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A lot of the questions that came up during @LibyaDesk consultations in #Tunis had to do with the return of former #Gaddafi officials and supporters to the scene.
It came as no surprise that a lot of the available information was false.
This thread will attempt to clarify things.
Since 2011, tribes and figures that supported the former strongman were sidelined and persecuted, forcing many to flee #Libya.
The first return of ‘green’ Libyans (Gaddafi supporters) was in 2014 #Benghazi when #Haftar called on them to assist in the war against #terrorism.
This created a safe zone in east of #Libya which resulted in many families in exile that could no longer afford living in #Egypt or #Tunisia to move to towns in the east.
Politically, the first return of former #Gaddafi officials to political life was due to #Sarraj..
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Un autre classique de l'#extrêmedroite, on rebalance un fake qui a déjà été démonté il y a deux ans en espérant que les gens auront oublié. Mais internet n'oublie rien.
Donc cher @W_Alhusseini, ce n'est pas parce que l'intox a déjà plus 2 ans que cette fois, vous allez réussir à la faire passer en force. La photo de gauche a été prise à #Tunis, pas à #Roubaix.…
@W_Alhusseini Sans compter que la probabilité que la photo de droite ait été prise à Roubaix est aussi proche de zéro. Beaucoup de signes disent le #RoyaumeUni des années 60 mais quelqu'un a essayé à un moment de faire passer ses dames pour russes donc cela complique la recherche.
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La rude soirée que la France a traversée avec le match de l'#Algérie me fait penser à évoquer le livre de Robert Davis, "Esclaves chrétiens, maîtres musulmans", sur la piraterie barbaresque en #Méditerranée et la mise en #esclavage des Européens entre 1500 et 1800. #Thread 1/
Ce livre évoque l'#esclavage qui a visé les chrétiens européens ("traite des Blancs") pendant plusieurs siècles par les États Barbaresques musulmans d'Afrique du Nord (dont l'actuelle #Algérie), un des plus grands tabous et un des aspects les moins connus de notre #histoire. 2/
On estime à environ 1,2 millions les chrétiens européens réduits en #esclavage lors des attaques des pirates barbaresques en mer ou lors des "razzias" sur les côtes méditerranéennes en France, en Italie ou en Espagne, et même jusqu'en Europe du Nord (Grande-Bretagne, Islande). 3/
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1)New#Khorasan Prov vid, the latest in #isis recruitment series “The Best Outcome is for the Pious,” incl. fighters from #India #Pakistan #Kashmir, despite regions recently receiving own provincial designations-showing lack of self-sufficient media offices…
2)The vid also featured fighter “Abu Mujahid al-Farsi (Persian)" who spoke on behalf of fighters in #Iran, and stated, “We say to the Magian government and those who support it: wait for actions and not words...”
3)So far in this campaign, which has been bolstered by troves of coordinated supporting media, #ISIS has released videos from its #WestAfrica #Sinai #EastAsia #Caucasus provs - a troubling scope of mobilizing recruitment following recent reemergence of leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi
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#Breaking: Just in - Suicide bomber exploded a car bomb that targeted a security police car on Habib Bourguiba Street in Central #Tunis, near French Embassy, casualties are feared.
#Update: Just in - Reports of at least 2 dead and 4 injured near the section of Habib Bourguiba Street and on the Rue Charles de Gaulle street near the French Embassy in #Tunis
#Breaking: Police reported a Second car bomb explosion in the region of the anti Terror HQ in Al-Gorjani in #Tunis in the country of #Tunisia.
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Like announced, I'll start a thread on the symbolism of the (in)famous black & white banner in #Islam. This comprehensive thread will explore its historical origins and cover a list of its contemporary users from a neutral #academic point of view. Not for the faint of heart. 😄
As a political leader & head of a growing religious community, the #prophet Muḥammad used to fly a banner (liwāʾ) and a flag (rāya). The difference? According to the #dictionary, a banner is "a long piece of cloth" while a flag is "a piece of cloth that represents a group."
The Companion Ibn al-ʿArabī was quoted in Fatḥ al-Bārī (6/147) as saying: "A banner is what is tied to the side of a spear to rally around, while a flag is that which is planted and left to be waved by the wind."
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#Libya : Since 20 of January 2019 #LNA have slowly reentered in Southern parts of #Sabha after an agreement with Tabu tribal forces & with the start of new operation to expell #GNA groups from the city (current map situation)
#Libya : #LNA expanded their presence in #Sabha city after entered in Nasiriyah & Hajarah (where an anti-terrorist op is ongoing) neighbourhoods
#LNA restored control over #Sabha city as 1st stage of operations in southern #Libya
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