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Statement: I will vote for @TulsiGabbard. I'm aware "Russians have a hard-on for Tulsi and some of her foreign policies". She doesn't answer to them. If she did, she'd be court-marshaled and facing serious prison time. This reminds me of Trump's "lock her up" frenzy in 2016.
I'm voting for Tulsi because her official stances on the issues stated on her website match closest to my values and experiences. My @iSideWith results also matches her the closest, with @BetoORourke and @BernieSanders following 2nd and 3rd.

If Russia wants to be left alone to do what it pleases, then Tulsi would be a good fit for them because she's non-interventionist, where others are the opposite AF. Where is the proof of these resources Russia is pulling for Tulsi?
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Today my 12 year old asked me why people still support trump. I answered that I really didn’t know. Later, while mowing the yard, I thought about it and came up with several reasons.
As I thought about it, I realized that a lot of the reasons sounded like things various characters from the Office would think. Here’s what I came up with:
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@ResisterForever Indeed. Twitter can be very influential, for a couple of reasons.

1] Despite the ugliness we often see w/hostility among/between #Resisters & #MAGAts / #Deplorables [& some Resisters], on the whole we are in fact changing the way people talk about certain subjects. EG, #MeToo ▶️
@ResisterForever #MeToo began well before it was talked about on Twitter, but few of us knew about it. Thru Twitter, #MeToo survivors connected w/each other to construct a powerful force of women [& their male allies] that has counteracted the stereotypes about rape & sexual harassment▶️
@ResisterForever the point there's been a backlash. Backlashes aren't all bad, esp if they're weaker than the original force, & they are easily refuted w/their underlying rationalizations for the behaviors we criticize.

Indeed, mvts can't claim to be powerful UNLESS there's a backlash! ▶️
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1/ I despised Trump from day 1. But I was able to turn my back on the President and I’d hoped by going about my business and keeping my head down this nightmare would just quietly pass in time. However, there was a gradual crescendo building up and up and up and up...
2/ By the beginning of 2019 I was already riddled with guilt for not being a voice of opposition. A few months later I had taken a passive approach, trying to reason from a cowards position with #MAGATS. By the orphaned baby photo op, I had experienced a full blown meltdown...
3/ After that moment, I hated this President more than anything or anyone I’ve ever hated in my life. I shook off the guilt over my delayed activation in joining the resistance and got to work doing what I could in my own little world to help bring this jackass down...
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I don't know how to say this to the
#Magats but:

Your president might be sending your young sons and daughters to die, to protect the country from which 19 men attacked us on 9-11.

~ immi
@GOP this tweet is a trigger
@GOP So now the republicans are changing #NeverForget911 to #JustForgetiThisTime to support a war against Iran
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Once again I encounter that "All American" anti-intellectualism that starts w/the fact I actually use my PhD as a title instead of pretending I don't have that credential at all, assuming that a PhD means nothing. You wouldn't find that attitude in Europe

--at least, nowhere near as predominate as it is in the USA.

Some time ago I developed a policy of refusing to respond to willfully ignorant #MAGAts who won't read any information I provide when I DOCUMENT my POV w/links. It rarely happens w/true #resisters▶️
...but it happened just now

[she provided no resources of her own--I would have read them if she had, at least if she provided me w/same courtesy]

What she sees as "overbearing" is my insistence that I won't waste time w/people who don't at least▶️
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Just a quick rundown for the #magats:
Trumps actions are:
- letting North Korea go wild.
- letting Iran go wild.
- ISIS is regrouping.
- taliban is taking over Afghanistan.
- Saudi Arabia is murdering Yemen.
- Israel is scooping up more land.
- Russia is upping a new arms race
2/ stock market is tanking, while wages never moved, while interest rates are low, while big corps spent cash buying their own stock, while we have to pay more for the cheap shit we import from China.
- EPA protecting you is dead.
- scientists all over gov are being kicked out
3/ as of today, we can not handle two epidemics simultaneously.
As of today, we can not handle two full wars.
That is just the past month.
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O͙N͙E͙ ͙L͙A͙S͙T͙ ͙T͙I͙M͙E͙:͙





You get excited when you find a $20 in your pants, BUT IT WAS ALWAYS YOURS TO BEGIN WITH

I ll see myself out
Sorry for the caps but I just saw a Fox Business News analysts, on the trading floor on Wall Street, saying that we collected $40 billion from china tarrifs and that makes up for the farms bailout.

it is infuriating.
my f**g point to #MAGAts about Tarifs. China does not send us a western union. YOU DO

If you don't pay it in the price of the goods, the company takes the cost from somewhere else, lets say work hours, less workplace safety, or replacing packaging with asbestos. Still on my out
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How in the hell did this dumb betch not know her tweets were public? Like, she actually believed she was communicating directly with Trump? 😁🤣

Whoopsies! Was it worth it? #ETTD 😁🤣

She's gonna lose her job over this. Trump'll hire her.

"Schools CANNOT ask students about their immigration status or report them or family members to federal immigration authorities."
"Clark, an English teacher at Carter-Riverside HS, has worked w/the district since 1998... and has a history of violations — including insulting her students’ ethnicity....the district was already investigating separate allegations of derogatory remarks from Clark."

Shocked. NR
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Trump criticizing " bad court decision" Reno V. Flores

"Judge Flores, whoever you may be, that decision is a disaster for our country"

You ignorant turd, Judge Flores is Jenny Lisette Flores, then an unaccompanied 15-year old girl from El Salvador.

Dumb orange turd
Her face when she heard him say judge Flores
How many #MAGAts do you rek'n are looking for judge Flores right now?
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Here's a partial list of @realdonaldtrump's broken promises dating back to his announcement he was running for @POTUS. Many of these promises were made to set him apart from other @GOP candidates & get support from his "base"...
...Trump promised to fully finance his own campaign. He didn't. In fact it was almost entirely funded by PACs, SuperPacs, corporate & elite 1% donations. Some indication of foreign contributions. Only money he spent went to compensate Cohen for paying off porn stars...
...He would build a 30 to 60 foot concrete wall & Mexico would pay for all of it. Not a single inch of new wall has been built. Further, he's scaling down to "barriers" & finally he's taking money from U.S. taxpayers already slotted to the Military, Disaster Relief & Medicaid...
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The Republican Party CAN NOT GOVERN. They can get into office by cheating, suppressing votes, gerrymandering, election fraud, trampling on the will of voters, getting help from hostile foreign powers like Russia and seedy data miners. But once in office, THEY. CAN. NOT. GOVERN.
Has our government EVER in the history of the United States been SHUT DOWN when ONE party controls ALL THREE BRANCHES ie: entire government? I don't think it has. And why now? Because the Republican Party CAN NOT GOVERN. They know how to cheat to "win" but they can't do the job.
They can NOT keep the economy healthy. They have crashed it almost every time they were in control of it. They can NOT do healthcare (other than to DENY IT to all but rich people). They don't even BELIEVE in climate change.
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So a 12/14/18 phone call w/Erdogan was the impetus for General Mattis’ resignation. If you had any doubts about Trump being completely compromised by Erdogan, here’s another smoking gun #TrumpTowersIstanbul
Now, couple this with Rudy Giuliani’s working for Turkey by repping one of Erdogan’s favorite money launderers, Reza Zarrab - he laundered for the Turkish state- controlled bank, we just convicted the bank Mgr last year...😉
And hook that up w/Michael Flynn’s being forced to reg #FARA for Turkey back to 8/16, for planning to kidnap the Turkish cleric (Gulen), and his Ratio oil deal with Ekim Alptekin and Bijan Kian - the two guys indicted earlier this week ... 🤓
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“One thing you want to do is identify the type of person you could exploit and undermine them psychologically.” - Christopher Wylie, formerly of #CambridgeAnalytica…
"They’d find people who were less resilient psychologically… you essentially tried to exacerbate distrust and paranoia.” #MAGAts
"Wylie's role...was to take traditional military "information operations," or information warfare, and translate them into digital operations...."
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Butina was recently moved from federal facility in D.C. to jail in Alexandria where Paul Manafort is currently being held.
Life comes at you fast!
Butina also worked with the @OUTDChannel to develop a television show highlighting Putin’s “love of the outdoors” that would feature Putin himself. The Outdoor Channel and the @NRA call themselves “strategic partners”:
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This is similar to Blimpy’s favorability rating now. “The Undoing of George W. Bush” #MAGAts #trumptards
1/ As the Iraq invasion fiasco continued to take its toll post-Katrina, Bush’s favorability in the closing months of his presidency sank to 25%.
2/ That is about where Blimpy’s favorability ratings will be when the full enormity of the Trump Russia scandal sets in, Mueller is finished with him, and he is either impeached or forced to resign.
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🔥Kabuki Theater🔥

Make no mistake Mogilevich, Putin & Xi are the puppet masters.

Re the Manafort Kilimnik (GRU) Indictment, ‘collusion’ is established.

🐨🐨 delivered 💣💣via AU 4corners!🤗

Trump/Sessions’ Inhumane order denying asylum re gang violence or domestic abuse.
🔥Kabuki Theater2🔥

Amnesty Int’l rpt re NK: huge human rights violations continue. The Kim regime slaughters it’s own people in death camps.

Ivanka Trump made $3.9M from the Trump International Hotel last year

States that supported Trump wd suffer most in a Canada trade war
🔥Kabuki Theater3🔥

FBI announced a major coordinated LE effort to disrupt intern’l business e-mail compromise (BEC) schemes

DAG Rosenstein in Montreal today smoothing ruffled feathers, thank god!

Congress plans to deliver stinging rebuke to Trump over trade talks with China
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