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I’ve been saying theorising for some months now the #Lockdowns are a dress rehearsal for 2021 #ICE9. Ice9 is the simultaneous freezing of stock, money markets and banks in order to negotiate a bailout with the IMF and create hyperinflation ending dollar hegemony. The biggest
cheerleaders of this $-end are China and Iran. Strangely now the accused in the Dominion fiasco playing out in real time. The biggest opponent of the IMF bailout is @potus. Ya’ll need to join the dots. In 2009 @FinStbBoard created ice9 powers to prevent the financial “contagion”
witnessed in 2008. They rest ran this in Cyprus 2012 and Greece 2015 and saved the eurozone from collapse. They also practiced bail-ins to banks. There has long been a plan to end dollar hegemony in the central banker establishment. In 2014 China was added to the SDR which is
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So @TuckerCarlson finally gets its, most of us already knew, and in plain sight so will you.
#Voting #Manipulation #Democracts & #BigTech
1. Electronic Voting is not as secure as hand counting. Voters can see it and it makes them nervous. Leaders given every reason to not trust the technology.
2. #Tucker "The people who are now telling us to stop asking questions about #VotingMachines are the same ones who claim our phones weren't listening to us, they lie
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#EsReicht. Angesichts der #lockdown Verlängerung habe ich mich zu einem längeren Thread entschlossen. Die maßgeblich von @hbraun @Markus_Soeder @jensspahn propagierte bzw. verantwortete #corona Politik ist für mich nicht mehr tragbar.
Meine Meinung basiert dabei nicht auf irgendwelchen Schlagzeilen sondern ist aus diversen Studien und Artikeln gewachsen, die hier teilweise verlinkt sind und die ich gelesen habe.
Ich bin somit kein #Querdenker, kein #coronaleugner und kein #covidiot. Ich unterstütze auch Maßnahmen wie #AHA, solange auch nur eine geringe Chance auf einen Nutzen besteht. Aber ich bestehe unbedingt auf #Evidenz und Nachweis der Zweckmäßigkeit von Einschränkungen.
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The video linked at the bottom of this thread is worth a watch.
It is from Mark Devlin, a deceptive shill, like David Icke and many, many others whose job is to lead good people astray during this pivotal time. He describes how he sees this #plandemic potentially unraveling.
He discusses the coming 'Age of Aquarius' beginning 21st December which he describes as an opportunity for humanity to have a 'shift in consiousness', to 'break free' from the Satanic elite.
What he is in fact describing here is the 'good' Luciferian New World Order that is REALLY planned.
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A #Portugal Court just ruled it ILLEGAL to do Quarantine or #Lockdowns on a #COVID19 PCR test bec' the results are INVALID.
-can NOT Detect a Live Virus
-can NOT Detect an infection
-a Positive DOES NOT mean you are infected nor were, nor will be.
-#COVID19 PCR test amplification cycles to boost up the amount of detectable molecules of "the virus" are supposed to be set to 25. Even #Fauci has been on TV saying "anything over 25 is INVALID as it will pick up practically anything after that" #CDC set them to 40!! CRIMINAL
-A PCR test also is ONLY picking up FRAGMENTS, MOLECULES. Do you know what a molecule is? NOT A VIRUS. It's only part of one, OR something else
-This can be Neucleotides, as Fauci said as well & not the virus, setting off false positives. No one talks about Nucleotides tho 🤦‍♂️
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1. News: 💥💥💥 “Georgia Is the First State I’m Going to Blow Up & Mr. Kemp & the Secretary of State Need to Go With It!”

— Sidney Powell Releases the Kraken!

-Thread 11.22.20…
2. News: Sidney Powell: 35,000 Votes Were Added to Every Democrat Candidate

– I’d Be Willing to Bet It Happened Everywhere…
3. News: BREAKING: President Trump & Sidney Powell Issue a Warning That Has Governor Kemp Clutching His Pearls -

Team Trump is hitting the ground running!…
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#Breaking #BreakingNews
#Portugal Court Rules that #Lockdowns are ILLEGAL to be done via PCR #TrackAndTrace methods & #Testing as its Scientifically Defunct on every level. 97%+ false positive rates above 35 Cycles & CRIMINALS @ #CDC have made it MUCH higher at 40 still
Court said: “Given how much scientific doubt exists — as voiced by experts, i.e., those who matter — about the reliability of the PCR tests, given the lack of information concerning the tests’ analytical parameters, and in the absence of a physician’s diagnosis supporting the
... existence of infection or risk, there is no way this court would ever be able to determine whether C was indeed a carrier of the SARS-CoV-2 “#COVID19” virus, “#Coronavirus” or whether A, B and D had been at a high risk of exposure to it.”
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The way my mind works...

It's easier to cancel #Thanksgiving in #Democrat controlled locations, than to worry about people gathering for a rebellion.
They are afraid if families can get together after such a long unconstitutional separation, when they implement further #lockdowns, people are going to revolt.

If memory serves, A LOT of gun sales going on now in this country are habbening MORE THAN EVER in 🔵 states.

That may explain why #Antifa & #BLM has specific riot locations on standby around the country in #Democrat controlled States... to scare tactic people back into their homes.

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In light of this newest round of #Lockdowns & their seemingly arbitrary during this contested election I feel it's necessary to explain how insidious these rules truly are.
Why else close Bars, Restaurants & Churches?
All gathering centers for people to talk.
In this environment, it's safe to say Americans are largely disgusted with lockdowns and masks.
They are terrified of consensus spreading thru face 2 face meetings.
This isn't about our safety, it's about theirs.
Why else go as far as to tell people how many can gather in the home?
No Thanksgiving? The #1 traveling holiday?
Can;t have Americans spreading news from state to state!
Can't have them talking... wear your mask... yeah right!
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"Senior doc says Alberta politicians “playing medicine”, media driving “hysteria” - Dr. Roger Hodkinson says the virus is no worse than a “bad flu, that masks are “useless”, & that #lockdowns are driving suicides."

#GreatReset #Covid19 #CndPoli…
Audio of full meeting Community & Public Services Committee 11/13/2020 Council Chambers - City of #Edmonton:

Audio clip of comments by Dr. Roger Hodkinson:

[Running time: 5m2s]

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Death by Lockdown… Image
I almost don’t blame people who are unaware of this information, because you have to go to the UK, usually, or the international press in general, to find it. But here is some of the collateral damage caused by #lockdowns.
(1)In the UK, cancer authorities have been warning that the lockdowns will wind up leading to as many or more avoidable cancer deaths than COVID deaths there — as many as 60,000, according to one estimate.
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#Breaking #BreakingNews
CORRUPT #KamalaHarris' Husband is partners w' #NigelKnowles at (CEO DLA Piper). Knowles also Director of SGO #London which owns #Smartmatic voting w' #MallochBrown Globalist #2 @ #UN & on board of #GeorgeSoros OpenSociety Insurrectionist Org w' Dominion
#Soros is famous for his Anti-#Trump speeches, funding Terrorist Violent & Vandalism Groups Antifa & Marxist #BLM all over the world & engaging in Insurrections against Christian leaning govts resulting in his Ban from 5 nations including his own.
Soros Grew up during WW2 pulling #Jews out of their homes, confiscating their property & sending them to the concentration camps to be murdered & who only knows about their children raided also from the houses. Both are partners with Tank Maker for Hitler Son KlausSchwab #WEF
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1) #BillGates vaccines contain #nanoparticles comprised of heavy metals that serve to augment the inter-corporeal reception-ability of #5G #6G #7G #8G #9G #10G frequency ranges.

The technology involved also augments the strength of our biometric output, which facilitates ....
2) Biometric Signal Processing by #AI and other technologies.

This tech allows for individuals to be "read" and monitored from great distances.

This technology is actually near a century old, and was patented in the mid-1970s.
3) Apparatus and Method for Remotely Monitoring and Altering Brain Waves.

Patent Number: US3951134A…
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Post recente no Parler sobre a fraudemia no contexto do "Great Reset" e algumas falas do Herr Klaus Schwab, fundador do WEF. Traduzido

#Puppets & #usefulidiots empurra #lockdowns para destruir economias; promover #junkscience; forçar as pessoas a usar #mascaras que fazem
mais mal do que bem; plano para tornar obrigatório #vacinas não testadas e prejudiciais (abandonando assim o # princípio de #Nuremberg de consentimento informado; e banir / bloquear as #curas para #Covid.
Por quê? Temerosos das #elites tecnocráticas #globalistas, eles estão
seguindo uma agenda planejada anos atrás.

O # 4º Reich está se esforçando para afirmar o domínio e eliminar a oposição. Se isso soa exagerado, leia e ouça os plotters EM SUAS PRÓPRIAS PALAVRAS.

Aqui está o #WEF founder #KlausSchwab:
"Agora é o momento histórico, não apenas a
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Time for a BIG thread and for me to return to where i made my bones: #Covid19.

This time with a prediction that will end up hurting A Lot:

#Europe will stay in lockdown until March/April 2021. If it doesn't, the virus overwhelms hospitals and forces a lockdown anyway.

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First, some background, as i know many of you are new to the channel (Welcome!!) and to show i'm not "just some guy on twitter".

While you probably found me because of #silver or #Tether, I made my bones correctly predicting #Covid19 would turn pandemic.

Around January 11th 2/x
Before the Virus, i was trying to become an inventor. On the 7th of January, me and my Russian friend had just ended up with a quote of about 15k to build an app i designed - but we were broke.

The plan became for me to sell a small invention to raise capital for an alpha. 3/x
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1. News: General Flynn Retweets Update Showing President Trump is Still On Track to Crush Biden In Electoral College Votes -Thread Friday the 13th Nov 2020… #Trump #Election2020
@realDonaldTrump #Irregularities
2. News: Mexico’s President Andrés Manuel López Obrador DECLINES TO SPEAK TO JOE BIDEN, Citing Pending Election Litigation… #Trump #Election2020 @realDonaldTrump #Irregularities #ItsNotOver
3. News: The Republican Party of Arizona Launches Lawsuit Seeking for Hand Count of Votes by Precinct… #Trump #Election2020 @realDonaldTrump #Irregularities
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1. News: @SidneyPowell1: "... there is Chinese software in those systems... I think there's a high likelihood, it's China for Biden that did this election rigging."

-Thread 11.12.20 @realDonaldTrump #Election2020
#Trump #Irregularities #China
2. News: Map Continually Updated: Election Outcome Unclear Amid Pending Recounts and Legal Challenges:

President Trump: 232
Biden: 227 @realDonaldTrump #Election2020 #Trump #Irregularities
3. News: Sen John Kennedy: It’s All Hands on Deck for Senate Runoffs in Georgia which is crucial for Republicans to Hold:

If Democrats Gain Control of the Senate, They'll Implement Their Radical Socialist Agenda.… #Election2020 #Trump #Irregularities
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Global data: #COVID19 recovery rate approaching 99.9%

by @JordanSchachtel…
The recovery rate from #COVID19 — the disease that originated in #Wuhan, China and was once advertised as the plague of the century — will soon reach 99.9%, and is currently within a range of 99.75%-99.875%, according to the best estimates based on #WHO and #CDC statistics.
Parallel to the electoral chaos currently enveloping the United States, world governments and legacy media institutions have continued to showcase the rise in reported #COVID19 cases this Fall to bring global #COVID panic to even greater heights,
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(1) THREAD #SchwedischerWeg/#Gassen

Verstörend, in welchem Ausmaß @phoenix_de dem #KBV-Chef #Gassen mit seiner Außenseiterposition eine Bühne gibt:

Dessen 15-min-Interview wurde seit Samstag 7x gezeigt, mit groben Falschbehauptungen u.a. zu Schweden, zu Lockdowns und zu 🇫🇷 & 🇪🇸
(2) Bzgl. Frankreich & Spanien behauptete er fälschlich, diese hätten "radikale" Lockdowns, welche aber nicht funktionieren würden, weil die Neuinfektionen weiter "munter" steigen.

Bevor wir zu #Schweden kommen:

Wie sieht es bzgl. #Lockdowns in diesen Ländern tatsächlich aus?
(3) Frankreich ist erst einen Tag vor der ersten Ausstrahlung des Interviews, letzten Freitag, 30.10., in Lockdown gegangen.

(auch hier bleiben übrigens Schulen & Arbeitsstätten geöffnet, während das Verlassen des eigenen Zuhause streng reglementiert ist)…
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NÓW @ @OANN the TRUTH abt #CoronaVirus!AGAIN @POTUS=RIGHT!The DAY àfter the Elections the TRUTH wld be told!Dr Brian Tyson,dr George Fareed,MD,#RECOVERED PATIENTS: #HydroxyChloroquine SAFED their lives!100.000 PEOPLE r #DEAD bc #OBSTRUCTION by #FMN & #DEEPSTATE LEFTISTS!SUE THEM!…
Have you been lied 2 4 the last eight months? What u r abt 2 C could change your life. The following documentary was made with the help of doctors and medical scientists, but that won’t stop YouTube, Facebook & all the other tech giants from censoring it.…
They don’t want u 2 know the truth,but that doesn’t matter bc.@OANN=committed 2 exposing the truth wherever we find it. Th= program cld be the most important 28 minutes of ur life &, in fact,it cld even save ur life or the lives of ur FRIENDS & FAMILY
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O.O Wow!
Cambodia Technology is Amazing! 😉
Check out this custom hot rod truck!
Out here in the frontier zones of the #EmergingMarkets its all Open, no #Lockdowns, massive GDP growth, innovation spaces like you’ve never seen before, manufacturing, budding industry, Miraculous
A closer shot. Genius. No car, slap the tractor motor up on this, make some arms, Dual pulley sets & you’re good to go. Crazy good innovation. Very impressed 👌🏼 never would have thought of it. Amazing what we don’t see & can’t see in G50. Thats why frontiers R now best innovation
Wow. Do it yourself “Semi-truck.” :D
Incredible simplicity!!
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In discussing control measures, many people think in terms of intratemporal tradeoffs (health vs wealth), while most economists think also about the intertemporal tradeoffs (health AND wealth today vs health AND wealth tomorrow). 1/17

#EconTwitter #EpiTwitter #lockdowns
I think the latter are more important than the former, but very difficult to articulate in a punchy way. What also complicates things is that we face intertwined disease and economic dynamics. 2/17
Leaving aside disease dynamics, shocks to the economy have complicated effects. Amplification effects can lead shocks to one part of economy to influence other parts and then back again. Propagation effects mean that shocks have additional impact over time. 3/17
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1. News: HISTORIC PRESIDENT! The Number of Democrats at President Trump’s Last Several Rallies Ought to Scare the Hell Out of the American Left!

From 20% to 54% of are NOT Republican.

-Thread 11.01.2020… #Trump #MAGA #Election2020
2. News: Oh No! Democrats & Fake News Media Openly Fret Over Their Chances in Pennsylvania… #Trump #MAGA #Election2020 #PANIC
3. News: IT’S HAPPENING: President Trump Up 7 Points in Final Selzer Iowa Poll

— Latest States Poll Has Trump Up 322 to 216 for Biden in National Electoral College… #Trump #MAGA #ElectionDay #Election2020
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