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Instagram spinelessly kept removing this post, so hopefully Twitter’s a little more accommodating of, y’know, NOT HATE SPEECH? 1/3
(3/3) Cheers! #menaretrash #notallmen
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Desde que entré a Twitter feminista mexicano hace como año y medio noté la presencia de los discursos trans-excluyentes y la neta sí me alarmé.
Sé que suena bien privilegiado pero habiendo estado en medios feministas franceses, esas posturas allá o no existen o no son públicas.
Y sé que es otra referencia europea pero el fin de semana pasado me tomé un café con una feminista buga alemana, y ella estaba boquiabierta cuando le platicaba de las lógicas trans-excluyentes que rondan por aquí.
Lo más similar que ella ha visto allá son feministas mayores y aisladas que dicen que son solidarias con las mujeres trans por ser mujeres, pero no con los hombres trans porque son “traidores” por “unirse al patriarcado” (o sea, ¡lo opuesto que aquí!).
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Aqui vai a lista para a maratona dos Clássicos de animação Disney, são 57 títulos até 2019, sem contar as continuações. Desses 57, apenas 44 eu encontrei com audiodescrição.
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Branca de Neve e os Sete Anões
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"le moment où un homme voit sa fille pour la 1ère fois et qu'il réalise que les femmes sont des personnes"

Je me marre MAIS une étude en sciences politiques suggère qu'avoir une fille comme premier enfant rend les hommes plus susceptibles de devenir des alliés du féminisme
Dans leur recherche, les chercheurs ont trouvé qu'un des facteurs déterminants des pères à soutenir les mesures politiques d'égalité des genres est le fait que la *première* enfant soit une fille

C'est le "first daughter effect"…
Avoir une fille ou même avoir plus de filles que de garçons sans que l'aînée soit une fille ne permettraient pas aux pères d'autant se sensibiliser aux inégalités sociétales (offres sportives, salaires, harcèlement au travail).
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For many South Africans, and pretty much every South African woman, yesterday was harrowing. The terrible rape and murder of #UyineneMrwetyana and the abduction of 6 year old Amy-Lee de Jager brought into the spotlight the terrible fear that all South African women face daily.
And women took to social media to express their fear, mainly using the hashtag #MenAreTrash
But perhaps the worst part (if it could get any worse) was the number of men who took umbrage to women speaking out.
It was despicable that in the midst of women expressing their worst fears and experiences, some men decided that, rather than listen and understand, they would take offence and respond with #NotAllMen.
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When you tell women and girls to learn self-defense, or carry weapons against rapists, you're not reducing rape. You're just saying "let him rape someone more vulnerable."

Stop calling for dystopias. Start working to end patriarchy. Make a world BEYOND RAPE.

Patriarchy wants us to believe that rape has always existed and always will. That rape is intrinsic to masculinity. This myth serves patriarchy by transferring all consequences of rape, including shame and blame, onto victims. Patriarchy stays unaccountable.

Rape culture is how patriarchy sustains the hegemonic myth that rape is a given, an unchangeable condition, of all human societies. So men never have to hold themselves or other men accountable. Rape is a women's issue.

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Guys in my mentions arguing that #NotAllMen are the perpetrators of #GunViolence, sorry, but you are.
It is a predominantly male crime and you kill each other most often.
Don't fight me on the stats, do something to stop the violence.…
Guns are used in more than 70% of all homicides.
For every person killed in a gun homicide, six more are injured in a gun assault.
Gun homicides are on the rise, up 30% from 2014 to 2017.
Access to a gun doubles the risk of homicide.…
On average, fewer people die from gun violence in states with strong gun laws and more people die in states with weak gun laws.

The US gun homicide rate is 25 times that of other high-income countries…
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THREAD: Men can live in a world of sexual harassment and violence against girls/women and not be impacted personally. This is privilege. When this is pointed out, we become uncomfortable, then annoyed. As if we are being victimized by not being allowed to go on ignoring it all /1
We men can live life untroubled by sexual harassment and violence against girls and women. All we have to do is one simple thing. Just ignore it. Don't take a stand against it. Stay on the sidelines.
Be good men, sure, just don’t rock the boat, just be quiet about it all. /2
Sure, maybe sometimes we have to give some angry women some pushback. You know, #NotAllMen and so on. We have to clarify, “I don’t rape.” But that’s just us making sure people know we’re good men. Then we can go back to ignoring this issue that we’re not personally creating. /3
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So, #MenAreTrash...

It's a #Thread.
Some details are sensitive, but sharing them is necessary👇🏾
First of all, origins:

On April 28 2017. South African Sandile Mantsoe stabbed his girlfriend Karabo Mokoena, doused her in petrol, burned her, and buried her remains in a shallow grave. The body was discovered the next day, burnt beyond recognition. It couldn't be identified
Until May 10, by her mother.

Around the same time, 3 year old Courtney Pieters (also from SA) goes missing. Her body is found dumped on May 13. It will later emerge that Mortimer Saunders, a childhood friend of her father who was living with the family killed her. He raped her,
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My 2 cents on the debate on quizzing: I've loved this beautiful mindsport since forever.I've met some great friends through the KQA/ others QCs. There's almost nothing else I'd rather do on a Sunday (across cities).

But yes, there are problems. If not addressed, this sport...
will continue to decline. (It already is btw. The participation in every year's KQA college quiz is a clear sign of that).

A lot has been said about how unwelcoming quizzes are to women. IMHO it's all true. Only a handful of women continue to attend quizzes,& fewer male QMs do..
something about it.

Regular quizzers can't be all painted with the same brush, but yes, a lot of the familiar faces are destroying the sport. All of us -folks at KQA, other QCs & everyone who hosts quizzes- need to
a)admit that there are problems.
b)actively solve them.
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Day two of #context19 This morning's speakers are @clairegcoleman @clementine_ford @RoyceRk2 and Manuela Akot. This set up is a long table, really interesting idea - like a brunch, with onlookers. The writers are going to speak on Writing To Tell The Truth.
This event is run by @writerssainc in partnership with @CityofAdelaide and hosted in the excellent @AdelaideLibrary It's a free event on today and tomorrow, so come check it out if you're in the city. #context19
Manuela is an award winning poet, and she's also a very wise woman because she quit twitter two years ago.
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THREAD: Men who sexually harass women on the street, in bars, at schools, or in the workplace are abusers/bullies. They are also cowards, often using the additional economic pressures of the workplace to force women to acquiesce, to tolerate such men’s interpersonal dominance. /1
The #MeToo movement is born out of women’s rage against the continuing culture of unwanted sexual abuse in the workplace and every other place they turn. /2
The challenges of being harassed on the street are potentially even worse in spaces where a woman’s financial security is at risk; where woman being harassed can’t simply flee from a job or opportunity they likely worked hard to access. /3
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Et maintenant, c'est l'heure des Couilles sur la table ! Suivez ce live-tweet pour suivre les questions-réponses. À dérouler ⬇️
Nous sommes en compagnie de Docteur Josselin Tricou, spécialiste des masculinités dans le clergé et tout juste thésard (bravo !) et @DrKpote, travailleur social et chroniqueur chez Causette.
Première question : "pourquoi mettre un décolleté si ce n'est pas pour attirer les hommes ?"
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My story.

I was an avid #notallmen guy.

I parsed every statement in terms of my inclusion in whatever population set was being referenced - men, whites, English-speakers, tall people, etc.

Whatever group was being specified , I would point out that "not all X" were guilty

I had an epiphany while doing a philosophy course on postmodernism.

Whether it was Foucalt, Derrida, or Lyotard, someone else, or a combination, I can't remember.

Maybe it was the "fusion of horizons" thing, or the "interpretation of text" bit, but there was a moment

The insight was that it is more coherent, rigorous, and effective to suspend personal attribution and parse whether the claim had validity across any of four interpretations:

Speaker knowledge

(Formal logic folks might recognize A, E, and diamond)

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Five.. five MALES detained over the assualt of the two LESBIANS who were just minding their own business.

All five MALES are complicit in eachother's behavior.
Like a pack of out of control, sex and blood thirsty, feral animals, with no morals, self control, or conscience.
Because of their ages, justice will most likely be inconsequential at best, and in time they'll most likely be flippant of the incident and the trauma they have caused - because these were mere WOMEN, after all.
..LESBIANS..DEVIANTS.. fodder for the MALE gaze and instruments for their entertainment and seemingly insatiable sexual desires.

Everyday they prove over and over again their lack of morals and self control.
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Noche de hilo pues. Hoy un cerdo capitalista metiéndose en temas sociales: el ESCANDALO GILLETTE ULTRAOFENSIVO de los pollagrises. Es un tema viejo, pero es que sinceramente sudo mucho de ver más misoginadas de este señor:…
-Dice que 300K dislikes (hoy van por casi el millón y medio, lo acabo de mirar) Si, es un anuncio dirigido a hombres y sois muchos los que os ofendeis todavía por apelar a la educación del respeto #Dato
-Que dice el "economista" que es un mal anuncio... con más de 30 millones de visitas en Youtube.

-Que su público objetivo son los hombres... dice el "economista"...
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Thread 1/

For the men PSA: Stop saying “Not all men...” followed by whatever excuse you’re going to make to redirect the convo to you and undermine the point that she was going to make.

Stop, listen, and learn instead.

Here are graphics to really highlight the issue:
2/ Remember dudes, you’re not helping the situation when you state #NotAllMen.
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i honestly don't know why dudes get so defensive on reading my tweets and #NotAllMen me.,,,fellas you should be feeling grateful that the bar is in Hell
if i were a good* dude i would probably be reading these tweets from women and thinking "whew, boy, other dudes SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCk. let me ensure that i don't suck, women will really appreciate that"

i have like, two IRL guy friends who are decent people


do you know how much women CHASE them? do you know how much people appreciate them because they are not demons sent directly from hell, like all other men?
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✨Thread tuto annihilation du patriarcat à l'usage des hommes : le guide du traître de genre✨Je reviendrai en détail sur ce sujet dans un billet, mais il me semble qu'il y a une demande urgente venant des hommes de conseils pour apprendre à être plus safe au quotidien #metoopub
En préambule : je n'ai pas toujours été safe moi-même, loin de là. Pas de leçon à donner, juste des outils de déconstruction. C'est long et douloureux comme un voyage sur la ligne 13 après le congrès annuel des frotteurs, mais c'est nécessaire.
1/ Casser la fraternité. Le plus dur, le plus quotidien, mais le plus essentiel. Ne pas collaborer, c'est ne pas rire des blagues sexistes ou homophobes. C'est utiliser les outils virilistes pour renverser la situation établie. Par exemple : dans un groupe, shamer avec esprit...
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A man mainsplained to me earlier how scrutiny of women’s bodies in sport by male audience is not real because he doesn’t find “flat chested muscular women” attractive. So obviously we need to talk more about objectification of women in sport, and I wanted to share my experience.
When I was 12 I was a tennis player. I trained 3-4 times per week plus Saturday matches. I’ve been playing since I was about 6 and I was very good. So good in fact because my heavy NHS specs (equivalent) kept falling off so I played without them, and was still winning.
This was a time my breasts grew. I had already quit distance running during PE, which was my hour of bliss a few times a week, because 1. there was a maniac exposing himself to us en route and 2. boys started to laugh and point at my breasts that jiggled as I ran.
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Kann mir jemand was erklären, bitte?

Ich umreisse mein Verständnisproblem mit Beispielen:

+ 15jährige wird um 23:45 in "gehobenem Stadtviertel" vergewaltigt - Kommentare: was hat das Kind um die Zeit draußen gemacht? Was für Eltern erlauben das?
+ 23jährige wird beim Joggen im Wald überfallen - Kommentare: warum joggt die Frau im Wald? Womöglich im Dunklen?

+ Frau taucht wiederholt grün und blau im Frauenhaus auf - Kommentare: warum geht sie denn auch immer zurück? Lässt sich das gefallen?
+ Frau trennt sich vom koksenden Freund, weil er sie darüber belogen hat, der will das nicht hinnehmen - Kommentare: jeder hat 'ne zweite Chance verdient, muss man denn so überreagieren?

+ Frau/ Mann bittet darum, nicht mehr mit einem Wort zu bezeichnen, weil sie/er sich davon
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The purpose of #NotAllMen is to silence all women.
If that seems extreme to you, then you're 1) a dude, and 2) not familiar with how often this retort is used.

Let's unpack it.
A woman makes a general statement about a negative way men behave, or she talks about a specific example. "This guy did X..."

A man interjects and tells her, "Not all men behave that way or do X."

Factually, this may be accurate, but this man's purpose is not to enlighten.
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Os voy a confesar una cosa. Soy machista.
Sí, en mi bio dice que soy feminista, porque es lo que deseo ser con todas mis fuerzas, pero en realidad soy machista. Y os voy a contar por qué.
Soy machista aunque dedique todo mi esfuerzo en no serlo, del mismo modo que un alcohólico no deja de ser alcohólico aunque lleve años sin beber.
Y eso pasa porque me he criado en una sociedad machista, porque mi educación, mis referentes sociales, culturales, sentimentales y sexuales han sido siempre machistas, porque el machismo está grabado a fuego en nuestro cerebro. En el mío y en el de todos.
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Yes this is hitting home so much. We don’t know Grace’s details, but how many women have had a man angry that you won’t have sex with them? I ran away from one before he has a chance to get out the taxi and follow me into my hall of residence. He bashed the locked door furiously.
I was lucky that I sobered up enough when we were kicked out the taxi in the wrong place because we didn’t tell the driver where to stop because I was out of it and he didn’t know where I lived. I realised it wasn’t home & told the driver to let me back in and the guy came too.
Then I was alert enough to realise I had a guy with me and didn’t want sex. I am lucky we got back in the taxi. And I pretended I didn’t have money and while the guy paid I ran to the card access swing door and slammed it shut ASAP
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