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۱-در ادامه بررسی بازار #اتریوم و پاسخ به این سوال که در کجای بازار هستیم، به دو معیار #onchain کابردی در زمان بندی چرخه اتریوم و (به احتمال قوی رمزارزهای مشابه) اشاره خواهیم کرد.
1- #MVRV - Market Value to Realized Value Ratio
📌این #رشتو به معنای سیگنال نیست.
۲- معیار #Velocity و یا نسبت مجموع دلاری تراکنش‌ها به میزان ارزش دلاری حال بازار #MarketValue در کنار #MVRV (نسبت میزان ارزش دلاری حال بازار به نسبت ارزش دلاری ذخیره شده بازار ) #RelizedMarketValue می توانند در تشخیص/تایید تغییر فاز بازار به کار گرفته بشوند.
۳- در مرحله انتهای بازار خرسی و تعادل نسبی خرید/فروش، بازیگران باتجربه در حال خرید ارزهای خرده فروشان ناامید از رشد بازار می باشند (#Capitulation). در این مرحله Velocity یا حجم تبادلات به ارزش کل بازار، کم نوسان و در در کمینه خود قرار دارد (خط سیاه). Image
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“Entity-Adjusted Dormancy Flow (DF)” İndikatörü
#Bitcoin Örneği


Mevcut piyasa değeri ile 1 yıllık dormancy değerinin oranıdır.

(“Dormancy”den kasıt hareketsiz/uykudaki kriptopara)

DF, piyasanın düşük seviyelerini belirlemek ve #boğa piyasasının nispeten normal koşullarda kalıp kalmadığını değerlendirmek için kullanılır.

#Bitcoin'in yükseliş eğilimi mi yoksa düşüş eğilimi mi olduğunu doğrulamaya yardımcı olur.
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#Volume #Price Action (VPA) 101

Five phases of VPA are as follows:

- Accumulation Phase

- Buying Climax

- Testing

- Distribution Phase

- Selling Climax

#Accumulation phase

Before the insiders can begin to do anything, they need to make sure they have enough inventory, to meet demand.

Once accumulation has begun, the price action follows this typical pattern, where the market is repeatedly moved higher and lower.

#Accumulation phase

It's all about supply and demand. If the insiders can create the demand, then they need the supply to meet this demand.

The repeated buying by the insiders is highlighted in blue.

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Few observations on #Accumulation pattern in #BHEL

Interesting to see how multiple things add up when price is near inflection point of new breakout. Lets see how it goes. Image
Today's Follow through Volume on the Upside in #BHEL speaks a lot about DIRECTION now...

#Update Image
Updated chart of #BHEL .... The current pattern do not look like the one made during Sep-Oct 2019. The current move has much more accumulation signals than before. However, now the negation point is 30 SMA. (in previous upmove stock tested 200 SMA.. that probability is high now) Image
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#DXone_Indicators [13/03/20]:


The #ADL is a #trendline that indicates #VOLUME. If it goes up, it indicates #BUYING_VOLUME is #high, and vice versa.

It depicts the cumulative flow of money.

Note: It Does Not Indicate Price But Indicates Demand.
ADL to Analyse Historical Bitcoin Movement:

From early January to March, a steady inflow into #BTC with stable price depicts what traders call - #Accumulation. The increase in #volume after the initial #pandemic scare depicts larger renewed interest in BTC than last year.
Disclaimer: This is not trading advice and is intended for educational purposes only. #DYOR
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Don’t #accumulate anything whatever: #power, #money, #prestige, #virtue, #knowledge, even the so-called #spiritual experiences. Don’t accumulate.

It doesn’t mean become a #beggar or #renounce the world. Be in the #world, but don’t be of the world.
If you don’t accumulate you are ready to #die any moment because you have nothing to #lose. The #mediation is living #death.

Don’t accumulate inside, be poor in #spirit. Never #possess anything and then you are ready to #die.
The more you #possess, the more you are afraid to lose. If you don’t possess anything, if your #purity, if your #spirit is uncontaminated by anything, if you are simply there #alone, you can disappear any moment; whenever #death knocks on the door it will find you ready.
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