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Merci à France Culture pour leur invitation hier. Résumé et précisions 🧵
- Inutile d'opposer adaptation et atténuation: il fait déjà +1.7°C en France par rapport à l'ère pré-industrielle- le changement climatique se conjugue au présent.
- C. Béchu a raison de prévoir plusieurs scénarios d'adaptation
✅Accord de Paris (1.5- <2°C)
❎"Tendanciel" (insuffisant)
...mais parle-t-on des engagements de réduction à 2030 des pays (#NDCs)? Ou des politiques en place, elles-mêmes insuffisantes pour tenir ces engagements?
... et qu'en est-il si ces politiques/engagements se dégradent? cf. boom du charbon en Asie.…
Par ex, @theCCCuk recommande d'adapter le Royaume-Uni à +4°C *mondial*.
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A 🧵of new reports before #COP27

🇪🇬 @UNFCCC #NDCs synthesis report
🌍 @UNEP #EmissionsGap report
⚠️@WMO Greenhouse Gas Bulletin
🪫@IEA World Energy Outlook
📋@ClimateActionTr #StateOfClimateAction
🌡️@IISD_Energy Navigating Energy Transitions
⚕️@LancetCountdown #LancetClimate22
2/9 🇪🇬@UNFCCC #NDCs synthesis report:
📈The combined climate pledges of 193 Parties under the #ParisAgreement could put the world on track for around 2.5°C of warming by 2030.

💥#LossAndDamage escalates with with every increment of global warming💥

3/9 See also @WRIClimate state of #NDCs report.

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Was bringt das #Klimajahr 2022? Hier ein kleiner Ausblick auf #IPCC Bericht Teil 2+3, #G7 & #G20, Klima-#Sofortprogramm, Bericht des Expertenrats @ERK_Klima, EU-#Fitfor55, #COP27, und, und, und...
Es gibt wieder viel zu tun! Ein 🧵1/n
2/ Das Jahr startet mit einer kritischen Bilanz für 2021 durch @AgoraEW: Der Anteil #Erneuerbarer am Stromverbrauch sinkt auf 42,3% und fällt damit zurück auf das Niveau von 2019. Die Emissionen stiegen ggü dem Corona-Jahr 2020 um 4,5%…
3/ Die offiziellen Zahlen für die Emissionen 2021 kommen am 15.3. vom @Umweltbundesamt und werden bis 15.4. durch den #Expertenrat für Klimafragen @ERK_Klima geprüft. Dann ist auch klar, welche Sektorziele verfehlt wurden und wo Sofortprogramme notwendig werden
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Now that #COP26 is over, what kind of momentum do we need in 2022 to drive real emissions reductions and bring 1.5°C back from the edge?  A 🧵 - and a blog
Our new rating system allows us to look at who needs to do what. First, a major overhaul of #NDCs, a number of which fall short of what's fair & needed to be in line w 1.5˚C. Some didn't increase ambition at all: here's looking at you, Australia 🇦🇺 Brazil 🇧🇷 Mexico🇲🇽 Russia 🇷🇺 /2
Targets: Some have increased ambition but need to go further - particularly Canada 🇨🇦  EU 🇪🇺 Japan 🇯🇵 Norway 🇳🇴 Switzerland 🇨🇭 and US 🇺🇸. Both China 🇨🇳 India 🇮🇳  are already set to meet their (weak) announced or submitted targets /3
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#Artikel6: Können wir in Glasgow den Sack endlich zu machen? Eine Halbzeiteinschätzung zur Hausaufgabenerfüllung auf der #COP26.
1/ Die Hausaufgabe der #COP26 besteht darin, eine Lösung für das seit vier Jahren verschleppte Problem des internationalen Emissionshandels zu lösen. Denn daran hängt der in vielfältiger Weise der Abschluss des gesamten Regelwerks zur Umsetzung des Pariser Übereinkommens.
2/Das Problem ist vertrackt und geht auch in Glasgow aktuell nur schleppend voran. Von einem entscheidungsreifen Dokument sind die Verhandler*innen noch meilenweit entfernt. Trotzdem habe ich Hoffnung auf eine Lösung in Glasgow, wie ich hier darlegen möchte.
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Ahead of tomorrow's release of new @IEEP_eu @Oxfam @SEIclimate estimates of #carboninequality in 2030, based on the #NDCs...

...Here's a reminder of our work last year, as featured in the @UNEP #emissionsgap rpt 2020 🧵

#COP26 #COP26Glasgow

From 1990-2015, global cumulative emissions roughly doubled. Over half of these emissions (52%) were driven by the consumption of the richest 10% of people, using up 1/3 of the remaining carbon budget for 1.5C. The richest 1% drove twice as much as the poorest 50% combined...
From 1990-2015, annual emissions grew 60%. The richest 5% of people drove over a third of this total growth. When we plot share of total emissions growth by ventiles of the world population, the curve looks like a dinosaur. Emissions barely grew among the poorest 50%...
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📢New article alert! What does international law say about leaving #fossilfuels in the ground to meet the #ParisAgreement #climate goals? And how could it evolve to do so? I explore these questions in a new #OpenAccess article in @ESG_Journal…🧵
Some background: as a recent @Nature piece by @st_pye & others shows, if we want to keep below 1.5C, large parts of fossil fuel reserves (oil: 58%, gas: 59%, coal: 89%) are 'unextractable'… (2/n)
This message also emerges from the annual #ProductionGap report (heads up: the next one is coming in 2 weeks!) by @SEIclimate @IISD_news @UNEP & others: we need to start winding down production *now* to keep global #climate goals within reach @mlaz_sei @_aploy @SEI_Erickson (3/n)
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Pleased and proud to be launching today the first systematic assessment of #NetZero targets across nations, states & regions, cities and corporates, asking not only how far they cover emissions, population and GDP, but how rigorous they are
"Taking Stock"… results from months of collaborative work with @thomasnhale @stv_smth @ByronFay1 @katecullen_ & Saba Mahmood of @OxfordNetZero, and @johnlangab & myself from @ECIU_UK...
...not to mention a plethora of student volunteers who helped us gather data for the 'mother of all net zero spreadsheets'
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Using #SolarDryers to dehydrate #cassava and increase its shelf-life to enable producers hold their harvest and sell only during peak demand to maximize earnings. With this, we have mitigation investments of clean energy, tied to power adaptation through value added agro-systems
For example, raw #cassava converted to dry cassava using #solardryers, and this dried cassava milled to cassava flour – a finished product - using decentralized solar has been proven to increase incomes by 150% relative to cassava that is sold raw after harvesting.
This addresses the key sources of vulnerability – which is the low levels of socioeconomic growth. #Cleanenergy and #agriculture are prioritized in over 70% of Nationally Determined Contributions #NDCs in #Africa. #EBAFOSA #InnovativeVolunteerism @ebafosaa
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See our new #COP25Madrid update: little sign of government action in the face of the #climate crisis. Their policies still take us to 3˚C, twice the #ParisAgreement warming limit. briefing: Watch our pressconf here [re-thread] Image
The emissions gap in 2100 really has not decreased a great deal. #COP25Madrid. Noting this is not steady state warming, but simply warming in 2100 Image
Details of government action: there are more governments this year on the 2˚C compatible list. We have added #kenya to our assessment this year, a country dealing with two proposed #coal plants it doesn't need. #COP25Madrid #India could be 1.5˚C compatible Image
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#TimeForAction : IDDRI will be present in #Madrid for the #COP25!

See our publications prepared for the occasion and the list of our side events 👉👉

#BlueCOP #ClimateAction #ClimateAmbition
[BLOG] Much more than a simple colouring, this #COP25 should be a major step in identifying capacities for joint action on #climate and #biodiversity.


#TimeForAction Image
@SebastienTreyer @jpGattuso @COP25CL @alexandradeprez @AleksRankovic [BLOG] As countries probe each other’s intentions in the corridors of Madrid’s #COP25, what should be taken as a hallmark for ambition in the upcoming #NDCs?

Several recent IDDRI publications shed light on this👉👉

#ClimateAmbition #TimeForAction Image
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