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(1/8) Scam 1992 Explained Simply:-

Harshad Mehta was a stock broker on BSE & was alleged to have engineered the BSE scam in 1992 using ready forward deals.#stockmarketcrash
#StockMarket #Budget2023 #banknifty #OptionsTrading #Singapore #Hedgefund $VRA $SNFTS #Wealth #Adani #BBC Image
(2/8)A ready forward refers to a short term, typically 15 day, secured interbank lending. In reality, the borrowing bank actually sells securities to the lending bank & then buys them back at the end of the loan period at a slightly higher price. #stockmarketcrash #banknifty #BBC
(3/8) A typical ready forward deal involves 2 banks brought together by a broker in a lieu of commission. As a part of the settlement process, the buyer & the seller need not even know eachother. #stockmarketcrash #StockMarket #Budget2023 #Adani #optiontrading #Wealth #singapore
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The market today:

$SPX / $SPY / $ES

It closed below the key 20DMA in higher volume than yesterday

It's still in its upward trending channel

It bounced from channel support

#SPX #ES_F #trading #options #futures #daytrading #TradingSignals Image
$DIA / $DJI / $YM

It closed below the key 20DMA in higher volume than yesterday

It's still in its upward trending channel

It bounced from channel support

#DIA #DJIA #DowJones #trading #options #Futures #OptionsTrading #DayTrading #TradingSignals #YM_F Image
$QQQ / $NDX / $NQ

It closed below the key 20DMA in higher volume than yesterday

It's still in its short-term upward trending channel and its mid-term downward channel

It bounced near channel support

#QQQ #NASDAQ #IXIC #NDX #trading #OptionsTrading #Futures #NQ_F #daytrading
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My Learnings from #OptionTrading this week....

1. Have a clear trading plan before you start your day
-- Support and Resistance
-- Trap Zones
-- Indicators on Multi TF analysis
-- Clear Bear/Bull Zone
-- Path of Least Resistance

Then decide where/which options to sell.

2. Traditional technical analysis may fail. Consolidation > Breakout > Consolidation may not work always. New trend is V-up, /\-down trends, fake breakouts and fake selloffs. Be prepared for all these when creating a position. Any Option Position can be challenged...2/n Image
3. As an Option Trader you can not predict where the market will go. You can only predict where market might not go.

4. Positions from carry forward point of view of smart money are highly masked. Any trending move is preceded by a lot of fake breakouts....3/n
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Lot of Call Writers at 34000. Intraday Put writers trying to catch up.
8 lakh new calls and 7 lakh new puts written

The battle is here


@BeSensibull @tradingtick @SubhadipNandy16 @JustPunforfun
Update: No Gross Change here inOI at 34000

34000 CE more than PE by 1.2 million

34000 PE unwound by 200,000
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in this thread, I shall explain important trading concepts in simple way.

It takes time to create content. I hope you find it worthy of RETWEET.

If response is good, then I shall continue with this series to cover more in depth concepts/ different scenarios.
1. Trending markets Image
2. Choppy markets Image
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📊Learning Opportunity For #OptionsTrading & hunting on #unusualwhales 🐳📊

Here is $HD , I'm screening it as a possible #optiontrading play for tomorrow. I'm even including the #optionsflow

Look it up What do YOU see? Good idea? 🐂? 🐻? Neither? Dig in

#stocks #stockstowatch Image
The question being,

Would you trade this? How?
Buy calls? Puts?

The fake FURUs don't go this deep with the calls & puts scam. But I want everyone performing a proper analysis with MULTI data points - not just flow, not just made up lines called levels or guess work.

Few things to consider that I'm not seeing discussed $HD
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A Thread on Intraday Trading
Are you struggling to make money in Intraday Trading?
10 Rules To Trade Like A Pro

Read below entire thread if You are Interested
@rohanshah619 @CaMyseterious
Rule #1
"Don't lose more than 10% of your capital on any trading day."
Because surviving is key in intraday trading.
Rule #2
"Don't risk more than 2-3% of your capital in one trade."
Even a 50% accuracy system can get 9-10 successive failed trades (statistically). So if you risk more, you will lose entire/more capital during such a scenario.
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🚨Unusual Whales Video ALERT🚨

"How To Scalp with #unusualwhales "

Here we banked 50%+ on $ROKU in just a few minutes

I take you through the entire process and even show you how to setup your software @unusual_whales

Video 1/6 @ apx 2 minutes each. #stocks #optiontrading
Video 2/6

Don't worry, they're only 2 minutes long.

Scalp & bank with #unusualwhales
Learn it then practice until you execute like a boss.
Video 3/6

This is all *FREE* edu. Watch it, save it, iterate on it and make it your own. Then go crush it 🤑

#unusualwhales #OptionsFlow
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figured out this #intraday #options #strategy on #banknifty on @stockmock_in what is a good timeframe to paper trade this before deploying this live? @f2003062 @kirubaakaran @madan_kumar @quatltd @jitendrajain @sourabhsiso19 #OptionsTrading ImageImage
I’m not giving away my strategy. Please stop sending me messages on chat platforms. Please build your own strategies. This is one thing I strongly recommend you become atmanirbhar #optiontrading #banknifty ImageImage
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Why i m mostly stick to index than Stock:
1. Liquidity issues, huge slippage in stocks sometimes 1 to 5%.
2. Broker strict otm strikes hv to wait to open. Almost all discount broker hv such issues.
3. Ban list, u cant manage it only option accept losses.
4. Last week margin requirements increasing.
5. U cant trade calendar or few strategy to manage it.
6. Manipulation at peak in stocks u cant be sure about technical or data reading.
7. ATM premium ensure only 10 to 15% range, if breakeven jumped u can only reduce losses sometimes in small profit even in index but chances very less.
8. sometimes u hv to face assignment/excercise issue if holding till expiry.
9. In future u cant scale up.
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#OptionTrading #tradingsignals #Nifty50 #BankNifty

This is a two part post on how trading psychology and direction bias affects #Intraday and #Positional trader.

I was bearish with:
1. Tight range of bearish position for extra hedging.
2. Stoploss at 12320.
I could have easily managed the position of 12350, 12400 Spread without loss, but lately I found hitting a stop loss much better than managing a position. Minor loss then gives higher probability trade. 2/n
Second, this is why carrying two mindset is practically troublesome (Intraday and Positional).
I was bearish, so I was comfortable doing 12300 Put which I bought at 36 and exit at 44. Although second lot was to trail which stopped out at 41. See traded area in rectangle. 3/n Image
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#OptionSymposium 4-5 Jan, 2020 at Bombay Stock Exchange. @quantsappsocial announces OptionSymposium 2.0. Option Symposium was the first event ever in the country to bring together a large option focused trading community. After the success of the last event where Traders, (1/n)
Prop Books, Analysts, Media Anchors, Brokers, Family offices, Advisory firms etc. came together in large numbers to share their knowledge & wisdom, we are again encouraged to bring together the version 2.0 with all our learning’s in-built. (2/n)
#ThoughtTheme it’s our responsibility to give our best in getting the right knowledge & after doing some genuine hard work & meeting 80-90 #OptionTrading giants Nationally / Internationally, we have shortlisted speakers where our team itself would love to sit in audience (3/n)
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Sharing but knowledge about VIX.

VIX Index levels-

1. Ultra Low <12.5
2. Low 12.5 to 15
3. Medium 15 to 17.5
4. Normal 17.5 to 20
5. High 20 to 25
6. Ultra high 25+

(1/n) #optiontrading
Let’s look at the Short straddle success rate relative to the VIX Index Levels.

61% , 72% , 52% , 47% , 65% and 78% Respectively for mentions above VIX Level Range @ Entry time

How much did the straddle collects as a percentage of the stock price ?

2.2% , 2.7% ,3.3% ,3.7% , 4.5% and 6.7% Respectively as per VIX Level at entry time.
When option prices are cheaper, The VIX Index is lower since the VIX measures 30D options on INDEX

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