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🧵🗞️@observer EXCLUSIVE: New Best for Britain nationwide polling suggests ardent Leave areas now favour closer UK-EU relationship as Brexit attitudes shift……
MAJOR transformation in attitudes towards 🇪🇺as 63% believe Brexit has created more problems than it has solved & more than half (53%) believe the UK should pursue a closer relationship with the EU (2/11) ImageImage
Groundbreaking data show a closer 🇪🇺 relationship most popular response in every new GB constituency. Even in the 5 highest Leave voting constituencies, those who want a closer 🇪🇺relationship now outnumber those who want the opposite more than 2 to 1. (3/11) ImageImage
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JUSTICE welcomes the considerable amendments made to the #REULBill in last night's debate in the @UKHouseofLords.

This critical stage included widely reported Govt concessions (to provide a list of what retained EU law is being repealed) but also three Govt defeats. (1/8)
Of particular note are the amendments passed to Clauses 1 and 4, the "sunset clauses".

The amendments allow Parliament to scrutinise the revocation of retained EU law, rather than delegating the task to Government ministers and civil servants. (2/8)
In passing these amendments, Peers have insisted that Parliament must not be side-lined: it is vital that there be appropriate scrutiny and oversight of such unprecedented legislative changes. (3/8)
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Zum ideologischen Hintergrund des mutmaßlichen Täters von #Ratingen ist noch vieles unklar. Nachdem #Reul gestern noch sagte, der Verdächtige habe sich im "Coronaleugner-Umfeld" aufgehalten, sagt er jetzt: Nicht ganz sicher, kann "Namensverwechslung" sein. Abwarten.
Transparenzhinweis: Wir hatten gestern kurz auch zum Verdacht getwittert, aber den Tweet kurz darauf wieder gelöscht, denn gesicherte Informationen Abwarten ist immer zu bevorzugen.
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Since it's obviously #REULDay, you probably need to check out the govt's own records on this

Mainly because they're less than ideal

Since the middle of last year, the govt has been running a #REUL dashboard, notable mainly for the very infrequent updates it gets…

Regular readers will know I've been doing a monthly tracker here, with a full databook available to you good people…

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A quick parsing of the #REULBill u-turn

tl;dr the ice feels a bit thin for No.10, compared to the post-Windsor glow

You will recall that Windsor was notable as much for the lack of pushback by CON backbenchers as for its content

At the time, I put this down more to a collective action problem than any substantive agreement over the Framework's content

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Coffey was always averse to assessing impact in DWP too
This is the devastation she has decided does not need more scrutiny. A flagship freeport
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Well worth a read including references if you have time. I have flagged the same. Below is a related thread
If loud or quiet (as I was below)

It doesn't make it any less true. We escalated up a ladder of real concern as evidence mounted

Too few taking risks seriously

Fact-lite promises / threats are easy. Refuting evidence is not
Another related and carefully stated reflection of the same from @MrMarkEThomas in a thread on the #REUL. If firms are deregulated clumsily while we erode human rights, firms do not self-police. See Shell, BP and more general billionaire uptick
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It’s wild reading British news headlines from abroad. A govt not talking to crucial sectors on strike, people barely managing a cost of living crisis, Brexit costs unacknowledged, so too climate crisis, but govt wants to whip up fury about small boats & leave ECHR yet again.
These politically unstable years since the referendum have done a lot of damage - with Britain on one hand rightly damning violations of international law by states including Russia and China, but itself making wrecking ball threats which jeopardise & may weaken those same norms.
This “pick and mix” approach to law isn’t just reflected internationally, but also domestically. Tomorrow, as the Lords debate #REULBill, we have another example of a govt playing fast and loose with the frameworks and stability of law. It’s a dangerous game. With consequences.
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"Ninety years on from the Enablement Act that gave rise to the most monstrous political movement in history, Britain is about to replicate the frightful final flourishes from the Nazi playbook on establishing a fascist authoritarian regime..."…
"Namely, rapidly restructuring the established systems of power and enabling the bypassing of Parliament."
"Over the last few years, the Ministry for Propaganda has preoccupied us with bewitching bulletins of prohibited parties, corrupt contracts and malign misrepresentations of our government’s intentions and actions..."
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Today a thread of threads on the European Convention on Human Rights. It is worth understanding what the PM wants to get rid of. I will be building it during the day 1/? 🧵
It has always been a target and it depends on stirring up more fury about lawyers and the EU. It is about freedom from liability for much broader rights erosion

Narrow focus on deportations is intentional and also misleading 2/?
Cummings signposted this very early doors. No point getting rid of the Human Rights Act if folk can lean on the #ECHR when the selective impacts on local workers and consumers mount 3/?
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Are we all psyched for Truss to do her Cummings tomorrow?

Reportedly a 3000 tome on why she was right. Maybe with a wee bit of help from all the US think tanks she visited since resigning
Do we suspect they were not the progressive policy kind of think tanks? I wonder if she had a chance to catch up with Boris
Seems a very selective visit like Mr Johnson. Just when most of the Republicans are panicking about Biden's record job figures…
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NEW: The Delegated Powers & Regulatory Reform Committee in the @UKHouseofLords has just published its report on the Retained EU Law Bill and it doesn't mince its words. It calls for 5 of the 6 most important provisions in the Bill to be removed. #REUL…
The report demolishes the Govt's argument that this Bill will re-establish Parliament as the principal source of law in the UK. It won't. The Bill undermines Parliament by granting Ministers 'extraordinary powers' to dispose, retain, or re-write #REUL by Statutory Instrument.
The report then hammers the absence of policy substance in the #REUL Bill. It's "all powers, no policy" says the Cmtt. The Bill is so lacking in substance it's not a skeletal Bill it's 'hyper-skeletal'.
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We are in thrall to tribal politics and being told to trust promises that largely have not been delivered
If however, rushed regulatory divergence is argued to be the answer, we must ask more of the hard questions. Do farmers and the country gain from the standards race to the bottom?
Who would buy our products? What harm might they do? How do we make standards clear for future trade deals where in flux?

Just a few questions lined to the #REUL. Mirrored by @DavidHenigUK
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This reaction has never changed

This man and similar are always wheeled out when the party is circling the drain. He was pulled off the campaign trial in 2019 as a PR liability. What's different now?
Do you remember why? It was his comments about Grenfell
Now his brainchild, the #REUL is front and centre. The party are letting him live or die based on it

More careless deregulation that may well cost lives in the future
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The Tories are working to answer the question 'Why did she stay so long?'

Women, as Thiel said, are a 'difficult constituency' for these market fundamentalists, as are hundreds of thousands who work and are now forced to rely on food banks and benefits to make it to next payday
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@euro writes (vital thread) to warn us that

1/ EU regulations are not perfect but are not ‘red tape’ either. They improve the quality of our everyday lives by protecting our rights as #workers and #consumers, our #environment and #wildlife and the quality of the #food we eat.
Please, read on 2/ to get more detail on the #REUL Bill (Retained EU Law)
I personally experienced that EU decisions were all scrutinised by UK Parliamentary Committees before they became law!…
2/ These EU laws were created with the support of the governments of all the political parties when the UK was in the EU.
EU laws – that the Government now wants to dismantle – protect us in the workplace. They guarantee our paid holidays, reduce the gender pay gap and protect
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Kürzlich hatte #NRW-Innenminister #Reul die Presse eingeladen. Thema: #Messerangriffe

Laut Reul seien 2021 in 5⃣1⃣ Fällen #Polizei|beamt:innen in NRW mit Messern attackiert worden.

Aber laut #BKA-Definition und Statistik seines "eigenen" Landeskriminalamts waren es 9⃣

#Reul hat die Zahl wohl aus einem der vielen (leider falschen) Artikel über das NRW-"Lagebild #Gewalt gegen Polizeivollzugsbeamt:innen".

Dort sind aber v.a. Fälle mit Messerfunden bei Personen aufgeführt, die Beamt:innen zuvor nicht damit oder gar nicht angegriffen hatten👇

Tabelle eingeprägt..?😉Hier jetzt links die offizielle BKA-Definition zu "Messerangriffen" aus der Präsentation der PKS 2021 für die #Innenministerkonferenz (da darf Reul auch "mitmachen").

Rechts: die offizielle BKA-Definition von #Gewaltkriminalität.

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Hi all you lovely people. I have been persuaded it is not super unreasonable to have a way to leave me a tip if you want to 1/2
The quoted tweet above is the bottom of the kind of thread I spend about half my work week researching to putting together

No vested interest or pay for it, just piecing together some much needed context. IMHO better informed people make for a better place for us all to live
Long way of saying if you wanted to buy me a wee coffee it would help with cost of books, fees for events, subscriptions and the other stuff OH despairs of me consuming to keep facts straight

May do some longer form bits. Will keep you lovely folk posted
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Chumocracy poisoned the talent pool. You know this feeling. When a job description has a name on it in barely invisible incestuous ink
Good people will work to change bad governance, but if there is resistance to change in all layers of an org, the most likely result is a reduction in talent pool to just those aligned, those who have to sit tight, and those compromised
That Dacre was even considered, twice, was a coffin nail in trust for me. OfCom has control over the Codes of Conduct for the Online Safety Bill. Better with Mr Grade?

Ministers will be able to influence codes for public policy purposes
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A system that lauds the altruistic giving to charities, while saying all poverty is personal failing, tried to further tax the taxed to pay a premium for life-saving healthcare, while also concealing huge corruption and kick backs in return for powerful positions
Billions wasted or overlooked as sweeteners for deals and favours

Eroding human rights and broad access to affordable legal advice. Weakening unions and the right to protest, with more to come

Complicating voting, making the local elections first past the post
Demanding benefit irregularities are stamped down on further to the tune of billions more given to private firms doing the stamping

While effort to avoid as much tax as feasible is a badge of honour in the cabinet. Slightly careless trust formation a trivial oversight
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Die Polizeigewalt in #Luetzerath war #hochprofessionell. Mein Ernst.

Es hat sicherlich viele Übungen & Einsätze gebraucht, bis #RWE’s Schlägertrupp so gezielt Knochen brechen konnte. Als ob das eine spontane Eskalation gewesen wäre. Reuls Aussagen aus der Vergangenheit:
Am 27.2.2018 wurde ein von Reul goutiertes internes polizeiliches Arbeitspapier des Landesamtes für Personalangelegenheiten (LAFP) bekannt, das einen „neuen Geist“ in der Polizei fordert. Bürgernähe, Deeskalation und Kommunikation sollten nicht mehr im Vordergrund stehen.
NRW-Polizisten sollen danach vielmehr „gewaltfähiger“ werden und ,körperliche Robustheit, Präsenz und Durchsetzungsfähigkeit ausstrahlen“.

#Polizeiproblem #Polizeigewalt #Reul
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Gestern fand bei #AnneWill die Gesprächsrunde zu #Lützerath statt. Besonders die Äußerungen des zuständigen Innenministers #Reul verdienen Beachtung. Ein Thread.
Reul führt aus, dass es mehr als 100 verletzte Beamte gegeben haben und die Zahlen der verletzten Demonstranten kennt er nicht offiziell. Die Polizei selber spricht von 70 verletzten Beamten, wobei ein Großteil nicht durch Demonstranten verursacht wurde.
Ferner stellt auch Reul darauf ab, dass alles ganz sauber gelaufen wäre auch wenn er einschränkt, dass einige Bilder nicht so gut aussahen. Fehlerkultur gibt es nicht.
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This is the effect that @ruthbenghiat warns us about in the article in replies
Governments erode household resilience against global shocks

2008, bailouts, austerity, Brexit, Covid, Ukraine war, inflation, now austerity and service erosion

Then police inevitable dissent and have to blame others for it
More perspective from @ft while noting the attacks on unions are fundamentally undemocratic and partner the attempts to repeal our Human Rights Act, withdraw from the #ECHR and further curb our worker protections with the #REUL
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On the promised and still not working IT systems to track asylum seekers
Perhaps unrelated to the specific incidents, but the whole system is apparently being run on govt need for outrage not competence
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