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Some interesting reports coming out of #Afghanistan over the past few days:

- roughly 2,000 #Taliban suicide bombers have been moved to the #Iran|ian border since the end of May.
- #ISKP has also started moving their fighters to northern #Afghanistan, according to sources within an anti-#Taliban group. They are being moved to #Badakhshan, #Takhar and some others.

Apparently, there are both @CIA and #ISI fingerprints on this.
- #Taliban are moving its fighters closer to the #Tajikistan border. Fighters are also moving to the #Badakhshan province, bordering #Tajikistan.

- #TTP have become so emboldened to expand their operations around #Pakistan, including new waliyats in #Balochistan & #Punjab.
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The #TTP occupation in #Swat is significantly more than is being reported in the domestic media.

Many villages are under TTP control, and search operations have been on-going for more than 5 months.

It is no surprise that the TTP has returned to Swat for us @commandeleven.
For the past 3 years, we have repeatedly informed and warned that the TTP presence was growing and their influence was increasing.

Deaf ears.

We have repeatedly argued against the negotiating table, because it is a sign of weakness.

Why should we negotiate?
The news of Gen. #FaizHameed's deal to hand over parts of #KPK to #TTP, in return for peace for the country - that is accepting defeat and emboldening the enemy.

Is it any surprise that there was a significant uptick in violence from December onwards, when TTP walked away again?
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CLIMATE CRISIS: Spain is currently flooding and we're nearly in JUNE. Holidays are being 'ruined' as a result: as i said the other day it's over: this whole 2019 lifestyle is over: never coming back: done. Will get much worse…
BENIDORM in Spain, which has long been a hotspot for boozy Brits looking for cheap holidays is going through huge flash floods right now: as is illustrated by the hashtags here at the bottom of the video: it's 'ruining' ma HOLIDAYS:… #severeweather #typ #fup #f...
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Good evening/morning - it's Day 451 of #Russia's illegal and inhumane war.

#Ukraine is under attack again tonight with attack drones currently threatening large parts of the country.

All the details, throughout the day (and night) each and every day, in one handy thread.
If you missed yesterday's news, including F-16s for #Ukraine, plenty of sabotage attacks in #Russia, plus related news from #Cyprus #Georgia and #SouthAfrica... then catch up here with a click and a scroll:

#StopRussia #SaveUkraine
A reminder multiple drones threaten #Kyiv tonight

Regional Gov Serhii Popko says fire atop a multi-storey building, caused by debris from a falling UAV, is around 80 sq m.
There may be victims

Bits of drones have fallen on several streets in Darnytskyi & Solomyanskyi districts
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Repubblica Centrafricana #CAR, #Wagner controlla tutte le basi militari del paese
1/n Segnalati voli cargo russi da #Libia e #Sudan verso la Repubblica Centrafricana.
Cerchiamo di capire cosa accade...⬇️
@FocusOnAfricaEn @AntonellaNapoli…
La notizia non passa inosservata. Un aereo cargo Antonov An124 hanno preso il decollo dalla Libia e dal Sudan in direzione di Bangui. Sono stati segnalati in arrivo nel paese dalle 08.50 del mattino del 13 Maggio.
Le conferme visuali non tardano ad arrivare. Ciò che si ipotizzava stesse accadendo è divenuto ben presto un riscontro oggettivo. I cargo trasportavano, per conto della Wagner PMC, materiale bellico e sorprendentemente anche aerei da caccia militari di proprietà del gruppo: ImageImageImage
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Looking at the networks that support #Hemedti in #Sudan, an interesting carousel emerges with the #UAE in the middle

Network-centric statecraft at its best, involving #Libya, #Wagner and the War in #Yemen Image
2) starting with the #UAE's direct networks to #Sudan & the #RSF, Abu Dhabi has set up a well-oiled network of companies and financial institutions to support #Hemedti to bring gold to market and manage personal finances…
3) The #UAE have provided arms to #Hemedti's #RSF in #Sudan since 2019 - recent evidence suggest as late as 2021…
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Russia: We justify child abduction and trafficking war crimes now by pointing to monuments destroyed by American in 2003.

Me: Well, if you want to travel through 20 years of war crimes, let’s do it🧵
Which #Chechen genocide shall we do? Let’s try this:…
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Russia, France, rebels & the death of Chinese in Central African Republic

Colleagues from ASIANOMICS found interesting news regarding the killing of 9 Chinese nationals in Central African Republic (CAR).
Updates are coming in.
Along with 9 killed, 2 were severely injured. The victims are said to have been working in a goldmine run by the UK Gold Coast Group.
Central government blamed rebels from “Coalition of Patriots for Change” (CPC). CPC declared its noninvolvement in this incident and accused the "Wagner" Group.

The CPC is made up of many small insurgent groups whose goal is to overthrow the central government.
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Why I’m making no conclusions yet on the deaths of nine Chinese citizens killed at a mining site near Bambari in #CAR.

In short it is *way* too early. Why? (1/n)
First, local independent media credited the attack to the armed group coalition CPC. There are credible reports that CPC were in the area, that armed men were looking for Chinese citizens days before. (2/n)
Moreover a few days before 3 Chinese citizens were kidnapped by CPC in the southwest of the country. However, this was likely perpetrated by anti-balaka, while CPC operating in the center of CAR are more likely to be UPC or FPRC affiliated (an FPRC gen was taken at Bria) (3/n)
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Hello again, welcome to a new week, a new thread and Day 390 of #Russia's full invasion of its peaceful neighbour.

Updated throughout the day with only the relevant news from #Ukraine and beyond, this is your one-stop guide for the war in Europe.
If you need a catch up on Sunday, here's the link.

Interestingly a couple of people wrote to say my tweets weren't showing up again in their timeline. Sunday saw the fewest views, likes and retweets I can remember 😥


In a review of the week, #Ukraine's armed forces claim they hit 5 of #Russia's military bases in the occupied territory plus 5 ammunition stores.

The graphic is in Russian but even if you don't understand you can see where the hits were.

#RussiansGoHome Image
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I’ve written a longread on the ‘Russia question’ in the #DRC #Congo. My main point: #Russia was (is?) being considered as a serious partner by the Tshisekedi admin., not primarily due to Russia, but due to (perceived & real) Western policy failure(s).… 1/n
First, #Russia has been trying to gain influence in the #DRC, similar to how this was done in #CAR. E.g. in February 2021, it donated a large consignment of weapons ( 10,000 Kalashnikov rifles and around 3 million cartridges of ammunition) – which is how Wagner entered #CAR (2/n)
Another similarity: the number two of the Russia Embassy in Kinshasa, Viktor Tokmakov, was moved from Bangui to Kinshasa, and was widely considered the organizer/go-between for Wagner in #CAR.… (3/n)
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1/As promised & after reading $CRSP latest Q4 2022 #financial #report here is my impression regarding @CRISPRTX latest corporate status. I have focused only on the main issues that I found to be the most interesting & relevant. #CRISPR #BioTech #FinTwit #Genomics #GeneEditing 🧵 CRISPR Therapeutics, a biopharmaceutical company focused on
2/IMO the most significant corporate event in Q4 was $CRSP announcement that regulatory Exa-cel submissions of both #SickleCell & #BetaThalassemia validated in the #EU & #UK & that the @US_FDA BLA submission is on track by the end of Q1 ‘23 - possibly reaching the #markets in ‘23 Regulatory submissions complete for exagamglogene autotemcel
3/Exa-cel/CTX001 - the key program in $CRSP portfolio, is an #autologous Ex-Vivo #CRISPR/#Cas9 #GeneEditing therapy aimed for patients suffering from #TDT or severe #SCD. The latest readout for both programs was phenomenal with 42/44 TDT & 31/31(!) demonstrated remarkable results 3/Exa-cel - formally known as CTX001 and the key program in
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#CAR update: Some thoughts on the security agreement between the CAR government and #Sudan's Hemedti (a thread)
On December 29, the CAR government, represented by Hassan Bouba (former number two under Ali Darassa's UPC armed group), and Russian PMCs met with reps of Hemedti's paramilitary Rapid Support Forces in CAR's northeast town of Birao (1/n)
The purpose of the meeting was to discuss armed group mobilization on the CAR-Sudan border in Am Dafok. Who exactly was mobilizing we don't know for sure - UPC were there, FPRC, Chadian rebels, Sudanese militias, free agents and Coalition Siriri were all present (2/n)
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Today jan 28, several groups have called to protest. While everybody can have their own opinions, we looked at two well-known cyber guérilla tactics: micro targeting and go offline. Is #BurkinaFaso under Russian cyber influence ? Fasten your seat belt and go ..(1/n)
A cartoon emerged on social media end of Dec 2022 featuring a #WagnerGroup mercenary with a hammer against a rat, symbolising France. It was posted by this media page Burkina Kibaya (2/n)
This media and news page has paid @Meta for ads campaigns targeting geographically people living in #BurkinaFaso . This tactic is called micro targeting and helps target for very cheap the right audience (less than 100usd per ad) (3/n)
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Le Channel TG улыбаемся и мешаем affilié à la galaxie #Prigozhin et diffuseur du dessin animé LionBear revient sur la nouvelle animation la qualifiant d’efficace et largement reprise par les canaux africains. Image
L’administrateur, commentateur politique qui a son podcast, qualifie le choix du #Mali et de la #Centrafrique d’être au service de l’image et de la sécurité de la #France
Il revient sur la fin du dessin animé en indique que c’est une autre histoire pour la #cotedivoire et le #gabon qualifiés de « vitrine du capitalisme français ». Il ajoute - pour la première fois - que les intérêts Fr sont en concurrence avec les intérêts anglo-saxons
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#RussianNazis have been #RussianNazis since before they funded Nazi Germany with stolen #Holodomor grain.
They were #RussianNazis when they start WWII with Nazi Germany and plan to divide up Europe, that allied evil only end when Hitler betrayed Russia in 1941
They were #RussianNazis when they came to liberate Auschwitz and raped victims there.

“rape of Jewish women survivors of concentration camps, including Stutthof, Ravensbrück and Auschwitz-Birkenau”…
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1. What is collective guilt? It’s guilt that is shared by group of people for crimes so depraved that not stopping them is itself crime. Every generation in my family has person who contains memories of past because such crimes have happen to us for over 100 years.
2. I am this person now for this generation. I remember for them. I know every crime, when it happen, where, how. All of it. Germany had barbarism and savagery for how long? And did they ever after WWII? No. Why? Collective guilt.
3. Russia’s role in WWII, #Holocaust is entirely erased from history. They did get lands they wanted but not guilt. History begins in 1942, Russia is hero. That’s not fact. Not for anything my family suffer.
In 1903 Russia wrote this masterpiece of evil that they use to commit
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Cities of Tomorrow*
‘20 minute city’ initiative

All so easy and accessible that in the future you won’t need a #car & if a #climate #Emergency should arise you can easily stay within your #zone
*… #svpol
#Agenda2030 #SmartCity 's
#Paris Is Planning To Become A ’15-minute City’
Where everything you need is within a 15-minute radius on foot or bike. The aim is to cut car use, resulting in fewer #CO2 emissions and cleaner air.…
#WakeUp #Jailhouse #society #Agenda2030
Efficient space use enables 15-minute cities
Improving #urban forms is one of #Europe 's most powerful levers to mitigate the #ClimateCrisis 🤔
#Agenda2030 #WakeUp #Sweden #Worldwide #svpolitik #svpol #powerabuse #tyranny #SmartCity #survilence #society #CrimesAgainstHumanity Europe has committed to reaching unprecedented goals includi
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