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F@h simulations of the #coronavirus Nsp16 protein (1) reveal the structural mechanism of its activation, which ultimately enables the virus to escape our immune system, & (2) detect a ‘cryptic’ pocket to block Nsp16’s action.…
For successful infection, #coronaviruses use a protein called Nsp16 that modifies the viral genome so that the virus avoids an immune response. Nsp16 works by binding 2 substrates: RNA (green) and SAM (pink). Viruses and humans contain similar (homologous) proteins.
Unlike other viruses and humans, #coronavirus Nsp16 requires a binding partner (Nsp10) to activate its enzymatic activity. This difference is interesting from a basic science standpoint, and because it could present a way to target the coronavirus selectively with a drug.
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Ik heb nu het RT-PCR deel goed bekeken en bestudeerd en ik heb maar één alles overwegende beleving. Ik ben totaal VERBIJSTERD! De test klopt van voor naar achter voor geen millimeter! 1/5

Het PCR-doek valt’ | Peter Borger en Jorn Lukaszczyk via @YouTube
De targets waarop men test kloppen niet, de primers die men gebruikt kloppen niet, de temperaturen waarop men test kloppen niet, er wordt op geen enkele manier gevalideerd, er is geen SOP, het aantal cycli dat men draait (tot wel 45) is absolute waanzin, enz. enz. enz, enz. 2/5
Men heeft inmiddels 13 fouten ontdekt in het ontwerp van de test. En bepaald niet de minste fouten. Men heeft dus geen flauwe notie waarop men test en wat men vind. De uitslagen zijn dus waardeloos en kunnen voor de volle 100% fout zijn. Het beleid dat daarop gebaseerd is 3/5
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Onze @cafeweltschmerz aflevering is over de 100.000 views heen. Een kort draadje over het nu precies over gaat. @FlavioPasquino

1/ Is het #SARSCoV2 virus nu wel of niet correct geïsoleerd en wat betekent dat?

2/ Aantonen of een virus de oorzaak is van een ziekte, kan met Koch's postulaten:
1. toon het virus aan in elke patient
2. creëer daarvan een zuivere isolatie
3. bij besmetting daarmee moeten gezonde mensen dezelfde ziekte krijgen
4. toon in hen weer exact hetzelfde virus aan
3/ om zeker te weten dat de gezonde mensen ziek werden van het virus en niet iets anders, en om het virus te kunnen beschrijven (architectuur, genoom, enz.) is een zuivere isolatie nodig.

Dat is precies wat de naam al zegt: een preparaat met alleen maar virus, *niets* anders.
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I will consult my crystal ball and discuss some things that will become entirely apparent by the end of 2021 when the #COVID19 will either be entirely crashed or on its way to be crashed.
1) As a field, we have been too reluctant to follow up & eliminate acute infectious dz 1/
that kill. I opened up my old microbiology textbooks (pre SARS) and the CoVs were not even considered seriously because of their association with upper respiratory disease. This despite their isolation in the context of lower respiratory dz & groundbreaking epi & virology 2/
work in the 1960s and 1970s. The discovery of 229E CoV is itself an amazing journey and one could interpret various studies from the 60s & 70s as indicative of an outbreak of pneumonias by this virus that interpolated just prior to the 1968 flu epidemic 3/
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Influenza vaccines include three or four different strains (tri- or tetravalent), and have to be redesigned twice a year due to the rapid evolution of influenza viruses ('antigenic drift'). Most years their efficacy is >60%. Though, they are less successful at times .
I can see no particular challenge to a #COVID19 vaccine. The population of #SARSCoV2 is essentially invariant at this stage. There were a couple of #SARSCoV1 in development before the 2003 SARS outbreak waned. One has been show to work against #SARSCoV2 in mice.
There are multiple vaccines for pig coronaviruses in use including attenuated, inactivated and recombinant ones (see below). There are a few for cattle coronaviruses (e.g. Merck Bovilis) and one for a dog coronavirus (1-DAPPv+Cv).
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#Crisanti: «Chi parla (come #Remuzzi) dell’ infettività di questo virus non sa quello che dice, perché l’infettività si misura sperimentalmente, e sull’uomo non è possibile fare nessun esperimento,non esiste modello animale. Senza numeri e misura non è scienza, ma chiacchiere."
#Cristanti: "Siccome non è possibile fare sperimentazioni di infettività sull’uomo, nessuno sa qual è la dose infettiva del virus = non c’è nulla da commentare: non si può commentare con un argomento scientifico una cosa che non è Scienza». Asfaltato #Remuzzi.
A un certo momento escono fuori le persone di 2. e 3. piano, quelli che sul campo specifico (virologia e epidemiologia) non hanno un nome nella "scientific comunity" che fa ricerca e pubblica (peer reviewed) ma si vogliono anche ritagliare un po' di attenzione pubblica, poverini.
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Imp Thread: public health fallacy to claim popn #SARSCoV2 IgG serology tests capture all pts recovered from #COVID19: grossly UNDERestimates % popn that was asymptomatic & recovered. Key arms of immune response to #SARSCoV2: humoral with antibodies & cell-mediated with T-cells
2/ Current public health method to estimate population immunity to #SARSCoV2 from recovered asymptomatic #COVID19 ppl uses serology tests to detect IgG antibodies: this only captures humoral immunity. Currently no widely available testing kit for T-cell immunity to #SARSCoV2
3/ Pts mount strong T-cell immune responses to #coronaviruses. Published Cell research & studies on recovered #COVID19 pts w/immunodeficiency disorders w/inability to mount B-cell responses to #SARSCoV2 reveal B-cell antibody responses not strictly required to overcome COVID-19
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Seguimos en la parte más difícil de la pandemia y lo que sabemos hasta ahora sobre el #SARS_CoV2 y #Covid_19 va aumentando día con día. Recuerden que hace 5 meses no sabíamos mucho de este virus ni todo lo que puede ocasionar a nivel salud. Una pandemia lo cambia todo... Abro 🧵
1/La última pandemia devastadora fue la de influenza H1N1 en 1918 (gripe española) que mató a 20-40 millones en todo el mundo en un lapso de un año. El primer marido de mi bisabuela murió de esa gripe y le decía a mi abuela que había tantos muertos que los echaban a grandes fosas
2/En total al cabo de 2 años, se estima un total de casi 100millones de decesos, independientemente de aquellos por la 1era guerra mundial. En aquel tiempo, no había laboratorios seguros donde estudiar al virus, ni hospitales con el equipo de cuidados intensivos que ahora tenemos
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If anyone wants to investigate for themselves, here are all of the similar sequences to #SARSCoV2, #SARSCoV1, and #DISEASEXXX, a dog coronavirus. Note that #MERSCoV is ~64% similar to SARS-COV-2 and SARS-CoV2 is 80% similar to SARS-CoV-1.

These were download from @NIH #GenBank.
#SARSCoV1 ALIGN NCBI Blast_NC_004718_SARS coronavirus, complete genome…
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A #thread on the origin of the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome #coronavirus-2 #SARSCoV2, the #virus causing #COVID19. SARS-CoV-2 was identified early January 2020; genetic sequence shared publicly on 11 January. #scicomm [image 감사합니다 @IBS_media] @Virologist_11 @dirgarambe
Full genetic sequence of #SARSCoV2 from early human cases & sequences of other virus isolated from human cases from China & all over the world since then show that SARS-CoV-2 has an ecological origin in #bats.
All available evidence to date suggests that #SARSCoV2 #coronavirus has a natural animal origin and is not a manipulated or constructed virus.…
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1/10 Let's unpack transmission of #COVID19 and whether airborne transmission is a real thing and if you really need those #n95mask @asidanz @acipc @healthgovau @normanswan @hnehealth @hneccphn @peripatetical
2/10 Breathing, talking, coughing create bioaerosols - droplets large and small. Smaller ones dessicate to droplet nuclei (1-5 µm) in low humidity. Large ones fall and contaminate surfaces. #COVID19
3/10 Droplet nuclei efficiently transmit disease at a distance- e.g. tuberculosis, primary varicella, measles- one reason for very high R0s (> 10) and high household transmission. #COVID19
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Several studies are coming out saying that blood LDH (lactate dehydrogenase) levels early in #COVID19 disease correlates with severe disease progression. This is a clue that #pyroptosis may be a the core of this disease (1/n).……
What is LDH? It is an enzyme found within the cytosol of nearly all cells. Ed Miao's group showed that LDH release is a reliable way to monitor #pyroptosis, a form of cell death that depends on inflammasomes leading to plasma membrane rupture. (2/n)
LDH is not released by apoptosis or even hyperactivation of macrophages. It requires pyroptosis and membrane rupture shown by @jkagan1 's group. (3/n)…
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There is an urgent need to generate effective vaccine against #SARSCoV2. This is such an important topic, and many agencies/labs/companies are working on it. I want to open up this discussion here. Let's unite towards this goal.

Pls RT, chime in with your insights/thoughts.

Learning from previous #CoV studies, what is likely to be the correlate of protection? What vaccine approaches generate best neutralizing antibody (Ab)? How quickly does #CoV generally mutate away from Ab-mediated recognition?

What would be a good preclinical model to test vaccine efficacy against #CoV? How well do antibodies to previous #CoVs cross-react against other members including #SARSCoV1, #MERSCoV and #SARSCoV2?

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