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[thread] The real reason why Indian real estate is suffering: by @babablahblah_

India's youth does not want to buy a house. period
@babablahblah_ 1/ The younger generations (read millennials) don't see why they should make a 30+ year commitment to a single investment which end up rooting them to a single location.
@babablahblah_ 2/ It's hard to justify to them why they should invest money into real estate (which is highly complex and illiquid) instead of buying mutual funds or investing into SIPs (which are easy to understand, can be traded with an app and provide instant liquidity).
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Attracted by infamous #ViolentUpside of past #Uranium Bull Markets? 🚀🌜 #Investment choices are limited in this tiny niche sector with only ~60 companies left standing of over 500 #U3O8 related #stocks a decade ago. In this thread I will try to lay out some #investor options..🗂️
For lowest risk #investment in #uranium best option is a traded Fund that holds Physical #U3O8. ⚛️ In North America that's Uranium Participation (#TSX: $U OTC: $URPTF) & in #UK that's Yellow Cake PLC (#AIM: $YCA). A 3rd choice, Uranium Trading Corp $UTC, is set to IPO in US. ✍🏼
If you prefer to #invest in baskets of #uranium #stocks through ETF's for 1-trade in & out #U3O8 sector exposure, only 2 real choices. In North America, Global X Uranium ETF $URA on #NYSE, Indexed by Market Cap📊 In UK, Geiger Counter Ltd Fund on LSE: $GCL cherry-picked by PM's🍒
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Just landed in #Thailand & looking forward to speaking at the @AfiForum. At the event? Come say hello. #AFIF2019.
500+ of the world’s leading #investors & #FI will explore investment opportunities to foster inclusive financial markets across #AsiaPacific
#Davos #WEF19 or here at the Asia Financial Institutions Forum @AfiForum #AFIForum 2019 in #Bangkok: something to ponder this #MLKDay weekend & beyond. #microfinance #accessstocapital #fintech #finance #inequality
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If you know why you are investing, for whom and for when, you will invest responsibly. 1/5

#investing #mutualfunds #MutualFundsSahiHai #financialeducation #financialplanning
Goals help you hold your guard, make for good markers and act as effective milestones. #mutualfunds #MutualFundsSahiHai #financialeducation #FinancialFreedom #financialplanning 2/5
Successful investors also need to plan. They need to manage their risks and returns actively. Being clear on their do’s and don’t’s helps them avoid investment mistakes, skirt blunders and wisen choices. #mutualfunds #MutualFundsSahiHai #FinancialFreedom #financialplanning 3/5
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Some segments from the interesting 'Men & Mysteries of Wall Street' by the eloquent J.K. Medbery published in 1870. It holds many good insights as well as being a reminder of how little things changes in the affairs of mankind, especially in the financial sphere. #SundayReads
Boom time - riding the bull in mindless bliss to a permanently higher plateau...until the crash when liquidity showed itself - as it always does in such scenarios - to be a coward who was no where to be found when needed the most..#LessonsFromHistory #Investing
The confidence game turns into the CONfidence game & the unravelling starts again with 'bulls shivering & the bears jubilant' - Congress disposed to fan the speculative flame - The irresistible allure of stock speculation - Mania is when the 'hen-brokers' come out..#Investing
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Midway through Ronald Kahn's wonderful book 'The Future of Investment Management'.

The 1st half is solely focused on the evolution of investment management through the last 4 millennia.

And rightly so. Because #history matters.

A quick summary below.

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Investing as we know it today did not exist before the stock market crash of 1929 & the Great Depression that followed.

Slack regulations, inadequate company disclosures & the general inability to systematically analyse investments kept most investors out of the market.
This state of affairs, however, was soon changed by gurus like Graham, Dodd, Markowitz, Sharpe, Burr, Ross, & others who provided a systematic framework to analyse securities, define risk, & efficiently manage portfolios.
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Bridgewater's asset classes environmental boxes framework and its All Weather asset allocation. Each bucket does well in a particular economic environment. #investing
The world is shifting towards slower growth relative to expectations, as markets underestimate the impact of reduced central bank liquidity. Not sure where we are on the inflation side, as inflation expectations have already shifted up drastically in the last two years.
Want to get large asset allocators like Bridgewater interested in bitcoin? Prove how it responds to varying growth and inflation relative to expectations.
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I Had Always Been Mostly #Trader With Dash Of #Investing Thrown In Between When Started Out In World Of Stocks. Last 5 Years Have Been Revelation on Investing Front. I Have Formed My Own Investing Philosophy & it Has Been Hugely Rewarding In Terms Of Strategy ..(1/n)
And The Potential it Holds Out For Future! The Basic Premise For My PhiloSophy is CAGR (Compounded Annual Growth Rate). RJ is RJ Because of Phenomenal 40%+ CAGR Since 80's. So Basically, Achieving High CAGR Over Long Period Of Time is All That Is To Wealth Creation (2/n)
Now For CAGR, Name Of Stocks Don't Matter To Me, Neither What Business They Are In. Obviously, if Fundamentals of Business Are Good, More Investors & Traders Are Going To Back The Price UpTrend, So Fundamentals Are Critical, But Thats Not All There is To Investing (3/n)
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1. Mental illness is a clinical condition with physiological causes. Why people have varying interpretations of it, its solution lies beyond random advice to “just cheer up”. #WorldMentalHealthDay #MutualFunds #Investing #MyInvestmentPlan
2. Research indicates that that one in four people is affected by poor mental health and, of these, around four million struggle with their financial wellbeing. It is clear that these two issues are usually linked. #WorldMentalHealthDay #MutualFunds #Investing #MyInvestmentPlan
3. Depression, anxiety and psychotic disorders were among the common mental illnesses people in debt experience and there was an even higher link between suicide and debt. #WorldMentalHealthDay #MutualFunds #Investing #MyInvestmentPlan
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Absurdly long tweet storm coming your way.

Goal is to connect the dots on the concepts in our Optimization Machine series and show why its relevant.

Currently at 38 tweets and 6 figs/tables. Will bleed it out so it's not so overwhelming.

#Optimization #RiskParity #investing
1/We’re 3 articles into a series on portfolio optimization and I’ve been challenged to distill the core themes and make it relevant for practitioners.

Here’s the TL;DR:

Portfolio construction may substantially boost performance without active views on relative returns.
2/First off here are the three articles under discussion.

Optimization Machine:…

Simple vs Optimal Methods:…

Optimization and the Sharpe Multiplier…
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Some traders believe news are unimportant, and news/narratives are always spun into prices. That's false. News are only sometimes spun into prices, and can be used effectively for speculative activities. It should be obvious, yet it's not. #trading #investing
This may sound extremely obvious to many, yet I've had many discussions where for example price of oil drops hard on a Saudi statement yet a fellow trader would argue news was irrelevant and price actually dropped because traders sold some 61.8% fibonacci retracement.
Prices are not magical self-contained entities following their own rules.

If in doubt look at the following on Trading View:

$GBPUSD on Jun/23/2016 => Brexit
$ES on Nov/7/2017 => US Election Night
$CL on Nov/27/2014 => OPEC
$BTC on Mar/10/2017 => SEC Bitcoin ETF
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If I were to distill my prime directive for #investing; my overriding philosophy, it would be this - Never leave money lying fallow. #Thread #InvestInYou #Investment
I believe without a shadow of a doubt, that you should get to a point where you live off your returns, not capital. A point where you've invested so much, that the returns become a steady stream that takes care of your needs.
A point where you only dip into capital for major things like buying a house and then, only rarely.
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💪A thread on amazing Twitter threads 😍👇
In the process of revamping my #Twitter profile (dormant earlier), I have come to appreciate the wonderful underutilized platform it is!
Some threads contain crisp knowledge capsules that can help many. Starting 1 on such curated content
1. I largely rely on this: to find content
2. What I wish to share is what coincides largely with my interests- #Learning, #Investing, #Behavioralpsychology (#mentalmodels, #bias, etc), #Businessbooks, Industry insights/case studies, Life experiences, etc
While it will be difficult to structure the order of content here, I will try to block threads by category (as noted above & more). Feel free to comment with any good thread that you would have come across. Cumulative learning always helps.
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#StockMarket - While there are #Multibaggers there can be #Multifailures as well. Here is a thread on key mistakes that may happen during the journey. I have been thru all these mistakes myself.....
1. Leverage can be key mistake that usually happen either when we get carried away in euphoria or are finding shortcuts during early part of journey. Even if you need to take leverage, it should be based on your net worth, risk profile and in right stocks.
2. Selling too early just because it has run up too much too fast. Till there is a visibility of business potential and company growth path, one should ride the growth as maximum as possible.
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