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BREAKING: Affadavit of James Ramsland Jr. concludes:

"The vote counts in Michigan, and in Wayne County contain at least 289,866 illegal votes that must be disregarded."

Ramsland Jr. holds an MBA from Harvard, worked with NASA and MIT, and is part of the ASOG management team. Image
Full Michigan Affadavit
1/3 ImageImage
Full Michigan Affadavit: Voter Turnout Impossibilities
2/3 ImageImage
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THREAD: A message from @HaroldWren11 from “The Library” in Telegram: Happy Thanksgiving to you all! I would like to ask you all for a favor. I believe in the power of prayer, that God is Great & that he hears our prayers & if its His will he answers them.
I believe in the power of mass consciousness & the power to change the world through it.

Im ask that as you sit down for family dinner today, please pray as a family that God will hear us, & #StopTheSteal
Please pray with your families as families together that God will hear us as believers, as Christians, & that he will help us Save America from the forces trying to steal power & destroy her, & our freedoms.

Last night, we got a giant sign that He is with us; Emmanuel.
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@SidneyPowell1 has filed in GA.… #StopTheSteal #WeThePeople #KrakenOnSteroids Twitter is blocking her website defendingtherepublic. org Image
Defendants include the Governor and the Secretary of State. While the action is Civil, it describes and presents evidence of criminal activity. Image
Agents acting on behalf of China and Iran accessed the software. This EO is now extremely relevant.… Image
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My edibles just kicked in and this just started, so I suspect I'm gonna live tweet.

Holy shit!

All the districts! And our Mayor!
"What are the odds they all just switched. Overnight. On the same day?" —Rudy
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If you voted for and/or supported @realDonaldTrump and don't feel like fighting anymore, take a few moments to watch Keith Olberman's insane diatribe from yesterday.

It's not hyperbole- he's just saying the quiet part out loud and echoing the same "lists" argument that we saw-
...from the likes of AOC, Jennifer Rubin and others.

Olberman merely said the quiet part out loud.

Fight like your life & your families lives depend on it.

If you need motivation, give yourself a quick history lesson on today's Chinese re-education camps of the Uighyrs, -
(which Biden must fully support given his very pro-China stance) as well as those of Mao, Hitler, Stalin, Lenin and all of the other murderous Marxist dictators.

We should be long beyond the "it could never happen here" frame of thinking.

It IS happening here.

It WILL if-
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Heading to Gettysburg. I will post updates to this thread. #Gettysburg #StopTheSteal #WeThePeople #TeamSidney
Arrived. Image
Front desk is now saying it is not a public hearing. Website still says that it is. Image
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1. BREAKING: 💥President Trump Is Telling Confidants He's Getting Ready to PARDON GENERAL FLYNN @GenFlynn
(Per Report)

- News Thread 11.25.20… #Pray #FightBack #FreeFlynn @realDonaldTrump
2. News: “In Arizona There Were 35,000 Votes Given to Every Democrat Candidate Just to Start the Voting Off”

— Sidney Powell @SidneyPowell1 Drops a MOAB on AZ DEMOCRATS

— COULD FLIP STATE!… #FightBack #KrackenOnSteriods
3. BREAKING News: OH NO! John James Concedes To Do-Nothing Senator Gary Peters In Race That Was Lost In Crooked Wayne County [VIDEO]…
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#Breaking #BreakingNews
#AlbanyCounty 482,637 #VoterFraud Votes for #Trump & #Biden, BUT There’s only 307,117 ppl live there!
-243,000 for #Trump leaving MAXIMUM 63,495 for #Biden
#JoeBiden FRAUDED 175,520 #SuperMarioVotes 🍄🍄
CLEAR Probable Cause for FULL INDEPENDENT FORENSIC CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION!!! SEIZE ALL the servers, computers, machines, devices, emails, & interrogate EVERY STAFF & person who contracted them or touched these people!! MUST NOW
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#Breaking #BreakingNews
ALL #Patriots, #Maga #Anons #Q #Qanons #StopTheSteal!! NEED Excel & Database helpers to comb the precinct data for these states to find errors in it that show probable cause of #VoterFraud & support FULL FORENSIC INVESTIGATION. GET FRIENDS! -->
Here are the data sets:
-Get your friends
-Call in every excel guy you know, assistant, computer guy, accountant, bookkeeper, get everyone off the games for 2 weeks & get crunching this. Total Takeover Enslavement of your nation or your Freedom. CHOOSE!…
EdwardSolomon did this with it. #Trump team wants more done on these other states. 2 weeks to go. Get the hell off the games, tell your gf you're on work assignment for 2 weeks, crunch this with everyone you can call on it. Or do u want to be a slave?
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😎😎😎Tweedy Or True?😎😎😎


Here's a total hypothetical.

Let's say you were the leader of a country, facing re-election.

Say you had a lawyer who was fierce and passionate.

And say there was this crucial evidence in another country...
Now, it's not that you did anything illegal in retrieving the evidence... per se.

But the optics would suck.

People would say you used the power of your office for personal gain.

It'd be bullshit, of course, but they'd say it over and over again.
This evidence is too important to get it muddied in distractions.

This evidence will undo elections on the state and local level.

It will decimate your opponents' party.

Many of your critics will go to prison.

It can not be dismissed as a personal vendetta.
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YAYY!!! Lets all play #SuperMarioVotes with #EdwardSolomon! He shows in detail on a simple spreadsheet (Like I did & many others) how they EASILY FRAUD the elections & races & why they are distributing votes across different counties & how they are running it centrally. BOING! 🍄
Centrally when they are running the elections, this shows how they regularly access the counts, add votes across precincts based on a pre-desired end vote tally (why Edison led the ending totals by an ENTIRE DAY) & they fill in over time. It's all calculated beforehand!
So obviously how they run the management of this is very easy. I could do it all day & probably better than they can. (Oh I'm SURE 100% on this one!!!)
Pre-run elections (they have 2 years to practice for #America & do this all over the world so it's VERY well practiced 4 them
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🤔🧐⬇️ 🚨Active Thread🚨

Safe? Doesnt exist? No evidence? Decide for yourself I have things to show you...

Over 1100 post & counting...

Parts 1-9 attached...
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We need our own popular organizations that can pressure the GOP, much like the left pressures the Democrats. Not a new party. A small thread.
Especially here in CA, the Democrats have put us in a difficult position. Everything they do in the elections is legally defensible. If we were to cry "foul" it would just hurt our party. We have to adapt to their rules.
That's why you see other state GOPs not hopping on to defend the national election. This is beyond their ability to fight.
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Dominion Voting's Democracy Suite—California Dreamin'

On May 8, 2018, California approved Dominion Voting's Democracy Suite for use in our elections.

Let's take a look at how we got there, shall we Secretary of State @AlexPadilla4CA?

In this 5read, I am focusing on the ImageCast Remote.

I need your help, Patriots. I need those of you who speak Computer to really take a look at this stuff.

You will be able to judge & explain the significance of these reports far better than I.

I'm just going to post some screenshots of this report, with some stuff that looked questionable to me highlighted.

These can all be found in the link provided above.
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NEW 🚨 Trump alleged "fraud" even while votes were still being counted - the culmination of a strategy months in the making.

Voting disinformation spread online from April - and conspiracies like QAnon made the ground fertile.

I spoke to those impacted.…
Research by the Anti-disinformation unit reveals falsehoods about voter fraud were plugged by influential accounts on social media repeatedly, for months - and spilled into average social media feed.

Listen to this radio prog for more on how @O_Rob1nson conducted her research!
The big fear of many experts who have watched this unfold online is that the deep roots of this voting disinformation could provoke unrest in coming weeks - or erode faith in democracy and trusted institutions for millions.
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Retweet|| Listen to My #JoeBiden Mash-Up Against HipHop🎶 Beats

"How many lives are at risk here if this transition remains stalled."

Listen to Joe's response on @potus and more!

#stopthesteal #voterintegrity
Full talk with @JoeBiden without my deejay mishmash

Featuring Lyrics by "Next Level" - Freestyle Trap Beat Free Rap Hip Hop Instrumental 2018 | SeriouzBeats #Instrumentals

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Yes, it does matter @POTUS. We want to play fair. Being gaslight for having an opposing view is not only undemocratic, but it's also juvenile. We're allowed to ask questioners. Fuckery is afoot.
Let's be frank, social media platforms are not deciders of truth, they are agitators, engaged in mind control. If you do NOT have all the puzzle pieces, then how can you make out TRUTH. you cannot when perception is compromised.
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#SidneyPowell. #Trump issued a basic statement & fools on internet have lost their minds.
"Sidneypowell is acting on her own & not officially on the Trump Legal team"
-Wow she is volunteering! INCREDIBLE HERO! She isn't even paid for this. Some fools think it means smtg bad
#Trump a Lucky guy to have such people FEDERAL PROSECUTOR's rallying to fight for #Justice, SO ARE WE ALL!! She is HELPING, VOLUNTEERING! That speaks volumes! Doing it on her own. I'm helping too, aren't you? Are you paid or official? I'm not! SO WHAT! #StopTheSteal TOGETHER!
Ppl are messaging me in a panic like it means something. Yeah it means SHE IS FIGHTING for our WORLD for FREE!!
THANK YOU GOD for #SidneyPowell!!! Give the woman a Medal! Send her some money!! She had a contribution message for her Legal Costs!! CONTRIBUTE!! #StopTheSteal!!
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#Elections Update of Direction & Outcomes Thread:
-Fraud instantly invalidates elections under constitution & SC & FEC have ALREADY outlined that there is widespread fraud by #DemocRATS like never before seen, in fact, so much that it's an obvious OVERTHROW
-Trump team has the evidence AND the Server
-TT Has hack of server & recorded in Live time the votes being changed on the system
-Trump team also has & had access to MANY of the working terminals & devices of the CRIMINALS in both voting machine organizations & Officials
-EVEN IF some state SOS's "Certify" these "#Elections" they have ALREADY been warned by #SidneyPowell not to do that because what they are doing is merely COMMITTING ANOTHER CRIME, as they are attempting to certify a CRIMINALLY derived result & they know it. CRIME is INVALID.
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1) MSM is very sneaky.

For example, this #GreatReset article focuses on 2 things:

A) people are supposedly blaming Trudeau; and

B) people are claiming he engineered the virus as a hoax to usher in the Reset.

Nope. People are doing neither one en masse.…
2) People aren't "blaming Trudeau" specifically or claiming he's the one who unleashed COVID—he’s one of many elites who have mentioned COVID as a great “opportunity” to remake the world economy thru GR. As said in a recent speech. Prince Charles, Klaus Schwab have said this too.
3) This is how Snopes and other "factcheckers" work—change the story slightly so they can label it "false”—while never actually addressing the facts they are trying to discredit (are global elites using COVID as an opportunity to move advance socialism at expense of freedom? YES)
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🚨👀 What are they HIDING?

‘[DOMINION] was sharing an office floor, not just an office building, but an office floor with GEORGE SOROS’ Tides Foundation here in Canada. We were lucky enough to catch the evidence before it was able to be DELETED.’

And WHAT’s UP with the ‘GREEN WALL’. Does anyone else remember OBAMA’s presidential portrait?

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“I want to talk to you today a little bit about a recent declaration of a NATIONAL EMERGENCY🚨 by President Trump to deal with the threat of INTERFERENCE in US Elections and how this intersects Trump’s Legal Team’s statement.”

“Within 45 days after the conclusion of United States election an assessment will be conducted to determine whether a person or entity acted on behalf of a foreign government for the purpose of interfering in that election.“

#StopTheSteal #DefendTheRepublic
“All property that is in the United States or later comes within the United States or that later comes within the position or control of any United States person is BLOCKED. I repeat the evil doers property, if it is within the control of any sort a preview of the US is BLOCKED.”
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