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Big shakeup in DCCC's House battlefield this AM. The committee named 12 challengers to its "Red to Blue" program, added 3 members to its "Frontline" program, added 8 new GOP/Dem districts to its "In Play" list, and removed 6 GOP-held districts from its target list.
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hello! While we're waiting for more presidential results, I thought I'd give you an update on the House. @DecisionDeskHQ projects that Republicans have won back 5 seats on net so far. Rs flipped 7 seats and Dems won back 2 thanks to redistricting in NC…
Seats projected to flip D to R, per @DecisionDeskHQ

#IA01 ( Finkenauer)
#FL26 (Mucarsel-Powell)
#FL27 (Shalala)
#MN07 (Peterson)
#NM02 (Torres Small)
#OK05 ( Horn)
#SC01 (Cunningham)

Others to keep an eye on as more votes are counted: #CA21, #CA39, #NY11, #NY22, #UT04
Democrats have also fallen short on many of their offensive targets to flip R-held seats: their most promising pickup opportunity is #GA07, where @DecisionDesk HQ has not projected a winner and we should (hopefully!) get more clarity today as more votes are counted/reported
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The results of our crowdsourced SurveyUSA Indiana poll are officially in, showing a single-digit presidential race, strong support for cannabis legalization and Roe v. Wade, and much more! Read the thread below for results and analysis! Link with crosstabs at the end. (1/25)
As a primer, SurveyUSA divides Indiana into four distinct regions for crosstab analysis. I've created this graphic to help visualize these four regions, along with the 2018 US Senate results by region for comparison, which show the benchmarks each party needs to reach. (2/25) Image
US President (Indiana)

Donald Trump (R): 49%
Joe Biden (D): 42%
Other: 3%
Undecided: 6%

10/8-10/13 by SurveyUSA
527 Likely Voters

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Every state has big stakes on the ballot — it's just some are facing a perfect storm where so much that matters is competitive at once.

So I'm starting this ongoing thread of states, to encapsulate as many stakes as I can within 280 characters. (Let's do roughly one a day!)
1️⃣ North Carolina really is it:

—Could decide WH
—Could decide U.S. Senate majority
—Ds may gain at least 2 House seats. More?
—Can Ds keep governorship (& veto power)?
—Can Ds pick-up a legislative chamber?
—3 Supreme Court seats!👀
—AG, LG (if Gov vacancy...), SoS competitive
2️⃣ Montana is up there too:
—Could decide Senate majority!
—Open Gov race. Would be GOP's first win since 2000, likely give them trifecta. And it's Gianforte on the ballot.
—Open SoS & AG races
—An open, tight House race
—An intriguing Supreme Court race
—Gun control referendum
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Getting this thread going on what races to donate to….

Right now, 44 days out, is the best time to donate. A few states are early voting. Voters are paying attention and can still register.

Campaigns can still hire staff and pay for strategic, targeted ads and mailers.
Money thrown at races in Oct goes into media spin. Unclear if it's effective at persuasion.

Millions of $$$ from out of state donors, raised by national orgs, doesn't mean your race is competitive. So it's doubly important for us to pick a few races/states and be strategic.
It's sweet to ragedonate for RBG. But it's smarter to flip the Senate, cement the House majority, and win key states in the electoral college. All states and races aren't equal.

A few thousand $ to a House race or $1 million to an underfunded Senate race can make the difference.
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House Rs are no longer w/in range of taking back the majority. But if there's a silver lining, it's that they're poised to elect far more women than they did in 2018, when their female ranks plummeted from 22 to 13 (!).
Four GOP women are basically guaranteed to come to Congress in 2021:

#GA14 Marjorie Taylor Greene
#IL15 Mary Miller
#MI10 Lisa McClain
#TN01 Diana Harshbarger

Four more w/ strong opportunities in open seats: #CO03 Boebert, #IN05 Spartz, #IA02 Miller-Meeks, #TX24 Van Duyne
Additionally, there are 7 more GOP women running against Dem incumbents in @CookPolitical's Toss Up column:

#IA01 Ashley Hinson
#MN07 Michelle Fischbach
#NM02 Yvette Herrell
#NY11 Nicole Malliotakis
#NY22 Claudia Tenney
#OK05 Terry Neese/Stephanie Bice (runoff)
#SC01 Nancy Mace
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New at @CookPolitical: House rating changes in 20 districts, all towards Democrats. I can’t recall the last time we moved so many races at once, let alone in the same direction.
More @CookPolitical: for the first time this cycle, Democrats have at least as good a chance of picking up House seats as Republicans on a net basis.…
(Here’s a graphic corrected for #WA03)
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Announced today: #EPAC's next round of endorsed Rising Star #GOPWomen candidates. More Republican women are running for Congress than ever before and we are in a STRONG position to take back the House with our endorsed candidates.…
@JeanneIves running in #IL06 is a West Point graduate, US Army veteran, and former State House Rep. She has lived in #IL06 for 27 years, working on tax reform and government transparency -- while raising her 5 children.…
@esther4congress is running in #IL17 and is an Army Reservist, small businesswoman, and attorney. She learned the value of serving her community through her parents who were missionaries along the US-Mexico border.…
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Quick #INPrimary afterthought on the two open-seat congressional races: in #IN05, both @Victoria_Spartz and @HaleIndy ran the table, winning all 9 counties -- in fact, Spartz and @BethForIndiana finished 1-2 everywhere. 1/
#IN01, though, has 3 counties, and three different winners. @JimHarperIN won his home county of Porter; @gomcdermott won LaPorte -- @Fjmrvan was 4th there. But Mrvan won Lake, which has more than 2x the votes of the other two combined. His 4,700-vote cushion there was plenty. 2/
Top vote-getters in Lake: Mrvan, McDermott, Borom, Reardon, Haake, Harper

In Porter: Harper, Mrvan, McDermott, Reardon, Haake, Borom

In LaPorte: McDermott, Harper, Reardon, Mrvan, Borom, Haake

Overall: Mrvan, McDermott, Harper, Borom, Reardon, Haake

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19% of precincts reporting (all in Luzerne County) in #PA08 GOP primary to take on Dem Rep. Matt Cartwright. Former Trump admin official Jim Bognet leads 43-19
16% of precincts reporting in #PA01 Dem primary to take on Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick, and Christina Finello leads 76-24. She became front runner after a better-funded opponent dropped out after filing deadline
48% of precincts reporting in #IN05 primaries. On Dem side, Christina Hale's lead has expanded to 39-27. For GOP, Victoria Spartz still up 39-19
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Here is your 🚨 Super Junesday mega-thread🚨 with all the races @businessinsider covering today with results from our friends at @DecisionDeskHQ. Here’s our main post with a presidential primary map and links to the down-ballot races we’re watching:…
First, there’s the Democratic primary for #IASen, where DSCC-backed Theresa Greenfield is facing Mike Franken, Eddie Mauro, and Kimberly Graham to run against GOP Sen. Joni Ernst. If no candidate gets >35% of the vote, the race goes to a party convention…
The most-watched House primary today is in #IA04, where embattled GOP Rep. Steve King — after losing his committee assignments and being largely shunned by his party — is facing a well-funded primary challenge from GOP State Sen. Randy Feenstra…
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I expect Victoria Spartz and Christina Hale will win their #IN05 primaries in blowouts today. Spartz has run ads for months on local broadcast, highlighting endorsements from the Club for Growth, NRA, and Right to Life Indiana. Beth Henderson has had a few ads, but no one else.
Spartz portrayed herself as an outsider and hardliner Trump supporter; Henderson's ads tried to contrast her as an establishment conservative, even highlighting that she's "born in the USA" (Spartz was born in Soviet Ukraine and has a notable accent). I don't think it's worked.
Carl Brizzi has had a lot of negative ads dumped on him (highlighting his anti-Trump radio show comments), but has run no positive ads that I've seen. I have seen zero Kelly Mitchell ads, or ads from any other candidate. This has generally been a Spartz/Henderson race.
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I'm going to use this thread to discuss the results for Indiana as they come in tonight. I'll share any notable flips or key developments as they come in. You can follow along with the results at the following link. #ElectionTwitter
Initial questions for tonight: Will Dems be able to make pickups in the Indianapolis/Carmel city councils? Will Dems be able to hold onto power in fading blue collar cities like Kokomo and Anderson? Can Dems flip favorable cities like Portage and West Lafayette?
With 24% of the vote in for Logansport Mayor, Republican Chris Martin currently leads incumbent Democratic Mayor Dave Kitchell 1042-985 (51.4-48.6). Tough start in that race. This is a key race to watch.
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Rep. Susan Brooks (R) retirement moves suburban #IN05 from Solid R to Lean R at @CookPolitical. It's the only Dem-trending GOP-held district in Indiana.
This is a classic upscale Whole Foods district, the kind where Dems made serious inroads in 2016/2018.

Trump improved over Romney in every other IN district. But in #IN05, Trump took just 53% to Romney's 58%.
And, an added coup for Dems: Brooks isn't just one of 13 women remaining in the House GOP conference, she's the *recruitment chair* of the NRCC.
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#NewYork, you've got some splainin to do. Three NY R's on this list.

It's critical that three things happen.

1. Stop this insanity in the Senate. Sign petition

2. Tweet these reps your thoughts on their support for #InequalityAct

3. #Primaries
I can't believe that good Republicans won't stand up in these districts to launch primaries. A betrayal of this magnitude requires defeat. It's that simple. And don't try the, "What if you weaken them and a D wins." Nothing worse than an R that betrays core principles.
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**Okay, #INDIANA. #IN01 #IN02 #IN03 #IN04 #IN05 #IN06 #IN07 #IN08 #IN09
A THREAD of all Democratic Candidates (#PrimaryElection winners) with photos & website links
Support them for #BlueWave2018!!
Register by Oct 9 here…
Register by October 9 for the NOVEMBER 6, 2018 Election #Midterms2018
Register here:…
Find polling place here:
Double-check your Registration here:
or here:…
Request from Oct 29, 2018
Mail-in Deadline Nov 6, 2018
All registered voters are eligible to vote absentee-in-person from 28 days before Election
Application in-person & mail-in ballots here…
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Hey #INDIANA! You're one of the Lucky 4 States with early #Primaries.
VOTE MAY 8, 2018
Register by April 9 here:…
Or Text "Indiana" to 2VOTE (28683)
Start #BlueWave2018
Here's a THREAD of All Democratic Candidates #BlueWaveIN
in All Districts
with Websites
INDIANA PRIMARIES #IN01 #IN02 #IN03 #IN04 #IN05 #IN06 #IN07 #IN08 #IN09
THREAD of All (*that I could locate)
Democratic Candidates including Websites
Voter Registration Deadline Apr 9, 2018
Register here:…
#BlueWave2018 #BlueWaveIN
Mail-in Deadline applications April 30, 2018
All registered voters are eligible to vote absentee-in-person from 28 days before Election
Application in-person & mail-in ballots here…
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