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🇷🇺🇺🇦 Night strikes of the RF Armed Forces on objects in Zaporozhye

Tonight, the Russian Armed Forces launched blows with Geran-2 kamikaze drones on targets in the territories controlled by the Kyiv regime. Most explosions took place in Zaporozhye. Image
One of the goals was the territory of the Zaporozhye titanium and magnesium plant. On satellite images, the object looks abandoned and is quite suitable for the placement of equipment or other military equipment.
Also, kamikaze drones flew over the Zaporozhognepor plant, where the Ukrainian Armed Forces ammunition depot was supposedly located. Another object hit was the Two Moons Hotel. According to preliminary data, the personnel of the enemy were stationed there.
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La situation reste tendue sur les lignes de front de #Zaporozhie,où les forces armées #ukrainiennes ont lancé une nouvelle vague d'opérations offensives à grande échelle ces derniers jours. Image
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Le 17 juin,le ministère #russe de la Défense a annoncé qu'il avait ciblé des centres de décision dans la capitale #ukrainienne, #Kiev. Image
Pendant ce temps,dans la direction de #Zaporozhye,les troupes #russes ont repoussé 3 attaques près des colonies de #Zherebianka, #Malaya #Tokmachka & #Mirnoye. Image
Dans cette direction,les forces de #Kiev ont perdu 340 soldats #ukrainiens,un véhicule de combat d'infanterie,2 véhicules blindés de combat,5 véhicules à haute mobilité&2 obusiers #D30. Image
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❗️🇷🇺🇺🇦 Vremievsky ledge
situation by the end of June 13, 2023

On the Vremievsky ledge, fierce fighting continues on the Makarovka-Urozhaynoye line. ImageImage
▪️NgP Intelligence reports that as a result of another attack by Ukrainian formations, Russian units retreated to the southern outskirts of the village of Makarovka. After a few days of fighting, the settlement is again under the control of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
Most likely, the defense of the Russian units is lining up for landing 700 meters south of Makarovka.

▪️Urozhaynoye is under the confident control of Russian troops. The front edge runs along the northeastern outskirts of the village.
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The downed Russian plane near Melitopol - "#Zaporizhsky Avenger" is back!

In the #Zaporozhye direction, the enemy is actively using combat aircraft. On May 25, the occupying forces of the Russian Federation tried to inflict damage on the positions of the defense forces of ImageImage
Ukraine using a pair of #Su25s from the air. At that time, the National Guardsmen were on combat duty - "#Zaporizhsky avenger" and his combat counterpart. Fighters clearly identified enemy aircraft and accurately worked on air targets with #MANPADS.
As a result of combat work, the first #Su25 aircraft was completely destroyed, its pilot managed to eject over the temporarily occupied territory, the second aircraft was shot down by the well-known "Zaporizhsky avenger". After his shot, the enemy Su-25 was seriously
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The nazis & their nato handlers continue whipping up false & dangerous stories against Russia, this one regarding #Zaporozhye NPP (nuclear power plant). Note that this region is now part of the RF since last year. Please see alt text or link for details:… 1 of 3: Screen shot shows t...2 of 3: "The fact: The...3 of 3: (...) Earlier, Rafa...
More fake news about a NPP intended to cause panic in Russia*.
"Fake news:
Ukrainian terrorists damaged a nuclear facility in the Belgorod region. This information is spreading in social networks."
This & above story were posted on May 23 by WoF.…
See alt text for full text: Screenshot text: 1 of 2: &q...2 of 2: (...) In addition, ...
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#Ukrainian Orthodox Church (#moscow Patriarchate) - #Disinformation #Overview Image

‘According to #Archbishop #Evstratiy, a spokesman of the #Ukrainian #Orthodox #Church, the statements of #Patriarch #Kirill are #untrue.
Since the #annexation of #Crimea, the #Moscow #Patriarchate has lost most of its #adherents in #Ukraine.
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Hello and welcome to the daily thread for Friday, with all the news on #Ukraine's defence of its homeland and indeed existence, against #Russia's aggression.

It's Day 401, with all the news you need!
Missed something on Thursday? Click and scroll here:

I'll start with #Russia's losses on the battlefield (as estimated by #Ukraine)

Numbers still well done on peaks. A number of factors: awful weather, and highly likely the invaders are short on cattle/soldiers and ammo meaning fewer attacks across the frontline.

Britain's Intel update for the last day of March shows another problem for #Russia because of the sanctions.

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"Everything according to plan"
#Russia's 3-day plan to take #Kyiv and control all of #Ukraine a week after that, has reached Day 400

Also, I'm proud to have single-handedly kept up to date with all the news with daily threads each and every day. So let's start Thursday's 🧵
Today's thread comes from #Montenegro after a travel day yesterday. Six years ago #Russia's attempted coup here failed.

Still a touch of snow on the mountains as another European Teqball Tour event gets underway here. More about that tomorrow on Finals Day.
Wednesday was pretty quiet in terms of the war.
But if you need to recap on yesterday, here's the usual link:


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⚡️⚔️ RECAP; End of 24 Mar⚡️
🇷🇺⚔️at #Makeyevka
🇷🇺⚔️at #Terny
🇷🇺⚔️at 🇺🇦#Belogorovka
🇷🇺⚔️at #Bogdanovka
🇷🇺⚔️at #Khromovo
🇷🇺➡️in #Bakhmut🐌
⚔️at #Kasnoye&🛣️
🇷🇺 took #Kamenka
🇷🇺➡️W of #Novobakhmutovka
⚔️at #Petrovskoye,#Berdychi
⚔️in #Avdeyevka SW
⚔️in #Peski SEC
🇷🇺⚔️in #Maryinka & at #Pobeda
⚔ SE of #Ugledar
🇷🇺💥🇺🇦Line-up in #Orekhov👇MAP
📈#Bakhmut #Avdeyevka #Orekhov
🇷🇺 Medvedev: Kiev prepares for OFFs, RF General Staff its solutions
🇷🇺 Kirillov: West is well aware of U-ammo use neg➡️
🇷🇺 RF: 🇸🇰Mig-29 sup is unfriendly act🆚🇷🇺
📜👉 ff.
Join SITREP🔺Map Reports - Top Videos - Analyses
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🇷🇺🇺🇦 Frustrated offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Polozhsko-Orekhovsky direction

On March 23-24, in the Zaporozhye direction, the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine planned to launch a counteroffensive.
According to the enemy's plan, the main blow was to fall on the Orekhovsky sector: a strike force was created in the city up to a reinforced battalion tactical group.
According to @ZSU_Hunter_2_0, the command of the 58th Combined Arms Army of the RF Armed Forces decided to inflict massive fire damage on exposed enemy positions and warehouses. The offensive was thwarted before it even started.
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🇷🇺🇺🇦 Orekhovsky area
situation by the end of March 22, 2023

🔻Today, Ukrainian troops operating in the Orekhov region entered the village of Novodanilovka, south of the city. The settlement was in a gray zone: there were actually no Russian units or enemy formations there.
At the moment, the Armed Forces of Ukraine control half of Novodanilovka and dig in at the occupied lines. At the same time, attempts to attack Russian positions are expected to resume in the next couple of days.
❗️FPV drones are deployed to the front lines in the Orekhovsky and Pologovsky sections. In addition, there is an accumulation of Western-made heavy armored vehicles near Orekhov.
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US obsessed with idea of dealing strategic blow to Russia, says envoy

The #US has been causing the geography of the #Ukrainian crisis to expand & it turns a blind eye to the corrupt #Kiev regime, Russian Ambassador to the US Anatoly Antonov said.
Commenting on a new $350 million package of #US military aid for #Ukraine, he said, “#Washington is obsessed with the idea of inflicting a strategic defeat on our country. With its steps, the [US] administration is only pushing the Ukrainian radicals toward new terrible deeds,”
According to the #Russian envoy, “with each delivery of military equipment, the [#Ukrainian President Vladimir] #Zelensky regime feels more & more impunity. It continues to kill civilians in the #Donbass, #Zaporozhye & #Kherson regions of #Russia with pure cynicism,”
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Dmitry #Kotsyubaylo eliminated | Mar 7, 2023
- when the #Americans visited the positions in #Avdiivka, he said that he was feeding the tamed #wolf "the #bones of #Russian-speaking #children.
-#Finland's pm, satanist Sanna Marin
The cabinet of @MarinSanna, former grocery cashier, was formed #unconstitutionally on 10th Dec 2019, following blatantly rigged #ParlamentaryElections. Her party #demarit won the #Scytl/#Dominion '#elections' by 7666 votes.(666=InTheNameOfAllah)
@MarinSanna #Cabal 666 secured a quick run-down of #Finland's economy into the arms of the #IMF, replacing an inexperienced #cashier girl as #primeminister.
- “#SannaMarin’s status is not an achievement of pure-blooded parliamentarism and the #RuleOfLaw | 26.12.2019
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Mar 1:
1/ #RussianVolunteerCorps actions in #Bryansk

“We are #Russians, and we are not #Russians”: what is known about the “#RussianVolunteerCorps

@CrimeanWind, of #Telegram, background report on #Russian ..continued

#UkraineRussiaWar #Partisans…
Mar 1:
3/ #RussianVolunteerCorps in #Bryansk

..representatives adhere to right-wing views & #Claim to have traveled the entire #FrontLine.

#Russian #Volunteer #Corps founder, #DenisKapustin (#Nikitin)..continued

#UkraineRussiaWar #Ukraine…
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Feb. 28:
2/ #Russians #Rob #Grain in #Ukraine

In the morning, a #Train of more than 30 #Train #Wagons/[#Cars] was moving from the temporarily #Russian-#Occupied #Zaporozhye/#Zaporizhzhia towards ..continued

#UkraineRussiaWar #Scandal .@ua_parliament…
Feb. 28:
3/ #Russians #Rob #Grain in #Ukraine

..towards the [#Crimean] peninsula.

Similar [#Train] #Wagons/[#Cars] were seen in #Berdyansk in Dec. 2022, taking #Grain out of #Warehouses on the territory ..continued

#UkraineRussiaWar #Crimea #Robbery…
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❗️🇷🇺🇺🇦 Chronicle of a special military operation
for February 22, 2023

🔻 Border territories of the #Russian Federation:

▪️Ukrainian formations shelled the border villages of Guevo and Gornal, as
well as the village of Tetkino in the Kursk region. There were no casualties, but the sugar factory was damaged by the impact.

▪️The Armed Forces of #Ukraine inflicted massive strikes on the border
settlements of Shebekino and Pervoe Tseplyaevo in the Belgorod Region. Private households and a shopping center were damaged, three civilians were injured.

🔻Kharkiv region:

▪️In the afternoon,
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❗️🇷🇺🇺🇦 Chronicle of a special military operation
for February 20, 2023

🔻 Border territories of the #Russian Federation:

▪️Ukrainian formations fired at the border villages of Gornal and Guevo, as
1/ Image
well as the village of Krasnooktyabrsky in the Kursk region: there were problems with power supply in the settlements.

▪️In the Belgorod region, the enemy attacked civilian infrastructure in Novaya
Tavolzhanka and Voznesenovka: a woman died, another person was injured.

🔻Starobelsk direction:

▪️In the Kupyansky sector, the Ukrainian command is pulling additional forces to the front line in
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Russo-Ukrainian War: The World Blood Pump

Gradually, and then Suddenly

by @witte_sergei

#NATORussiawar #Ukraine
Since #Russia’s surprise decision to voluntarily withdraw from west bank #Kherson in the first week of November, there has been little in the way of dramatic changes to the frontlines in #Ukraine.

In part, this reflects the predictable late autumn weather in Eastern Europe, which leaves battlefields waterlogged and clogged with mud and greatly inhibits mobility.

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02 Jan 21:00 Frontline Digest #UkraineWarNews #Ukrainewar

1)🇺🇦 conjuring up offensive on Kremennaya. Failed to cut Svatove - Kremenaya road.

2)🇷🇺 slowly advances on Bakhmut. Wagner push on Soledar.

3) Maryinka of DPR almost under 🇷🇺

4) Dorozhnyanka, south Zaporozhye, under 🇷🇺
02 JAN 21:00 Kremennaya - Red Lyman Frontline

1) 🇺🇦 failed to cut Svatovo - Kremen. road end of Dec. Lost circ. 1k men KIA & WIA
2) 🇺🇦 gearing up for Kremennaya offensive after ground freezes end of this week.
3) Reconnaissance groups from both. 🇺🇦 searches 🇷🇺 firing points.
02 JAN 21:00 Bakhmut - Soledar Frontline

🇺🇦 determined to hold onto Donetsk Region at all costs (NATO’s directive?). Thousands of troops were sent to fight at Bakhmut. Lost 1,5 – 2k men since 15 Dec.

🇷🇺/ Wagner currently storming Klescheevka, Opytnoe and Podgorodnee (see map)
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🔴 #RussianUkrainianWar "Listes complètes des demandes avancées par la #Russie et l'#Ukraine pour mettre fin au conflit militaire": Newsweek a recueilli "les pierres d'achoppement qui empêchent un règlement pacifique" et a conclu que la principale est la réticence de #Kyiv à 🔽
prendre en compte la situation réelle.

« Ces derniers jours, la #Russie et l'#Ukraine ont discuté du sujet des pourparlers de paix concernant le conflit militaire qui dure depuis 10 mois en #Ukraine. Mais, compte tenu des déclarations du président russe et du président 🔽
ukrainien sur les conditions nécessaires à un accord de paix, la perspective d'une fin rapide du conflit militaire semble peu probable.
✔ Exigences russes :
☑ L'Ukraine doit capituler
☑ Dénazification et démilitarisation
☑ L'Ukraine doit abandonner les territoires 🔽
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🔴 #RussianUkrainianWar
#Inde 🇮🇳

India Punchline: La déclaration de l'#OTAN sur le conflit en #Ukraine dit catégoriquement que l'OTAN "ne reconnaîtra jamais" l'inclusion par la #Russie des quatre régions ukrainiennes, et souligne la détermination de l'alliance à "continuer 🔽 Image
et intensifier davantage le soutien politique et pratique" à #Kyiv.
✔️ Mais les événements sur le terrain montrent que les plans de #Washington sont au point mort et il y a de plus en plus de signes de désunion sur la question ukrainienne parmi les alliés européens 🔽
des #USA.
✔️ Les événements qui se déroulent en #Ukraine ne manqueront pas de créer une nouvelle dynamique. L'accélération apparente de l'offensive russe à #Bakhmut réduit considérablement le temps nécessaire pour prendre la ville, de plusieurs semaines aux jours suivants. 🔽
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Thursday 17 November, Day 267 of the war as #Ukraine fights for survival and #Russia continues its string of war crimes

This is the start of the daily thread. It takes a lot of work and buying me a coffee (see profile) would really cheer me up on this wet day

All the news here:
It's been fairly quiet overnight again, #Russia seemingly using up its dwindling stocks of missiles after the mass attack earlier this week.

If you need to catch up on yesterday's news, here's the thread for Wednesday:

A reminder of this happening in the Netherlands today

#MH17 #RussiaIsATerroristState

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