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The President lies and says Democrats "do nothing" in Congress.

@RealDonaldTrump, here's a reminder of the bills we've passed in the House #ForthePeople that await Senate action and your signature:
@realDonaldTrump H.R. 1, which would end the role of big money in politics, expand voting rights and ensure that public officials work for the people, not special interests.
@realDonaldTrump H.R. 8, which would close dangerous loopholes and require background checks for all gun sales.
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Here is my piece in support of the Loan Shark Prevention Act by @aoc and @SenSanders at @LPEblog. It’s concise but I’ll go ahead and do a thread of the main points as well here:…
The last few decades of regulation have focused on steering the market. But the purpose of regulation in a democratic society should be to enact the people’s vision, and when that conflicts with the market’s “natural” manifestations, it should triumph over it, not be subjugated.
Payday loans and other short term small amount consumer credit are harmful. Finance amplifies wealth, but it also amplifies poverty, and the evidence is clear that these products harm our communities while lining the pockets of the wealthy. Re…
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Yesterday, I found the worst thing #FightFor15 can see

The @DrinkBriggo robot barista

In San Francisco
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Thought experiment as an #artistforyang:
Let’s say I’m a 23 year old painter straight out of college.
Moved to NYC to follow my dream.
Oh no, rent is crazy!!? $1,100 for THAT? How am I going to afford this? With all other necessities, I need MINIMUM $2000/ month to survive!
With @SenSanders #FightFor15 min. wage:
I immediately pick up an office job. Restaurants pay less now, because servers have to report more tips to tax to hit the 15$ threshold.
I work full time at 40 hours/week, and make about $1700 / month after taxes.
Still not livable.
I pick up a part time job serving for that extra needed income. I work that job 12 hours / week, and make an extra 200/week.
Yay! Let’s get some cake, I’ve made enough to survive!!
....crap - I have no real time to paint now.
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I understand why #YangGang and #Bernie supporters don't get along.

1) @AndrewYang trusts people, whereas @BernieSanders trusts institutions. This is vital. Hence the #FreedomDividend puts $$$ directly into people's hands but #FJG/$15 makes people go through institutions for $$$
2) Yang is inherently capitalist, Sanders is inherently socialist. People who support Sanders want to totally upend the system. Us #YangGang want capitalism to work for us.
3) Yang has spent his entire career in the private sector, as opposed to Bernie who only has (extensive) govt experience. So Yang looks at #FightFor15 and thinks "This can hurt small businesses" and Sanders discovers that its hard to run a business.…
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As the proud Representative from #CA12, it is my honor to welcome #DNCSummer19 to San Francisco!

Mirroring our great Democratic Party, we are a city that values community, that believes our strength is in our beautiful diversity and that understands our unity is our power! – NP
#DNCSummer19 is a chance to celebrate the Democratic Party’s legacy as a source of bold, innovative action that has improved the lives of the American people.

But even more importantly, we are committed to keep marching forward toward an even better future for our country!
The stakes could not be higher. Just as we did in 2018, Democrats have made the decision to win in 2020!

It is not going to be easy. We have to be ready to take a punch, but we also have to be ready – and we are – to throw a punch. For the children! #DNCSummer19
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If we dispose of false left/right dichotomies, clear away Orwellian doublespeak and intellectual dishonestly, what remains is a striking picture of the moral, ethical & logical superiority of leftist values.
This image is now my profile header because the moral, ethical & logical superiority of leftist values, along with the clarity & righteous indignation that go along with it are exactly what is so desperately needed.

Let’s move left. #leftisbest
This will be a long-running thread on what it means to be a leftist within the context of traditional leftist values & ideals.
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Things that make @Mimirocah1's skin crawl:
- Medicare for all
- Abortion is healthcare
- No to invading Venezuela.
@Mimirocah1 Doh! If I were worth $5 million, that would make my skin crawl too! Imagine, having to paly slightly higher marginal tax rates so that the plebs don't have to die from insulin poisoning.
This is her husband. A true beneficiary of the revolving door between government and private law.

Here is an example of everything Bernie rails at.
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THIS is how you talk about a #RacistPresident.
For those asking, @LindseyBoylan is an exceptional new candidate for Congress in #NY10.

She helped lead the #FightFor15 in New York and secured hundreds of millions for public housing.

She accepts no corporate PAC or fossil fuel $.

More here:
If we have any hope of defeating Trump and his extremist GOP cronies, we'll need to fill the Democratic Party with bold, unapologetic progressive voices like Lindsey's. We'll never win the fight against racism and xenophobia with mealy-mouthed "centrism."

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In the coming months, I'll be tweeting regularly about @LindseyBoylan, whose team I've joined as a senior adviser.

I've worked with many prominent political figures, and Lindsey is among the most principled, smart, and dedicated.

Her achievements are extremely impressive:

Wellesley and Columbia Business School grad.

Helped secure hundreds of millions for underfunded public housing in NY and was instrumental in creating new job growth. Helped lead the #FightFor15.

More here:
#LindseyBoylan was out front in calling for #impeachment.

We will NEVER defeat GOP/Trumpian authoritarianism if we don't overhaul the Democratic Party with new leaders (women and women of color) who will stand up to autocrats, not cave to them.…
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I'm joining @LindseyBoylan's campaign as a senior adviser. She's a principled progressive who has called on Dem leaders to #ImpeachTrumpNow. Wellesley & Columbia Business School grad, daughter of a Marine and of a working mom. Helped lead the #Fightfor15 in NY.
Very excited to be part of a congressional campaign that will help overhaul the Democratic Party and put moral courage and principle over politics.

As Dems, We will NEVER save our democracy if we cave to the GOP's extremism and authoritarianism.…
#LindseyBoylan is the kind of leader who has spent her life DOING, not just talking.

See for yourself and please consider following her and being a part of her campaign:

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One of the least talked about aspects of our political landscape over the last 5 years is the Democrats’ drastic move left.

Every topic moved left: immigration, abortion, healthcare, welfare, etc.

The graph from the New York Times below proves this drastic shift. #DebateNight
Let’s take a deeper dive into this drastic shift. First, immigration:

Obama in 2007: "It has become an extraordinary problem... [Americans] are seeing their own economic position slip away."

Today, Dems want to decriminalize border crossings.
On abortion: In 2010, Obama signed an executive order preserving the Hyde Amendment, which prohibits taxpayer money to fund abortions.

Most democrats in today’s field are vehemently calling for the appeal of the Hyde Amendment.
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Trick question: Which slices of this pie would benefit most from $1,000/month?

If so many people benefit, why are the detractors obsessed with groups that don't even make a dark line on the chart?

#YangGang #BasicIncome #FreedomDividend @AndrewYang
If your argument is against #FreedomDividend or #BasicIncome because "something, something, people in the black part of this graph," then why are you willing to hold back 88% of the nation over it? It took me a while to compile this visualization, but opposition seems petty.
Clearly, I feel for the "working poor," but they are this many of us. Less than 4% work 40+hrs/week and earn below the poverty line. If a policy will benefit them ... AND another 84% of the nation significantly, then which is the better policy? #MATH
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🔥 @BernieSanders is LIVE in Warren, Michigan 🔥
Professor Craig Regester talks about how we win Michigan #BernieInWarren
"In Detroit, when we come up, we bring our community with us. Our community is vast and inclusive. Let's live together, let's thrive together, and with @BernieSanders, let's change our nation together" Monique Becker #BernieInWarren
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I have some words to say regarding a lowered wage for people under the age of 18. I have real life experience and some pretty harsh opinions on why this isn't a good idea and why this isn't a fair idea.
#ableg #abpoli #abvote #FightFor15 #abndp #UCP
Point #1. I was on my own paying rent, utilities, food, clothing & transportation when I was 16. My rent, utilities, food, clothing and transportation was NOT at reduced cost because of my age so why should my wage have been reduced because of my age?
Unless we don't care about putting vulnerable people in poverty and holding them there? Unless we don't care about all people in society and if they have the ability to meet their basic needs?
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Via @latimes DEMS Focus on OVERSIGHT Role and Investigations of the #Trump #kakistocracy .. and ALL OF ITs piles. TRUMP was schooled this AM as to what #Oversight means.. he whined .. They didn’t do it to (black) OBAMA
#maddow @CNN @lauferlaw @dailykos
@latimes @CNN @lauferlaw @dailykos The Dem agenda will include three #House floor votes on Major Bills by the end of March, according to tentative plans shared by Democratic sources. #HR1 #HR7 #HR8 @LWV #votingrights @Womenworking @NationalNOW @womensmarch @MomsDemand @davidhogg111 #FightFor15 #VoteVetsVsNRA
@latimes @CNN @lauferlaw @dailykos #OVERSIGHT Acting AG. #Whitaker is slated to testify tomorrow, making him the first major TRUMP #kakistocracy official to come before USHouse since @SpeakerPelosi got gavel back.
@RVAwonk @lauferlaw @SethAbramson @DavidCornDC @renato_mariotti @tribelaw @jentaub @maddow @CNN
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What would you do if:
People in the richest country in the world actually freeze to death every winter because they’re poor or homeless and the Russians had nothing to do with it @maddow @MSNBC
What would you do if:
This were an extremely asinine and offensive tweet given how @maddow covers nothing but Russia speculation for 5 hours a week on her huge platform
What would you do if:
Your own government/corporate oligarchs poisoned your water supply and did nothing about it for 5 years
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Welcome to #SinglePayerSunday!
January 20, 2019
RT from this #Thread and take part in the National #MedicareForAll
Week of Action!
Compare Democrats’ many Medicare-for-All proposals with this chart…
#SinglePayer #MedicareForAll #SinglePayerSunday
Life, Death and Insulin…
As the cost of the lifesaving medication skyrockets, some desperate diabetics are rationing — and risking their lives. Was Alec Raeshawn Smith one of them?
Demand #MedicareForAll!
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It's #SinglePayerSunday!
December 30, 2018
RT from this #Thread

@NationalNurses Union are organizing to win #MedicareForAll because it's the only way to prioritize patient needs over insurance industry greed. #SinglePayer
‘Medicare for All’ Gains Favor With Democrats Looking Ahead to 2020…
#SinglePayer #MedicareForAll #SinglePayerSunday #M4A
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I'm going to tweet as if I were a Bernie basher who pretended to be a feminist anti-racist. Ahem. Here it goes... Once upon a time, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez was born and realized she wanted to be just like Hillary Clinton because her experience really resonated with her. She...
really liked Clinton's co-sponsoring of a bill that would have sent people to jail for flag-burning. She really liked Clinton's stumping for welfare reform & the crime bill. She really liked all the work The Clinton Foundation did in Haiti. She really liked Hillary's vote on...
Iraq. She really liked what Clinton did as SOS in Honduras. She really liked the way Clinton lied about her position on Honduras. And she really loved Clinton's sit-down interview with Mary J Blige. Basically, Clinton's whole brand of politics & policy appealed to Alexandria...
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Common exchange at any random fast food drive thru window.

Me: hello, I'd like a number 1, regular size, with a Coke to drink please...

Cashier: what size would you like?

Me: regular size.

Cashier: what would you like to drink with that?

Me: [sigh] a Coke.

#FightFor15 😒
Cashier: that will be $7.16, please pull around.

I pull up and hand the lad $22.16...

Cashier: sir, your total is only 7.16, you gave me way too much.
Now the fun starts. The Cashier tries to hand back $2.16 and break the 20...

Me: I'm trying to avoid coins and singles in my change.

Cashier: [very confused] um... Ah... I'll have to reverse this, I already put in $20.

Me: just give me a ten and a five. 🙄

#FightFor15 😒
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If it's not obvious, I write this from first hand experience. I was a convicted felon and am well versed in the struggles, spare me the stories. I already know, I lived them personally.
Many, not wanting to put forth the required effort, use their status as an excuse to quit trying.
This demonstrates weak character and that individual deserves little more that "would you like fries with that?"
Sidebar: Ordered just fries once, I was seriously asked if I wanted wanted fries with my fries.
Another time, my total was 4.16, I give the kid a 5 & 16 cents... With the most bewildered look he told me I gave him too much. 😒 Just gimme a dollar.

#FightFor15 🙄 #notworth5
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I want to throw out a couple of thoughts I have about the mis-use of the term 'progressive' as a euphemism for 'liberal'. I've addressed this in public talks before but never put them to written media and would like feedback.
During the run up to the Iraq war and later, during #Occupy, I always considered myself a liberal, since that was the derisive term used by Rush, Hannity and others that I fundamentally disagreed with. It was a label I wore with pride.
I'm not sure exactly when "progressive" entered my lexicon - it was probably during the @BernieSanders campaign, and it seemed like every "liberal" politician was using the word to describe their positions.
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