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A 10 tweet thread on the indomitable Fairchild Republic A-10 Warthog, the "flying tank". Enjoy! 1/10 #avgeeks #aviation #aviationdaily #USAF #Warthog
A Warthog pilot sits in a "bathtub" of titanium armour, at places up to 38 mm thick and weighing 544 kg. This is proof against direct hits from 23-mm cannon. 2/10 #avgeeks #aviation #USAF #Warthog
The GAU-8/A's barrel is some 80 calibres long, resulting in a length of nearly 2.5 meters. It's one of the largest weapons of its type in the world. 3/10 #avgeeks #aviation #USAF #Warthog
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Tomcat musing: a short thread on the "dowdy" parts of one of the most glamours interceptors of the world. 1/6 #avgeeks #aviation #aviationdaily #Tomcat #TopGun #USNavy
Did you know that when the F-14 stretches its wings fully forward, the fuselage slots into which the wings retracted are sealed with inflatable airbags? The airbags use bleed air from the TF30s to inflation! 2/6
#avgeeks #aviation #TopGun #Tomcat
The F-14's variable-geometry outer wings carry full-span leading-edge slats and almost full-span trailing-edge flaps. In addition, four-section spoilers augment the differential movement of the tailrons in roll control. 3/6
#avgeeks #aviation #Tomcat #USNavy
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Aardvarks and the dawn of tank-plinking, a thread. 1/8
#avgeeks #aviation #USAF #DesertStorm #History
On the night of Feb 5, 1991, Col. Tom Lennon, commander of #USAF's 48th FW, led a pair of F-111s on an experimental mission against dug-in units of the #Iraqi Republican Guard in the deserts north of Kuwait. 2/8 #avgeeks #aviation #DesertStorm #History
For the experiment, each F-111 was armed with a Pave Track pod and four GBU-12 500 lb LGBs. The crews were to see if LGBs could be guided accurately enough to hit targets as small as an AFV. 3/8 #avgeeks #aviation #USAF #DesertStorm #History
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1/72 RAF Nimrod R1(P) - modelled (roughly!) on the Cosford (formerly Waddington) Nimrod - this kit has been in my stash for some time. @Airfix #airfix #nimrod #avgeek #avgeeks #pilot #aviation
Overall this was quite a nice kit with minimal filler. Quite a few errors and inaccuracies (gear config and windows - got me..)
I took some artistic licence and added some minor modifications just because it pleased me to do so..
The R1 was a secretive ISTAR aircraft - its role and capabilities largely remain classified . The aircraft was still very capable when it retired, and it was replaced, ironically, by the Boeing Rivet Joint salvaged from the desert boneyard!
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🚨 Le célèbre Tupolev Tu-204 gouvernemental russe RA-85042 vu ces derniers mois en #Syrie #Libye ou au #Mali est en vol vers #Geneve #Suisse 🇨🇭 pour une rencontre #US 🇺🇸 #Russie 🇷🇺

#BreakingNews #Ukraine #Kazakhstan #Belarus #RA85042

@ADSBexchange ⤵️
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🚨Diplomatic week starting in #Geneva #Switzerland on 10.01.22. #US 🇺🇸 and #Russia 🇷🇺 Deputy Secretary of State W. Sherman, will face Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov.

✈️ SAM064 arrived 08.01
✈️ Tu-204 famous RA-85042 flying to @GeneveAeroport Sunday

#ukrain #Kazakhstan
Tu-154m (not 204) RA-85042 approaching @GeneveAeroport this morning 👀 🔊 @liveatc
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#Throwback to when 🇻🇪 Venezuela showcased it's first light trainer aircrafts: the Simón Bolívar 100 and 200 (SIBO 100/200), which are locally built 🇮🇷 Iranian Fajr F.3-B and Fajr F.20. #avgeeks Image
The Fajr F.3-A/B is an all-composite 4-seater single-engine piston aircraft intended for pilot training and light transport. It is powered by a 🇺🇸 Lycoming AEIO-540-L1B5 6-cylinder piston engine (300 hp/220 kW) with a 3-blade 🇩🇪 Hoffmann propeller. The -A has a fixed landing... ImageImageImage
...gear while the -B has a retractable one. The flap system is of Fowler-type and the use of composites for the Fajr F.3 structure has increased the overall strength while reducing weight. An emergency gear extension system has been installed in addition to the main extension.
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Understanding the Flight Fare Breakup for your airline ticket : A Basic Knowledge that everyone should know.

A Detailed Thread!

#AvGeek #Avgeeks #indianmilesguide
A/C to rules governing airfare – Rule 135(2) of the aircraft rules 1937 states that airlines must show a consolidate or single fare amount along with its clear breakup in form of– taxes, fees and other charges for the knowledge and convenience of the passengers.
Now let's understand each components of airfare breakup in simple manner.

1. Base Fare: It's the amount on the air ticket before addition of fees, taxes and surcharges.

2. Passenger Services Fees (WO) : It's to cover security and facilitation at all AAI & private airports.
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So for #TyphoonTuesday today, I'm going to expand on the 'kick in the balls' analogy I used in Saturday's Mortain thread.

Because accuracy and effectiveness are variables as Close Air Support and Interdiction do slightly different things. #WW2 #History #avgeeks #thread /1
So let's look at Close Air Support (CAS).

The Army have a love/hate relationship with this as there is a high chance of friendly fire and finding a target from the air is rather tricky. So, let's think of the battlefield as the school playground.

The bully is the Germans. /2
The bully is making a nuisance of himself. So you look to your mates and find a fast one with more bravery than sense, they are your Air Support.

They race up and get a good shot into the Bully's 'vulnerable areas'. They may get two, but the Bully is staggered. /3
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PSA: I’m writing A LOT about supersonics now, mostly because they’ve stalled int’l policy progress on aviation emissions for four years and could easily waste another four before failing. But don’t mistake my engagement as an argument that they’ll succeed. It’s what/if. (1/x)
The tech, economic, and regulatory hurdles to success are **immense**, particularly for commercial applications. And, as @jonostrower put it so well, we’re still in the “marketing and enthusiasm” phase. Just a few markers here; #avgeeks no doubt have their own. (2/x)
1) Insufficient capital, to date ~$240 raised vs by Boom’s estimated $6 billion needed. We don’t have details on how much United put in, BTW. (3/x)
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Bonjour les #Avgeeks
Aujourd’hui, retour de Atlanta et expérimentation de nouvelles procédures de contrôle aérien. Une des conséquences, c’est que l’on a retardé notre début de descente et que les moteurs sont restés au ralenti du FL280 (8500m) jusqu’à 1000 Ft en finale (300m)
C’est du bruit en moins pour les riverains et une consommation carburant plus faible. Si c’était appliqué à tous les vols, l’impact économique et environnemental serait énorme. Ca fait partie des améliorations à venir dans l’industrie qui limiteront la pollution sonore et CO2.
Je rajoute que la procédure prévoit normalement de passer le point MOPAR (Gisors) entre le FL110 et 120, puis Creil au FL110. Soit 30 Nm de vol en palier... durant lesquelles les départ vers le nord sont bloqués au FL100 pour assurer la séparation.
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We summarize here data concerning the acquisition of 18 @Dassault_OnAir #Rafale F3s for #HellenicAirForce:

➡️ On 12th #September2020 @PrimeministerGR @kmitsotakis officially announced at @TIFHelexpo #ΔΕΘ2020 the 2 billion euros deal.
1.7€ billion will go for:
➡️ 12 "used" #Rafale F3-O4T version &
➡️ 6 new built #RafaleF3R.

➡️ 14 will be single-seat #RafaleC
➡️ 4 will be two-seat #RafaleB
not declared till now which type will be of which subtype version.
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[#THREAD] Alors que le 8 novembre prochain, #AirFrance sera la dernière compagnie aérienne à décoller de l'aéroport mythique de #Berlin #Tegel avant sa fermeture, (après avoir été la première à s'y poser en 1960), voici un rappel des grandes dates d'Air France à TXL ! #avgeeks ImageImage
Le 2 janvier 1960, pour la première fois, un avion civil, le Lockheed Constellation F-BAZK d'#AirFrance, atterrit à #Berlin-#Tegel.
La compagnie aérienne française ouvre ainsi des opérations régulières sur l'aéroport, qui était jusqu'à présent utilisé à des fins militaires. Image
A partir de 1961, la Caravelle est exploitée sur tous les vols à destination de #Berlin-#Tegel. Image
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Au revoir Patapouf, la baleine, Big Bird. ✈️😔#A380 #AirFrance… ImageImageImageImage
Sans oublier bien sûr la mythique version publicitaire « son altesse A380 » au desssus de Vaux-le-Vicomte par @BETCParis :) Image
Et son arrivée à @flyLAXairport, sur la pelouse du In&Out, Mecque de tous les #AvGeeks !
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For my fellow Utah/Nevada/Arizona desert corridor residents, heads up... starting Tuesday, military birdies out of Nellis will be flying and we may literally feel it.
#avgeeks #aviation nerds in UT NV AZ ^
I forgot to add that it is expected to commence this Tuesday.
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Nice campaign. #WeAreAviation
Skies without humming planes anyways make a big city look dead. #WeAreAviation. ✈.
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A Putin regime Tu-204 just entered 🇺🇦 airspace, coming from Moscow and heading for Kyiv.
Ukrainian hostages to be exchanged with Russian and Ukrainian criminals.
A complete failure of Europe’s efforts to convince 🇷🇺 to release its hostages without preconditions.
I just filmed it landing in Kyiv Boryspil.
Moved to the other side of the terminal to catch a bus leaving the vicinity of the Tu-204, accompanied by a black SUV.
Could not see if anyone entered or exited the bus. Several people around the plane.
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Quelques photos de l'Atlantique II rénové. Crédit : Cyrille Cosmao / Dassault Aviation #avgeeks ImageImageImageImage
L'Atlantique 2 modernisé : 46 tonnes, vitesse : 350 nœuds, endurance 14h. Peut embarquer 6 torpilles MU90 / 2 missiles AM39 Exocet / 4 bombes guidées laser GBU 12
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By the mid 1800's #RAFLuton had so many Display Teams it gave one of it's Runway Boats to the teams for their world tour, covering over 3 countries the teams displayed to a record 1017 #AvGeeks!
Unfortunately after an accident during a formation landing the world tour was stopped and the remaining teams returned to #RAFLuton. This was the last photo taken of the Phantom aircraft seconds before they landed on the Runway Boat hitting the Chinook #AvGeek
After the Formation landing disaster of 1861 the #RAFLuton Navy wanted in on the Display Team action and formed The Runway Boats, the average display lasted over 4 days! Here they can be seen in their famous Triangle formation!
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