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Maureen Parkin
I had never heard of Batley and Spen until the murder of Jo Cox.
Now with a by election pending there, I have been inundated with emails asking me to help out with the canvassing for the Labour candidate, Kim #Leadbeater.
Batley and Spen is 33 miles away
from my city. Although I have been a #LP activist in the past, I have never before been asked to canvass outside of my own constituency.
Now, almost every day I get emails pleading for help with canvassing, from:
Kim #Leadbeater herself,
#Team Labour ( three times)
#Yorkshire and #Humber Labour
Holly #Lynch ( Political leader in this by-election)
York Labour asking me to accompany #York MP who was also going there to canvass.
(I wonder how many more MPs will be descending on #Batley and #Spen?)
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That guy & his followers are still talking about me, Too funny ...

I have the entire armed forces backing me & Real Family that cares about what I have done for this world. Whether some Random guy on the internet Endorses me or not, I could give two shits. In the end everyone
is saved & everyone goes on to live happy lives..

I've already seen & none of the drama that so many are apart of means anything to me ...

I Always Land 4 wheels down ..
VK & I talk every day. Someone said I was wining back in the day about VK being more "Popular", more like
I was saying in conversation with him OUT IN THE OPEN that the BIGGER PICTURE would not be seen clearly by 'The People' the way it had to be seen & they would never accept any it because 'The People' choose to judge books by their covers.That is exactly what the MANY of you did.
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In my kind of profession people want to “shadow” you for 10 days or max work with you for a year to figure out what you are all about, highlight that on their profiles and CV and go about their lives.

A short thread on Jinal and Somya ...
In a world where that is default, to find someone you vibe with, grow with and learn with, is a rarity, if not an absolute miracle.

When Jinal and Somya walked into my office, they came in wearing similar clothes; white shirt and blue jeans.
Straight out of SNDT, they had been friends for over a decade and were willing to take the job only if we would work with both. We agreed and it’s been 10 years since.
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$ATER Bulls fought+did well!

$ATER 05/20 PLANS:
LEVELS BULL NEED TO KEEP: 15.40, 16.00, 17.00

LET'S GO !!!!
$ATER 2 ways to color charts: based on previous close or not.
I use "based on prior close" to keep things in perspective.

The conventional way, $ATER was a GREEN HAMMER on above volume. Is this correct? Well, yes: open 15.20, close higher 15.53 =🟢🔨 ImageImage
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Meldpunt- Nationaal Programma Onderwijs (NPO)

Al in het eerste gesprek over het NPO én alle gesprekken erna hebben wij gepleit voor het inzetten van deze gelden naar analogie van de werkdrukmiddelen.
Dit betekent dat schoolteams in gezamenlijkheid en zelf bepalen waar dit geld naar toe gaat (op basis van deze mogelijkheden in de menukaart).

Het vakinhoudelijke gesprek wordt gevoerd: wat hebben onze leerlingen én leraren nodig, welke interventie(s) sluiten het beste aan?
Zowel @AObtweets, als @CNVOnderwijs, @OudersOnderwijs als @FederatieFvOv hebben deze oproep ondersteund en ook gepleit voor inzet van de gelden naar analogie van de werkdrukmiddelen.

Gezamenlijk hebben we dit voor elkaar gekregen.
De leraar is een professional en doet ertoe!
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A good chunk of people joined the #FBPPR twitter activist team (campaigning for a broad alliance to get #ProportionalRepresentation done, then hold fresh elections where all counts count and policies matter). Over the course of the day I'll tweet the accounts I've found.
More lists of new #FBPPR team members throughout the day.
We are an activist team. Search the hashtag twice daily and support good #FBPPR tweets with a Retweet (and a like if you want, but never JUST a like). Our message must get out to the edges of our networks and beyond.
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We are now LIVE tweeting the ‘in conversation’ session with Admiral Phil Davidson (@indopacom) and @samirsaran

Join us, #Raisina2021

@samirsaran to Admiral Phil Davidson (@indopacom): How did the pandemic affect the US Indo-Pacific Command, in terms of the US forces’ readiness and resilience?

Admiral Phil Davidson (@indopacom): We focused on 3 priorities. We ensured the health of our soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines, and Coast Guardsmen. Sustained readiness on short-term needs and long-term goals. Third, we were prepared to assist others if needed. #Raisina2021
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Every man has a story. Our stories are what makes us human. The stories that interest me the most are those in which the Holy Spirit changes the course of one’s life.

I recall his story.

A new party had finally taken over the political sphere of the country.
There was so much jubilation but with it came a witch-hunt on those who were enjoying the dividends of the previous administration.

EFCC didn’t waste time. His accounts were frozen and he was invited and grilled.

His passport was seized.
Things took a downward spiral and life became difficult.

His wife had to get several loans to assist where necessary and that took a toll on her.

An assistant branch manager who still took Tricycle to work daily. The children had to change schools.
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@timmins316 #Occupy: Thank you.
Follow more from our Research in this thread:
@timmins316 #Occupy: March 23 2020:

Was #COVID19 released by the US Army team during the Wuhan Military World Games in 17-27 October 2019, which team is said to have eaten at the fish market in Wuhan & stayed in a hotel close to that market ?… via @NeoJohnBrown
@timmins316 @NeoJohnBrown #Occupy: Jan. 23 2020 #China started a large #Lockdown around #Wuhan, after 18 affirmed #COVID19-deaths and several hundreds of infected patients.
Later, searching for "#Patient #Zero", they found the earliest infection in November 17 2019, in Wuhan.
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The 10 Days of darkness just happens to be a palindrome.

1.20.21 to 1.29.21

A palindrome is a word, number, phrase, or other sequence of characters which reads the same backward as forward.

They just happen to proof to Q drops😁

1.20.21 = 303 = 282
= Shutdown > Day 1 ⚔️
Palindrome proof for 1.21.21

1.21.21 = 313 = 101 = 838

[R] USSS name for Hussein = Renegade

Graphic confirmed

Times on ⏰
12:00 > 6:00

1+2 = 3
6+2 = 8

838 drop = BOOM.


Who is BM or MB? 🤷‍♀️

1.22.21 #palindrome 👀

1.22.21 > 323 proofs to @POTUS45 timestamp ✅

1:11 pm > 111
Oct 11, 2012 > 10.11.2012
10+11 = 21
21012 < ~ palindrome proof ✅

4th quarter, Patriots 🥳
We fight together.
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#leadershipdevelopment - Have you ever had to work for an indecisive boss?

Someone who hated taking #decisions. Someone who didn't like being "put on the spot" and asked for a straight answer. How did you work with them?

#thread #communication

2/ I had someone like that early on in my #career and by making me think & act differently, they actually made me a better #leader! Here's what I did ..


✓ Present them with options (Rather than going to them with just a "Can I do this? Yes/No" Present them with at least 2/3 varied options on how best you want to proceed. Be prepared for a #conversation, weighing the pros/cons for each)
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“A great product coupled with a great pricing plan is a force to be reckoned with.” – @Chargebee

Here are 5 of the biggest pricing lessons @ProcessStreet has learned since we launched in 2013 🚀… (A thread)
1. Pricing is a never-ending process ♻️

The only way to keep up with the fast-paced nature of the #SaaS industry, speedy advances in #Technology, and stiff competition is to constantly experiment with, and test, your SaaS #PriceModel.… (1/6)
2. Pricing is about perception 👀

Think about #Perception when creating your next pricing hypothesis. How are your #Customers likely to perceive what you’re offering?… (2/6)
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The Olympique Lyonnais 2019/20 accounts cover a season when Ligue 1 was ended early in March due to COVID-19 with #TeamOL in 7th place. However, they reached the semi-finals of Champions League, Coupe de France and final of Coupe de la Ligue. Some thoughts in the following thread
It is also worth noting the continued success of #TeamOL women’s team, who achieved a clean sweep in 2019/20, winning their 14th consecutive French league title, 7th Champions League, 9th Coupe de France and the first edition of the Trophée des Championnes.
Due to COVID, #TeamOL swung from €8m pre-tax profit to €36m loss, as revenue fell €40m (18%) from €221m to €181m, though partly offset by €13m government aid and profit on player sales rising €6m to €83m. Also adversely impacted by €25m increase in costs.
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I got to know about @Indsamachar on twitter and @Kishoreciyer1 felt very strongly about the team. I'll not claim that I'm the greatest of writers, comparatively, and as the president of the All World Association of Procastinators, I believe deadlines are not for me. Thanks to
2. People like @PVNNarayanan , and more specifically @AartiAruldas who in their own style got me to do what I wanted to do - write/ express my thoughts on various issues of my interest - the way they interact with writers, article contributors , is just amazing and I'm sure that
3. The day of them being recognised in the world forum is not very far off. Thanks to one and all #Team @Indsamachar @INNTamil . Regards
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Dr. Carola Javid- #Kistel, #Homöopathie #Ärztin aus #Duderstadt LK #Göttingen, seit Jahren engagiert bei #Impfgegnern teilt in #Telegram #Gruppen die #Mobilisierung|s #Grafiken der #NPD zum #b0108. Sie ist Teil #Orga #Team von den #Corona #Protest "#Walktofreedom" in #Hannover Image
Dass sie keine Berührungsängste mit extremen Rechten und #Verschwörungsideologen, die auch freie #Journalisten angreifen, ist nichts neues. Die Kollegen @mic_tra, @David_Speier und @le0nenrique spüren das jeden Samstag bei den Versammlungen von "'#WalktoFreedom" in #Hannover
Auch bei der #Impfgegner #Demonstration im Oktober in #Göttingen störte es sie nicht, dass es rechter verschwörungsidielogischer Youtuber auf ihrer angemeldeten #Demonstration als Teilnehmer mitlief.
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I've just bought @GalZellermayer's new book "Manager in Shorts". I've read the first chapter (chapter 0) and can't wait for reading more.

"This book will make you aware." Image
@GalZellermayer Quote as I go thread

Chapter 1

"Aim to master 4 domains: T & 3 Ps:
Technology - you know: coding, design, architecture, databases, frontend, and so on.

Product - what are we building and why? Process - plan and execute.
People - (-:

“In this order”
Chapter 2

@GalZellermayer identified the above quote is lacking agility and accuracy. He mentions that @jewelia noted (and better expressed) that too, in her tweet
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Die #EZB muss endlich ihren Job machen dürfen. Dazu muss das Mandat der EZB geändert werden. Unabhängigkeit ist jedoch kein Blankoscheck wie in der Euro-Krise. Der Bundestag braucht einen geldpolitischen Dialog mit der Bundesbank nach dem Vorbild des Europäischen Parlaments. (1)
Anleihekäufe gehören zum Instrument der Geldpolitik von Zentralbanken. Auch jede Zinsentscheidung wirkt sich auf die Wirtschaft aus & ihre Effekte müssen Zentralbanken in den Blick nehmen. Die ökonomische Kritik des #Bundesverfassungsgerichts ist daher schwer nachvollziehbar. (2)
Die Staatsfinanzierung ist der EZB nach den #EU-Verträgen verboten. Die EU-Verträge zwingen die #EZB, so zu tun, als ob sie keine monetäre Staatsfinanzierung betreibe. (3)
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Today's thread - by @pingali - is about making #MachineLearning projects successful. Links back to the first session of making #DataScience work by @scribbledata… (1/8) Learn more by joining The Fifth Elephant on
@pingali @scribbledata Framing: Formulating a good problem is the most important step. What is 'good' depends on the context. Mature companies require optimal solutions. Sometimes, framing can be good enough but something that can be pulled back. Take #risks, with guard rails in place. (2/8) Join The Fifth Elephant to participate:
@pingali @scribbledata Buy-in: #DataScience has ambiguity. Communicating is
critical - define goals of communication; who you are communicating with is important. Link data science outcomes to business outcomes. Understand incentives and motives of other stakeholders. Be empathetic. (3/8) Subscribe to The Fifth Elephant on to join.
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(1/x) #Thread zu der „#Corona #Kritik + #Meditieren für das #Grundgesetz#Kundgebung am #Samstag, den 23.05.2020, beim #Gänseliesel in #Göttingen: Image
(3/x) Die #Kundgebung ist nun ein paar Tage her, trotzdem kommt hier noch eine #Einschätzung. Diese kann nicht den Anspruch haben vollständig zu sein.
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(1/x) #Thread zu der „#Corona #Kritik + #Meditieren für das #Grundgesetz#Kundgebung am #Samstag den 16.05.2020 in #Göttingen: Image
(3/x) Die #Kundgebug ist nun doch ein paar Tage her, trotzdem kommt hier noch eine #Einschätzung. Diese kann nicht den Anspruch haben vollständig zu sein.
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(1/x) Kurzer #Thread zu der „#Corona #Kritik + #Meditieren für das #Grundgesetz#Kundgebung am #Samstag den 09.05.2020 in #Göttingen: Image
(2/x) Zu der schon dritten #Kundgebung zu dem #Thema kamen am Samstag ca. 100 TN aus dem #Landkreis aber auch aus ganz #Südniedersachsen zu der „#Corona #Kritik“ Kundgebung nach #Göttingen. Image
(3/x) Nicht nur die TN der „#Corona #Kritik#Kundgebung in #Göttingen organisieren sich in mittlerweile zwei bis drei #Telegram #Gruppen im #Internet, wo auch immer wieder #Videos von #Verschwörungstheoretiker wie z.B. Ken Jebsen #KenFM geteilt werden. Image
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It was great to speak to @JohannaCampion, Venture Partner at @ukaeroaccel, earlier this month and hear her insights as an investor, board member and mentor. We've pulled together our key takeaways for early-stage #founders here:
Q: How can #startups best work with #corporates?
A: Avoid any bad surprises by mapping the decision making/procurement/onboarding process for each client project to understand exactly how to get to a signed contract, how to go live and when payment will actually arrive
Q: From your most successful #investments, what does a good founding #team look like?
A: A good founding team has strong relevant skills for what they are planning to build and a clear understanding of any key skill gaps in the team and how they will plug them
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Are you being coded by your physician w/ a dx of opioid use disorder (F11.--), when you are a compliant chronic care patient under physician supervision? Z79.891

This might be why you're having trouble getting Rxs filled.…
One of these things is NOT like the other -
✔️F11.-- mild, moderate, severe or remission assumes your use of pain medications is a substance disorder;
✔️Z79.891 recognizes that you are reliant on the long term use of opioids to treat 2 or more long term chronic medical conditions
Z79.891 is a billable non hospital encounter code that places you into the chronic care category with a host associated services including but not limited to medication management, case management, referrals, and more.
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I put a photo thread together to describe the themes that emerged during a 34 hours-long stent in the hospital I just completed. 1/
During my residency at @MGHMedicine I started a habit of taking a break by walking the halls late at night when on call. My hospital is noticeably more empty at night in the non-patient care areas. I enjoy the casual encounters that take place here. It was lonely. 2/
“I don’t know.”
The loneliness in the hallways reflects the isolation you feel as an attending managing #COVID19 pts. Past medschool, I’ve never spent so much time saying, “I don’t know.” We’re still learning about this disease. It feels like you’re in a black box at times. 3/
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