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From today, most people will no longer have access to free COVID testing. This morning we have published #publichealth guidance to reflect these changes 1/18…
If you have symptoms of a respiratory infection, such as COVID-19, and you have a high temperature or do not feel well enough to go to work/carry out normal activities, public health advice is to try to stay at home and avoid contact with other people 2/18
Symptoms of COVID-19 and common respiratory infections include:
continuous cough
high temperature/fever/chills
loss of/change in normal sense of taste or smell
shortness of breath
unexplained tiredness, lack of energy
muscle aches or pains that are not due to exercise ... 3/18
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Recap of #UpdateNo28: Measures taken to combat spread of Coronavirus.

Recap of #UpdateNo28: Measures taken to combat spread of Coronavirus.

Recap of #UpdateNo28: Measures taken to combat spread of Coronavirus.

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1/7 Two years after the first national lockdown, it’s fantastic that we can live a more normal life safely, largely thanks to the #COVIDvaccine. But many Londoners remain defenceless to the harm of #COVID19 by being unvaccinated or incompletely vaccinated.…
2/7 Recent data from @ONS lays out the ongoing disparities between adults in London who have had the vaccine and not had the vaccine. Ethnicity, age and deprivation all play a complex role in how likely somebody is to go and get vaccinated.

Data here ➡️… There is a clear ethnic disparity amongst unvaccinated adultIn every ethnic group, adults aged 18-29 had the biggest proThe proportion of unvaccinated adults in London was higher i
3/7 The proportion of unvaccinated Londoners was higher in the most deprived than least deprived.

But worryingly, even the most affluent Black Caribbean & Black African Londoners were up to 2x as likely to be unvaccinated when compared to the most deprived of other ethnicities. Despite being in the most affluent group, some of London’s
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Omicron is a deadly virus. Former UFC star 41 y.o. Chris "The Crippler" Leben from San Diego CA is recovering from COVID after being on life support. He declined to talk about his vaccination status. This was his second battle with COVID #TheySurvivedCovid…
“I was ready to tap out, and the reason I didn’t tap is because of my child … If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have had the fight to get through those days,” said Leben.
There is a disinformation campaign that young people are not affected by COVID-19 and that #Omicron is mild. These are both incorrect. Vaccination against COVID-19 protects against severe disease.
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An associate of mine, late 60s, who refused to get vaccinated & scoffed at COVID as media hype is in MICU at the VA on a vent.

He has influence over a significant group, some of whom probably didn't get vaxxed to emulate him.

He wouldn't mask up unless forced.

Last week, he canceled the weekly pizza night at his house, which he doesn't even do for holidays. Claimed he had strep throat, but of course, didn't go to the doctor. Every time someone talked to him, he couldn't breathe. Whenever he texted, he'd say, the worst is passed.

This Tuesday, he canceled pizza night again (scheduled for Thursday nights). By Tuesday afternoon, he couldn't breathe. His wife and others forced him to go to the hospital where of course he tested positive, and they put him on oxygen and in MICU.

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Can confirm dashboard report in our NE Ohio county @bhrenton @jeremyfaust. For as long as I live I’ll never forget my gen surg call/rounds this weekend. We’ve all become somewhat numb to our #COVID19 reality over the past few years but this new situation is pure dystopian - a 🧵
As I join the surgical resident for rounds I notice a sparsely populated nursing station/floor with strange faces. Most nurses have left or are currently sick. Military personnel in full combat fatigues roam the halls changing waste bins, assisting in patient transport - 2/7
I see a familiar face in one patient room, an anesthesia (CRNA) colleague retooled to the floor since all non-emergent surgeries have been cancelled for weeks - she fiddles with a stoma appliance and laughs nervously - 3/7
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Now that #MarjorieTaylorGreene is gone I want to post my poem #BreathlessRegret. A reminder I have seen the fear in the eyes of those she led to their deaths with her lies:
I will tell you the thing I will never forget.
Watching them die in breathless regret.
Clinging to sheets as if it contained their soul.
Begging the disease to please let them go.

Listening to science a moment too late.
Allowing the misinformed to determine their fate.
The oxygen fails, the body goes next.
We look on as they scream to God "not yet!"
The caregiver forever changes at the head of your bed.
From saving your life, to the hand on your head.
You imagined death in a room full of love.
But instead human touch comes from behind a glove.
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Truthfully, I’m feeling more bitter than sweet entering this new year, especially when I compare it to how much hope I had entering 2021. I rounded out my last two weeks of the year on the general medicine wards, taking care of both COVID and non-COVID patients. My experiences:
-Escalating care for COVID patients but ALSO:
-Taking care of an unstable post arrest patient for 1.5 hours on the floor because there were no immediate ICU beds
-Self doing Q1H checks on patients not stable enough for the floor because there were no immediate ICU/SDU beds
-Unable to discharge patients swiftly with anything beyond a “home with no services” dispo because everything from STR to psych to delivery of equipment is back logged (seeing a theme here?)
-Extreme medication shortages, including blood. Only getting a HALF unit at a time…
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1/ COVID (@UCSanDiego) Chronicles - Dec 31, 2021

Remember 2 weeks ago when the wastewater signal predicted an "unprecedented" COVID surge? This is what it looks like @UCSDHealth today 📈

Unroll for NYE predictions for January (bad) and 2022 (good) 🔮

2/ Based on the steep rise and fall of the omicron surge in South Africa, many are predicting the same here. I am less optimistic because the @SanDiegoCounty surge is still ~25% delta, which will drive a longer duration with more hospitalizations 🏥

3/ The San Diego COVID surge is still ↑ with @UCSDHealth positivity rates at unprecedented levels, and @SDCountyHHSA reporting almost 6,000 (!) new cases yesterday. And we know this undercounts home testing...
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I spend my work days trying to save the misinformed that end up in intensive care because Fox News, The GOP, and people like Greg Abbott put them there. How do I know? What do u think they watch on TV before they get so bad they end up upgraded to our ICU? My off days? I INFORM:
When an #unvaccinated individual comes into our unit, we all get filled with dread. We know where this is going, but we try our best not to show it. By the time they reach us, their oxygen requirement is already too high to go home. Many come in annoyed that we are "making such
a big deal" about it. We apologize (yes I actually say sorry...for HELPING...smh) and we keep working. At home, a person in need of oxygen can survive on an oxygen concentrator that maxes out between 5 and 10 liters per minute. Usually its 5. They can get an oxygen tank, but
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We have updated self-isolation guidance. From today, if you have COVID, it is possible to end SI after 7 days rather than 10, as long as you have two negative LFD tests *taken 24 hours apart*.…
You can now take an LFD test from the 6th day of SI, and another 24 hrs later. If both are negative, *and you do not have a high temperature*, you can end SI *after the 2nd -ve test result*. Many COVID symptoms can last a long time but this does not = still infectious 2/13
Count your isolation period from the day your symptoms started. If you didn’t have any symptoms but you have a positive test (LFD or PCR), count from the day of the first positive test. This is effectively “day zero” 3/13
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#Predictions as #IdleMusings.
a/ Be prepared for a ton of US media-adjacent & politics-adjacent folk to soon start suddenly telling you at profuse length why case numbers, infection numbers, just. don't. matter. (according to them).
b/ Of course case numbers will actually only matter in practice up to the point where no-one can count more anyway, because testing capacity got overwhelmed. But anyway.

c/ Be prepared for an awful lot of folks in Florida suddenly finding out, the hard way, that vaccine-made Abs >>>>>> mAbs, and for many of them their fav mAbs just won't work on omicron.
Advice? Make your own antibodies, #GetVaccinatedNow
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With #Omicron rapidly spreading nationwide, I am concerned about all the members of our communities with damage and injury in the immune system, particularly to cell-mediated injury (to T cells and Ab-producing cells). In neutralization studies, most monoclonal Abs used to date
2/ have lost activity to #Omicron and are no longer useful in areas with high attack rates (pretty much everywhere in US right now). There are two possible exceptions. The first is #sotrovimab which was originally isolated from an individual with
3/ #SARSCoV1 (not a typo) back in 2003. The Ab recognizes a conserved glycan motif at the base of the Spike protein (away from the ACE-2 receptor-binding domain). Extremely limited supplies and fairly narrow emergency use authorization, as follows:
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Over the next few weeks, you’re cooking in the kitchen and the knife slips from your hand, and you get a cut requiring stitches.

Or, you slip and fall in your home and you’re pretty sure you fractured something because the pain is unbearable.
Or, someone you love clutches their chest and thinks they’re having a heart attack.

Or, your young child shoves a small toy 🧸 up their nostril.

Or, you end up in a car accident with whiplash and possibly a concussion.

Or, your child has an inexplicably high fever.
And you go to the emergency room, by yourself, with your child or your loved one.

And there is a long line. They tell you to go find another hospital.

They tell you that they’re attending to more serious cases.

They can’t or won’t attend to you.
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📢📢📢📢📢📢📢📢📢📢Healthcare workers are sounding the alarm. The question now is this…is anyone still listening?
Read below and think of what you can do to protect yourself and ur loved ones.
🧪 Cancel large gathering or make them virtual. Keep gatherings small.
🧪 Require negative test the day of the event and make sure everyone is vaccinated AND boosted in the small groups you are socializing with
😷 #WearAMask when indoors and with people outside of your household.
😷 Upgrade your cloth mask ASAP.…
💉 #GetBoosted with an mRNA vaccine ASAP
💨 If gathering make sure ventilation is optimized. Crack a window. Get a Hepa filter.
🧍🏽‍♀️Distance when out and about doing your holiday shopping. Don’t wait for a National announcement that things are bad. Up your game now. @IMPACT4HC
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The other day, I tweeted about a recent study that adds to a growing body of evidence demonstrating the effectiveness of masks in preventing the spread of COVID-19...


Here it is again--note that it's not a naturalistic or epidemiologic study, but a modeling study based on known information about the penetration of SARS-CoV-2 sized particles through N95/KN95 masks.…

Now, my tweet only got 178 engagements, 22 likes, 18 retweets, and 2 replies to date, so it didn't make it very far in the Twitterverse.

But it did catch the attention of this one guy who responded: "lol. k"...

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📍”MARKED CHANGE”—In South Africa 🇿🇦: “Young people, in their 20s to late 30s, are coming in with moderate to severe disease, some needing intensive care. About 65% are not vaccinated—most of the rest are only half-vaccinated”. ➡️#GetVaccinatedNow #Omicron…
2) Yes I’m aware of conflicting reports. But I’m citing PBS / AP - reputable sources. The disinfo on other side saying it’s “mild” is from manipulating quotes.
3) Here is the full context of those who claimed it was “mild”. Different doctors see diff patients. I know for a fact that hospitalizations are rising in the Gauteng epicenter province. I’ll share a graph later.
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One piece of misinformation floating about is that #COVID19 vaccines are unnecessary for kids because COVID doesn't affect kids.

*ahem* we disagree. This thread will give you the numbers. 👇🏻🧵 Image
Kids CAN get #COVID, which is just not great for them. Who wants their kid to be sick when a safe #vaccine is free and available to prevent that? Image
In fact, some kids get really, really sick, and it's not entirely predictable which kids will end up in the hospital or the ICU. But we know that people who get vaccinated are less likely to end up in the hospital even if they do get sick:… Image
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📣⚠️WEEKLY UPDATE: #COVID19 case & death rates since June by county, partisan lean & vaccination rate:

NEW: Now finally featuring NEBRASKA data again.…
📣 Graph #1: Since the end of June, COVID *case* rates in the reddest tenth of the U.S. have run 2.9x higher than in the bluest tenth: Image
📣 Graph #2: Since the end of June, COVID *death* rates in the reddest tenth of the U.S. have run 5.8x higher than in the bluest tenth.

This is down since last week, at least partly due to finally including *Nebraska* data, which nudged the national average down slightly. Image
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1/5 how to be a GP in a pandemic; a thread . 1. recognise there is a dangerous bug that could kill you, your family and your patients. Pivot rapidly to Telehealth and be forced to bulk bill #telehealth #covid19 #auspol #GetVaccinatedNow
2/5 spend your days trying to calm down your patients and your nights doing 3-4 hours of education to make sure you know what to do next, learn about covid & every update there is. Wear scrubs in case you give it to anyone at home . Sanitise at every possible work point you have.
3/5 set up systems to triage,&safely see or direct pts with symptoms of covid for testing and care, train your staff, in order to keep your practice going, your staff and patients safe and try not to miss all the other stuff that people could have.
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Got a booking? 👉Move it forward
No booking? 👉Find a walk-up
Our dated to reach 70% and 80% fully vaccinated, at this rate of uptake, are two months away! We can't open up until we get there.
And at the moment, that date is getting *further* away, not closer.
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A short thread about #vaccination & #pregnancy.

In early 2009 I got pregnant - then came H1N1 flu. Data soon made it clear that pregnant women were among the most at risk from severe complications if they got H1N1 flu
My ob didn't have the vaccine available.
Soon the public health department started vaccinating children & other at risk populations.
I called my obstetrician again. No doses.
I called every ob in a 100 mile radius. No doses. Finally an ob in a teaching hospital told me why.
All the ob's had ordered Thimerosal free H1N1 shots and those were delayed.
Because they knew pregnant people would ask for them.
Was there data showing the shots without Thimerosal were better or safer than those without? No.…
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1/ Welcome back to #UCSFMGR! We are so thrilled to have Drs. @PaulTurnerLab & @michaelmina_lab. 1st up, @PaulTurnerLab speculates, what factors make a virus more successful at infecting hosts? We learn lessons frm SARS, HIV & SIV, flu-can get more transmissible, evade immunity,..
2/ improve binding to cellular proteins or even infect diff cell types. SARS-CoV2 does some of these already...Good news? Perhaps it could evolve decreased virulence as shown in this paper in Science… Maybe more transmissible, but less virulent virus?
3/ Lots of interesting hypotheses as to why the virus is so virulent already, but lots more research to be done, & hard to predict how the virulence will evolve., no 🔮 Fascinating Q&A, lots to learn, but in the meantime, #GetVaccinatedNow to avoid those evolutionary pressures!
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You’ve probably heard that Idaho is under “Crisis Standards of Care” but what does that mean?
If you’re not deemed bad enough EMS may not pick you up
Surge capacity of ICU to 3x normal level
Hospital beds in unusual areas like cafeterias and classrooms
Non critical care staff /3
caring for ICU patients
Unsafe patient ratios
Color coded triaging that’s scary in the implications that if certain people aren’t expected to live they’ll just be made comfortable instead of using resources
Non life saving surgeries postponed
And the scariest part? The entire
state is under a universal DNR order! What does that mean? If you go in to cardiac or respiratory arrest, they will not attempt to resuscitate you! This isn’t just for Covid-19 patients; this is for anybody.
Stay out of Idaho if you can and don’t make this happen everywhere else!
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