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Holodomor 1921-1923

Part 9

Since the bread was delivered to the mines and not to the villages, the peasants in Donetsk region were given a dubious advantage.
As a result, other



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unproductive provinces did not even receive such concessions from the government, and local authorities began to act at their own risk.

Under pressure from local authorities, Rakovsky proposed to the Ukrainian Economic Council to consider the issue of state aid to

unproductive provinces of the Ukrainian SSR.

Instead of the 90 wagons of promised bread, only 44 wagons were transferred. This was due to the fact that Soviet Russia and the Donbas were in the first place on the minds of the rulers.

The situation with food aid was not

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“Since Russia’s soldiers first stormed 🇺🇦, women have been gang-raped, men castrated, children sexually abused, & civilians forced to parade naked in the streets, according to the UN.” #ThisIsRussia #RussianCulture…
And anyone wants to attribute this to a few bad apples… Image
Also, this isn’t a “recent development” either. Here are the findings from an independent UN review back in September of 2022…
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Rhea Clyman was a ground-breaking female journalist. In the 1920s, a time when it was almost unheard of for women to do so, she became a foreign news correspondent writing for the Toronto Telegram and London Daily Express. She was integral to revealing the Holodomor to the West. Image
"The great Ukrainian capital was in the grip of hunger. Beggars swarmed round the streets, the stores were empty, the workers’ bread rations had just been cut from two pounds a day per person to one pound and a quarter," Rhea Clyman noted as she traveled through Kharkiv. Image
Clyman was eventually expelled from the Soviet Union for her reporting on the #Holodomor, which highlighted the living conditions and starvation being experienced by Ukrainians. Image
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1/ Dimanche soir dans @EnqueteExclu sur #M6 à 23h15 sera diffusé le film-documentaire que nous avons réalisé avec mon ami Solomon Kane. Intitulé "#Transnistrie, #Abkhazie, #Ossétie : voyage dans les pays fantômes des #Soviets", il traite des zones grises autour de la mer Noire. Image
2/ Ces zones grises sont des Etats séparatistes soutenus par #Moscou. La plupart d'eux datent de la chute de l'union soviétique au début des années 90. Ils sont les fruits des manœuvres du #KGB pour empêcher les pays dans lesquels ils sont situés de sortir du giron de la #Russie.
3/ En #Moldavie, la #Transnistrie est un de ces territoires séparatistes. Nous nous y sommes rendus clandestinement après l'invasion russe de l'Ukraine. La population y est prorusse et russophone. Elle est alimentée par un discours antioccidental et anti-européen. ImageImageImageImage
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1. Who 🇷🇺s are🧵

Russians: Stalin was Russian hero who defeated Nazis and Russia won WWII.

Facts: Stalin genocide 7 million Ukrainians in 1 year to steal our grain that he fund Nazi Germany with and together they start WWII to divide up Europe.

Russians: Stalin was Georgian Image
2. Russians; #Holodomor was just famine that all of Soviets experience.

Facts: Russians killed farm animals, burned down fruit trees, poisoned fishing wells, and made it illegal to own food.

Russians: Holodomor was caused by rich Jews called Kulaks, not Russians Image
3. Russians: Great revolutionary heroes called Bolsheviks brought freedom to Russia

Facts: Bolsheviks killed over 100+ million people, invaded free Ukraine to occupy it and created most oppressive totalitarian regime ever to exist.

Russians: Bolsheviks were Jew, not Russians Image
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THREAD per sfatare con dati e fonti alcuni miti della propaganda della #Russia tanto cari ai rossobruni italiani, ripresi dal Fatto Putiniano e dai mezzi di disinformazione. #Parte1
Perché è falsa e infondata la narrazione russa del “#genocidio in corso da 8 anni in Donbass” 1/14 Image
2/14 L’art. II della Convenzione ONU sul #genocidio del 1948, ratificata anche dalla #Russia, definisce come atti di genocidio quelli “commessi con l'intenzione di distruggere, in tutto o in parte, un gruppo nazionale, etnico, razziale o religioso”:…
3/14 I 5 atti elencati sono: uccidere membri di un gruppo, lesioni gravi all’integrità fisica o mentale, infliggere condizioni di vita degradanti che provocano la distruzione del gruppo, impedire le nascite in un gruppo e trasferirne forzatamente i minori:…
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As #Russia and #China torture their populations, the fire of hearts stoked by the remembrance of history, which they deny and attempt to obfuscate/distort, spreads and engulfs.

The fire hurts, but the hurting is right, it is good.

It is direction; it is to be trodden.
No other direction brings #Humanity further.

The #Holocaust happened; The #Holodomor happened, the #Uyghur genocide is happening, the #Tibetan genocide is happening.

Through painful turmoil, we toil. A great many other foul conflicts rage; their fires of the heart hurt too.
#Palestine and #Israel both claim to want peace, neither can be first to stop the violence, neither wills to turn a cheek or implement full reconciliation where little ever sprouted.

#Iranian women remain targets, victims, punished; men remain slavers, cherished, what is holy?
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Juridiquement, les peines infligées aux actes violents sont proportionnelles et contextualisées, moralement non. Les #Extremes ont parfaitement compris le principe et en abusent. Pour autant, la société peut-elle accepter plus longtemps le "tout conflictualiser" de @JLMelenchon?
Il y a un continuum entre l'hystérie de ceux qui brulent l'effigie du #PR ou qui sèment le chaos à l'assemblée Nationale et ceux qui lancent des coktails molotov sur la police, tabassent le neveu de @EmmanuelMacron et mettent le feu au domicile d'un maire.
L'histoire fait l'inventaire de tous les massacres et même les génocides qui n'ont pu se faire que sur nos aveuglements et notre coupable léthargie. C'est bien au tout début qu'il faut agir. Alors, quand les deux #Extremes refusent de condamner l'#Holodomor, il faut réagir!
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While #RussiaIsANaziState spent all night bombing us on eve of their 9 May myth, I use that time to deploy truth of this myth because this is all Russia has. Nothing else. Lies. #VictoryDay 🧵
1. Russia exists as nation of stolen cultures, people, achievements. This country is held together by myth of greatness that Russia alone defeated Nazi Germany. As you see even now, they lie about who they are and who everyone else is.
2. Without Russia there would have been no Nazis to defeat and no WWII to end. Russia funded German socialists also known as Nazis and provided resources in exchange for Nazi weapons:
“such as oil, grain, iron and phosphates.”…
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Hoy es el Día del Defensor de la Patria de #Kazajistán / #Kazakhstan, así que lo celebramos con un hilo sobre este país, cuna de las manzanas, con la mayor estación aeroespacial del mundo, una capital ridícula que homenajeaba al (ex) líder y (casi) nada de Borat 🇰🇿 ImageImageImageImage
Empecemos por el final: la capital se llama Akmola. En realidad se llama Astaná. Y también se llamó Nur-sultán. Pero Nursultán es un tipo, el de la foto. Y era también una ciudad. Esta ciudad, con pirámides y cosas doradas, como de Supersónicos 👇

¿Cómo llegamos a esto? ImageImageImageImage
Kazajistán era un kanato heredero de la Horda Dorada, esos mongoles-túrquicos que alguna vez invadieron Moscú. Ya en esa época el islam era la religión predominante.

Para mediados del siglo XIX pasó a ser parte del Imperio Ruso, igual que casi toda Asia Central. ImageImageImage
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Nine years ago, #RussiaIsANaziState attacked Jews of #Odesa.

Simon Wiesenthal became our map. On 24 February, full scale #RussiaIsANaziState invasion began that included targeting Jews, killing Holocaust survivors, destroying #Holocaust memorials and using Russian
Protocols of Zion propaganda again for another #Holocaust. Except Odesa Jews were ready. It will take lifetime #RussiaIsANaziState does not have to understand what we did to stop them. #RussiaIsANaziState is collapsing. We ensured it.

You Rashists are never killing Jews again.
Not another pogrom Image
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Welcome to Daily Thread number 399 with all the important news of #Russia's illegal war in #Ukraine.

However don't forget that it's over 3,300 days since the first invasion of sovereign Ukrainian territory by Putin. Had the West acted decisively then this wouldn't have happened.
... and leading on from that, if we fail to act decisively now or "seek peace" on the wrong terms, we will face another war and a larger crisis a few further years down the line.

Better late than never. We must support #Ukraine until Russia stops all aggression.

Plenty of news yesterday, including #France recognising #Holodomor as genocide, the IOC President desperately trying to stay friends with Uti-Puti and an armed assault on a police station in a southern republic in #Russia.

Catch up here - click + scroll!

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Day 398 of #Russia's full war on #Ukraine + this is the start of the daily thread for Tuesday.

Already today another drone attack by the aggressor - details coming up, plus all the rest of the news as it unfolds throughout the day.

Yesterday's 🧵is here:

So first let's get to the drone attack. #Ukraine has shot down 13 UAVs which mostly attacked #Kyiv.

#Russia released 12 of the Iran kamikaze Shahids and one reconnaissance drone.

There were explosions in the capital but there are no injuries.

In #Kyiv a three-storey building was hit during #Russia's attack. It's possible it was struck by downed drones; fires started in two places.

This is in the Svyatoshyn district of #Ukraine's capital.
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1. Dr. David Duke's book "The Secret Behind Communism" does a great job exposing the Jewish #Zionist roots of #Communism, the most genocidal political ideology in history, responsible for the deaths of over 100 million people...
2. Thanks to Jewish control of the media practically everyone knows about the Holocaust, and almost no one knows about #Holodomor, the Jewish-led Ukranian genocide responsible for many more millions of deaths just a decade prior. 😳 Image
3. Practically everyone knows the "#Hitler killed 6 million Jews" myth, and almost no one knows the "Yagoda killed 10 million non-Jews" fact. Image
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[𝗛𝗼𝗹𝗼𝗱𝗼𝗺𝗼𝗿 𝗲𝗺 𝗽𝗮𝘂𝘁𝗮]

Quando as pessoas descrevem indivíduos ou regimes particularmente maléficos, por que elas utilizam os termos "nazista" ou "fascista", mas quase nunca "comunista"? ⬇
@38bitcoinheiro @alan_schramm @rpandolfato @gustavoramos @liberdadenumen Considerando o inigualável volume de sofrimento humano causado pelos comunistas, por que o termo "𝗰𝗼𝗺𝘂𝗻𝗶𝘀𝘁𝗮" causa muito menos repulsa das massas?

Vejamos: ⬇
@38bitcoinheiro @alan_schramm @rpandolfato @gustavoramos @liberdadenumen Os comunistas mataram 70 milhões de pessoas na #China , mais de 20 milhões de pessoas na União Soviética (e isso sem incluir os aproximadamente 5 milhões de ucranianos), e exterminaram um terço (33%) da população do Camboja.…

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wenn Andere nebenbei "Bombenangriff auf Kyiv" erwähnen, kommen mir immer diese Bilder in den Sinn. Das ist es, was #russischerKolonialismus mit Tschetschenien und Grosny gemacht hat, als diese im Jahr 2000 versuchten, das Imperium zu verlassen. ImageImageImage
Ein Kriegsverbrechen schrecklichen Ausmaßes, aber dem Rest der Welt war es egal, also machte Moskau weiter. Moskau ist furchtbar unkreativ. In den letzten hundert Jahren hat #russischerKolonialismus immer wieder dieselbe Invasions- und Besatzungstaktik angewandt. Ein thread: 🧵
1911-44. Tannu-Tuva versucht, den russischen #Kolonialismus zu verlassen. Moskau putscht, installiert ein Marionettenregime, beginnt mit der kulturellen Auslöschung, schickt russische Siedlerkolonialisten und annektiert schließlich das Land.… Image
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THREAD🧵1-On the anniversary of Putin's insane escalatory invasion, a thread on all my content on it (you can find all that work here…)
2-It began with a long Small Wars Journal article published on February 21, a few days before the invasion and looking at the context of the coming invasion, through the lens of Russian imperialism, NATO disinformation, Eastern European agency, and timing…
3-I turned that article into four separate articles on my website, the first on Feb 21 dealing with the timing of Putin's buildup and soon-to-be invasion. Essentially, Putin misread Biden & NATO as weak after January 6 and Afghanistan…
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St. Michael’s Cathedral has so many layers of symbolism. It was built 11th century and Destroyed by the #Soviet regime in 1930s to be rebuilt again in independent #Ukraine.
Bearing the name St. Michael, considered to be a protector of #Kyiv, this space has served as a safe haven during the Revolution of Dignity in 2014.
The Cathedral and space around it has also become place of remembrance for victims of #Holodomor and those who died fighting against #Russian aggression since 2014.

📷 shows the memorial wall in the side of the Cathedral.
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У п‘ятницю, 10 лютого у культурному центрі TUFA, що знаходиться в німецькому містечку Трір, відбулося відкриття проєкту «ГОЛОДОМОР: історія римується». ImageImageImageImage
В рамках цього проєкту експонується виставка Музею Голодомору «Незасуджений геноцид українців повторюється», виставка колажу від проєкту Cutout Collage Festival & Studio «Паралелі» та інсталяція «Обід, приготовлений росією» підготовлена нашим музеєм.
Ідея організувати виставку у культурному центрі TUFA Trier з’явилася після проведення акції «Uncounted 1932.2022. Food as a weapon of genocide».
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Exhibition project “HOLODOMOR: History rhymes” was presented in the German city of Trier ImageImageImageImage
On Friday, February 10, the TUFA cultural centre in the German city of Trier opened the project “HOLODOMOR: History rhymes”.
As a part of this project, the exhibition of the Holodomor Museum, “The Uncondemned Genocide of Ukrainians Repeats”, the collage exhibition from the CUTOUT COLLAGE project “Parallels,” and the installation “Lunch prepared by Russia” created by our museum are on display.
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Neue Erkenntnis: Ob #Holodomor ein #Völkermord war oder nicht, ist umstritten. Ich halte die Klassifikation als "Völkermord" mittlerweile für widerlegt.
Stalin & Molotow haben die Hungersnot erheblich verschlimmert & genutzt, um Kulaken auszurotten (#Klassozid).
Die Opferzahlen der Großen Hungersnot waren aber:
8.815.000 gesamte UdSSR
davon UA 4 Mio, RU 3,3 Mio, KZ 1,25 Mio.
Relativ: 22,4 % Kasachstan, 13,3 % Ukraine, 3,2 % Russland, 1,7 % Zentralasien (ohne Kasachstan), 1,3 % Weißrussland, 0,6 % Transkaukasien.
Ein Genozid zeichnet sich dadurch aus, daß der Völkermörder nicht absolut fast so viele Tote wie das Völkermordopfer & relativ ¼ der eigenen Bevölkerung verliert. #Ukraine️ litt überproportional an der Großen Hungersnot, 4 Mio Menschen sind tot. Ein #Genozid ist aber was anderes
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Ganz wichtig, weil es zu einer 🇺🇦jüdischen Familiengeschichte gehört. Aber lest selbst. Zitat: Ich fühle mich, als würde mein Verstand vor dieser Obszönität explodieren, dass 🇷🇺🗑️sich den #Holocaust (siehe gerade Lawrov) aneignet, um sich gegen seine Verbrechen zu verteidigen👇🧵
1/1 die länger, inspirierter als Hitler und schlimmer als Nazideutschland sind. Russland ist das Original der Nazi-Ideologie. So wird dies 1 Lektion sein.
1. Annas Geschichtsunterricht - Teil 5 - Russische Holocausts und Antisemitismus
Bevor Russland eine Föderation war, war das
2/1 Sowjetimperium ein völkermörderisches, imperiales Gebilde, das Völker kolonisierte und auslöschte und sie zur Russifizierung zwang. Jüdische Menschen würden nicht ihrer Identität beraubt werden, sagten sie. Also verübte Russland im ganzen Reich einen Völkermord an den Juden,
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#RussianNazis have been #RussianNazis since before they funded Nazi Germany with stolen #Holodomor grain.
They were #RussianNazis when they start WWII with Nazi Germany and plan to divide up Europe, that allied evil only end when Hitler betrayed Russia in 1941
They were #RussianNazis when they came to liberate Auschwitz and raped victims there.

“rape of Jewish women survivors of concentration camps, including Stutthof, Ravensbrück and Auschwitz-Birkenau”…
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#Holocaust is trending. Not one called #pogroms carried out by Russian empire that killed my family.

Not one called #Holodomor carried out by Soviet Russia that killed my family to fund socialist Nazi Germany. Not #WWII one that killed my family by fascist Nazi Germany.
Not Soviet ethnic cleansing for 80 year that killed my family. Not #Kholodomor killing Holocaust survivors now in my country. No, some stupid shit in politics that everyone upset over. They not upset over Holocaust survivors they failed again:
Not upset over crying and scared Holocaust survivors. Not upset they had to run again because fascists have come for them :
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