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1) To all of you self-proclaimed "republicans" or "conservatives" who are begging .@POTUS to declare #MartialLaw & unleash the US Military on the rioters, you are nothing more than a bunch of rabid lunatics who r playing right into the hands of the #NewWorldOrder and #DeepState.
2) They want you to beg for the suspension of the Posse Comitatus Act, because just like the #PatriotAct - once that happens, that will be the #NewNormal.

Then once you are desensitized to seeing the US Military on the streets, you can drop your pants, and bend over ....
3) to take (with a smile) whatever they want to give you - including forced vaccinations, which .@POTUS AKA #BLOATUS stated the "US Military would help administer" as he signed the #OPerationWarpSpeed Bill.
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1) How would you have felt if #BathHouseBarry supported one of his daughters going to every single senator's office in Washington D.C. to push for the stripping away of our 2nd Amendment, despite promising he would defend the #2A before he was elected?
2) How would you have felt if #BathHouseBarry sent his son-in-law to attend the #NWO #BilderbergMeeting in Europe?
3) How would you have felt if #BathHouseBarry dumped three times as many munitions in the Middle East in three years, as his predecessor did over eight years, despite maintaining that he was going to drastically reduce military activities in the ME?
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UPDATE: #OperationWarpSpeed

"That means big & that means fast."@POTUS

The objective is to 'manufacture and distribute A PROVEN CORONAVIRUS #VACCINE as fast as possible."

But it won't be. #Trump knows this.

@CeliaFarber @velocirapture23 @bloody_scandal
#OperationWarpSpeed on #Vaccines

Historical partnership with all the govt depts, including DOD to use the military to get the vaccine out.

And partnering w/ a WHIZ DR with 17 vaccines under his belt. Thoughts?

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Thread on #OperationWarpSpeed.
A vaccine NEVER saved a life. Only a vaccination has. Remember this during WH presser today about vaccine identification and manufacture. Seems fast? A vaccine still needs to be distributed in the homeland. A basic logistics challenge. 1/
Not convinced WH does logistics well? Could it be the logistics failures with tests, masks, gloves or ventilators? Some background on how it should work based on previous vaccination programs. From @theatlantic on the "who gets it first" issue.

With @ASlavitt for @LemonadaMedia for his In the Bubble podcast on the "points of distribution" (POD) system that is used to get a vaccine from a box in a warehouse into the arm (or nose). Again, logistics and its super complex.

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