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1/ How has $APT's price performed against $SUI?

While both tokens are built on the Move programming language, their price actions and market caps have shown significant differences. Let's dive in! 孝

Read the full study: Image
2/ What are the price returns of @Aptos_Network?

As of May 16, 2023, $APT has risen 19.7% since trading went live.

The $APT token was launched on October 19, 2022, and was available on #Binance, #Bybit, #Kucoin, #OKX, and #FTX.
3/ $APT initially traded at $7.19, but ended May 16 at $8.60.

After hitting $9.75 on Day 6, $APT saw a decline in its price.

It dropped to $3.85 on Day 23, a decrease of -46.4% from its first day of trading. This coincided with the collapse of #FTX.
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S羹rekli kazand覺rabilen kazan癟 y繹ntemini anlataca覺m bug羹n.

Yakla覺k 9 ayd覺r bu sistemle kazan覺yorum.
Boa-Ay覺 demeden 癟orbay覺 kaynat覺yor.

Basit y繹ntemler ile k羹m羹latif b羹y羹mek isteyenler i癟in;

Flood bal覺yor

#Btc #Pepe #Floki
1 Bu y繹ntemi hep uyguluyorum, 癟ou kez g繹rm羹 ve ahit olmusunuzdur.

''1x shortlamak''

Neden 1x shortluyorsun?
Kazan癟 getirisi ne oluyor?
Spottan ne fark覺 var?
襤leme girerken nelere dikkat ediyorsun?
Hangi borsada yap覺yorsun?

Buyrun anlatay覺m

#Pepe #Floki #Trade
2 Neden 1x shortluyorum?

Ben genellikle kamikaze ilem yapan bir traderim.
Setup kuracak vaktim olmad覺覺 zamanlar piyasa dinamiklerine g繹re ilem al覺yorum.

H璽l b繹yle olunca riskli poz ta覺may覺 sevmiyorum.
Bu sebeple d羹羹k kald覺ra癟 kullanarak kasam覺 y繹netmeyi yeliyorum.
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4 Digit #Airdrops Money From #Sui Cap Allowlist

Those who Submit the #Sui CAP Form,Start Receiving their Allowlist Mail If anyone isn't Received any Mail wait until 30 April

Let's Dive into Mega孝 for #SUI Price Prediction & Selling Strategy.

Follow ImageImage

Let's Make Comparison With Layer 1 Blockchain Aptos:

Aptos Raised 350$M In Series A and Strategic Round
They had so many big Investors Like Coinbase venturs, Binance Labs, Apollo Capital Etc
Aptos total Supply 1.02 Billion
Circulating Supply: 186 Million

#Sui Image

Sui Network:

猶ui Funding Rounds: Series A Raised 36$M
猶eries B Raised 300$ Million
遐nvestors: Binance Labs, Coinbase Ventures, Jump Crypto, Circle and Many more

#Sui #Airdrop #Airdrops Image
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There are Lots of Confusion about SUI Token Sale, Lets make it Easy

Early AllowListed user can Buy tokens at 0.03$ (96k users)

If you are not as early user then you can buy tokens at 0.1$ price

Price prediction UPTO 20x~ $2 SUI token

伐Like & RetweetLFG

1/10孝 Image

If you're eligible as Early User & want to buy $SUI token at 0.03$ then you must have to do KYC on these 3 exchange

3. OKX:

If Country Doesn't Support, Skip that one.

1zheck Eligibility

-First You can check here if you are eligible:

-If yes, then you can participate in the Token sale as AllowList users at 0.03$ price,

-After filling the form you can get the Mail from any one of three exchange

No Vesting ImageImageImageImage
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#Sui Bigger then #Arbitrum #Airdrop | Dont Missed | Only 20Εrs Left | 鄐鄍鄐詮 Claim 鄐鄐啤鄐 SUI TOKEN

How to Check SUI Airdrop Eligible - How To Buy @SuiNetwork tokens in Cheap Just $0.03

決ake sure to伐Like & Retweet Image
予 and Must be Subscribe Please don't be shy it's absolutely free to subscribe & like予

Like and Retweets Guys
Allowlisted Ecosystem Contributors Only

Complete Your KYC Exchanges) in Advance For #Sui $0.03 Allocation

Bybit Exchange:
Kucoin Exchange:
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$USDC trading between $0.88 and $0.95 on exchanges like #Kraken, #ByBit, #Gemini, et al. (it doesn't trade on #Coinbase who have merged USD and USDC)

USDC redemptions closed til Monday.

Yr money is trapped in a burning building anon.

To the rekt & those about to rek: 哄
sound: ON
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Opsiyonlar konusunda 癟ok fazla veri olduu i癟in herg羹n yeni bir b繹l羹m tan覺ta tan覺ta ilerliyeceiz.Aceleye gerek yok,salam olsun tam olsun @laevitas1
ncelikle sitemize giri yapt覺n覺zda sizi b繹yle bir sayfa kar覺layacak (G繹z羹n羹z羹 korkutmas覺n hepsini a癟覺klaca覺m ) ayr覺ca sitemizin T羹rk癟e dil destei var (yukar覺da sadan deitirebilirsiniz).
Sol tarafta BTC #Deribit Opsiyonlar Hacmi yer al覺yor.Peki Derebit borsas覺 neden 繹nemli ? @DeribitExchange ,Amsterdam merkezli bir kripto para t羹revleri borsas覺d覺r ve Bitcoin opsiyonlar覺,vadeli ilemleri bata olmak 羹zere 癟eitli t羹rev 羹r羹nleri sunmaktad覺r. (photo:@RektHQ)
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劾步ybit suspende los pagos en d籀lares $USD a trav矇s de transferencias bancarias.劾 Crees que esto ser獺 a consecuencia de #Silvergate ?? #hispacripto #Crypto #Silvergate #Bitcoin #Ethereum #META #USD #Bybit #cryptonews
Sigue el hilo y te contamos un poco m獺s
El intercambio de criptomonedas Bybit est獺 suspendiendo los dep籀sitos y retiros denominados en d籀lares estadounidenses a trav矇s de transferencias bancarias, incluidos los pagos SWIFT.
Los dep籀sitos en d籀lares se han suspendido temporalmente y los retiros se detendr獺n el 10 de marzo, dijo la plataforma en su sitio web, citando "interrupciones del servicio de nuestro socio de procesamiento de punto final".
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Here are my top 10 trading hacks to master the market.

Are you ready? Let's dive in.

A thread. 孝
1儭 @coincodex

This is like @CoinMarketCap but much more.

In the overview of every coin you will find:

Highlights & risks summary
Performance matrix
Quarterly returns
Historical levels vs today
ROI + much more

This is how you speed run your research!
2儭 @tradingview 1/2

The best charting tool. Plus it's FREE!

You can check what other traders say about particular coins/set-ups.

It's Instagram for traders.

Always CHECK your bias, but ONLY against posts from premium authors & check their join date!

Next is why
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#Binance announcing increasingly dire issues w/its fiat on and off ramps.

#CryptoCom's Euro bank accounts were frozen or seized by #BankOfLithuania on 1/21 for money laundering, terrorist financing, and sanctions violations (screenshot)

Let's dig...

峏峏 ImageImage
Recently users of #CryptoCom were surprised to receive an email saying that #SEPA transfers of $EUR were being migrated to a new provider and thus Euro-denominated deposits and withdrawals were temporarily suspended.

峏峏 Image
#Cryptocom customers couldn't deposit/withdraw for ~100 hours yet #CDC did not send any kind of prior notice to their customers. Many redditors confirm problems began > 24 hours BEFORE #CDC sent out the first (and only) email about the disruption.

Some got 0 emails.

峏峏 Image
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Thread Alert! #BitDAO token unlocking event is happening soon!
The next unlock event is at 05:30:00 15 Jan 2023, unlocking 1.951 % of total supply (187,500,000.02 BIT) Image
#ByBit Locked tokens make up 45% of the total supply (4,500,000,000) with a 12-month cliff period. Stay tuned for more updates on the unlocking schedule. #crypto #blockchain #altcoins #tokenunlock
Next up, 5% of total supply (500,000,000) is allocated for #PrivateSale with a 3-month cliff period. Be sure to keep an eye out for the unlocking schedule. #cryptoinvesting #altcoins #tokenunlock
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1/13 The bussin LSD Narrative: Will Lido's share of ETH stake skyrocket after the Shanghai upgrade?

What will happen to the withdrawn ETH? 孝
A quick mention to @ViktorDefi for pointing out this narrative!

Give it a read if you haven't yet
ETH's staking ratio isn't too great compared to other chains and a few reasons include:

- High risk associated with the inability to withdraw stake
- Capital inefficiency of having >32ETH.
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To find a glimmer of hope in the bear market, you need to follow stablecoin trends.

Following this trend will lead you to Y2K Finance (@y2kfinance)

The Ultimate Guide to Y2K Finance孝 Image
Before I dive in, a quick mention to @BanklessHQ since I wouldn't have found @y2kfinance and written this thread without them.

Here's what I'll cover:
- Stablecoin trends
- Overview of Y2K
- Thesis
2022 saw a significant rise in stablecoin hodlers

When the total crypto market cap dropped, the stablecoin market cap is bound to drop. But stablecoin dominance paints a different story: Image
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1/27 This top 10 TVL chain has been secretly BUIDLing since 2017晦

NOBODY on CT is talking about the Mixin Network

So here's CT's very first DEEP DIVE into @Mixin_Network

Mixin has been working on exactly what Telegram is trying to achieve - Superapp status.

A quick primer on super apps:
If I had to take a stand on the super-app race situation:

Mixin is FARRR.. far.. behind

A key metric for chat apps is user adoption.

Telegram has 700M+ users, Mixin has barely 0.015% of that.
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It's been almost a month since our last episode of The More Than Seven Seals of #TheCryptocalypse listed way more than 7 really bad omens for the cryptocurrency "industry."

Well things have gotten a lot worse since then. #TheOracleOfTulips has more to reveal.

The contents of The Book of Fraudits were revealed by the prophet #Mazars in the form of number-free "attestations" about the financial state of #CryptoCom, #Binance, and #KuCoin.

Note that the #KuCoin attestation has never been seen by mortal eyes.
#Mazars LLP, one of the two quasi-legitimate accounting firms still auditing cryptocurrency exchanges not named @Coinbase or @Kraken, announced they would no longer audit crypto firms not named Coinbase or Kraken.
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#Algorand self-proclaims itself to be the world's most powerful and sustainable blockchain.

Let's see if that's true or not. @Algorand

This project review as well as other reviews & free crypto guides can be read more clearly on my website:

2- @Algorand is a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchain that was founded by Silvio Micali in 2017, who developed the whole protocol from scratch, focusing on decentralisation making $ALGO one of the time-tested #cryptocurrencies in this space.
3- #Algorand is designed to combine the powers of both traditional and decentralised finance by focusing on the #blockchains' three largest problems: security, speed and decentralisation!
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1/20 EMURGO's $USDA could be Cardano's very FIRST live stablecoin.

And how the XRP Lawsuit could affect Cardano and $USDA.

A New Year Deep Dive孝
EMURGO is the commercial arm of Cardano formed in 2017

EMURGO builds partnerships and business ventures with organizations globally to educate people about Cardano and support dApp development.

Overall, the goal of EMURGO is to promote the growth and widespread adoption Image
EMURGO recently introduced $USDA, the first USD-backed stablecoin for the Cardano ecosystem in Nov 2022.

It is backed by cash & govt. debt.
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Attack of the Centralised Exchanges!

After the explosion of the #FTX Centralised Exchange and the conviction of SBF, it is clear that the authorities and the media are knuckling down on all of the leading #crypto exchanges in the industry.
2- Right after the #FTX & $FTT crash, there was a lot of FUD surround @cryptocom and their CEO, @Kris. It turned out that the bad rumours surrounding #cryptocom were false and the tide turned towards #Binance and their CEO, @CZ_Binance.
3- It almost seems as if it was a planned attack amongst the top exchanges. #SBF definitely deserves to be prosecuted and banished from the world of #Web3. However, who's orchestrating these attacks against #Binance and #Cryptocom?
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1/34 The Ardana and Orbis catastrophe.

Was it a rug or poor strategy & planning?

The 2 Cardano projects swept under the rug while CT was focused on the FTX saga

Cardano is a public blockchain focused on providing a secure and scalable platform for developing and executing smart contracts and dApps.

Being in development since 2015, Cardano has one of the most diverse ecosystems with over 1,000 active dApps.
Cardano's decentralized team is spread across 3 entities:
1. EMURGO - commercial arm
2. IOHK - tech & engineering
3. Cardano Foundation - oversees Cardano
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1/31 Telegram's $TON has been outperforming $ETH yet nobody on CT is talking about it... So here you go!

Telegram has been quietly developing the @ton_blockchain ecosystem

孝Here's a DEEP DIVE on Telegram's positioning in Defi and what I think their strategy is ->
Messaging apps are a part of people's daily lives and many are now looking to integrate with payment solutions to offer more convenience, becoming superapps

Superapps provide multiple services for personal and commercial use - think a swiss-army knife.
Particularly in Asia, superapps are dominating the tech space - WeChat, Line, Gojek, Kakao...

However, regulations overseeing superapps are very strict, especially when payment data is involved
(US: Federal Reserve, EU: PSD2, APAC: PS Act)

But Telegram is dodging that..
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Telegram's Wallet Bot and Cryptobot

Here's how they are lowering barriers to crypto

A thread孝->
Traditionally, crypto wallets can be a hassle and have a high barrier to entry for the general public. Image
Some reasons include:

1. Complexity -

New users find it difficult to navigate the UI, generate and manage addresses, and securely store and transfer their assets.
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1/ Daily Report:
Despite endless media appearances, #SBF unlikely to testify on 13th.
Over 15.4 million ETH is locked in #Ethereum's staking contract.
3. SBF Concedes Alameda Enjoyed Special Privileges With #FTX.
2/ Daily Report:
SBF: Alameda Has The Highest FTX Borrowing Limits.
Uzbekistan Approves Rules for Issuance and Circulation of #Crypto Assets.
#Uniswap's On-Chain Vote on Fee Switch Proposal to Go Live in 14 Days.
3/ Daily Report:
Return of the #CEX : Binance Trade Volume Market Share Surges.
#Opera Crypto Browser to unlock instant #NFT publishing with Alteon LaunchPad.
#ENS price surges due to this metric, however there was a decline in
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1- Crypto Winter everywhere @Bybit_Official Crypto Exchange Layoffs

#layoffs #cryptocrash $BTC $ETH
2- After $UST incident, everyone is talking about Crypto Winter because of the liquidity crunch thats why Exchange reduced its workforce todays #Bybit announced layoffs workforce to survive the bear market. #Bybit previously cut its workforce by an unspecified number in June
3- @benbybit, the CEO, and co-founder of the Singapore-based crypto exchange, previously worked for XM, one of the worlds largest forex and CFD trading brokerage firms. made the announcement on Twitter at 12:32 a.m. ET.
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Why has @defichain's dUSD been DEPEGGED for more than 5 months?

1/19 孝 on the Top10 TVL chain that CT doesn't talk about
Defichain was created by Julian Hosp and partnered with his company, CakeDeFi.

With Hosp's history in TenX and Lyoness, many have wondered if this is the next Cefi rugpull.

Interestingly, CakeDefi is compared to other defunct lenders on their own website. Up to 23.9% APY!
For a chain that's called "Defi"chain, its TVL seems overly reliant on just two Dapps. Even His Excellency's Tron has 10.
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