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In 4 years we have had 3 prime ministers and 2 elections.If Johnson gets his way we would have 4 prime ministers and 3 elections. There have been 4 votes on some kind of #Brexit deal - all FAILED to pass /THREAD.
Yet politicians consistently refuse us a #PeoplesVote comparing the type of Brexit they want to impose against the deal we have - EU membership. Image
3.5 years after the advisory crooked lying cheating referendum, parliament cannot make its mind up on what is an acceptable #brexit for the country. You have taken up enough time and money on this nonsense. #voteleavebrokethelaw
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The #Tories are desperate & lying. #Labour (well, Milne & Corbyn) are desperate & lying. Both ends of #CONLABKIP are desperate & lying. Believe either and we'll get #Brexit or #Lexit.

Whatever happens longer-term at least lending the @LibDems votes is more likely to keep 1/2
2/2 us in the #EU. We can sort the longer-term once the #Tories are dead and #Labour is rescued from its current anti-#EU extremist cabal.

But, for now, Job #1 is to keep ouselves in. Otherwise forget the "long-term".

(I'm temporarily not #LAB after 40 years, BTW.)
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@John110000 @patanna Actually, Greece IS running a budget surplus at about the level needed, by the bye. And this isn't a real peer-reviewed publication. In any event, neither Blyth nor Varoufakis are "leading" political economists. Blyth has more real publications and is an actual scholar, 1/
@John110000 @patanna but Varoufakis is a pol w/ a PhD. As this thread began w/ my voicing the insanity of #Brexit (with which u seem to agree), then I'm unclear what we r debating. That the #EU should write off some more Greek debt (inevitable). That some kind of #Lexit was possible (prob not). ?? 🤷‍♂️
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The philosophy of science seems distant from political & everyday life. But it maps the fuzzy border between faith & rational thought about facts. "When you tell me I'm wrong you prove that I'm right!" Witch-finders & Freudians unite! You have nothing to lose but your brains:
An example from @Jonathan_K_Cook: "McCarthyism is not just the hounding of someone because their views are unpopular. It is the creation...of a perfect, self-rationalising system of incrimination...the modern political parallel of the witch hunt."…
In UK politics an epidemic of accusations of antisemitism against @jeremycorbyn & the #LabourParty seems to be a proxy indicator of awareness & fear in some parts of our political world that #JeremyCorbyn's fairly relentless focus on #Austerity & Tory misdeeds does get results.
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A quick thread on #Brexit, why the UK is not going to go back to normal politics after Brexit, why the worst is yet to come, and the folly of policy-driven (libertarian or socialist #Lexit) Brexits.
To many, Brexit is abt “Taking Back Control,” a legitimate perspective in times of increasing interdependence and growth of int'l institutions. However, the undertone is often that control has been relinquished *without good reason.*
Here’s the political science perspective: The flipside of democratic control, #responsiveness, can be policy instability. If majoritarian decisions can always b overturned, some policies r dysfunctional bc actors won't investments (financial or social) necessary to make it work.
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THREAD: Plan A, still on course

JCs strategy could soon pay off. Despite relentless waves of subterfuge he is lazer focused on pressuring the Tories on their achilles heel, the EU. For all the critique of his method, no1 can doubt his drive to make peoples lives better. 1/
Ignoring the sabateurs denies them soundbites to endlessly manipulate in lieu of discussing Labour's manifesto. They can't attack him on that. It is what this country wants & needs.
What's perceived as weakness in JC is a refusal to let them dictate his agenda. 2/
The chance afforded by brexit to split the Tories in half is real, rare & imminent. If JC retains the whip till brexit is resolved Tingers cannot come out unscathed. They'll either have to vote FOR makin a JC gov more likely or break the whip, enabling Tories & losing all cred 3/
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THREAD: JCs unwinnable game

So, in line with the Labconf18 motion, the party will back a PV amendment as a last resort IF Labour's deal falls AND May's passes without changes to her plan. There is much to be said for this widely misunderstood move. #Lexit #GTTO #NoPVYesGE 1/
Corbyn has never unilaterally dictated Labour's Brexit policy. Via much needed democratisation he empowered the party to decide, tho his campaign focused on the reforms the EU would need to make for it to be acceptible to a socialist UK gov. 2/
There are central pillars of the EU that favour capitalism over socialism so it seems unlikely it would ever reform enough to meet those requirements.
But remember JC came in on a 200:1 chance, surrounded by Neoliberals. He had to find a route thru the snakepit to power. 3/
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1. Neither I nor #Remain millions R Extremists but #Brexit's marginalised the Centre to the point we've become extreme
Extremely Angry
Extremely Politicised
Extremely Determined

Govt/Opposition/#Brexiters/#Lexiters thought we'd just Suck It Up, Get Over It, Move On.

2. We no longer see Tories or Labour, PM or Corbyn as the only alternative to each other. That's a false conceit you want us to swallow. Tactical voting & social media played out in GE2017. #Brexit is toxic & will continue to be if U don't #RevokeA50. A plague on both your houses
3. This is an Existential & Generational Crisis sucking the life & soul out of our Country..there is No Good..No Viable #Brexit nor #Lexit..both = #BrexitShambles
Both Remove Rights w/o Consent & leave us Worse Off.
There is NO COMPROMISE between IN or OUT beyond the one we have.
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THREAD: When the shit wants to get off the pot.

The centrists waking nightmare is currently the thought of actually having to endorse JC in important votes in the next few weeks, if his thus far winning strategy does result in May failing again. 1/
They don't want to vote w/ JC on any none PV resolution to #Brexit. 2 things can happen now as we get to the wire
1) May adopts JCs proposal, Labour backs the brexit deal, we're done. Brexit is solved & we can get on with a split & preparing left candidates to run against them 2/
2) May refuses to adopt JCs proposal and her same shit deal gets rejected again. Then a VoNC holds huge weight. The sabateurs skin crawls at the thought of voting for an election to happen that they'll be deselected in before it even begins. Lovely jubbly. 3/
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What the hell is @jeremycorbyn doing?
Why is he enabling #Tory #Brexit?
Is this the final betrayal?
No, it isn't.
It's the predicted effect of decisions taken 2-3 years ago. All things considered, it's not as bad as it could have been (thanks to #StopBrexit crowd).

To understand why, I need to outline 2 important mechanisms that most people, politicians and commentators seem to ignore, dismiss or simply don't get. They have different and somewhat opposite consequences, but are both decisive in the current & foreseeable predicaments.
1st and foremost: the biggest constraint that applies to political decision-making comes from the past decisions & policies.
It is a massive constraint.
Cameron COULD NOT convincingly campaign for #Remain, because his own policies CREATED the discontent channelled by #Leave.
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Some random thoughts about democracy.
#EUref was the biggest exercise in democracy in our history. Nearly 35m turned out to vote.
17.4m of them voted to leave the EU.
16.1m voted to stay in.

The 16m all voted for the same thing: to leave things as they are. They will certainly have had different reasons for thinking that way and ideas about the future. But everyone knew exactly what they were voting for and what would happen if they won.

The 17.4m also voted for the same thing: to get out. And, like the Remainers, they will certainly have had different reasons for thinking that way.

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1. #Brexit sec: EU may not agree to #ExtendA50

ME: to prevent this #BrexitShambles protect Rights & stop the haemorrhage of wealth & jobs we need to #RevokeA50 #StopBrexit & #Remain in Control in the EU with our current Best Possible Deal. #FBPE…
2. And B4 you spout the usual #Brexit BS. It was not the largest vote in History if you consider the proportion of the Electorate.
Either way the opinion of 51.8% Voting still =
37% Voters
26.5% of the Ppl
Compound that with
Lost Mandates
3. #Brexit is a Far Right Tory CON the tragedy is that too many Labour MPs are making themselves COMPLICIT.
Any version of #BrexitShambles
#Lexit doesn't exist..
The ECJ protects US from THEM
#LeaveLies #ABTV
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THREAD: If you're worried Corbyn conceded too much too soon to PV by tabling a motion to request an indicative vote on whether Parliament would support a 2nd ref, please consider this:
So labconf motion compelled him to not rule it out, but not to endorse it. 1/
There likely isn't a majority for PV in parliament, so once that has been voted on and failed, then the PV argument is over. Their constant wails could then be ignored and JC could argue he has fulfilled his duty to give PV a chance, then its full steam ahead for a GE via VoNC 2/
After the PV virus has officially been eradicated via a failed vote in the commons, they will have no reason to continue to sabotage. My guess & hope is that JC will whip to support Labours brexit strategy of a CU, but give a free vote on PV whilst voicing concern over it. 3/
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THREAD: right here's what I think is really going on with #Brexit:

May's game is move to a 2nd ref but blame Corbyn by havin all neolib forces pressure him to support it. then rig the vote while scaring us out of 'no deal' which is actually just 'brexit' - what we voted for 1/18
if the Tories adopt:
Lab Customs union deal = they split
No deal = they split
May's deal = they split
A people's vote = the country splits
this has been their plan all along: to forfeit country for party. to steal brexit. they do not want to leave. 'no deal' was a rebranding 2/19
Corbyn knows this & is bluffing May all the way to that cliff edge because actually he's got wings, & the freedom of a clean break will aid his program, free from EU spending caps or investment rules. he's far more willing to push this to the wire than May 3/19
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THREAD on the Subject of #Brexit & Respect...with a hint of Betrayal.

#Remain #Remainers, #RemainerNow Pls RT or feel free to Use this whenever you are told to Respect the Non-Binding Referendum & by all means add some more.
1. #Brexiters & #Lexiters have 2 justications, apart from 'we won you lost', for the #BrexitShambles.
Namely that we must RESPECT the #Brexit Ref result & that to seek to overturn it would BETRAY the Will of the 'British People'. (nb they often omit the N. Irish)
2. Respect or Lack of Respect & Betrayal at the heart of should we Respect the EURef 2016 & Who or What is being Betrayed?
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#ABTVtoStopBrexit isn't about affecting the balance of power or forcing a General Election. #ABTV is about sending a message to the Tories, and *especially* to Labour that people don't support *any* #Brexit. Not a #HardBrexit, #SoftBrexit, #NoDealBrexit, #Lexit, or *any* Brexit.
The Tory's control more than half of councils, nearly double Labour. Losing control of even half of them is unrealistic, and even if it happened under fixed term government I can all but guarantee it won't result in a General Election.
A Prime Minister calls a GE under two circumstances:
1) They are miles ahead in the polls and think they can increase their majority (as in 2017)
2) They have suffered a humiliating defeat or scandal.
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