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1- Ayer ocurrió una pequeña disputa acerca de si tiene alguna trascendencia (un giro copernicano) o no, el Acuerdo Israel Sudan. Creo que tal vez no se está valorando la magnitud de lo que estamos viviendo, así que aquí dejo un modesto aporte.
Hilo va:
2- Es importante comprender que el mundo islámico no es solamente el que está en Medio Oriente, sino que abarca, entre otras partes del mundo, un sector relevante del norte de África, conocido como el Magreb y se extiende profundamente al sur del Sahara.
3-Sudán tuvo, debemos recordar, una guerra civil y hoy tenemos Sudan del Sur, que ha sido por décadas una nación que dio amparo a organizaciones terroristas islámicas, responsables de no pocos atentados en África especialmente.
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Post & Archives Part 50
US Intel Flagged Alleged Clinton Campaign Plan to Link Trump to Russian Hacking, Intel Chief Says (Brennan had written it in his notes)
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❤️🇺🇸 WOW AVI !!! 🇮🇱 🇧🇭
I hope one day people in America will have a news media to let them know and understand what is happening. Just wonderful ~
❤️🇺🇸 #AbrahamAccords 🕊️ #AvrahamAccords Shalom שָׁלוֹם 🕊️#IbrahimAccords Salaam سلام 🕊️ Peace
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1 / Scoop: Germany updated the Palestinians in advance on the meeting in Berlin between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, and asked them if there was anything they wanted to convey. But the Palestinians did not want to send a message.
The US was also updated in advance >>
2 \ Work on the meeting began about 2-3 weeks ago during talks between the German FM Maas and his Emirates and Israel counterparts, who understood that the two were interested in holding a meeting - but could not be held now in JLM or the UAE and therefore proposed Berlin. >>
3 / Germany is interested in conveying the message that #AbrahamAccords are a Game Changer and should take advantage of the new atmosphere in the region to advance talks with the Palestinians and that this issue should not be left aside >>
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As always, propaganda is huge with anything in the Middle East. This video is not from #Bahrain in regards to protesting the #AbrahamAccords it's actually from #Iraq in 2019.
Several scenes are mixed through this video from different locations actually after taking a second look at it.
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Per @ADL report:

Antisemitic cartoons published by the London-based al-Quds al-Arabi news site following the #AbrahamAccords Image
Full ADL report
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Biblical: The Abraham Accords - Hear About It ?

The Abraham Accords; well Its about Israel and other Middle East nations.

Its about peace.

Its a big deal.

So has anyone here heard about it?

Have a clue?…
(1) Well if you want some action wait for November 3, 2020 as its going to get real ugly around here in the USA.

I hope all of you survive along with your loved ones.

I hope I do....

See something say something as some of us serve as "watchman".
(2) Here's the White House link:…
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AJ+ think they are a big deal 😂 it is like a baby jumping up and down trying to say “hey hey I am here too 🙁😭” 🤣 Trying to unnecessarily get their nose into #AbrahamAccords
Al Jazeera thinks that the move to require AJ+ to register as foreign agent in the US was part of a separate deal between the #UAEIsrael and US, of course this is bullshit!
AJ+ is too tiny and unimportant to be part of any of such mega historic deals 😂
Of course our (UAE) Ambasador to the US @UAEEmbassyUS denied that. But this shows how tiny Qatar and its AJ+ is that it now feels it’s been left behind 😂
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Hey Palestinians:

You keep whining about how the #AbrahamAccords ignore you.

That's wrong.

It treats you exactly how you deserve - as an entity that has, through your own actions and rejectionism, made your cause irrelevant.

You could have been the ones on the White House lawn signing a genuine warm peace with Israel, multiple times, since 2000.

Instead, you chose to adhere to your "principles" of destroying the Jewish state - through terror, through alliances with the worst human rights abusing states, through demographics of "return."

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#UAEIsrael 🇦🇪🇮🇱 🙏🏼
H.E. Mohamed Khalifa Al Mubarak, Chairman of @dctabudhabi met virtually with Ambassador Alon Ushpiz, Director General of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs @IsraelMFA #, and discussed the importance of the signing of the #AbrahamAccords for both countries.
The DCT Chairman emphasised the deep connection between the people of the #UAE and #Israel, and how tolerance and peaceful coexistence is rooted within the community since the days of the Founding Father, Sheikh Zayed.
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"They know we have it or will soon have it," says @POTUS of @JoeBiden campaign's cautious comments on a #COVID19 vaccine.
"If we do a good job" US #COVID19 deaths will be under 250,000, according to @POTUS. Image
Congratulation to @bigten football, says @POTUS. "It's back."
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With the signing of the #AbrahamAccords between Israel and the GCC member states of Bahrain and UAE, many came to question the contribution of the Arab states of the Gulf to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Image
While nations like Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Iraq & Lebanon are seen as major Arab belligerents in this conflict, GCC members like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait & Bahrain played roles in the wars with Israel. The various sacrifices made by the latter group of nations is very often overlooked.
Following the adoption of the UN proposal for the partition of Mandatory Palestine, that was brought up to determine the future of the holy land following the expiry of the British Mandate, a civil war broke out between Jewish forces and the Palestinian Arabs in Nov 1947. Image
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History has been created & it will be go down in the chapters of it as one of the the greatest truce to ever have happened & signed between two arch enemies . The historic #AbrahamAccords has been signed officially finally between #UAE & #Israel . Image
This will ensure long lasting peace & put an end to the impending conflict between the two countries which had been going on for many years This remarkable event proves that the world is accepting change finally .
(Pic courtesy The Daily Switch)

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Where was .@BarackObama for 8 years???

SA to follow??
BOOM...? ImageImage
Up To 9 Additional Nations Could Join Peace Deal With Israel,
Including Saudi Arabia
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1/ So we have a new keystone...

The #AbrahamAccords

Israeli peace agreements - likely the greatest in history, with several more about to join

Now... Think Drop 916
2/ DROP 916

“... saving lsraeI for last.”

The great question: Why?

Is it just 1 reason? I think multiple.

I think A_w @ n AND E_pste!n

Gh!sIaine - who was her father?

Here’s a question: How much money has The US given to lsraeI since 1948?

Adjusted for inflation...
3/ We’ve given them about

$240 BILLION - by far the greatest amount to our foreign allies

Now, they’re allies - an oasis in a desert of hate... & yet:

They have been among THE most aggressive countries to s_p_y on their friends

& that’s without including A/wan & Ghiz

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🛑An Eye Opener Thread🛑


#Qatar, 🇶🇦
#Turkey, 🇹🇷
#MuslimBrotherhood 🏴‍☠️& #Iran 🇮🇷


#AbrahamAccords, #UAE 🇦🇪, #Israel🇮🇱, #Bahrain 🇧🇭and #USA🇺🇸

After the historic normalization and peace treaties sponsored by America between Israel, UAE and Bahrain,

Turkey, Iran, Qatar and the Muslim Brotherhood launched a denunciation and condemnation campaign for those agreements! But to varying degrees! 🤔
Ironically, it is no secret that Qatar and Turkey preceded the UAE and Bahrain in signing normalization and peace agreements with Israel !!

So, what exactly is happening?
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❤️🇺🇸 President Donald J. Trump is Promoting Peace and Stability in the Middle East… via @WhiteHouse

❤️🇺🇸 Remarks by President Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu of the State of Israel 🇮🇱 Before Bilateral Meeting
video link 📽️… via @WhiteHouse
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The following tweet thread includes some of my thoughts on today's signing of the #AbrahamAccords.
The #AbrahamAccords deserve the title "peace agreement." Arab League members #Bahrain & #UAE, founded in 1971, weren't around to join in the Arab League's military attempt to destroy Israel in 1948. However, they long joined in AL efforts to strangle Israel economically.
#Bahrain and the #UAE long participated in the Arab League effort to strangle Israel economically by boycotting not only Israel but U.S. and other non-Israeli companies trading with Israel.
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President @realDonaldTrump brought the world 3 Landmark Peace Deals w/in 29 Days🖊. Today Israel 🇮🇱, Bahrain 🇧🇭 & U.A.E. 🇦🇪 sign the Abraham Accords 💥The 3rd deal💥
Peace is always the Prize.
“Peace through strength.”
Is this “...Saving Israel for last?”
“Now comes the pain?”🤔 Image
2. Wow! What a phenomenal picture! Speaks volumes. 😍
3rd Peace Deal by @realDonaldTrump within 29 days.
#AbrahamAccords #PeaceIsThePrize 💝 #PeaceInTheMiddleEast #WorldPeace ImageImage
3. Incredible! I was doing a re-search & ran over @voeljegoed’s decode back in August. 👌🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 The Abraham Accords. 👇🏻
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#BREAKING: In response to the signing of #AbrahamAccords by #UAE, #Bahrain & #Israel, #Hamas & #PIJ terrorists fired several unguided rockets at #Ashdod to terrorize people of #Israel. 75 years of the Palestinian diplomacy is terror & violence which has led to their isoltaion.
Almost half of the rockets fired by the terrorists from #Gaza to #Ashdod are shot-down by the #IronDome air defense system of #Israel Defense Force. Video shows their shot-down:
But some rockets managed to pass through the #IronDome & fell into streets of #Ashdod resulting injuries in at-leas five civilians.
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Jour de paix au Moyen-Orient

#Israel #EAU #Bahrein
Le plateau de la paix :)
Un JT conjoint organisé en direct par la très populaire chaîne 12 d'#Israel avec #Dubai TV et #Bahrain TV

#Israel #EAU #Bahrein Image
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.@realDonaldTrump declares 'dawn of a new Middle East' as he presides over signing of historic deals…

Who named the #AbrahamAccords??
Named after "Father Abraham"?
...ultimate Patriarch of MANY nations +++
Judaism, Islam, & Christianity?? Image
From Chapter 17!

The name Abram means ‘Exalted Father’ and the name Abraham means ‘Father of many’.

...your name shall be Abraham; For I have made you the father of a multitude of nations.
Genesis 17:5 NASB… Image
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Perfect timing. Red Alert. #Gaza #Israel
As #AbrahamAccords are being conducted Red Alerts are sounding in Ashkelon, and Ashdod. #Gaza #Israel
Explosions reported over Ashdod.
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