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Video Thread. @Freight_NI @MichaelAodhan and @KathyConWom were on @bbctheview last night discussing #Brexit. Mr Leheny discussed @BorderIrish and how the integrated supply chain works. 1/
@KathyConWom thought Mr @Freight_NI was "very negative" and "this attitude would not have won us two world wars". 2/
In response @MichaelAodhan says that a #NoDealBrexit (aka @WtoBrexit) or a #HardBrexit would "throw the Northern Ireland economy under a bus" 3/
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🇪🇺🗳️ Quelques commentaires sur les résultats de ces élections européennes en France et dans les grands pays européens. #EUelections2019
🇪🇺🗳️🇫🇷 On commence par la France. Le @RNational_off en tête, c’est évidemment un succès pour #LePen qui, parallèlement à #Macron, avait installé ce duel dans les médias mais aussi dans l’opinion.
🇪🇺🗳️🇫🇷 Le RN a bénéficié de la très grande solidité de son électorat : 78% des électeurs de @MLP_officiel au premier tour de la présidentielle de 2017 ont voté pour la liste @RNational_off.
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Farmers face the biggest Brexit hit and still they don’t think they need to worry! THREAD
In a grim report published on Friday, the #government Agricultural, Horticultural and Development Board @TheAHDB predicted that post-Brexit #farming incomes would fall by 25%. @FarmingUK /1
This wasn’t just in an apocalyptic #NoDeal scenario. If it was, farmers seeing this figure could mutter Project Fear and carry on their arduous work. The problem is that this collapse occurs IN ANY BREXIT SCENARIO @bbcfarmingtoday. /2
It is no exaggeration that entire enterprises, for example poultry production, could be unviable if the AHDB predictions are correct as @RCorbettMEP notes. This is a problem because, in Shropshire @BBCShropshire poultry accounts for 86% of all cattle and livestock. /3
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#Brexit news for today:

Nigel Adams, Minister for Wales, and Governement whip has resigned the #Cabinet over #TheresaMay's way forward.


You can hear #TheresaMay's reaction from here

So the splitting of the #ToryParty continues. Where will it end? And can we expect resignations from #Labour if #Corbyn is seen as giving up too much to #TheresaMay during the discussions tonight.

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REMAINERS are often criticised for remoaning rather than making the positive case to stay in the EU...

So as we enter the Brexit End Game, here's a reminder of some of the amazing benefits for *everyone* if we simply #Remain in:
It would really REALLY piss off Nigel Farage

"Sorry Nige it's been cancelled"
It would MASSIVELY piss off the #HardBrexit Tory ERG who want to remodel Britain as a low wage offshore tax haven for their own benefit 👏

"Sorry Jacob but the hedge fund has taken a bit of a tumble"
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Big #BrexitConcerns about the 5 serious potential threats to the availability and affordability of food in the United Kingdom after Brexit.
I realise you may not have access so I requested permission from one of the authors to tell you about it. (thread)…
"A new report from the House of Commons Environment, Food & Rural Affairs Committee indicates that food prices, trade & jobs, and food flows across borders -especially in Ireland- look set to be altered and, at worst disrupted, with potentially important implications for health"
Until '54 food was rationed and, during WW2 UK faced serious risk of 2/3 of its food supply being cut off. Today it still imports heavily, mostly from EU. Growth of foodbanks in the UK is a reminder of how precarious the situation is now for some of the most vulnerable in society
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#ABTVtoStopBrexit isn't about affecting the balance of power or forcing a General Election. #ABTV is about sending a message to the Tories, and *especially* to Labour that people don't support *any* #Brexit. Not a #HardBrexit, #SoftBrexit, #NoDealBrexit, #Lexit, or *any* Brexit.
The Tory's control more than half of councils, nearly double Labour. Losing control of even half of them is unrealistic, and even if it happened under fixed term government I can all but guarantee it won't result in a General Election.
A Prime Minister calls a GE under two circumstances:
1) They are miles ahead in the polls and think they can increase their majority (as in 2017)
2) They have suffered a humiliating defeat or scandal.
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1/ I am, and always will be a remainer, a passionate Eurofile who believes we should never have left the EU. However, over the past nine months I have concluded that our best way forward is to leave, and to join EFTA and stay in the EEA.
2/ This is correctly known as the EFTA/EEA option, or sometimes more loosely as the Norway Model.
3/ More information about EFTA/EEA is available from @LeaveHQ, @EFTA4UK, @Petenorth303 and at
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1/. Ok, by popular demand, here's a quick thread on what you should know about Legatum, #HardBrexit and...Russia
2/. Legatum has become one of the most influential think tanks in '#HardBrexit' circles - and is backed by a secretive New Zealand billionaire…
3/. Legatum's Special Trade Enquiry recommended #HardBrexit - leaving the Customs Union and Single Market.…
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