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Un rapport de l’Université Brown aux USA révèle qu’en 20 ans de ‘guerre contre le terrorisme’ plus de 900 000 personnes ont été tuées dont énormément de civils. La guerre a coûté 8000 milliards $, une moyenne de 300 millions $ dépensés par jour durant 20 ans consécutifs [1]👇👇👇
De + le nombre de victimes évoquées dans le rapport n’inclut pas les nombreux décès causés par la maladie, la migration et le manque d’accès à la nourriture ou à l’eau potable. De même ce chiffre n’inclut pas les + de 500000 enfants irakiens décédés à cause de l’embargo américain
Neta Crawford, cofondatrice du « Costs of War project » et professeure à l’université de Boston, a déclaré que « les décès dénombrés dans le rapport sont une vaste sous-estimation du véritable bilan que ces guerres ont eu à l’égard de la vie humaine ».
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PEN America CEO @SuzanneNossel opens #StandWithSalman event at @nypl:

"When a would-be murderer plunged a knife into Salman Rushdie's neck he pierced more than just the flesh of a renowned writer. He sliced through time, jolting all of us to recognize that..." (1/x)
"... horrors of the past were hauntingly present. He infiltrated across borders, enabling the long arm of a vengeful government to reach into a peaceful haven. He punctured our calm, leaving us lying awake at night contemplating the sheer terror of those moments..." (2/x)
"... on stage at Chautauqua. And he shattered our comfort, forcing us to contemplate the frailty of our own freedom.

Today we gather to #StandWithSalman, our stalwart leader and comrade who is enduring agony wrought by a 33 year old vendetta..."
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Khomeini and his team used ANY platform they could -even Haram ones- to frame their resilient Islamic-fascism regime like as modern “government”. Their BIGGEST lie.
Their interview with @Penthouse in august 1979 /1
#SalmanRushdie #Fatwa ImageImage
if people disagree with me, they will not follow me, says Khomeini.
He knows well, even at that moment, that this will have a big punishment according to Islamic rules + him claiming the title “Imam”.
Later, number of people faced years of prisons, a some execution sentences /2
Today, women in #Iran will go to jail for up to 10 years if they send their pictures or videos to Masih Alinejad, who is a target of terror by the regime Khomeini founded /3
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What side are you? Do the quiz: Salman Rushdie : quel soutien êtes-vous ?…
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One week after the brutal attack that left author @SalmanRushdie with severe injuries, the New York literary community is rallying in solidarity with an outdoor event of readings from his acclaimed works on the steps of @nypl on 5th Ave.

Join @PENamerica @nypl @penguinrandom & @SpeakEasy_House as we gather with friends, supporters, readers, and members of the literary community to read from Rushdie’s body of work.

Friday, August 19
11:00 am ET
476 5th Ave, NY

Can’t be in NYC? Other ways to show your support:

📚 Host a public reading of #SalmanRushdie’s work in your community

🤳 Post your own home video reading a passage of #Rushdie’s work

#⃣ Use #StandWithSalman and tag us @PENamerica

💻 Follow our live coverage here on Twitter
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Friday, August 19, 2022
11:00am ET
New York Public Library

A PEN America, @nypl & @penguinrandom public reading drawn from Rushdie’s body of work.

Can’t be in Manhattan? Read on for more ways to show your support.

"Writers around the globe stand in solidarity with @SalmanRushdie and celebrate his tireless advocacy for the freedom of expression... Friday's NYC event will gather friends, supporters, readers, and members of the literary community to read from Rushdie’s body of work." (2/x)
Readers at the #NYC event include: Paul Auster @dwaynebetts @TinaBrownLM Kiran Desai @andreafelliott @DrAmandaForeman A.M. Homes @sirihustvedt @harikunzru Colum McCann @DouglasKMurray @Andrew_Solomon and Gay Talese. Other partners include @SpeakEasy_House. (3/x) #StandWithSalman
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1/8 #SalmanRushdie je vois très peu de com concernant la responsabilité du régime des Mollahs #Iran dans la tentative d'assassinat qui a visé Salman Rushdie. Les condamnations citent l'islamisme en général, or ici il s'agit d'une fatwa du régime iranien et non d'un groupe
2/8 terroriste comme l'EI ou al Qaida. Cet acte révèle la nature du régime iranien qui bénéficie de nombreux soutiens en occident, certains le perçoivent comme un régime anti-impérialiste là où d'autres vantent le pragmatisme de la "branche modérée" du régime
3/8 Un aveuglement organisé pour justifier le deal sur le nucléaire #JCPOA. Il suffit de lire comment l'équipe #OBAMA s'est organisée pour manipuler l'opinion et faire accepter l'accord nucléaire alors que l'Iran terrorisait le Moyen-Orient…
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Wer immer das Attentat auf #SalmanRushdie zum Anlass für einen erneuten Kulturkampf zwischen „dem Islam“ und „dem Westen“ nimmt, ganz gleich auf welche Seite man sich dabei stellt, dem sei geraten, doch einmal einen Blick in Rushdies „Die satanische Verse“ zu werfen.👇🏽
Rushdie verwirft hier jede essentialisierte kulturelle Differenz; er zeigt, dass die Grenzen zwischen „Westen“ u „Islam“ nur Kreidestriche sind, die den Geltungsraum des modernen Menschen abgrenzen sollen, die aber bloß flüchtige, auslöschbare Zeichen brüchiger Identität sind.👇🏽
Rushdie kritisiert die modernen Strategien kultureller Selbstauslegung, mit denen diese Grenzen gezogen werden, Grenzen, die jede Migrationserfahrung prägen u die im Kontext des Kolonialismus zu Merkmalen einer vermeintlich wesentlichen kulturellen Identität geworden sind.👇🏽
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Another page of Biden's book of #Iran appeasement:

#SalmanRushdie’s attacker has been charged with attempted murder in the second degree.

This while the attacker's Facebook page was full of pro-Iran propaganda & Iran's state media are praising him.…
For those who claim the motive of #SalmanRushdie's attacker is not clear, a look at his now blocked Facebook page might help.

Full of pro-#Iran regime propaganda Image
#Iran's regime has long called for the assassination of #SalmanRushdie ImageImageImage
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En réaction à la déferlante de messages haineux célébrant l'attaque contre #SalmanRushdie, nous avons déployé un #dispositif spécial afin de les neutraliser.
Les comptes haineux que nous avons repérés sont ciblés par @CtrlSec1
Pour les signaler, choisissez le format de lien qui convient le mieux à votre appareil (🆔 ou 🔗).
2 niveaux de signalement :
Signaler > Tweets abusifs ou haineux > incite à la haine > un groupe de personnes > Sélecter 1 à 5 tweets

Commencer le signalement >un groupe de personnes > harcèlement ou intimidation > Il fait l'apologie ou l'éloge d'actes violents
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Ataollah Mohajerani, Iranian regime's former Minister of Culture & Islamic Guidance, residing in London, who has actively campaigned for the death of Salman Rushdie must be held accountable in UK
@FCDOGovUK @MoJGovUK @TerrorismPolice @UKHomeOffice
In his book "Critique of the Satanic Verses Conspiracy" published in 1989, he defends Khomeini's Fatwa and has promoted Khomeini's decree for over 3decades
UK must act now to stop terrorism at home & abroad
@FCDOGovUK @MoJGovUK @TerrorismPolice @UKHomeOffice
for years we have reiterated that impunity and appeasement will only embolden Iranian regime in its terrorism, today Mohajerani reminisces on his role in justifying Khomeini's fatwa against #SalmanRushdie
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1. Another dumb tweet by @ShefVaidya cleverly trying to deflect the cowardice of Modi over #SalmanRushdie to "WE" have forgotten Kanhaiyalal, Pravee, Kohle.. NO.. we havent forgotten.. YOU have forgotten.. Let me methodically explain your clever deception.
2. When #SalmanRushdie faced the worldwide Fatwa.. Britain had the tough-as-nails Maggie Thatcher as the PM.. not a coward like Modi..She ensured no one touched him despite 30000 scumbags baying for his blood in London.. UK protected Rushdie for decades.. @ShefVaidya
3. Maggie Thatcher neither bowed to Islamist Bullies nor to Teheran.. Modi crawled for Qatar.. apologised like a coward.. and threw Nupur Sharma to the wolves.. Its cowardice of Modi that caused the murders of Kanhaiya, Praveen, Kolhe & others.. NOT "WE" you liar.. @ShefVaidya..
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#Iran's state media on the #SalmanRushdie attack

—Kayhan daily: assailant's hands "should be showered with kisses"
—Iran daily: "The neck of Satan under the blade"
—Mehr news agency: "Rushdie was no ordinary apostate"
—Khorasan daily: "The devil on the way to hell"
#Iran's hardline newspapers praise #SalmanRushdie's attacker

“A thousand bravos ... to the brave and dutiful person who attacked the apostate and evil Salman Rushdie in New York.”

“The hand of the man who tore the neck of God's enemy must be kissed”.…
The Tasnim agency, affiliated to #Iran's IRGC Quds Force, posted a video of the attack on #SalmanRushdie with the following title:

"A wound on the throat of Satan"

To: @Twitter-@TwitterSupport-@TwitterSafety
Does this account enjoy certain privileges?
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Appalled and shocked by the attack on #SalmanRushdie. The pen might be mightier than the sword but zealotry and intolerance of all kind seems to trump all. Rushdie once said: “A book is a version of the world. If you do not like it, ignore it; or offer your own version in return”
Ayatollah #Khomeini clearly couldn't live in a world with all sorts of books, even from his grave, his fatwa is a curse, continues to ripple with dangerous effect. Beyond name of attacker, we are still waiting to hear all details of who/what/why/how, but here's some history.
Khomeini issued his fatwa on Valentine's day 1989, one a day before the last Soviet troops withdrew from Afghanistan. It was read out on Feb 14 on the 2pm news on Tehran radio. it was 1st time an author was targeted in such a way and it marked start of culture wars in the region
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Vorsicht, Framing! Salman Rushdie kämpft nicht um sein Leben, weil er in den 1980er Jahren einen fiktiven Roman geschrieben hat! Er kämpft um sein Leben, weil die Werte des konservativen Islams Diktatur, Dummheit, Demagogie, Zensur, Schikane, Einschüchterung und Mord sind!
ℹ️ Salman Rushdie ist ein Schriftsteller, der nach der Veröffentlichung seines Romanes «Die satanischen Verse» wegen Blasphemie vom ehem. iranischen Staatschef Ajatollah Chomeini zum Tode verurteilt wurde (Fatwa) und jahrelang in erzwungener Isolation an ständig wechselnden
Orten lebte und unter Polizeischutz stand. Im Jahr 2016 haben vierzig staatliche iranische Medien zum Jahrestag der Fatwa das Kopfgeld für den Tod Rushdies um 600.000 Dollar – auf insgesamt mittlerweile fast 4 Millionen Dollar – erhöht. Rushdie wurde am gestern, während
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Men with courage talk like this @NarendraModi... Men without courage apologise to Qatar for no reason.. and call their own "Fringe elements"... #SalmanRushdie Kudos to @EmmanuelMacron ...
Idiotic defence.. By your stats.. India faces more threats from them than France.. yet topas of Indian politicians act as cowards.. and crawl for tiny Qatar.. figure that
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Poets, journalists, novelists, and philosophers are some of the greatest threats to rulers, elites, and extremists. Why?
Because the written word is a potent instrument that can spark revolutions and incite transformation in the hearts and minds of people. And dictators and authoritarian regimes know that. Extremists know it. And they all fear it.
I may not agree with all his works and indeed, may even be offended by some of his words, but I stand for Salman Rushdie’s right to think, write, and live according to his own conscience.
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#Iran's Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei:
"The execution verdict of #SalmanRushdie, as it relies on holy verses, like holy verses, remains firm and uncompromisable."
Police have identified the attacker of #SalmanRushdie as 24-year-old Hadi Matar from Fairfield, New Jersey. His motive is not yet clear.

Preliminary reports indicate that the attacker had previously published material supporting #Iran's regime & was a fan of Soleimani. Image
#SalmanRushdie is out of surgery & on ventilator
—Likely to lose an eye, suffered liver damage
—Police are stationed at the residence of attacker Hadi Matar in Fairview, NJ; FBI helping Police
—Matar's Facebook page had #Iran IRGC propaganda, is now blocked Image
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BREAKING: Author Salman Rushdie, whose book "Satanic Verses" led to death threats from Iran in the 1980s, was just attacked on a lecture stage in New York. The 75-year-old author was pushed or fell to the floor, and the attacker was restrained.…
Author Salman Rushdie is taken to hospital by a medical helicopter after he was attacked on stage before giving a lecture at Chautauqua Institute in New York.
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🚨Lo scrittore indiano Salman Rushdie è stato aggredito sul palco durante un evento a New York.
Nel 1988, dopo la pubblicazione del suo libro "I versetti satanici', l'ayatollah iraniano Khomeini lanciò una fatwa contro di lui offrendo una ricompensa da 3 milioni di dollari a chi
lo avesse ucciso. La guida suprema Ali Khamenei ha rinnovato la fatwa nel 2017, e nel 2019 via Twitter.
L'assalitore è stato fermato, ma non sono note le condizioni di salute di #SalmanRushdie.
Secondo quanto riportato da cronisti presenti all'evento, alcune persone avrebbero prontamente offerto soccorso a #SalmanRushdie, sollevandogli le gambe nel tentativo di far affluire una maggiore quantità di sangue al cervello. Ancora nessuna news sulle sue condizioni.
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Izlamists never forget. A fatwa once given, is a permanent j!had against that person.

It’s a constant state of war, and if any Indic thinks the Indian form of secularism will eventually bring in peaceful coexistence, then one is living in fools paradise !
In 2012, a Mus!im religious foundation in Iran raised the de@th bounty on Rushdie from $2.8m to $3m. He is accused by Mus!ims of blasphemy
Satanic cult!
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