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9 May
Dear @PMOIndia @MoHFW_INDIA #India is now manufacturing between 80-100Mn doses of #vaccine monthly or some 3Mn daily.
Would request to see if at least 30Mn-40Mn can be preferntially allotted to the 10 biggest cities by end May.
Will bring down positivity & caseload massively.
I've left 70Mn doses for all the other regions . Also consider that the majority of cases are concentrated in cities by simply vaccinating at least 50% of top ten cities we can control the number of cases quickly .
If we want to win this optics will have to be put aside .
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9 May
Question is what would #India spend on?
Did we have a successful vaccine ready prior to December 2020?
Answer is no.
The #USA gambled $16Bn on 7 vaccines in June 2020 . 3 succeeded, one in trials & 3 failed.
The #USA essentially lost $6-7Bn in the gamble.
Acceptable odds for us?
You make the mistake of thinking BB was successful in the first try . Dr Krishna Ella tried & rejected two prior vaccine designs before settling on Covaxin . Also covaxin needs BSL4 & BSL3 facilities so cannot be made everywhere.
Also other older facilities are being upgraded to BSL3/4 for Covaxin but these will come online in a few months from now , not before. Haffkine in Mumbai should produce Covaxin from December 2021, a facility in Odisha from June 2022 .
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8 May
Fact is the #CentralVista residence will be smaller than the 10 bungalows the lok kalyan marg residence uses in terms of sqft.
Fact also is the shifting of residence has more to do with security recommendations than anything else.
That said propaganda walo ko kaun samjhaye.
Today the official residences are scattered all over #lutyensdelhi . By concentrating the PM , President & VP in a close area within easy reach of all govt offices & the parliament the #CentralVistaProject will reduce security & logistics cost manifold saving well over it's cost.
Apart from that most have no idea that the total project cost of the #CentralVista is divided over a decade with no more than $150mn or ₹1050cr being the outlay in 2021-22.
This project actually began a few years ago & is necessitated by earthquake & fire norms.
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28 Jan
Massive: official #UAE govt handle talks of giving missiles to the #Baloch to I quote " defend themselves" .
This can get very interesting very fast .
@mystiquememoir @KesariDhwaj @desertfox61I @cvkrishnan @rathorekaran17
They're the same arming either side is arming them both .
Two strategic connotations here
1) Involvement of #SaudiArabia as the maternal cousins of the #UAE rulers . This will help them against #Iran & #Pakistan both .
2) Any #Baloch state would sit astride the Persian Gulf & presumably be a factor in all shipping through it .
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13 Dec 20
Rather useless & farcical theory there. Fact is the govt has no more storage than the 50Mn odd tonnes it buys .
The total #food grain production of #India ~300Mn tonnes .The balance was always sold at market rates to primarily large corporations like @ITCCorpCom & @Cargill .
Also as far as the PDS procurement is concerned Data shows that the average quantum distributed through the system is some 10.7Mn tonnes per annum.
Where does the rest of the ~40Mn tonnes go ?
Well it rots & is generally sold off as animal feed & for conversion to alcohol.
The price control she talks of here only exists because most of the foodgrains are sold at below #MSP . If all food in #India was procured at MSP it would be unaffordable for most citizens .
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13 Dec 20
Opportunity for the #IndianNavy to pick up 3 Whidbey class LPDs, would fit right in with the Jalashwa & help develop HADR & Amphibious capability.
The Nimitz built in 1972 is too old .
@vgmenon99 @shekharmital
@rajeshsarrin @rickky65 @srikantkesnur
Sirs, your thoughts🙏🏼
Better than not having any !
For the record the INS Jalashwa started life as the USS Trenton in 1971 , will serve the #IndianNavy for another decade at least .
At least 3 Whidbey class vessels Rushmore, Ashland & Tortuga were commissioned post 1990 .
The above again should be dependent on price , anything above $30Mn for each & it'll be better to get new built Tarlac/Moattama/Makassar class LPDs from #SouthKorea . These 11000Ton ships come at ~$60-70Mn each .
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12 Dec 20
To believe that aliens didn't exist would be as absurd as believing that in a field sown with wheat only one stalk would grow.
Most science indicates the opposite .
Do google Drake Equation.
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12 Dec 20
I would contest this & say that if going into the #Medical profession & taking the Hippocrates oath to serve the sick regardless of personal gain does not suit a student , he/she has no business studying medicine.
That again has to be handled by the govt in a an amicable manner by building & providing proper facilities & salaries.
The student shave to be flexible in their demands as well. You cannot expect a District health center to look like Medanta Gurgaon.
Again something the government must ensure, possibly by facilitating education loans with a moratorium on mandatory payment while in the initial ten years of government service .
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12 Dec 20
Disagree !
1) Set a limit on #MSP purchase say 5Mn tonnes .
2) Ensure all of it is purchased directly from #Farmers via #ContractFarming for @FCI_India .
3) Ensure the contracts go only to #Farmers having 5acres or less land with a total asset calculation of less than ₹10Lakh.
#MSP is necessary to uplift the downtrodden small #Farmers & hence should not be abolished . What is necessary is reformation of the system to cut out the #APMC via direct Contracts by @FCI_India under a @Amul_Coop like cooperative model to directly acquire grains from farms .
The govt of #India needs to reform @FCI_India as well , turn it from a PDS feedstock storage to a true #food corporation that can be used to sell FCI branded flour & Rice directly to consumers on market prices under the @kvicindia model .
Expand to other foods as well.
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12 Dec 20
I've always maintained #India needs legislation mandating a #Defence budget at 2.5% of #GDP exclusive of pensions . This will force every govt to control populist spending for votes to help build up the Security of #India .
Absolutely , we cannot keep handing out largesse . As I keep pointing out #India spends ₹300,000cr to buy 6% of total crops on #MSP .That's 1/8th of our total receipts of ₹24,00,000cr . Guaranteeing price on all crops will bankrupt #India .
Add in expenses on subsidies on fertilizer, seeds ,free electricity etc & loan waivers & the expenses on the #agriculture sector alone is over ₹10,00,000cr .#money that comes out of the pocket of the taxpayers .
There has to be a better more sustainable way to support #Farmers.
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11 Dec 20
#wheat #exports: #India to export 3.5-4 million tonnes of wheat to neighbouring countries as compared to an average of 0.2Mn tonnes per annum in the past between now & March if govt sells at international prices which are below #MSP .…
If the govt absorbs the difference #India could end up exporting as much as 7Mn tonnes of #wheat . The govt needs to empty stocks at a loss after buying from #Farmers at #MSP to be able to buy more #wheat this year.
Fact is #MSP has put the nation into cyclic losses .
As yields increase it will logically not be possible for any govt to buy crops at an #MSP higher than international prices beyond a determined stock . The rest of the agricultural produce will logically have to be sold at market rates .
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18 Nov 20
Let me be the devil's advocate here & ask - why does the IN need four uber expensive LPDs ? India does not have a dedicated expeditionary capability like the @USMC or even the PLA marines?
Spending ~$3Bn on LPDs without expeditionary goals ? Why?
As far as HADR & lighter Sealift capability is concerned the vessel pictures is the UMS Moattama of the #Myanmar Navy ; 12500Tonnes with the capability to carry 520 troops & 10 Tanks . Cost some $50-100Mn each .
Why not get 4 or 10 of these smaller vessels instead ?
Sir, my submission here is that we should acquire 4-6 smaller LPDs & use that capability to build up a proper Marine Corps that will do justice to expeditionary capabilities alongwith the doctrinal changes required for expeditionary intervention.
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12 Nov 20
I'll share an anecdote regarding a famous IPS turned politician from #LaluRaj #Bihar now .
This was the age when "Saheb" from Siwan & his cronies did all of Lalu's dirty work . At this time a certain Hidayatullah ruled the roost in South Bihar for the RJD . 1/n
Enter this idealistic Doctor turned IPS . Let's call him "SP Ajoy" , the man went on a warpath arresting cronies of Hidayat & Saheb all across erstwhile South Bihar & eventually turned his sights on Hidayat himself but theman was nowhere to be found 2/n
After much sleuthing Hidayat was located to a farm close to Patna . A team led by the SP was sent to arrest him & bring him to justice. The team reached the farm to find security & official vehicles there. Inside Hidayat was eating dinner with the big man himself. 3/n
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11 Nov 20
Underlines the Bipartisan nature of #US strategic acquisitions .The Presidential Election has nil effect on acquisition plans or #Defence preparedness. In contrast #India loses 1-2yrs each time a govt changes . This fallacy must be corrected if we are to grow as a global power.
This can be easily corrected by
1) A national #Defence council with one representative from each state govt, CDS & the CAG that can vote on acquisitions in election years.
2) A fixed minimum allocation of 1.5% of GDP for CAPEX that must be legally mandated for all govts .
The thing is in India the Lok Sabha elections put all LS MP seats into elections . That said, your idea could work with the RS MPs taking over under the aegis of the @rashtrapatibhvn I guess!
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1 Nov 20
Was discussing this with friends yesterday. With increasing internet bandwidth & electricity availability it makes no economic sense for large multinational ITES FIRMS to acquire office plots for 1000's of crores in Tier 1 cities when cheaper infrastructure is available.
I'd say @zoho is but the harbinger of change here that will remake our cities & make then cheaper, less crowded to live in while helping the hinterland grow.
Why would @AmexIndia or @Microsoft invest 1$Bn in a complex in Gurgaon when they can build four for lesser in tier 2 towns
In 15-20 yrs as faster railways & possibly even #hyperloop links our Tier 1&2 cities together having one unitary centre will be counterproductive & essentially loss making for any non manufacturing firm that does not need proximity to raw materials or logistic facilities.
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9 Sep 20
The "white man" still thinks India is a land of snake charmers & statues . Cannot blame the uninformed, this calls for a thread on what #India has built over the last decade alone .
#infrastructureIndia begins below.
#Kaaleshwaram the world's largest lift irrigation project .
1800km of canals , 240 TMC of water for irrigation , 18,25,000 acre ft irrigated .
#Ramthal the world's largest drip #irrigation system .
12300acres irrigated using drip irrigation.
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15 Jul 20
Undertook a rudimentary analysis on the light #tank requirement basis data from the #IndianArmy RFI released in 2009.
Turns out the K21-105 & K21-120 tick more boxes than the Sprut SDM1 .
Moreover the K21 could be built at the @larsentoubro factory at #Hazira #Gujarat .
Did not consider Harimau due to Turkish content .
Similarly did not consider US MPF program vehicles as they're still in development.
Anders & CV90/120 due to 30+T weight restrictions .
That said the US MPF program offers two intriguing light tanks with the @BAESystemsInc M8 BUFORD & @GD_LandSystems Griffin 2.
Adding our numbers to the US requirement a run of 800 vehicles can be achieved reducing cost for both. BufordBufordGriffin 2Griffin 2
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27 Jun 20
Ancient #China since at least 1600BC has followed a rule called 天命 or T'ien-ming this accords divine status to all Chinese rulers & extolls them as the son of heaven that have a mandate to rule all land below heaven .
Chinese imperial families used this rule to justify their rule for centuries. That said there was a catch .
The rule specifies that if a ruler is overthrown or the nation suffers natural disasters it is an indication heaven has withdrawn it's support .
The #CCP very cleverly follows only the first part of the diktat but not the 2nd . Following the 2nd would immediately endanger #Xitler while also putting the legacies of his predecessors into doubt.
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10 Jun 20
The PIPAVAV yard with four Shachi class OPVs lying incomplete .
A visual reminder of how #anilambani mishandled the best equipped shipyard in #India into oblivion.
Those are 600T Gantry cranes , just a little smaller than the 700T Gantries used by #China at Hudong.
The Giant ABG yard at Surat , 2nd of three major private sector shipyards on sale as on date.
Smallest of the three ,the Bharati Defence yard at Ratnagiri .
Private shipbuilding in India is now pretty much limited to @larsentoubro alone .
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9 Jun 20
A beautiful scene that belies the lack of modern High calibre #artilleryguns in the #IndianArmy & serves as a reminder that 21 years after the Field #artillery Rationalization plan was drafed to remedy deficiencies exposed during #Kargil they remain diminished.
Thread below
The FARP projection envisaged the acquisition of around 3000 #artillery pieces which were subdivided into 814 truck-mounted guns, 1,580 towed guns, 100 tracked self-propelled guns, 180 wheeled self-propelled guns and 145 ultra-light howitzers.
Some 2819 guns in all.
Out of this projected requirement only the requirement for ULWH ( Ultra light weight howitzers has been addressed with the ongoing acquisition of 145 @BAESystemsInc @MahindraRise M777 155/39 guns.
There is some chatter on an additional 290 gun requirement that remains open.
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26 May 20
Bill introduced in #US Congress ( Lok Sabha) to declare the #USA will consider #Tibet as a free independent nation separate from #China . Interesting to note the proposal has come from a Republican Congressman @RepScottPerry who is a former @USArmy Brigadier General.
If & when this passes will open up assistance funding & support for the #Tibetans in exile in #India & elsewhere.
Will also open up routes for the #USA to sanction #China & any other nation ( #Pakistan ) that uses an illegal #CPEC /route passing through occupied #Tibet.
As I've said on a different fora earlier #India is key to helping rebuild #Tibet as a free nation for #Tibetans . I believe the @PMOIndia would've already started working on modalities with HH the @DalaiLama & the Govt of #Tibet in exile at Dharamshala & Bylakuppe.
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