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Today hundreds of activists in the #GeorgeFloydProtests managed to block both sides of 395 (5 lanes southbound, 4 lanes northbound) to protest police violence.

Some actually got out of their vehicles to participate, but one car was blocked by police as it tried to get through.
One woman argued with protesters, hoping to get by.

They explained it would take 8 minutes (the amount of time it took for George Floyd to be killed.)

"What about black on black crime?" she asked.

"What about shut the fuck up," they told her.
The protesters eventually left, allowing traffic to flow.

"The reason we must continue is that the entire world is watching Washington D.C.," said one participant. "If we stop now, we're saying that those people that died, that they died in vein."
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MintPress brings you a stunning collection of photos by photographer Emma Fiala from Minneapolis, the epicenter of the #GeorgeFloydprotest .
#GeorgeFloydMurder #PoliceBrutality
#PoliceViolence #PoliceReformNow…
Minneapolis police officers line up next to the Minneapolis Police Third Precinct as protesters shout over barricades on May 27.
#GeorgeFloydFuneral #GeorgeFloydprotest #GeorgeFloydMurder #GeorgeFloyd #PoliceBrutality #PoliceViolence Image
A young community member encourages protesters to chant during a justice for George Floyd march through downtown Saint Paul on June 5.
#GeorgeFloyd #GeorgeFloydFuneral #TuesdayThoughts #tuesdayvibes #BlackLivesMattters #GeorgeFloydMurder #PoliceBrutality #PoliceViolence Image
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Psy-ops, Illuminati, Freemasons, Democrats, George Floyd, Covid-19, & more EXPOSED
Everyone has been lied too! #falseflagfloyd #Democrats #GeorgeFloydprotest #BlackLivesMatter
#DeepState #BlackLivesMattters #COVID19 #coronavirus #qanons
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Allies have formed a “white wall” to put their bodies in front of black ones should police try to break up the demonstration. I haven’t seen any officers.
Rosemarie Thomas, of Oakland, is one of them. “I wish there was more I could do,” she said. “I feel like it’s not enough.”
Meanwhile, dance party happening now down at 15th and Broadway #GeorgeFloydprotest #oakland
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1. ¿Quién se viene conmigo a ver cómo se desarrollan las protestas contra la brutalidad policial y el racismo de hoy en Nueva York?
Empiezo el hilo. 🧵✊✌️🗽🇺🇲
#GeorgeFloydprotest Image
2.Creo que me estoy acercando. Ando por Williamsburg (Brooklyn). Sí, ese es barrio de la serie de Netflix Unorthodox
3. En la bicicleta buscando la marcha. No soy la única, pero bailando uno se lo pasa mejor 💃✊🗽
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I’m here in @RedwoodCity where most downtown businesses have boarded up their storefronts as hundreds gather at the San Mateo County courthouse square for the #georgefloydprotest. Follow my thread here for live coverage of the protest. Via @mercnews
Speakers are gathered at the top of the steps of a boarded up old San Mateo County courthouse in #redwoodcity. There are hundreds of people gathered attentively listening to speakers straining their voices to speak without speakers. Via @mercnews
Look at this crowd here for the #redwoodcityprotest! No huge police presence yet but there are some stationed next to the courthouse.
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I’m back out tonight covering the #GeorgeFloydProtests in DC tonight with @ellievhall. A huge group of protesters are marching peacefully toward the Capitol as we head toward the White House.
The crowd is as far as I can see down Pennsylvania #DCProtests
National Guard outside the archives, plus lots of SORT (Special Operations Response Team) officers near DOJ. Almost every business downtown is boarded up.
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NOW: Protesters taking a knee outside the White House
It seems there are more protesters today.
Several protesters handing out free snacks, water and masks.
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On November 11, 1975, Gough Whitlam, then Prime Minister of Australia, was to inform Parliament about the secret #CIA presence in his country, by day’s end, he was out of a job.
By: @johnpilger
#coronavirus #GeorgeFloydWasMurdered…
Whitlam holds the original copy of his dismissal letter from Kerr at a book launch in Sydney, Australia. Mark Baker | AP
#GeorgeFloydprotest #TuesdayMotivation Image
The Americans worked closely with the British. In 1975, Whitlam discovered that MI6 was operating against his government. “The Brits were actually decoding secret messages coming into my foreign affairs office,” he said later.
#GeorgeFloydWasMurdered #TuesdayThoughts #coronavirus Image
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Heading to the White House for another day of #GeorgeFloydProtests, and I cannot overstate how surreal it is to have to go through checkpoints manned by federal agents (DEA) and then watch armored military vehicles roam downtown with a police escort. Extremely eerie. #DCProtests
Crowd here is kneeling, fists and signs raised, as they chant “take a knee” at police (less armored than the last several days) behind a brand new, very tall fence around the park. #DC
A small group of National Guard troops just walked through the crowd here at this peaceful demonstration. Protesters approached them with their arms raised high chanting, “Hands up! Don’t shoot!”

That chuch you see, St. John’s, is the same one Trump posed in front of yesterday.
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I filmed this yesterday in #Philadelphia. For those of you who don't trust media, here it is from someone who isn't media.

A peaceful #GeorgeFloydprotest. #Police arrived & beat #protesters. The stories are true, this is happening.…

#GeorgeFloyd #protest
I will separately upload the entire video of the peaceful protest to when the violence started, which will contain some of the video footage I already posted so you'll see that the editing was completely honest. Then nobody can deny what is in the video or make excuses for it.
I don't have any agenda. Most of my followers are politically right-wing and this video will make them angry at me. It is in my interest to keep quiet about what I witnessed, but I have uploaded the video because as an American who cares about his country, I cannot remain silent.
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Mayor @SteveBenjaminSC is talking with protestors outside of the SC State House. #GeorgeFloydprotest Image
Cars continue to honk and the crowd cheers as they drive by the State House.
A man in a “Black History Matters” shirt says that we need to educate people on Black history. #GeorgeFloydprotest Image
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Reporting for night duty out here at the White House again. As soon as I got here police started firing pepper bullets. #dc #GeorgeFloydprotest
There are more people here than this time last night. Over the course of the day, the standoff between proteters and police has moved around the District. But tonight, the line is down the center of Lafayette Park, as the White House glows in the background.
Crowd started cheering the police for taking a knee, chanting “take a knee!” It looked for a minute like half the line in the center of Lafayette Park had knelt down. But if you look closer, they’re putting on gas masks. Hour and a half till curfew.
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..It’s a big crowd at the Vancouver Art Gallery for #BlackLivesMatter #protest #GeorgeFloyd #vanpoli #bcpoli
The bells of Christchurch Cathedral began ringing at 5:25 and didn’t stop for several minutes
#GeorgeFloydprotest #Vancouver #vanpoli
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I’m at the Tarrant County courthouse where a protest is planned for 6 pm in Fort Worth over the death of #GeorgeFloyd. Many are waiting on the steps already.
This guy just pulled up and blasted this song: those on the steps joined in.
Shardai South said she’s out here because her 10-year-old daughter is afraid of the police. South is a teacher and wants to teach her students that police are safe.
“But I can’t preach that if police don’t.”
Chaise and Kaley are here with first aid supplies. They were in Dallas yesterday and saw police tear gas protestors. They’ve received donations and a nurse decided to join up with them tonight too.
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THREAD: #PoliceViolence in response to #GeorgeFloydprotest reminds me of use-of-force probs during the Northern Ireland Troubles, where indiscriminate use of “non-lethal” wpns like baton rounds fueled violence. I wrote on this a while back. 1/…
Baton rounds originated in the British Empire; wooden rounds were prepared for use in Hong Kong in the 1960s. With the #NorthernIreland Troubles, officials looked for a “non-lethal” weapon with more deterrent effect (i.e. more dangerous) than tear gas. 2/
But they thought wooden rounds were too dangerous for use against fellow white people, so they developed rubber rounds designed for “precision” use against riot leaders/instigators. Problem was, rubber billets weren’t accurate enough for this. 3/
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Grazed by a rubber bullet while covering protests in Los Angeles. Police opened fire on protesters who hand their hands up outside CBS gate. Image
Photos from in front of CBS.

Protesters pushed open the CBS gate before security pushed them back and closed the gates.

#LosAngelesProtest #GeorgeFloydprotest #BlackLivesMatter ImageImage
The crowd tried to reopen the gate, then ran once their heard pops that sounded like rubber bullets. A force of police officers came through the gate shortly after. Image
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Protesters clash with police at DC #GeorgeFloydProtest. @Zenger…
Phone overheated, protesters in #GeorgeFloydProtest here in DC have control of several blocks of 3lane highway.

They’re heading in the direction of Southeast, but some are trying to get it back on track to the Capitol. Image
Protesters are now moving through Navy Yard. Anger, spray painting, blocking cars, but no violence since they left the White House.

My impression is police were only prioritizing the White House but are hands-off as this march moves south-East.

#GeorgeFloydProtests ImageImageImage
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#GeorgeFloyd protesters have halted a long line of cars along the Interstate 579 over the Allegheny River in #Pittsburgh.

A car is on fire outside PPG Paints Arena.

Stay tuned to @TribLIVE for developing coverage. Also: @dillonswriting & @nsmallwoodphoto
UPDATE: Traffic cleared by police on I-579 — but an ambulance just reached the off-ramp to treat an injured man near the intersection of Route 28/Chesnut Street.

Several #protesters told me that a car driver got inpatient and rammed into the protester.

Tristen Nesmith, 23, of Beaver Falls said he saw a car strike one of the fellow #protesters along the I-579/Veterans Bridge over the Allegheny River.

The driver got frustrated, “started reviving up his engine and just hit my man for no reason. He wasn’t doing anything wrong.”
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I want to take a moment to remind people,

the history of all these types of "movements",

back to the #FrenchRevolution & beyond,

Is one of controlled opposition--#SunTzu, #Machiavelli, #GameTheory--and beyond.

If you don't think they stage all this with outcomes in mind...
Please keep reading.

You'd be better served to look up #Cointelpro, especially in relation to past movements in the Black Community i.e. #MLK #MalcolmX and even #TupacShakur [LINK: ]
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Where are the people ! 👀 #GeorgeFloyd #FalseFlag
Look a which side of the car #GeorgeFloyd falls on 👀 is it the same side as we seen in the media released video....... nope 🤯 #FALSEFLAG
SEVERAL MINUTES go by WITHOUT video listen to the reporters words 🤯🤯 then he end up on the floor 🤔🤔🤔 #georgesfloyd #FALSEFLAG #actor #FakeNewsMedia 👀👇👇👇👇LISTEN to her words 👂
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BREAKING: Fox News reporter Leland Vittett and his crew, attacked by protesters while reporting in front of the #Whitehouse.
#dcprotest #GeorgeFloydprotest
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The pandemic is a gift to all those committed to fighting the police state, and I honestly don’t know why anyone would be out on the streets, and in and around TV cameras, without a mask. #GeorgeFloydprotest
Police departments and security agencies across the US are collecting faces in databases and will try to ID them. We may wake up to news of numerous protesters targeted with criminal charges after they sift through videos and photos, especially during curfew(s).
Domestic military spying: shades of Project SHAMROCK and Project MINARET from more than half century ago.
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