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1. Orwell’s 1984 opens with Winston Smith writing in his diary about a film he’s seen. “One very good one of a ship full of refugees being bombed somewhere in the Med. Audience much amused”.

Responding to #Farage’s “shocking invasion” tweet, someone suggested sinking the dinghy. Image
2. Earlier this year I wrote about why the language we use to talk about refugees matters.

If left unchallenged, right-wing populists will increasingly frame the conversation & the language we use through fear-mongering & the weaponisation of prejudice.…
3. The language of invasion - of being "overrun" or besieged with "swarms" or "floods" of aliens - is nothing new.

It is also not just the domain of the tabloid newspapers.

In March, @nytimes captioned an excellent piece saying police used rubber bullets "to repel the hordes". ImageImageImageImage
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1/ Une semaine chez @24hPujadas #LCI
2/ Lundi : une journaliste de L’Incorrect, magazine soutien de Marion Maréchal-Le Pen et organisateur de la réunion d’extrême droite #LePen #Zemmour
3/ Mardi : André Bercoff, éditorialiste sur Sud Radio, compagnon de route de Valeurs Actuelles, extrême droite et complotisme.
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- Historical negative exposure to actions of nation-states affects attitudes towards EU
-Leasds to stronger EU support, less Eurosceptism
-Socio-economics factors can't explain change
-EU identity became stronger, not caused by economic benefits…
Cooperation in International organizations is one proposed way to maintain peace between nation-states that were formerly bitter enemies. The European Union is the most ambitious of these attempts, and at least no major conflict among member-states since WW2.
Currently lot of dissatisfaction with EU, e.g. #Brexit Brexit, low turnout at EU elections, rise of Eurosceptic parties #LePen #Salvini
EU support is still quite high or keeps increasing in some regions and countries, but not in others.
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Putin has actively sought to destabilize the EU by supporting nationalist, populist parties like the League. In May, the Austrian gov’t fell after a video revealed the leader of Austria’s R wing discussing public contracts in exchange for RU campaign aid.…
“Funding to an Italian political party by a foreign state is illegal,” said Emanuele Fiano, member of Parliament who called on Mr. Salvini to appear before the Lower House to explain the financial negotiation heard on the tape.…
“It’s also dangerous to know that an Italian party has a contract of collaboration with a foreign state,” he added in an interview.

Two former prime ministers from the Democratic Party also called on Wednesday for an official inquiry.…
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2. "Frenchness is disappearing and being replaced by a kind #balkanization of enclaves not communicating with one another.... this is not a good recipe." Giulio Meotti

#Migration #France
3. "It can no longer be denied that a momentous and hazardous transformation is taking place. I'm mourning the passing of #France as a distinct country, or at least as the Western, Judeo-Christian nation it had hitherto been." Michel Gurfinkiel

#Migration #Europe
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🇪🇺🗳️ Quelques commentaires sur les résultats de ces élections européennes en France et dans les grands pays européens. #EUelections2019
🇪🇺🗳️🇫🇷 On commence par la France. Le @RNational_off en tête, c’est évidemment un succès pour #LePen qui, parallèlement à #Macron, avait installé ce duel dans les médias mais aussi dans l’opinion.
🇪🇺🗳️🇫🇷 Le RN a bénéficié de la très grande solidité de son électorat : 78% des électeurs de @MLP_officiel au premier tour de la présidentielle de 2017 ont voté pour la liste @RNational_off.
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#Draadje over #Baudet:
Ik las het essay van #Baudet en dus ook het stuk over #vrouwen en #werken en ik dacht: waar ken ik die woorden toch van? Ik groef in m'n geheugen én in m'n archief en kwam uit in 2017 toen ik Jean- Marie Le Pen interviewde:
In het ruw materiaal dat ik bewaarde vond ik deze quote terug, ik vertaal ‘m even:
Ruw materiaal heb ik nog, maar bewegend beeld is te zwaar om hier te uploaden. Mijn vraag aan #Baudet zou zijn: waarom blijf je je associëren met gedachtengoed waarmee je je niet zegt te willen associëren? Als je de ideeën van #LePen omarmt, zeg dat dan gewoon. Wel zo duidelijk
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In #Milan ahead of European elections #LePen tells me if she and #Salvini succeed in plan to change European Union into Europe of (independent) Nations, she‘s sure UK will change mind about Leave want to join #EuropeanElections2019 #Brexit /1
In Milan today #LePen and #Salvini will announce a new Parliamentary group ahead of Euro elex - „putting citizens first“ she says „protecting them against being „swamped by illegal migration“ „toughening security of citizens“ „protecting them from globalisation and islamism“ /2
I asked #LePen if she’d changed her mind about the EU (she once wanted Frexit. Now campaigns for a new pan-European party to sit in EU Institution .. Her answer was to list for me countless reasons why she still dislikes EU. Then added she could keep going for another 3 hours /3
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..poi un giorno ci farete sapere quanto avete alzato shortando italia quando eravate sovranisti (hawkish) e poi rigirandovi una volta tornati euristi (dovish)
Il "flip-flop" di questo governo oltre ad essere un bail-out mascherato per banche IT via BTP, è "gain" per establishment
Establishment IT alla "canna del gas"..."o XI...o MORTE"...
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🇫🇷📊 A trois mois des #Européennes2019, première vague de l'Enquête Électorale Française 2019 réalisée auprès d'un large échantillon de 10 002 sondés par @IpsosFrance pour le @CEVIPOF, la @j_jaures et @lemondefr.…
🇫🇷📊 La participation serait de 40% à 44%, soit un niveau relativement stable par rapport à 2014 (44%), 2010 (41%) et 2004 (43%). Les électeurs @PCF, @enmarchefr et @DLF_Officiel semblent particulièrement mobilisés, à l'inverse des proches du @partisocialiste et @FranceInsoumise.
🇫🇷📊 Crédité de 23%, LREM serait en tête devant le RN (19,5%), LR (12%), EELV et la FI (8% chacun), DLF (6%) et les listes PS et Generations (5% chacun). Pas d'élu pour la liste #GiletsJaunes, qui avec 4,5% des intentions de vote se situerait juste sous le seuil des 5%.
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1. My Predictions For 2019:
- #Macron will find it more & more difficult to hold onto power.
- #Merkel won't last until 2021 & her power will further decrease this year quarter by quarter.
- I expect that the #Brexit-Exit-date will be moved (most likely by 12 months).
2. My Predictions For 2019:
- The issues of mass-#migration (few real #refugees) will continue to haunt #Europe, especially #Germany & continue to put pressure on the GER #Groko-government (#CDU/#CSU & #SPD).
#Predictions2019 #Year2019
3. My Predictions For 2019:
- The trend of right parties gaining more power (2018: #Italy, #Austria, #Brazil) will continue: In #France #LePen (#FN) will benefit from #Macron losing power, in #Germany the #AfD will gain further support in Eastern Germany (tbc).
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