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My position on Islam: I don’t hate anyone. You must believe them when they tell you who they are, what they’re going to do – which is to take down America. I am against their totalitarian political ideology and want sharia banned; Muslims believe sharia is above our constitution.
Islam’s deceptive practices are to further their worldwide conquest of jihad. We see this deception now on a daily basis from Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib. They bully, harass & flip everything around on anyone who isn’t Muslim, demand special privileges. #DominationThruIntimidation
There is a document called the Muslim Brotherhood 50-Year Plan to destroy America, implemented 1991 They are long term strategist and are infinitely patient. There are now 90 Muslims running for government offices in 2020. Here’s a short four minute recap.
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#mustread #Jewish #Democrats #WakeUp The 24 Presidential candidates running hate you & support every #AntiSemitic statement & every #AntiIsrael initiative raised. #NeverForget #JewHate #AntiZionism
The Sludge Sisters: "A Muddy Mixture" by @JoanSwirsky…
The Sludge Sisters
"A Muddy Mixture"
By Joan Swirsky —— Throughout the ages, Jews have been the targets of genocidal forces both large and small, educated and ignorant, liberal and conservative, pagan and religious. 2)
Other small sects and religions have never inspired the particular psychotic animus that Jews have because they never threatened the larger populace as Jews have with blazing green-eyed jealousy—the most powerful emotion of the human species.
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“The only Middle Eastern Country that has ever attacked America is Israel”

#USSLiberty June 8th, 1967

USS Liberty Library of Documents
“They shouldn’t be called an ally, they don’t deserve it.”

Ernest Gallo
#USSLiberty Survivor
“As we were trying to get the dead and wounded off the decks, they would fire at us.”

Phil Turney
#USSLiberty Survivor

(Full) 12m5s
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and off we go #EnergyTwitter! May the thread start! 💡

Did You Know: To provide vital #oil across the English Channel after the #DDay landings, within months secret #pipelines were unwound from massive spools to reach French ports.
Following the #DDay invasion– June 6, 1944 – Allied forces would need vast quantities of #petroleum to continue the advance into #Europe. Allied leaders also knew that petroleum tankers trying to reach French ports would be vulnerable to #Luftwaffe attacks...
A top-secret “Operation #PLUTO” – Pipe Line Under The Ocean – became the Allied strategy. It would fuel victory with #oil production from the #USA petroleum industry. The secret pipeline mission used a popular #WaltDisney character for its logo. #OOTT
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1.What/Who is Five Eyes #FVEY #Q #SpyVsSpy #UK #NZ #AUS #Canada #US #FISA #Declass-Let us take a 👀 of where it started and why? What it has been used for? The connections to #Bigtech & $$$$$
Thread 1/50👇
2 .It stems from the UK USA agreement of 1946 and was expanded in 1955 #FVEY #Q

History of 5-Eyes – explainer…
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I normally don’t like sharing YouTube videos... but I’m making an exception here...

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#wwg1wga #MAGA #NeverForget #TheSleeperMustAwaken

I wrote this last November with my old account that was banned. I was responding to New York Times writer Peter Baker's attempt to rewrite history and denigrate President Trump at the same time.
This was the result of Woodrow Wilson and his trip to Paris to "Bind America's Ties to the World"
This is the result of President Trump.
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Today is the Punya Thithi of Alluri Sitarama Raju, the great revolutionary hero who led an uprising against the British in the tribal regions of Andhra Pradesh, and was shot dead by them on this date in 1924. Another great hero who did not get his due.
One of the more ignored aspects of the Indian freedom struggle has been the various tribal revolts that broke out against the British rule. Tribals were prohibited from cutting trees for firewood, their traditional Podu cultivation was banned, and they were often exploited
Many protests broke out in the tribal areas of Eastern Indian, notably Jharkhand, Chattisgarh, Western Odisha, Bengal, one of the more famous one was that of Birsa Munda in Jharkhand.
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Never Forget has become synonymous with September 11, 2001

What’s interesting is that Donald J Trump was the first one to say this on that Tuesday morning almost 20 years ago
Live on the news the morning future President uttered those words
Full news clip Donald J Trump on UPN 9 News 9/11/01

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“Some people did something” 😢 😭

This is so very hard to watch. We must never forget... Never!
We were all just Americans that day. Nobody cared about race or political affiliations. We were united in our grief for our fellow Americans.

Part 1 of 2 videos
2nd in thread
“Some people did something” 😢 😭

If this doesn’t rock you to your core .... you don’t deserve to walk the soil of The United State of America ! 🇺🇸

America is this why NYers are scared of muslims?


2nd of 2 part video
1st half in thread
Hearing the recordings of the victims last words are more chilling then anything.. so heartbreaking. I’ll never forget.
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I’m a 43 year old Jewish female. Born in Israel to parents who fled Riga almost 50 years ago. I come from a fairly small family. My dad died when I was a teenager & my grandparents died when I was young as well. When I was growing up my family never spoke about the Holocaust.
Since my dad, my grandparents & my aunt died when I was young, we never had a real discussion about the Holocaust, so I assumed they were left fairly unharmed during WWII. I was wrong. This morning my sister told me she’s been researching our family through Yad Vashem.
Turns out my father, grandparents, aunt and other relatives are listed as Holocaust survivors. We also learned we weren’t from a small family. It was small after the Holocaust. I learned this morning that my great grandfather was murdered in the Holocaust.
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In memory of my father Rene Salomon van der Velde and those in my family who suffered, were tormented, tortured and murdered, and who were forever silenced I vow to #NeverForget and to never be silent in the face of hate. #HolocaustRemembranceDay 🕊️
2. My great Opa Salomon van der Kaars. My father remembered him fondly. He said Salomon would take the train to visit the family on weekends and would always bring him balloon and a cake from the bakery near the station. He was murdered April 04, 1943 . #HolocaustRemembranceDay
3. These are my Opa and Oma Betje Akker and Emmanuel van der Velde. He was a butcher and cantor. They were transported in a cattle car and murdered in Sobibor extermination camp July 2 1943. #HolocaustRemembranceDay
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It’s #HolocaustRemembranceDay today. I’ve met a number of Holocaust survivors over the years & there are not many left.

I was recently gifted the opportunity to meet/listen to David Wiener, originally from Łódź Poland survivor of both the Warsaw Ghetto and Auschwitz, speak.

I didn’t record him as few would understand his accent, but I took notes and received his permission to publish.

These are his thoughts as he spoke, some of which I’d never heard before and were shocking.

This matters as much now as it did in 1944.

Please share this thread so his memory will not be lost.

“No one believed they would kill us.”

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At sundown, Yom HaShoah, the Holocaust Day of Remembrance, begins. My father survived the Holocaust. Many members of my family - along with millions of others - were murdered, simply because they were Jewish.
Survivors and so many others pledged to never let future generations forget what happened so that a horror like the Holocaust never again occurs. #neverforget #neveragain
Anti-semitism is surging today. Honor the memories of those who died by educating yourself and those around you about what happened — and what is happening. @HolocaustMuseum @AuschwitzMuseum #yomhashoah
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#HolocaustRemembranceDay (Yom HaShoah) 2019 in #Israel will begin in the evening of Wednesday, 1 May and ends in the evening of Thursday, 2 May.
A quick warning. Some Images will portray the real #Nazi terror. I want to show the impact across nations.

A school teacher was hanged by the Nazis on the decapitated statue of Lenin during the #German invasion of #Novgorod, August 1941.
#Jews lighting the Chanukah candles in the Westerbork transit camp, Occupied Netherlands; 1943
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Martyrs of CRPF - 30 Apr
Rifleman Dhonkal Singh, Maha Vir Chakra (Marnoparant), Sixth Battalion The Rajputana Rifles
Fell in Uri on 30 Apr 1948, paving the way to victory for his comrades.
Here's his story ..
This day in 1948, in Uri, at 0715Hr, 'A' Compny 6 RajRif captured its assigned objective as part of the battalion operation to capture a feature overlooking the Nalwa Picquet, which was considered vital for the defence of Uri.
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Alright, here we go. Hopefully this Game of Thrones hype is as real all y’all (especially @EvilMarsupials) been saying. #GoTWithMike
So, the naked-faced homie threw the kid out the window so he could get back to...? oh, I see how they kicking it around here. Got it. Y’all shoulda warned me. #GoTWithMike
Always enjoy a good drunk uncle character. I can tell ima like this Tyrion Lannister cat. Unless he’s out here pushing kids out windows too. #GoTWithMike
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We have a @StateDept office to promote religious freedom globally, but we can’t guarantee it here at home.
If this was any other threat at this level - we’d be reviewing intel, monitoring threat streams, holding emergency sitroom meetings and re-allocating resources.
Why are hate crimes being treated so differently? Preventing more of them is literally a matter of life and death.
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#TheReal911Report #The911CoverUp
The videos and pictures from the last series of threads were mostly done to grab everyone's attention. Some of what was previously posted even I would consider to be circumstantial evidence. This is NOT. These are prosecutable criminal offenses
I got so pissed off going though my research in order to put this together. Everyone please get this information out! The work has already been done. This isn't open to interpretation, these are documented facts. We need to find attorneys with the balls to take on these murderers
Those responsible for 9/11 are the same ones that did the investigation and forensic analysis to determine who was responsible. Lets start with this. The D.O.E. withheld sensing equipment for three weeks so an accurate temperature reading couldn't be taken. (Boots were melting)
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Is this Ryan Reynolds as a talking Pikachu? Because his voice is so recognizable from Deadpool and the similarly “witty,” sarcastic banter is.... off putting. It’s Deadpool with yellow fur. #ComingSoon
Idris playing a superhuman bad guy and hulky Rock (as opposed to family friendly Rock) and still balding but still not bald Jason Statham. I’m all in. #ComingSoon
Frozen 2. Really wish Elsa had Let It Go. Somehow the Snowman is still alive. #ComingSoon
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#NeverForget the OK City bombing was far right domestic terrorism with strange ties to the Philippines.
And Dana Rohrabacher connects in, bec he did an investigation into the bombing.
Keep Dana Russiabacher in your mind, in the context of John’s article, and note:
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(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on intelligence leaks received from several sources which may or may not be accurate. Other confirmed sources may also be included in this overview.)
The Notre-Dame fire occurred on April 15th.
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Why is 9/11/2001 #NeverForget ? But 9/11/1973 is erased from history?
9/11 is sacred because it opened the door to infinite war everywhere.

When America is the terrorist, the victims can be maligned and diahonored on a daily basis.
In 2016, US ran out of bombs because of its bombing campaign.
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Today is the 100th anniversary of the #JallianwalBagh massacre
Soldiers of 25th London enforcing the 'Crawling Order' in Amritsar, Apr 1919.
Buildup to #JallianwalaBagh massacre
"Your action is correct and the Lieutenant Governor approves"
Michael O'Dwyer (Punjab Governor) to Gen Dyer, after the massacre

Dwyer was dispatched to his maker to seek his approval by Udham Singh Shaheed in 1940.
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