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@medicoybioetica @farmafilico @Dr_Pilgrim @DoctorSITHo @drmiguelmarcos @Medicilio @JoseMJG @flmigrones @christianperez @StopPseudo ¿ #HIROs ?

"Alineación de la ayuda para la investigación en salud mundial: los HIRO"

"10 patrocinadores públicos y filantrópicos más grandes de investigación en salud mundial: qué financian y cómo distribuyen fondos"

@medicoybioetica @farmafilico @Dr_Pilgrim @DoctorSITHo @drmiguelmarcos @Medicilio @JoseMJG @flmigrones @christianperez @StopPseudo "se proporciona una lista de las organizaciones de financiación pública y filantrópica de la investigación en salud, incluidos sus gastos anuales en dicha investigación. En este momento, se enumeran 287 organizaciones de financiación de 30 países."…
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So some have said @moderna_tx’s promise to build a vaccine production facility heralds the birth of the African pharmaceutical industry, but it’s clear from flu that the market won’t provide on its own. 1/…
What happened for flu has been technology transfer to establish real local capacity. This is NOT the same as a multinational producer setting up a satellite plant on its own terms and timelines. Just isn’t. 2/
Let’s be absolutely clear: if we had the global resolve to do it, we could have scaled up vaccine production for the world on the hub and spoke model. Depending on the whims of @moderna_tx and @pfizer has left billions without vaccines now. 3/
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Learning thread.

"By 2030, our goal is to enable access to #digitalidentity for every person on the planet." — 2017 ID2020 Summit

2014: ID2020 public-private p'ship

2016: ID2020 Alliance: Accenture, #Microsoft, #Gavi, #Rockefeller, IDEO

2021: #ID2020 launches #GoodHealthPass Image
#ID2020 is very quiet having published a single video in 10 months - the #GoodHealthPass launch event (Feb 11 2021 w/ 2,452 views). Equally restrained is the Twitter account created Jan 2021, w/ a mere 384 followers - & 12 tweets. ID2020 Twitter is also on hiatus. #Strategy ImageImageImageImage
"Urgency - While standards-development processes typically move slowly, a cross-sector effort is urgently required to bring #goodhealthpass solutions to market in 2021 & to scale globally – with the same urgency applied to #vaccine development." Image
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Hochgradiger Verdacht auf #Korruption im globalen #Impfbusiness

13 Milliarden sind von der Gates Foundation in die Schweiz geflossen
(Seite 4)
Eine zentrale Figur ist Peter Piot (Seite 43)
Seth Berkley, CEO #GAVI. Recherchen gehen zurück bis 1998
#Rockefeller und die ganzen Netzwerke #IAVI…
Die geplante Pandemie
Aus den Daten kann man sehen, dass die Pandemie seit 2017 vorbereitet wurde, denn die Organisationen, die sich mit einer (damals als „möglich“ bezeichneten) Pandemie befasst haben, ihre Verbindungen untereinander und die Geldflüsse haben ab 2017 begonnen.
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If you owned two companies, who operated differently but sold the same product, are they competitors?

Now, do 🇨🇳 and 🇺🇸... ImageImageImageImage
Bush Sr. CIA...

Why is this significant?
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How Bill Gates Monopolized Global Health | The Corbett Report (05/02/2020) #documentary…
Bill Gates’ Plan to Vaccinate the World | The Corbett Report (05/09/2020) #documentary…
Bill Gates and the Population Control Grid | The Corbett Report (05/18/2020)  #documentary…
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"Ceci n'est pas une #pandémie"

Donc l'#EtatdUrgence est caduque, ....non?…
"Dès le début j'ai vu que quelq chose n'allait pas : aucune transparence, aucun fait démontré, pas de protocole ni d'éthique dans cette communication standardisée. Les experts sont absents de la salle de chocs."
Dr Astrid #Stuckelberger, qui a travaillé avec l'#OMS pendt 20 ans.
"Absolument aucun détail donné, pas de médecins. L'#OMS (#WHO) est un enfant de ONU/#UN: où est l'organe d'éthique et de régula° qui punirait des gens comme Tedros&C° qui mentent et ne font pas de la science? #Qui est au-dessus de lui? Faut-il en appeler à l'Assemblée Générale? "
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Peki Aydin #DOGAN kim?

#Küreselci Vehbi #Koc'un
gayri mesru (#Pic) oglu

#Secilmis #Picler (Seckin Elitler)
kimin gelenegiydi?
Seytani Küreselcilerin

Vehbi Koc kim?

#Rothschild Ailesi tarafindan
#Turkiye'nin zengini yapilan aile..

secip zengin ettigi KOC Ailesine karsilik
Turkiye ne yapti?

Milli sermayeyi korumak adina
#KOC'a karsilik
#SABANCI Ailesini zengin etti

KOC ailesi=Küreselci sermaye
SABANCI ailesi=Yerli ve Milli sermaye

Özdemir Sabanci #Suikast'ina da
bu pencereden bakin
Secilmis kisilerden
gayri mesru iliski sonrasi
cocuk (#Pic) dogurtup
belli ülkelerde
kritik noktalara getirip görevlendirmek;
Seytanilerin hicbir zaman vazgecmedigi
bir #Gelenek'tir..

Uzun yillar önce
#Anadolu'da bir yerde
Vehbi Koc
gayri mesru bir iliskiye girer..(Planli)
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Kizim (#Moderna) sana söylüyorum
Gelin-ler-im (#SinoVac-#AstraZeneca-#BioNTech) sen anla..

#Coronavirus #mRNA #ASI üreticisi #Moderna
Küresel bir #Biyoteknoloji Sirketidir

Daha önce paylasmistik;
#Corona'yi cikaranlar
#ASI'yi da hazirda/Kasada bekletiyor,diye.. Image
iddia odur ki,
bircok ünlüyü bir araya getiren bir sirket

Bu baglamda;

#Yahudi asilli milyarder George #SOROS

#Yahudi asilli Yatirimci SAPIK Jeffrey #EPSTEIN

Enfeksiyon Hastaliklari Uzmani
Anthony Stephen #Fauci

Ve Microsoft'un kurucusu Siyonist Bill #Gates

Tüm bu isimleri bir araya getiren sey;
#CoronaVirus baglantili üretilen
#mRNA tabanli ASI üreticisi #Moderna sirketidir

#Ticari ve #Siyasi mRNA ASI'larini
NEDEN israrla DAYATTIKLARI anlasilir oluyor

ASI'lar zaten hazir bekletiliyordu

6 ayda ASI üretmek HAYAL'dir.. Image
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(1/3) Dr. prof. Astrid Stuckelberger blows the whistle on global corruption. Video👇…

#WorldBank #IFFIm2006 #GPMB
#WHO #Gavi #NationalGovernmentsViaCEPI
(2/3) Since 10/2019 GPMB (<WorldBank/UN/WHO) are conducting exercises min.2x/yr incl.ACTUAL events (~2 “waves”/yr?) to show that our current society cannot withstand
"hypothetical threats". Then, our society can be “legally” transformed despite bankruptcies, suffering and death👇
(3/3) Have a look at page 39 of the official annual report from the WHO/GPMB dd 09/2019 and let it sink in for a moment. Think about what the info on page 39 actually means👇 #Exercises…

(small detail: Sigrid K. and A.Fauci are both board members of GPMB)
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Academische Kakkerlakken

"Veel mensen twijfelen over het nut van #vaccinaties. Die twijfel heeft goede gronden. De recente geschiedenis van #vogelgriep en #MexicaanseGriep heeft dat aangetoond."…
Groot-Brittannië :

Regering meldt 847 doden,
12 hersenbloedingen en
112 blinden
na #Corona-vaccinatie…
het Zwaard van Damocles

the Sword of Damocles

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Yahudilerin kutsal #Gargat Agaci..


Gargat-Gardat agaciyla baslayalim ki
konu daha net anlasilsin
Kiyamet alametleri anlatilirken

#Yahudiler'in (#Rotschild-#Rockefeller-#BillGATES)
insanogluna yönelik
taskinlik ve zulümleri inanilmaz boyutlara ulastiginda,
Bu zulme #DUR diyenlerin,
kendilerini bulup cezalandirmalarindan korkan Yahudilerin
kacip saklanacaklari anlatilir
Yahudilerin arkasina saklandiklari
her TAS
her AGAC
dile gelip;
"Aha arkamda bir yahudi var saklaniyor,
ey insanoglu gel öldür" diyecekler

Sizler buna inansaniz da inanmasaniz da
Yahudiler buna yürekten inaniyor olmali ki
#israil'in her karis topragina
#Gargat agaci dikiyor..
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Watch @NickHudsonCT from @PanData19 talk about the “Ugly Truth of COVID-19”
Actuary and data analytics expert.

The false narrative
The unjustifiable fear
The reality

#timetoreopen… Image
2/- #Tedros from @WHO presented a false #Covid19 and #Flu mortality comparison on 3 March 2020 by conflating Case Fatality Rate CFR of Covid mortality with Infection Fatality Rate IFR of Flu mortality which created worldwide fear and panic. This was deliberate. Image
3/- #JohnIoannidis @StanfordMed debunked and refuted #Tedros statement saying CFR 3.4% figure causes horror and was meaningless.
He proved this clinically and @WHO had to publish his paper in Oct 2020.
His results #Covid19 IRF 0.23% and 0.05% for those below 70.
@NickHudsonCT Image
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Below is a list of attendees from one of the early March #Sage meetings just before the first lockdown. I’ve highlighted the key members.

Patrick Vallance (Government Chief Scientific Adviser), Chris Whitty (Chief Medical Officer), Jonathan Van-Tam (Deputy Chief Medical Officer)
, Steve Powis (NHS), Charlotte Watts (Chief Scientific Adviser, Department for International Development), Angela McLean (Chief Scientific Adviser MoD), John Aston (Chief Scientific Adviser, Home Office), Sharon Peacock (Public Health England), Graham Medley (London School
of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine), Neil Ferguson (Imperial College), Brooke Rogers (King’s College), James Rubin (King’s College), Jeremy Farrar (Wellcome), David Halpern (Behavioural Insights Team) Ian Diamond (Office for National Statistics), Tom Rodden (Chief Scientific Adviser,
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PLANDEMIE : Le complot contre les peuples...part 6

Qui obtient les vaccins les plus sûrs ?

#Covid_19 #coronavirus #GreatReset #BillGates #GAVI #vaccitech #AstraZeneca #PfizerBioNTech etc...
Le #vaccin Oxford-#AstraZeneca se vend à une fraction du coût de ses concurrents du vaccin #COVID-19, soit entre 3 et 5 dollars par dose. Moderna et #Pfizer coûtent respectivement 25 à 37 dollars et 20 dollars par dose.
Comme le CNN l'a récemment signalé, le vaccin Oxford-AstraZeneca "sera beaucoup plus facile à transporter et à distribuer dans les pays en développement que ses rivaux", dont plusieurs nécessitent des chaînes d'approvisionnement compliquées et coûteuses en froid.
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PLANDEMIE : Le complot contre les peuples...part 5

L'Institut Galton : l'eugénisme pour le XXIe siècle

#gavi #BillGates #AstraZeneca #hitler #nazi #rockfeller #plandemie
Le Wellcome Trust et Adrian Hill partagent tous deux une relation étroite avec la société eugénique la plus tristement célèbre d'Europe, la British Eugenics Society.
La Eugenics Society a été rebaptisée Galton Institute en 1989, un nom qui rend hommage à Sir Francis Galton, le soi-disant père de l'eugénisme, un domaine qu'il a souvent décrit comme la "science de l'amélioration du stock racial".
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PLANDEMIE : Le complot contre les peuples...part 4

Le Wellcome Trust

#Covid_19 #coronavirus #GreatReset #BillGates #GAVI #vaccitech #AstraZeneca #PfizerBioNTech etc...
Adrian Hill occupe actuellement un poste de direction au Centre de génomique humaine du Wellcome Trust. Le Wellcome Trust est un organisme de bienfaisance scientifique basé à Londres, créé en 1936 avec des fonds du magnat pharmaceutique Henry Wellcome
Hill est étroitement lié à Wellcome depuis des décennies. En 1994, il a participé à la fondation du Wellcome Centre for Human Genetics et a reçu une bourse de recherche principale du Wellcome Trust l'année suivante. Il est devenu professeur Wellcome de génétique humaine en 1996.
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PLANDEMIE : Le complot contre les peuples. part 3


#COVID19 #greatreset #gavi #vaccitech
Le plus grand investisseur d'Oxford Science Innovations, et par extension l'un des plus grands actionnaires de Vaccitech, est Braavos Capital, la société a été créée en 2019 par Andrew Crawford-Brunt, responsable mondial du commerce boursier de la Deutsche Bank de Londres.
Avant #COVID-19, l'objectif principal de Vaccitech, en particulier l'année dernière, était le développement d'un vaccin universel contre la grippe. Les efforts de Vaccitech à cet égard ont été salués par Google, qui est également investi dans Vaccitech.
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PLANDEMIE : Le complot contre les peuples...part 2

GlaxoSmithKline et l'Institut Jenner
#COVID19 #greatreset #gavi
Une enquête a révélé que le Jenner Institute dirigé par Hill avait, sciemment induit les parents en erreur sur les résultats négatifs et les méthodes douteuses utilisées dans les études sur les animaux ainsi que sur le fait que le vaccin était connu pour être inefficace.
Hill et Gilbert détiennent une participation financière considérable dans le vaccin #COVID-19 Oxford-#AstraZeneca. Et ce n’est pas la première fois qu’ils manipulent des résultats d’essais.
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Geert vanden Bossche, voormalig topmedewerker #GatesFoundation en topvaccinoloog van #GAVI , waarschuwt voor de gevolgen van massavaccinaties tijdens de pandemie. Hij deed dat tijdens de Vaccinatietop in Ohio van 1-3 maart.…
Why is nobody worried about ‘immune escape’ whereas Covid-19 has already escaped people’s innate immunity as reflected by multiple emerging, much more infectious, viral variants (most likely due to the global implementation of infection prevention measures)?
I am beyond worried about the disastrous impact this would have on our human race. Not only would people lose vaccine-mediated protection but also their precious, variant-nonspecific, innate immunity will be gone (this is because vaccinal antibodies outcompete natural antibodies)
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Oct 11 2018: "The #WorldEconomicForum, an International Org. for Public-Private Cooperation, has opened the Centre for the #FourthIndustrialRevolution #India. The centre is the fourth of its kind in the world after San Francisco, #Tokyo & #Beijing."…

"With Centres in 13 countries the Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution Network works w/ governments, leading companies, civil society, innovators & experts from around the world to pilot new approaches to technology adoption & governance."…
"Projects will be scaled across #India & globally. As part of the WEF's global network, the Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution India will work closely with project teams" across the globe.

Founding partners/members include #Microsoft, #Salesforce, #McKinsey, #Gavi:
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het nationale vaccinatiebeleid wordt aangestuurd door het Europese vaccinatiebeleid.
Het Europese beleid wordt aangestuurd door het globale vaccinatiebeleid. En het globale vaccinatiebeleid wordt sterk beïnvloed door één man: Bill Gates. Door #geld. Dit is geen complot maar #fact
100den miljoenen USD heeft #Gates geïnvesteerd in #vaccin producenten, in vaccintechnologie; hij heeft de Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI) opgericht, nr 3 betaler aan de #WHO dik betalend aan de Centers for Disease Control (CDC) en #vaccin campagnes
En #filantropie? Hij lacht u wat uit ermee hoor:-). #Gates zei hij dat investeren in #vaccins een rendement van 20:1 oplevert, en dat hij verwacht $ 200 miljard winst alleen al op vaccins te maken. Image
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April 9, 2020: World Economic Forum website: "we are conducting arguably the largest #psychological experiment ever"

January 2021: Injecting humans w/ #mRNA technology - we are conducting arguably the largest #human biology #experiment ever.

#Biotech… Image
#DavosAgenda, two years ago.

Jan 28, 2019 - a "#Vaccine Revolution"

Imperial academics serve on the #WEF Global Future Councils that "set agendas for technologies & systems that will define the 'fourth industrial revolution.'" Image
March 2019: "Moderna’s gamble: what’s behind biotech’s biggest-ever IPO?"

"#mRNA acts as a biological instruction manual, the blueprint behind the proteins that carry out virtually every function in the body. Moderna calls mRNA 'the software of life'...…
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Annual WEF commences tomorrow w/ #DavosAgenda.

Key theme: rebuilding #trust - in order to obtain new social #contract - required for global #greatreset that will secure/serve ruling class & corporate power expansion.

Accounts to follow, followed by Klaus Schwab account:
The "new social contract" will be sold via the global rebranding of capitalism. #StakeholderCapitalism is the branded concept of a capitalism w/ #Purpose.

"CEOs [] are rightfully concerned about the increasing fragility [] & the threat to capitalism..." #BRT #Imperative21
[Accounts appear in order chosen by account admin.]

5th & 6th accounts followed: #GlobalShapers & Young Global Leaders. Youth are a key target demographic, to be shaped/molded for #GreatReset. Jan 2021: Global Shapers opens 444th hub in Morocco #Africa:…
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