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It's the 51st bday of #Uyghur scholar Ilham Tohti. He’s spending it in prison, where he’s been serving a life sentence since 2014. His crime: advocating equality for Uyghurs in China.

I listened to some old interviews w Ilham & translated a few of his powerful words. Pls RT

Ilham's requests for equality were modest:

“I believe that for the Uyghur people, if policies of equality and autonomy are implemented, if their language is protected, if they can trust the law, they will have confidence in the country.”…

Facing state pressure, Ilham didn't retreat:

“Law is the strongest tool. Even now I'm not alone; the law is on my side. I take the law to heart. These ideas aren't only mine…While it's me expressing them, they're not my ideas—they're the people’s."…

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The U.S. House of Representative voted on to pass the #Uyghur Forced Labor Disclosure Act on Wednesday to force companies to disclose products from #Xinjiang. It drew opposition from most Republicans in the House but still passed.…
"The exploitation and enslavement of the Uighurs must stop. Americans don't want to purchase goods made with slave labor," said @RepWexton.
The legislation would require all publicly traded companies to report to the Securities and Exchange Commission whether they are involved in Xinjiang. The legislation drew opposition from the Republicans after the US Chamber of Commerce said the regulations posed ...
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A must-read by @aliceysu and the team at @latimes, which highlights the ordeal of Pakistani-#Uyghur families as #Beijing continues its widespread suppression and crackdown on Muslim minorities in #Xinjiang.…
This piece highlights how #Beijing’s economic and political influence over countries like Pakistan is endangering rights of Pakistani citizens that are ought to be protected under Pakistan’s law.
#Uyghur Pakistani citizens were detained and interrogated while a Uyghur school in Pakistan was forced to close down after plainclothes Pakistani security personnel smashed computers and confiscated teaching materials.
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Finally watched 2007 Jiang Wen film The Sun also Rises. China and Cultural Revolution in magic realism. 2 Indonesian Chinese lovers finally reunited in #Xinjiang on the onset of Great Leap Forward on the eve of their long awaited wedding, prbly the best time of their lives😭😭😭
There's lot of allegory in Jiang Wen's The Sun also Rises. Film begins in 1976, last year of Cultural Revolution, ends in 1958 beginning of the Great Leap Forward. Mom in a way represents China of this era, she went crazy in 1958 and then disappears in 1976...
Engineer Leong "returned to" China from Diaspora in Southeast Asia in 1950s to build the socialist motherland, for a time worked on oil exploration in #Xinjiang, but was send to work in the school kitchen during Cultural Revolution
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Extending from the recent #Mulan controversy, #Uyghur lawyer @RayhanAsat argues in this latest op-ed that the persecuted minority deserves a high-profile public figure who is willing to speak out against the repression against the #Uyghurs.…
"The mass atrocities against Uighurs have largely met with silence. It is hard to tell whether this is due to a lack of understanding or fear of retribution. 2020 marks four continuous years of devastating persecution of millions of Uighur men, women and children."
"Those who value freedom in the world should not ignore what is happening as our families are torn apart and innocent people are persecuted. The walls of internment camps may not look like the Berlin Wall,...
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Some notable figures selected as the @TIME 100 most influential people in 2020: #Taiwan president @iingwen, #HongKong democracy activist @nathanlawkc, #Uyghur lawyer and activist @nuryturkel, #Taiwan Marriage Equality icon Chi Chia-Wei. The full list:…
It's quite remarkable that two figures from #Taiwan, @iingwen and #LGBTQ activist Chi Chia-Wei are both included to the list. This again highlights the significance of Taiwan's achieve to become the first country in Asia to legalize same-sex marriage.
However, as @nuryturkel and @nathanlawkc have pointed out, it is regrettable that the recognition of their efforts and achievement is built upon the struggle of the #Uyghurs and #HongKong people. While it is encouraging to see the world recognize both of their efforts ...
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[When even reporter's daughter was under #Beijing threat]

1. Really horrified to know the intimidation former #ABC reporter #MatthewCarney faced. #Chinese cops summoned even his 14yo daughter for investigation & threatened to detain her in a secret place…
2. Since 2016, Matthew was repeatedly harassed by Chinese authorities. After he decided to cover #Uyghur #ReeducationCamps in #Xinjiang, he and his crew were surrounded by 20+ security police. Cops even suddenly knocked on his door and asked about daily activities at midnight.
3. One night when Matthew woke up, he found his phone was remotely hacked by someone who accessed, thoroughly searched his email account and found an email concerning #TankMan footage from #TiananmenSquareMassacre.
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There is no Genocide of #Uyghur Muslims in China. It is an imperialist lie indented to force western companies to leave China over 'human rights' and at worse, a cover for imperialist aggressive war.

More can be read here:…
Here is a documentary on Salafi Terrorism in the region:

Here is a documentary on the Vocational training and anti-extremist program in the region:

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The 🇨🇳 State Council Information Office published a white paper titled "Work and Employment Security in Xinjiang" on September 17.
#Xinjiang #Uyghur #Employment
Full version:…

Summary in Eng 👇. A thread (1/9)
From 2014 to 2019, employment in XJ grew 17.2% from 11.35m to 13.30m. The average annual growth in urban employment exceeded 471.2k, of which 148k (31.4%) were in Southern XJ. (2/9)
The average annual transfer of surplus rural labour force was 2.76m person-times, of which 1.67m (60%) were in Southern XJ. (3/9)
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As China-related tensions spike around the world, Canada's parliament is on a break ... leaving some Canadians concerned about their safety.

My story in @TorontoStar w/ comments @chercywong @PrestonJordanL1 @cburton001 @GarnettGenuis:… #cdnpoli
Back in January, the director of a group in support of Hong Kong democracy received a call to her hotel demanding she leave and that “people” were coming to collect her.

Police didn't help much, but a new parliament committee listened to her concerns.…
Last week, Oz journalists @billbirtles @MikeSmithAFR fled China after police demanded interviews and blocked their departures in relation to the arrest of Australian TV anchor Cheng Lei.

This raises questions about the safety of all journalists in China.…
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"Genocide is not taking place in #Xinjiang. More accurately, there is what can be called 'cultural genocide.' The Chinese has a major problem in their hands in Xinjiang. Separatism has become a serious problem for #China in Xinjiang and in some cases, the separatists in ...
... #Xinjiang resort to terrorist attack." Astonishing remark from the former U.S. ambassador to #China, Stapleton Roy. He was directly reiterating the narrative from #Beijing and described the situation in #Xinjiang as "a serious problem of separatism."
Roy went on to characterize the re-education camps as "a mass education that #China is trying to use to convince #Uyghurs that they are happy citizens of China." Unbelievable.
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Latest: @MamutjanAB has been separated from his wife and two children for almost five years, and the #Uyghur father in Sydney decided to break silence about the family's ordeal after he learned about the possible imprisonment of his wife last year.…
While Uyghurs around the world were busy advocating for their missing family members, Abdurehim chose to remain silent in the beginning, as he hoped to secure the release of his wife by directly negotiating with the Chinese government.
After the Chinese government ignored his requests for information about his wife’s whereabouts multiple times, Abdurehim learned about the news that his wife might have been sentenced to five years in prison.
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Update dear friends: I’m so overwhelmed now, please forgive me if I could not express myself properly. Today, September 04, 2020, I got a message from my mom that after 2 years and 3 months of arbitrary detention, the Chinese government just released my cousin, Mahire Yakub
I had a video chat with Mahire. She looks pale and weak. She lost weight. But she’s overwhelmed and emotional that this day has come. I told her that because a lot of people have helped her and the world is watching what is happening to #Uyghur people, that is why she was able
return to home. I told her the senators from Australia, Sweden, the EU and many wonderful people are standing behind her.
Although she has been released, she is not fully free. She is still not allowed to contact her parents and her sister. I will keep speaking up for her
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#Russian academics call in an open letter for #China to free #Uyghur professor Halmurat Ghopur, now held under sentence of death following accusations of separatist activities

Dozens of eminent Russian scholars in the field of medicine issued open letter…
Halmurat Ghopur, president of the Xinjiang Food and Drug Administration’s Department of Inspection and Supervision in Urumqi, capital of the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (XUAR), was taken into custody in November 2017, sources told RFA in an earlier report.
In an open letter sent on July 29, but reported only recently by a Russian-language news service of Israel’s Channel 9, dozens of Russian academics called on Chinese President Xi Jinping to free Halmurat Ghopur from prison, calling him a valued colleague and friend.
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[#Germany intimidated by #China one year ago]

1. While #China threatened #CzechRepublic @SenatCZ head @Vystrcil_Milos on his #Taiwan visit, #German realized that same thing happened to them 1y ago when @HeikoMaas was intimidated by #Beijnig after his meeting with me last year. Image
2. During today’s presser, #Wangyi was directly confronted on the issue, together with #Beijing’s crackdown on #Hongkong under #nationalsecuritylaw, #Uyghur reeducation centres in #Xinjiang and #China’s #coronavirus cover-ups.
3. Given such a long list of authoritarian vandalism, it is doubtful why #China can still claim itself as the upholder of multilateralism and peace.
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The Tibetan Community UK will stage a 'Black Day' protest outside #UN London office to mark 9th anniversary of 'heinous crimes against humanity' in Tibet and East Turkistan by Chen Quanguo, CCP
They will be joined by the @UyghurCongress and GATPM as well
The joint #Tibetan and #Uyghur protest is to highlight the atrocities of the CCP regime and call for support
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This is what factories in #Xinjiang really look like! #Uyghur

Just realized that most people on Twitter have no clue what factories in XJ look like. So I’m writing this thread. (1/14)
@mazeemkhan74 @ChineseMuslima1 @AndrePa95172130 @Yang_Aotearoa
I work in CSR n visited 60+ factories in China, from manufacturing hubs in Guangdong to small towns in Xinjiang. The factory in this vid (a the one above) belong to a garment manufacturer called Esquel Group. The company was sanctioned by Trump cos of bullshit accusations. (2/14)
Factories in China gets updated fast. Take the Esquel #Xinjiang factory for example, it's highly automated with top-notch spinning machines (Rieter) and industrial robotic arms (ABB), and managed by local technicians that understand LEAN manufacturing management. (3/14 )
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This is #Urumqi Capital of #Xinjiang #Uyghur Autonomous Region of #China

The Xinjiang that Western media don't want you to see. There're 11 million Uyghurs in Xinjiang that makes up 50% of the population. With millions locked up/killed the streets would be nearly empty. 1/6
Use common sense & critical thinking. We're in the digital age where everyone has a smartphone with internet, it'd be impossible to cover up something of this scale. It's not 1941 anymore, which makes the Holocaust comparison complete rubbish. 2/6
Local authorities in Kashgar locked down parts of the streets to allow Uyghurs to pray. No Western countries would do this for their Muslim population. This is religious freedom.

The famous Id Kah Mosque:
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[Vanishing free speech - Universities at the forefront of China’s propaganda war]

1. Universities are one of prime targets of #China’s overseas propaganda campaigns, as a way to stamp out overseas #CCP critics like @DrewPavlou & critical studies on China…
2. From growing unexamined ties with China, censored articles to expelled students, It is worrying that autonomy of Australia's universities now faces intensifying erosions.
3. Without public scrutiny on funds from #Beijing government and directly funded bodies, it is worrying that those CCP funds have become China’s new leverage, which would clearly undermine the educational independence of receiving universities.
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#Muharram is not a month of grieving nor lamenting.

To learn the lessons of the Martyrdom of Hussain (radyAllahu anhu) at Karbala is not an act of mourning, it's an act of learning and remembering loved ones and commemoration of courage against tyranny. Image
One way to reflect and relate to Islamic history is that not a month goes by except you tie it to events that took place in that month and you remember and reflect over them.

Muharram notwithstanding, many events took place in this month in Islamic history.
Allah gives us Ramadan for yearly spiritual detox & renewing our vows

Shawal to celebrate our achievements

Dhul Qidah to prep for the greatest days to come

Dhul Hijjah to embody the 5 pillars Islam is founded on in our human journey symbolized by Hajj

& Muharram to be freed
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Latest: A #Uyghur woman transferred her parents' savings to them in Australia in 2013, but it suddenly became a crime in 2019 when she was arrested and charged with "financing terrorism overseas." Her sister @Marhaba0125 is now trying to secure her…
Yakufu lives in Ghulja City. She is an insurance broker, a Mandarin teacher, and a mother of three children. In 2013, her sister and parents were planning to buy a house in Adelaide, so they asked Yakufu to help transfer her parents’ savings from to Australia.
Since Bank of China set a limit to the amount of money that each individual can transfer to an overseas account, Yakufu asked her aunt and uncle to help transfer a total of $135,000 Australian dollars to her sister, her mother and her father’s bank accounts.
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Horrifying account of torture, inhumane detention condition and unjustified prison sentences highlighted by videos and text messages sent from one detention center in Kucha, #Xinjiang sent by a former #Uyghur model.…
He was first sentenced to 16 months in prison for “selling cannabis” that his friend insisted the charges were trumped up, then he was forced to return to his hometown in #Xinjiang soon after he served his prison sentence.
Then came the details of the torments and unimaginably inhumane conditions that he and other detainees have to experience in #Xinjiang. 50 to 60 of them were detained in one small space no bigger than 50 square meter.
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@ImranKhanPTI , the world knows that you are a stooge of #China, and doing everything at the behest of Xi, your reverse swing would not work in the Indian pitch,
#Uyghur Muslims are being persecuted by communist China mercilessly, are facing genocide but the 'Captain of Pakistan' would remain mute spectator, You have sold Pakistan to China
...Now Pakistan has been virtually included in the map of China while Mr Imran now is waging cartographic war against India to appease Pakistani people, we have no animosity with the people of Pakistan but against the govt of the same.

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Most famous #Uyghur actress in China, Dilraba Dilmurat stars latest Tencent Video Drama #长歌行 #ChangGeXing as a half-Uyghur Tang Dynasty princess who rebelled agst Emperor Taizong, her usurping Uncle that killed her family

A thread on story n history:
I am making the thread because some Western educated liberal finds the story offensive to their sense of identity politics and anti-authoritarian politics because title char is 1/2 Han, 1/2 #Uyghur who eventually made peace w Tang Dynasty. I will talk abt the story n real history
The story is based on Manga of same name #长歌行 by Chinese woman author 夏達 Xia Da. Main char is 李長歌 daughter of Tang Dynasty crown prince 李建成. Her mom is an #Uyghur princess. Her family was killed in a bloody coup by her uncle Li Shimin 李世民 who became Emperor Taizong Image
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