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I teach people how to use a ketogenic diet to help with mood and cognitive dysfunction. But that is just the first phase in my online program toward their recovery. (1/10)
Phase 2 consists of teaching people how to do a nutrigenomics analysis for truly personalized supplementation. What is nutrigenomics and why do I think this step is important? (2/10)
Nutrigenomics explores how your genes interact with different foods and nutrients. It can inform you if you may benefit from different types, forms of supplements that improve mitochondrial function. (3/10)
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Thread on #Magnesium and why it is fundamental for our #health. #micronutrients
..many people debate the various ratios of #macronutrients like #protein, #fat, and #carbohydrates in their diet to find their optimal health. Which is great as we are #bioindividuals but most miss out on #micronutrients like #vitamins and #minerals.
The way our bodies are able to use the #macronutrients is fully dependent on how our #enzymatic pathways are influenced by various #micronutrients. One of the most important amongst is #magnesium.
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Mag ik jullie er nog eens aan herinneren wat vitamine D met mij heeft gedaan. Weg gewrichtspijnen door ontstekingen (dat weet ik omdat ik etoricoxib slikte). @MinVWS en @ministerVWS. Vitamine D is goed voor je. Het is kanker remmend en zorgt er blijkbaar ook voor dat…

ontstekingen in gewrichten verdwijnen. We krijgen al weinig natuurlijke vitamine D binnen op het noordelijk halfrond. Want vit. D krijg je van zonlicht op je blote, niet ingesmeerde huid. En wat doet @minvws daartegen? Niets sterker nog ze zorgen ervoor dat we zo min…

mogelijk vit D aanmaken of binnen krijgen. Hun laatste offensief:…

Andere middelen die ze hanteren (mijn visie, hoeft net persé waar te zijn):
1 maak de mensen wijs dat zonlicht kankerverwekkend is. Laat ze zich insmeren met factor 50 zodat ze…

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Ok this is interesting #livertwitter #MedTwitter
26 yr old woman with jaundice+severe itching (a.k.a cholestatic hepatitis). Routine causes - viruses, prescription drugs, autoimmune liver disease blood tests - neg. No #ayurveda or #herbal drug use. Mysterious🤔
Liver biopsy👇
#pathology expert says its #drug induced liver injury. But patient denies any drug use. She has #PCOD - polycystic ovarian disease ( and hence, #overweight.
Deep dive into history again - says she's taking #vitamins for weight loss! Asked to show👇
Can you identify the culprit component that caused this woman's severe liver injury? #Pathologist is right! #PathTwitter
Culprit - Chromium picolinate in #health #supplement 4 #diabetes #weigthloss. #Chromium is micronutrient enuf in daily food intake
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Here is something #interesting.
Do U know how long it takes 4 a good liver 2 develop chronic liver disease/cirrhosis? 5-10 yrs. At times more. But here is a patient developing cirrhosis in 6wks. Yes. 6wks. Reason?Excessive #energydrink.Which drink?I cant say, but its a scary 1
Here is the liver biopsy done at the time of liver injury and on follow up at approx. 6 wks. The top panel shows severe fatty liver and liver cell loss, damage/necrosis and the bottom panel, transformation to cirrhosis. Why did this happen?
Ans is a vitamin - Niacin or Vit B3
➡️Niacin, vitamin B3, is a water soluble, essential B vitamin
➡️Niacin is also found in many herbal mixtures and energy drinks, sometimes in super doses
➡️Well known cause of clinically apparent liver injury when given in high doses
More on that:
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The RED Talk on The #Business and #Science of #Healthcare is now live! Still time to join us at
The next big issue facing NICE & #healthcare will be our relationship with the European Medicines Agency after Brexit; it will impact our #medicines research, trials. We could see a dramatic reduction in research, access to medicine and disrupt the supply of meds - @steve_mccabe
The British #taxpayer makes a phenomenal contribution to the development of new #drugs - but these can then be prohibitively priced. We need to improve access to new medicines and there is a question around cost, access and funding. @steve_mccabe
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I took many pictures at Bolsa Chica this afternoon including many of terns diving for food and a fire that erupted a few minutes after our group left the environs of a WWII gunnery emplacement. Until I get to that part of the queue, you are stuck with various experiments.
I am very fond of #DoctorWho, so I have a small selection of action figures and a TARDIS. Attempts to photograph my tiny collection haven't given me results that I like until I use one of the #sfx filters installed in my Nikon Coolpix W150.
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Thread: Potential spices, #vitamins and #minerals during #COVID19. Facts sheets covering origin, benefits, dosage, deficiency. Keep these handy and share.
1. Selenium:
2. Vitamin K:
3. Vitamin D:
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The long #thread on How #China became global #antiobiotic supplier and it's effect on US. #penicillin #vitamins #generics #USFDA #chloramphenicol #WhiteHouse (1/22)
During the Civil War, #MaoZedong had seen his troops fell in large numbers by diseases like dysentery, which was fatal when penicillin was unavailable.…

North #China became the centerpiece of Chinese government’s larger, state-directed plan for self reliance on Chinese #antibiotics.

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Over the past week I’ve been getting so many calls from friends all over asking me to diagnose if they are #COVID infected. Honestly I’m no doctor but just an early test mule on the virus. My Q&A typically ranges as follows. I hope it helps some of you from needless paranoia.
1/n First thing to iron out is the difference between #regularflu Vs #COVIDflu. I’ve done some research and found this helpful table for you guys. 90% of you have just a regular flu owing to seasonal changes. Don’t panic ! However if you’re in the 10% read on.
2/n Assuming all your symptoms are #COVID in nature immediately #homequarantine in a separate room. Testing is hard to get by in #MaharashtraBachao #Delhi so don’t bother waiting for your turn. Begin treatment for novel Corona while taking care of not infecting others around
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I was supposed to deliver the @SAEMonline #NERDS20 Keynote. Bummed it's canceled due to #COVID19, b/c it's one of my favorite topics...knowledge translation (and the impact of the digital era on KT). KT seems simple-knowing what the evidence-based approach is...and doing it
Knowledge translation is hard because knowing what the right thing to do is really really really hard. #1 There is an insurmountable amount of literature
#2 Much of it is irrelevant (or garbage)
#3 Researchers are sneaky
#4 things change (#medicalreversal )
...but, the hard part of knowledge translation? DOING. for example, let's look at handwashing....we've only known it's helpful for a couple of centuries...but we are still TERRIBLE at it*+ ...

*pre-SARS-CoV-2 data
+I'm sure it still ain't ideal
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