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The bipartisan #infrastructure bill (#BIB) just passed the Senate. It would create jobs & take significant, but inadequate, #climateaction. Here are a few major investments–and what must be added in budget reconciliation to meet the scale of the #climatecrisis. [Thread]
Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure: at least $5 billion to create the first-ever national investment in EV charging infrastructure to create thousands of jobs and accelerate the transition to EVs.
Electric School Buses: $2.5 billion to replace diesel-powered school buses w/ electric pollution-free buses
*Another $2.5 billion for “clean” buses, which could be used for polluting “alternative fuel” buses (CNG, propane)(needs fix before final passage)…
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Here in La Crosse, WI, @RepRonKind opens up the program to welcome @JoeBiden to the Badger State with an impassioned argument for investing in infrastructure
Our great Senator @tammybaldwin describes how @JoeBiden has lived out his promise to #BuildBackBetter every day in office
Wisconsin’s @GovEvers tells how he ran on “fixing the darn roads,” and then got to work doing exactly that. He now has a partner in the White House who gets it!
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Thread: Today is the 22nd anniversary of the Supreme Court’s landmark #Olmstead decision, which held that states must serve people with disabilities in the community rather than institutions when community-based services can meet their needs.
Lawmakers have a historic opportunity to fulfill the promise of #Olmstead to ensure that people with disabilities can live in the community with the supports they need to stay out of institutions.
While progress has been made over the last two decades, many people with disabilities are still forced to live in institutional settings due to inadequate home- and community-based services (#HCBS) and affordable #housing.
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I’ve spent the last two days touring West Virginia with my friend, @Sen_JoeManchin, and I’ve been bowled over by the potential this state is teeming with. There’s no question, West Virginians understand the epic challenge ahead. But they can see the opportunity, too. 1/ ImageImageImageImage
I can see the Mountain State's resolve to seize this opportunity, and their eagerness to lead the country’s clean energy industries.

That's why I’m very pleased to announce awards that will foster #WV's contributions to the clean energy economy.… 2/
First, we are awarding $1 million to the US Research Alliance’s IMPACT Accelerator here in Morgantown through our EPIC program—which stands for Energy Program for Innovation Clusters.… 3/
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Sometimes, a casual conversation turns out to be prophetic and stays with you for decades to come. In 2006, I had lunch at the LA World Science Fiction Convention with @ericflint when the subject of Barack Obama came up. I admitted that his incredible rhetoric gave me hope.

1/ A vision of Hell from Hieronymus Bosch's 'Garden of Earthly
Flint - a union organizer from Chicago - quickly disabused me. Obama, he said, was a Chicago Machine Democrat, and that meant he was a cynical horse-trader whose version of "democracy" was for insiders to do deals in back-rooms, without accountability or transparency.

Those words stayed with me through the Obama years, as Obama literally shut off the server that grassroots organizers used to coordinate the campaign that got him elected and told us all to shut up and go away so he could strike deals with the GOP to get stuff done.

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@SenatorTimScott You want to have an honest conversation, Tim Scott

I don’t believe you’re prepared to address some hard truths

Because, Senator, before Democrats and Republicans can sit as equals, there are many questions you need to answer



@SenatorTimScott Your party famously decided making Obama a one term president was its most important priority

Not infrastructure
Not immigration reform
Not even the economy

No thought about helping the country

Why should Obama’s former VP work with you now

@SenatorTimScott The GOP worked hard to stop Obama, and his signature legislation, the Affordable Care Act

You fought it at every turn rather than working to improve it

Even though you KNEW it helped millions of Americans, you tried to kill it, lying when you claimed you had a better plan
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President Biden's #AmericanJobsPlan looks to increase the federal corporate tax rate to 28%, which would raise the U.S. federal-state combined tax rate to 32.34%, higher than every country in the OECD, the G7, and all our major trade partners and competitors including China.
While President Biden’s #AmericanJobsPlan emphasizes making goods in America, the tax increases will raise the cost of production in the U.S, erode American competitiveness, and slow our economic recovery.… #StateOfTheUnion
According to Congressional Budget Office and Tax Foundation modeling, tax increases on corporations are among the most harmful options to pay for the increased spending. #StateOfTheUnion #JointAddress
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Looking for hot takes on Biden's #AmericanFamiliesPlan?

@TCFdotorg's got you covered with this round-up of reactions from me, @pelhamprog @JulieKashen @drtaylor09 & more 👇…
@TCFdotorg @pelhamprog @JulieKashen @drtaylor09 tl;dr on my take:

Together with the #AmericanRescuePlan and the #AmericanJobsPlan, the #AmericanFamiliesPlan represents an historic commitment to addressing America’s shameful and unjust levels of poverty and inequality.

@TCFdotorg @pelhamprog @JulieKashen @drtaylor09 On the income security front, there's lots to be excited about in the #AmericanFamiliesPlan -- including:

* making the EITC expansion for "childless" workers permanent
* permanent full refundability of the Child Tax Credit
* historic expansions of school meals, and more.

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Today's edition of #EnergyFlux is out now!

This issue is *free* - click through to get a feel for premium membership

Find out more at…
Here's a direct link to today's lead story:

Leap of faith: Exxon bets the house on explosive growth in CCS and hydrogen…
Also in today's issue:

EU taxonomy wrangling exposes uneven starting points in Europe's #netzero journey

#naturalgas #nuclear #sustainablefinance…
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Critical care economy workers in West Virginia are 85% female and paid on average just $10.93/HR. The #AmericanJobsPlan would create good paying #union jobs that would make a difference for workers, as well as seniors & consumers. #CareIsEssential @JoeManchinWV @Sen_JoeManchin
Call your legislators with the U.S. Congress at 877-689-2371 to share your support. #CareIsEssential
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We’re proud to be home care workers doing the work of keeping seniors and people with disabilities safe in the pandemic. Call 877-689-2371 today and tell Congress to support the #AmericanJobsPlan to create good #union home care jobs. #CareIsEssential @JoeManchinWV @Sen_JoeManchin
The American Jobs Plan would help working West Virginians like me by... "Putting care workers like me at the center of economic recovery. That's how we Build Back Better!"
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The cost of housing is squeezing communities and families. That’s why @repcleaver and I are reintroducing my bill to build nearly 3 million new housing units & bring down rents by 10% – closing the affordable housing gap. It's the big, bold policy we need.…
The legacy of federally-sanctioned housing discrimination has prevented Black families from buying homes & developing intergenerational wealth with homeownership. My bill includes a down payment assistance program for communities historically denied mortgages by the government.
Our bill has a new competitive grant program as an incentive for local governments to eliminate unnecessary land use restrictions that drive up housing costs, & implement tenant protections. President Biden called for this in his #AmericanJobsPlan – I've got the bill ready to go.
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Huge, but not surprising number: rapid electrification of US vehicle fleet could save drivers $2.7 trillion in fuel and maintenance costs by 2050. Clean energy = cheap energy.…
Not surprising because a more efficient drive train uses less energy, so drivers spend less. And fewer moving parts = less maintenance expense. Huge because $2.7 trillion is a lot of money.
To be sure, falling battery and vehicle costs is great but insufficient. We need a lot more charging infrastructure to realize this opportunity, especially to ensure that folks who don't have private garages still have access to charging infrastructure.
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A house with a white picket fence and a big backyard for BBQs may be a staple of the American Dream, but multifamily zoning is key to combating climate change, racial injustice and the housing crisis.
@POTUS's $2.3 trillion infrastructure plan would award grants and tax credits to cities that change zoning laws to bolster more equitable access to affordable housing.
"The result of this sort of investment will be critical to increasing housing options for low- and moderate-income families," said @SecFudge @HUDgov
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INFOGRAPHIC🔎President Biden’s ambitious #Infrastructure plan includes a varied package of initiatives, from traditional projects like roads and bridges to #Climate initiatives and programs outside the traditional infrastructure scope. (Thread👇)…
Below is a summary of proposed expenditures under the $2 trillion-plus #AmericanJobsPlan that Democrats will try to pass through a nearly evenly split Congress in the coming months, which Biden says is the 1st in his 2-part economic plan.
Biden's plan includes $621 billion for transportation infrastructure and resilience projects, including $115 billion to modernize bridges, highways and roads.

This also includes funding to improve #AirQuality, limit greenhouse gas #Emissions, and reduce congestion.
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Since @POTUS revealed the #AmericanJobsPlan, there’s been discussion about whether or not care is infrastructure.

Infrastructure = basic structure needed for our society & economy to run. Caring for each other has always been the fulcrum of both. [THREAD] 1/9
Care is constant. We all receive care from the moment we’re born to when we die. So of course care is infrastructure...our human infrastructure includes things like schools & the full range of care: the supports & services that allow us to work, grow & thrive.

#CareCantWait 2/9
We need support systems in place to help us live full and dignified lives. Our families & communities are suffering because what exists is fragmented, and care work is undervalued, causing so many people to fall in between the cracks.… 3/9
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.@HC_Richardson's excellent thread on Biden's #AmericanJobsPlan

President Joe Biden today unveiled a new $2 trillion infrastructure proposal titled The American Jobs Plan. The statement introducing the plan notes that the United States currently ranks 13th in the world
for the quality of our infrastructure, and that our public domestic investment as a share of the economy has fallen more than 40% since the 1960s. It calls attention to the fact that our roads and bridges are crumbling and that our electrical grid keeps failing.
Too few people have access to affordable housing or to the Internet, while our infrastructure for caregiving—a vital part of our lives—is fragile, it says. It promises to unify and mobilize the country to address climate change and the rise of an autocratic China.
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For nearly a decade, the Roosevelt Institute has called on policymakers to rewrite the rules of our economy—to make it fairer, more inclusive, and more productive.

The #AmericanJobsAct is a major step toward doing that.
For generations, policymakers used the power of the state to redistribute income upward and remove economic decisions from the democratic process.
This market-oriented approach failed to generate sustainable livelihoods for most Americans, especially for communities of color and those globalization abandoned.
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President Biden’s #AmericanJobsPlan is crammed full of a lot of good policies that I’ve been fighting for to help working families and our economy. I wanted to highlight just a few:
I’ve been sounding the alarm long before COVID about the big, structural investments that we need to make child care part of our basic infrastructure. President Biden’s plan invests in child care facilities and availability, a good first step on the path to universal care.
I’ve introduced a housing bill to build millions of new housing units, and a bill to take care of our badly-needed public housing repairs. President Biden’s plan gets us a good part of the way there to create jobs and make housing more affordable.
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Today @POTUS unveiled the #AmericanJobsPlan that includes transformative investments in clean energy that could kickstart the economy, create millions of good jobs and tackle the #climatecrisis head on. Here are a few key measures in the proposal [THREAD]
Electric Vehicles: $174 billion to compete in the global #EV market and support American workers to make batteries and EVs, electrify federal fleet, replace 50,000 diesel transit vehicles & work w/ state/local governments to build national network of 500,000 EV chargers by 2030.
Electric School Buses: Electrify at least 20% of US school bus fleet through new Clean Buses for Kids Program at @EPA and set the country on a path to 100% clean buses. Our analysis shows electric buses can have major health, cost-savings & jobs benefits.…
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1/11 Thread on climate innovation in #AmericanJobsPlan – 1st and foremost: IT’S HUGE. Remember that total federal R&D spending is abt $150B per year of which half is DOD & only about $8B goes to energy @MattHourihan @kellysgallagher…
2/ New solutions for hard-to-abate sectors: $35B specifically for this purpose w/explicit goal of positioning US as global leader, which we aren’t now…
3/11 My particular favorite within this frame: $15B demo program across a wide range of tech areas – storage, CCS, H2, floating wind, etc. @JaneAFlegal @cleanaircatf @AddisonKStark @CarbonWrangler…
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President Biden’s #AmericanJobsPlan will make the economy stronger & the tax code fairer by raising the corporate tax rate & limiting the ability of corporations to shift profits & investments overseas and using the revenue to finance a 21st century infrastructure.

Raising taxes on corporate profits by partially reversing the 2017 tax cuts won’t hurt the economy & the investments they finance will strengthen it and broaden opportunity. The costly 2017 law slashed the corporate tax rate to 21% w/little discernible effect on the economy.
Here’s the evidence: @JasonFurman told Ways & Means in Feb 2020: “GDP growth did not increase following the 2017 tax law”
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1/10 @POTUS's #AmericanJobsPlan has some amazing ideas and funding for addressing #climatechange. I'm somewhat awestruck by the careful thought, detail, and ambition. If passed, it would catalyze the economy and deploy a lot of the needed infrastructure to decarbonize. Thoughts:
2/10 The plan makes a concerted effort to address transportation GHGs, by:
->Investing $85bn to address the backlog of public transit repairs
->Deploying 500k EV chargers by 2030
->Electrifying buses, incl. 20% of school buses
->Electrifying federal vehicle fleet, including USPS
3/10 It targets electricity emissions, by investing $100bn to:
->Fund a tax credit to build 20 GW of transmission and create a Grid Deployment Authority
->Extend the PTC/ITC and move to cash grants
->Create clean energy block grants
->Create a 100x2035 clean electricity standard
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