether look back on the task force today, regarding a sociopolitical reality that has no longer anything to do with the good old late capitalist Germany? Michael Hüther is a complex figure. In the obvious "good cop-bad cop" game, he is the "good cop". Image
168/210: @michael_huether strongly criticizes #lockdowns and pleads for a return to common sense. He points out the extent of human collateral damage. However, his proposed solutions (tracking apps, iris scanners, tests) are 100% compliant with 4th Industrial Revolution goals.
169/210: #NoCovid apologists @dfeldner1, @mayer_iras and Bude also strongly criticize the #Lockdown. In their mind, the government has not adopted enough surveillance technology from Asia, otherwise #ZeroCovid could have been achieved long ago. @zeitonline bit.ly/35ij58B
170/210: @mayer_iras' radicalization is reaching worrying levels: He advocates for abolishing current German data protection laws for tracking purposes. In normal times a case for the @BfV_Bund - in 2021 he went on a promotional tour with it. bit.ly/3fyh64Q
171/210 According to Denise @dfeldner1, the time was not ripe for the ideas of the task force. But that was changing now, the paper was more relevant than ever. As Bude put it: "Too much hammer (lockdown), not enough dance." #Dance - a pretty PR frame for surveillance capitalism. Image
172/210: The COVID-19 task force @BMI_Bund is far from being an isolated "German phenomenon". It is connected to & embedded in international pandemic exercises, scenario papers and task forces. It operated in temporal and ideological correlation to similar bodies worldwide. Image
173/210: Most striking are the parallels of the @BMI_Bund panicpaper to the "#UK panicpaper": the latter was published by a taskforce of psychologist on the same day (03/22/20). Goal: to condition people's behavior with the help of #fear. archive.is/MtGT6 Image
174/210: Originator was the now infamous Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group on Behaviours (SPI-B), which produced an expert report for Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage). Psychologists have filed a complaint against this at @BPSOfficial. archive.is/nJ14Y Image
175/210: They wanted to have it investigated whether their colleagues were guilty of violating research ethics by recommending manipulation techniques below the perception threshold for political communication, keyword "Weaponizing Fear". archive.is/bQ5WX Image
176/210: The responsible SPI-B group made an astonishing admission of guilt: Yes, they had used unfair and psychologically damaging manipulation techniques. The book on the subject, "A State of Fear" by @BareReality became a national bestseller in #UK. g.co/kgs/R6zSdD ImageImage
177/210: In #Canada, a "COVID-19 Immunity Task Force" was authorised to install an authoritarian pandemic regime modeled on #China. Public health demagogues like Theresa Tam @CPHO_Canada and @PattyHajdu (@wef) were given unprecedented power. bit.ly/2Sdl5MI by @katewand ImageImageImageImage
178/210: @katewand & @stacey_rudin describe Canada's authoritarian awakening since march 2020 as a "Covid Coup": Canadian government actions ranged from targeted fear propaganda, disinformation to unconstitutional "Quarantine Internment Facilities": bit.ly/2TE5pSW
179/210: In #Switzerland, the COVID-19 task force also used mind control techniques & fear to gain widespread acceptance of Covid measures. This has legal consequences now: taskforce chief Martin Ackermann has to stand trial for "frightening the population". More info: @mass_voll Image
180/210: In Sleeping Beauty Germany, a journalistic review of the panic propaganda has hardly taken place yet. My props @jreichelt – at least the much-maligned German tabloid @BILD has made a start with regular critical articles about government desinformation & fear politics. Image
181/210: Press reports about panicpapers often collocate a "politicians-are-guilty"narrative; neither surprising, nor representing the full truth. More explosive: The global panic propaganda shows a coordinated pattern. The classic: "Children are endangering their (grand)parents" Image
182/210: 2 weeks to flatten the curve! #StayHome ! Prevent the collapse of our health care system! Masks work! Vaccines work! The list of global propaganda narratives is endless. They are the matrix of the sayable - the legitimate interpretive framework. bit.ly/3BkZbYN Image
183/210: A scenario paper that is remarkably accurate in predicting the current situation of most Western democracies in 2021 is titled "Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development" and comes from the @RockefellerFdn in 2010. Image
184/210: A four quadrant matrix represents possible "decision paths" for the future. Apparently, the "#Lockstep scenario" has been chosen: It describes a society that transforms into an authoritarian #surveillance state during a #pandemic. bit.ly/3n1Yhwq Image
185/210: #China is mentioned over and over again as a role model. Exactly the same narrative that is presented to us today: only China and Asian countries have perfectly managed the pandemic. Other familiar motifs: #BigData, #masks, surveillance, AI, hygiene, #SocialDistancing. Image
186/210: What a coincidence: in 2020/ 2021, during the global Corona crisis, we are suddenly supposed to "learn from Asia." CCP lobbyist @mayer_iras had a very busy press year. Propaganda highlight in 2021 in "German leading media": an outspoken homage to #Mao @WDR. Why not? Image
187/210: A remarkable Chinese "strategy paper" is called "Unrestricted Warfare" (1991) a military handbook written by two former PLA air force officers. It describes techniques of psychological warfare, so-called "weapons of the mind" bit.ly/3wnHMfN @staceyrudin ImageImageImageImage
188/210: Speaking about "Weapons of the mind"/ #SocialEngineering, a 2017 US scenario paper brings those techniques to perfection: The #SPARS Pandemic Scenario @JHSPH_CHS, closely related to #CladeX exercise. Anyone reading this paper will inevitably feel reminded of the present. ImageImage
189/210: A #Coronavirus pandemic, a vaccine previously tested on animals that has never been tried on humans, PR strategies to increase vaccination rates, the dissemination of "correct" information on social media, discourse control over vacc injury. SPARS = SARS, Corovax = Covax ImageImageImage
190/210: The authors refer to the paper several times as "purely fictional". It was already published in 2017, but for 3 years it was quiet around the document. On 05.03.2020, it was published a 2nd time, short before taskforces were established & #panicpapers written worldwide. ImageImageImageImage
191/210: SPARS is a script for #SocialEngineering in the context of a Corona pandemic: vaccine influencer campaigns, purely fictional, of course! It only becomes peculiar when #Tuskegee, a term of the "purely fictional" scenario paper suddenly appears in a real Corona campaign.
192/210: "This ain't eugenics, uh uh, no way!" No #eugenics, got it. #Tusgekee is nevertheless quite a weird PR frame to promote the COVID-19 vaccine to black communities. Why, of all things, associate the worst medical crime committed against black people in the 20th century? ImageImageImageImage
193/210: As an anthropologist, I am particularly dismayed by the compliance of colleagues like @MSchochSpana - for years the brains behind all the "purely fictional" scenario papers of @JHSPH_CHS, a de facto US military unit. Medical #anthropology as knowledge of domination? ImageImageImage
194/210: Closely related to #SPARS is the better known "Event 201" of 10/18/2019, a pandemic exercise hosted by @JHSPH_CHS, @gatesfoundation and @wef. Exercised was a global top-down "harmonization" of all media channels and information during a coronavirus pandemic.
195/210: Parallel to #Event201 (18.10.2019), the "Wuhan Military Games" (18.-27.10.2019) started in #Wuhan, with 9000 athletes from 110 countries. Quite a few participants reported getting sick there. One participant at Event 201 was Georg Fu Gao, head of the Chinese #CDC. Image
196/210: Georg Fu Gao co-authored the first "Corona panic paper". He is a member of @Leopoldina since 2020 & on the advisory board of the gene database @GISAID (hosted by @maxplanckpress & @bmel = 🇩🇪). In February 2020, there was a meeting between Gao, Drosten and Angela Merkel. Image
197/210: George Gao has been admitted to the @Leopoldina, the German national academy of sciences, in June 2020. It has since become notorious for strikingly drastic COVID recommendations. But already in 2017, at a symposium held there, Angela #Merkel said some remarkable things.
198/210: At the 2019 @cducsubt congress "Strengthening Global Health- Implementing the UN Sustainable Development Goals", the same wind was already blowing: Merkel spoke of the need for mandatory vaccinations, @jensspahn called vacc sceptics "1 of 10 major risks to global health"
199/210: "Strengthening #UN Sustainable Development Goals" refers to #Agenda21 / #Agenda2030, which is at the heart of the global pandemic transition. All states that have signed it have committed to "Sustainable Development Goals" (#SDG) set out therein. bit.ly/3uh25d5 ImageImage
200/210: Under the #Agenda21/ #Agenda2030 "philosophy", individual health has been virtually abolished: there is only #OneHealth. What comes across as a fresh PR term is in fact nothing more than a conceptual relaunch of the "people's body". bit.ly/2TE5pSW by @katewand
202/210: At this point, it is worth recalling Angela Merkel's trip to #China in the fall of 2019, including a stopover in the hitherto completely unknown provincial city of #Wuhan. @welt-journalist @robinalexander_ is retrospectively clearly surprised by this "coincidence".
203/210: Germany's entanglements with China are complex & have become even closer during the #Trump years. Central topics are bilateral treaties on behalf of the #SilkBeltRoad project pushed by #China, the #Hyperloop net, smart cities, #AI, digital currencies & vaccine passports. ImageImageImageImage
204/210: The question why @BMI_Bund relied on #Asia & #4IR lobbyists for its Corona strategy paper is crucial. What seems to be clear is that the momentum of the crisis was used by various forces to usher in a #transformation of society, bypassing democratic processes. @dfeldner1
205/210: However, a coerced #transformation based on taskforces, #SocialEngineering, fake figures, fake experts and 24/7 #PanicPropaganda is anything but democratic. That these processes are rolled out globally in a top-down coordinated manner is an authoritarian grab for power. ImageImageImageImage
206/210: With my research on the @BMI_Bund #strategypaper emails, I would like to contribute to a public investigation. If domestic policy directives resulting from the task force are still valid today, e.g. in form of dubious policy papers, they must be rescinded IMMEDIATELY. ImageImageImageImage
207/210: The @BMI_Bund's strategy paper & action papers are based on false figures and premises, globally coordinated panic propaganda, lies and unresolved conflicts of interest. All of these papers lack a serious epidemiological basis. We have been deceived. ImageImageImageImage
208/210: Considering the evidence, it seems obvious that the world population has been deliberately deceived and manipulated by #SocialEngineering. It is up to us to unravel all the #propaganda narratives that have settled like spider webs all over our collective consciousness. Image
209/210: My heartfelt thanks goes to @Bobby_Network & Simon Goddek t.me/goddek who actively supported me throughout my 5 months of research, with assistance, advice, memes and fantastic video art (Bobby)! Warmest follow up recommendation for even more #ConnectTheDots! Image
210/210: BMI emails unredacted (ger/eng) bit.ly/38ia6G9 Sources (eng) bit.ly/3zIrGPM orig. BMI emails (ger) bit.ly/3knoa6Y BMI letter (ger) bit.ly/3Bd0rgj Thread (ger) bit.ly/38BS6qk Many thanks for your attention and don't panic! ツ Image

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2) Es wird ein kritisches, öffentliches Live-Gespräch zwischen mir und führenden Köpfen von Querdenken geben.

3) Zeitpunkt dieses Gesprächs ist abhängig von meinen Zeitbudget, sprich:
Sobald meine seit längerem geplante Veröffentlichung über das #Bundesinnenministerium draußen ist. Meiner Einschätzung nach wird das in ein bis vier Wochen der Fall sein.

Bezüglich meines Telegram-Kanals gibt es eine weitere Durchsage: Aufgrund einer Fülle von Hass-
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8 Aug
Sie haben "Wehret den Anfängen" komplett falsch verstanden, Frau Margot Kässmann.

"Wehret den Anfängen" bedeutet NICHT "Kill the messenger".

Es ist falsch, denjenigen zu canceln, der auf die Aushöhlung der Demokratie hinweist. Richtig wäre, zuzuhören. m.bild.de/politik/kolumn…
Wie jeder weiß, bin ich gegen #Querdenken als Organisation, da ich es für ein Controlled Op-Projekt des #Verfassungsschutz halte.

Querdenken ist jedoch das Label, dass allen kritisch denkenden Menschen der Demokratiebewegung unfreiwillig übergestülpt wird, wie in diesem Artikel.
Ich bin mir sicher, Frau Kässmann hat nichts davon mitbekommen, dass sich der UN-Sonderbotschafter Nils Melzer nun eingeschalten musste, um eine Stellungnahme der Bundesregierung zu #Menschenrechtsverletzungen und einem #Mord auf der Grundrechte-Demo am 01.08. einzuholen.
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3 Aug
Ich werde häufig nach meinen Belegen gefragt, warum #Querdenken, #CoronaAusschuss & #Basispartei in meinen Augen kontrollierte Opposition sind.

Vorab: Es ist komplex. Es gibt eine Fülle sich aufdrängender Indizien, keine "Belege". Teile der Antwort: t.me/ayawasgeht
Möge sich jeder ein eigenes Bild machen. Ich habe heute Puzzlestückchen gleich meine Eindrücke des #Querdenken-#Basis-#Füllmich Komplexes letzten Monate zusammengetellt (thx @Bobby_Network & @goddeksineal)

Der Fisch stinkt vom Kopf her -
und Lenin hatte einfach mal recht.
.@Bobby_Network, @goddeksineal und ich sind nicht "böse", wenn wir auf Grundlage unserer Recherchen darauf hinweisen, dass es diese Strukturen gibt, wie sie arbeiten, dass sie gezielt und ganz bewusst #Sabotage betreiben.

Deutschland ist V-Mann-Land, vergesst das bitte nicht.
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