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Best Buying Levels for all #Nifty50 #Stocks as per Demand Zone:

1️⃣ #ADANIPORTS: ₹562
2️⃣ #ASIANPAINT: ₹2,552
3️⃣ #AXISBANK: ₹620
4️⃣ #BAJAJFINSV: ₹10,445
5️⃣ #BAJAJAUTO: ₹3,280

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#StockMarket #NSE #Nifty #Trading #Investing #sharemarket

Best Buying Levels for all #Nifty50 #Stocks as per Demand Zone:

6️⃣ #BAJFINANCE: ₹4,668
7️⃣ #BHARTIARTL: ₹552
8️⃣ #BPCL: ₹255
9️⃣ #BRITANNIA: ₹2,534
🔟 #CIPLA: ₹850

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#StockMarket #NSE #Nifty #Trading #Investing #sharemarket #Trader #OI

Best Buying Levels for all #Nifty50 #Stocks as per Demand Zone:

1️⃣ #COALINDIA: ₹163
2️⃣ #DIVISLAB: ₹3,154
3️⃣ #DRREDDY: ₹3,365
4️⃣ #EICHERMOT: ₹2,431
5️⃣ #GRASIM: ₹1,221

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#StockMarket #NSE #Nifty #Trading #Investing #sharemarket #BSE

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Coffee Can Investing 🥫☕️

Here’s a lazy way to become a billionaire 🤑

Let’s know how? ⤵️

-- A Thread 🧵 --

#invest #StockMarketindia
The idea rolls back to the USA before the banking system was established when people used to put their valuable things in a Coffee Can and would not touch it for a long time.
So, it’s a BUY and FORGET style of investing.

The rationale behind this methodology is to invest for a long run (10 years or more) in a sound business.
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Warren buffett letters can teach you more than any investor

Key learnings 👇

1. Invest in Tollbooth Businesses

These r those businesses to which u have to pay whether you like it or not, in order to do things u do want to do.

For ex: To use a laptop, you have to use Windows.
2. Dividend-paying companies are bad

Companies that distribute dividends from their profits don’t have the ability to re-invest their profits in business.

Profits reinvested in the business create a lot more wealth for shareholders than dividends.

#sharemarket #WarrenBuffett
3. Moat

#Buffett believes in investing in businesses that have a moat that is sustainable and would not weaken over time.

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Sugar stocks are rallying!

Comp Gain in last one month
1. Triven.Engg.Ind 17%
2. Dhampur Sugar 29%
3. Uttam Sug.Mills 17%
4. Mawana Sugars 66%

Should you invest in Sugar #stocks? Let's find out!
Sugar Industry is Cyclical♻️

Sugar is a commodity and just like other commodity businesses, it's cyclical i.e its prices depend on the demand-supply mechanism, which means when the supply is higher, the prices of sugar will tank and so would the profits of sugar companies.
For ex, During a bad monsoon when the output is less, prices of sugar would go up and similarly during a good monsoon, the supply would be high and the prices would go down.
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These 6 Sectors Profitability Impacts Negatively due to Higher Crude Oil Prices. Crude Oil Prices Touched $115/bbl. For educational purpose.

Thread 🧵 1/6 ,RT for max reach

#investing #market #sharemarket #Nifty #shares #StockMarketindia #StockMarket #stocks #stockstowatch
Tyre : Crude oil derivatives such as carbon black , synthetic rubber etc forms nearly 30-40 % cost of producing a Tyre. Hence higher input cost due to high oil price impact Tyre companies profits and profits margin.
Paint: Higher crude price is negative for paint companies’ as it hurts their profit margins. Crude oil and its derivatives are key raw material and account 50% of the paint companies total expense.
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IPO Applicants Never Miss To Check These Six Points Before Applying For IPO To Avoid Regret Later.
For educational purpose.
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Thread 🧵 1/10, Read complete thread

#sharemarket #stockmarket #investing #nifty #StockMarketindia #stockmarkets #stocks #IPOs
1) IPO Grading: Credit rating agencies provide grading to IPO. IPO with grade above 4 is considered as good. This shows financial stability of the company. Grade 5- Strong Fundamental. Grade-4 above average fundamental, Grade-3 above average fundamental
2) Proportion of Fresh Issues and Offer for Sale (OFS) in IPO-
Fresh Issue: Means company is issuing new shares & selling to the investors via IPO. Money raised through sale of fresh issue shares in an IPO goes to company & utilized as mentioned in the IPO document.
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“Kali billi rasta kaat gyi.. You should change your path.”

Ever came across such superstitious stuff? Do you believe and follow them?
Probably not!

But MD & CEO of NSE Chitra Ramakrishna believes in all these.🤯

- A thread 🧵 (1/15)
#sharemarket #NSE
Can you believe a board member being a puppet of some spiritual yogi? This isn't a Netflix story that we are talking about. #ChitraRamakrishna, founding member and former MD and CEO of the National Stock Exchange of India has been doing this for many years.

Chitra Ramkrishna has been the hot topic again because of the recent order by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI). This order has its roots long back to the co-location scam that came out in the year 2016.

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Why "Return on equity" can be misleading?

One #Ratio that is loved by all investors is the Return on equity ratio, and something that holds so much importance for investors, companies sometimes tend to amplify those ratios. Let's see how they do it!

- Ek Dhaaga 🧵 1/15
What is ROE, though?

It measures the profitability of a company. It tells how much money a company generates on the shareholder's funds.

It can be calculated with a simple formula:

Return on Equity (ROE) = Net Income/Shareholder’s equity.

#Ratio #sharemarket 2/15
Easy to calculate, right? All you have to do is find the net income on the income P&L and divide it by the shareholder's equity on the balance sheet. However, this simple metric has several flaws that keep it from being useful.

#sharemarket #StockMarket
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Indian Energy Exchange: Analysis

The meteoric rise of IEX!

One stock that has been making a lot of noise currently is the IEX. For most investors, exchanges have been a safe bet because of high entry barriers. Is IEX one of them? - A thread 🧵 /1
#sharemarket #StockMarketindia
But before getting into that, let’s first understand what exactly is the business model of IEX?

So, govt’s generally enter into long term agreements (PPA) with power companies for electricity, these agreements are based on their forecasted demand.

Suppose now in September the demand for electricity is high in Mumbai due to the Ganpati puja and other festivities, while in Kerala due to bad weather there are frequent power cuts and consumption is less, so what local govt can do is trade electricity through an exchange.

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A Mega Thread fir Threads we have written so far

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A 🧵 on Changing dynamics Indian #QSR Industry!!

Let's understand the Industry where Domino's, McDonald's & BurgerKing operates!!

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Chemicals are all around u. And contrary to popular belief, they’re not all bad for you! While artificial chemicals have earned bad reputation, it can't be denied tht they hv helped save billions of lives, increased human productivity, & completely changed the way we live.
#DeepakNitrite is a 51 years old intermediate chemicals company, with a diversified business of Basic Chemicals, Fine and Specialty Chemicals, and Performance Products.
It is one of the top 3 global players in xylidines, cumidines and oximes, and a leader in India for inorganic intermediates and phenols.

Deepak Nitrite’s product portfolio is very diverse, with historic market leadership in quite a few of them.
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Let's deep-dive into Tata Power with long #Threads 🧵

Vision: Empower a billion lives through sustainable, affordable and innovative energy solutions.

#TataGroup Image

It is one of the few #stocks that we accumulated in 2020 #stockmarketcrash with long-term view.

So, let's go in detail about Tata Power to understand its biz., future prospect, potential growth etc...

#stockmarkets #sharemarket #investing #StockMarketindia Image

Before we proceed in detail about Tata Power, request you to please go through quoted thread on 'Megatrends for Energy', which gives an idea for potential growth of Tata power in all 4 pillars.

#TataGroup #StockMarketindia #sharemarket
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#RajapalayamMills - Small-cap stock for 50% gains in short term & 2X in medium term.

CMP – 1219.10 (13/1/22)

Sectoral Tailwinds, Highly Undervalued, Capex, Breakout on Cards ...

(Must read🧵Thread for Investors !)

@caniravkaria Views Invited


#RajapalayamMills Limited is flagship mill of the Ramco Group’s Textile Division.

#TechnoFunda #ShareMarket #StockMarket #Investing #Trading

@Anshi_________ Views Invited.

Ramco Group Textile Division, produces a wide range of yarns from Cotton, Lenzing Modal & Tencel fibres to meet requirements of top class customers across the world.

Ramco Group Textile Division has 18 units across the country.

#TechnoFunda #StockMarket #Investing #Trading
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After #Kitex Now comes #VishalFabrics ...

A Small-cap stock that can become 2X in medium term.

CMP – 107.40 (11/1/2022)

Sectoral Tailwinds, Promoters Buying, Breakout ...

(Must read 🧵Thread for Investors !)

@saditya10p Views Invited 🙏

#TechnoFunda #ShareMarket Image

A flagship company of the Chiripal Group, #VishalFabrics Limited is a leading denim manufacturer.

Company has been promoted by Shri Brijmohan Chiripal who has nearly three decades of experience in the fabric and yarn business and marketing of knitted apparels.


Chiripal Group, is a leading manufacturer and exporter of Textile and BOPP Film products in India with a group turnover of more than Rs. 6,000+ crore.

Other Listed companies of the group - #NandanDenim Ltd. and CIL Nova Petrochemicals Ltd.

#TechnoFunda #Investing #Trading
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Thread 🧵on Best Textile Sector Stocks in India ...

Why Invest in Textile ❓

Charts of Best Stocks for Trading / Investing (Based on Set Criteria)

Charts & TA Courtesy : @YTA_School

(Must Read for Traders & Investors)

@Anshi_________ @AmitabhJha3 (Views Invited) 🙏🙏🙏
Covid-19 has altered global textile & apparel (T&A) supply chain with several brands preferring more than one sourcing destination.

Further, US-China trade war & imposition of additional duties on Chinese T&A imports have forced US-based importers to search for alternatives.
In December, US signed a law that bans imports from China's Xinjiang region over concerns about forced labour. As Xinjiang constitutes ~ 20 per cent of global cotton market, supply re-adjustment on account of this ban has led to more demand for Indian cotton and cotton yarn.
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How BoAt became Market leader?

- A thread 🧵 (1/15)

#Investing #sharemarket #finance
Unless you live under a rock, you don’t need an intro or research report to tell u that Boat has tkn d audio wearables market by storm. Till 2016, No one really would have thought that an Indian brand would rule this industry, as the a market was flooded with Chinese players. (2)
Aman Gupta & Sameer Gupta, founders of the company said back in 2016 no one believed an Indian company can take over the Chinese. Banks didn’t believe in them & declined to lend; investors shied away from putting money in an Indian hardware venture. (3)
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#StockMarketIndia has become a rocky road. A deep dip & gap ups very next sessions is something very surprising for newbies!

Here is a thread inspired from @EconomicTimes's article about early signs of starting a #bullrun.

❤️&🔁 for wider reach.

#Stocks #sharemarket
🎯How to identify a bull market?

➡️Bull market: A market condition where the price of a share is expected to rise, encouraging buying.
✨How to know if the market is bullish?

1⃣Check the nature of the rally.

🔹Find out if the rally is broad in nature or sector-specific.

🔹The outperformance of one sector over the other doesn't guarantee the start of a bull market.

🔹Analyze the market's broad-based rally.
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Have you ever heard of DVR shares?
- A small thread (1/7)
#Sensex #OmicronVariant
Did you know?

There are 2 types of shares of Tata motors that trade on Indian stock market (2/7)

But why does a company issue 2 variety stocks?

Well…DVR refers to Differential Voting Rights, meaning generally, these shares have low voting rights. (3/7)

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#mirza #International

So, finally MIRZA has outlined the scheme of demerger of its biz. verticals in to 'Redtape' & 'Mirza'.

In this #Thread 🧵we will share:
1. About Mirza Int.
2. Merger/De-merger proposal
3. Redtape-valuation & comparison w/ peer

Let's start

⭐️Founded in 1979, Mirza is India’s leading leather footwear manufacturer
⭐️ It is preferred supplier of leather footwear to international brands.
⭐️One of the largest Indian suppliers of finished leather to overseas markets.
⭐️Own 'Red Tape' brand

Mirza has integrated operation through vast infra:

Raw materials from their own tannery ➡️Inhouse design ➡️Manufacturing the footwear in-house ➡️Brands are marketed through a pan-India network of company-owned outlets/E-comm.

#investing #stockmarkets #stocks
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Mega learning thread . This contain some of my shared thread which might help in your trading.

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YouTube channel -…

Telegram channel -

#sharemarket Image
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Most Indians consider equity to be an asset class meant for speculation, and consider house/gold/FD as the safest investments. However, equity can give better returns if held with the same discipline for a longer term. (1/n)

#stocks #finance #investing #equity
Amidst all the noise, we have forgotten the basic definition of equity. Equity is a stake in a company. When the company prospers, the stake becomes more valuable. Holding some good names for a longer term has an added advantage to a person’s wealth creation. (2/n)
FD gives -ve inflation adjusted post tax return, and real estate has its own cycle of ups and downs. Yet, these are considered as safe havens. Gold has always given positive returns and Nifty, in the last 10 ys has given an average return of 12-13%. (3/n)

#stock #Investment
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Journey of most typical trader.

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🎯 Swiping TV channels and anchor shouting that investors gained lakhs of crores in a day.
🎯 A friend flaunting that he has earned 5-10K today.
This 5-10K is the monthly salary of many.
🎯Inspiration from Profit screen shot of twitter traders.
After encountering with one among above case, you opened demat account and put 10K as initial capital.
First day of trade, you took very less quantity, say 10 quantity of a share. It came down but you held. at end of the day it went up above the buy price and you booked profit.
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Freak trade - A daylight robbery?

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It was a calm trading day on last trading day of the week and from nowhere price shooted up in some of the contracts disrupting everybody's self esteem!
If we go through past two month's history, this was the fifth/sixth price surge. Past surge were on
🩸On 5th July, Nifty Futures surged 805 points.
🩸On 28th July, Nifty futures made downmove of 530 points.
🩸Bank Nifty 37000 strike price surged 2000 points.🩸Nifty 16450 for August expiry rose by 700 points.
🩸Bank Nifty 37100 PE surged to 1921.
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26-June-21 Update, Here's a weekly post answering where, what, how much & why of the action in Indian Markets

#stocks #stockmarket #dalalstreet #Trading #investing #investment #investing #tradenews #stockmarkettoday #sharemarket #newstoday #Nifty ImageImageImageImage
(2/2) : Remaining of the list.

Don't forget to Follow Us & Visit at
to learn more. ImageImageImage
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