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Spain and Portugal hoped to cut energy bills by capping the the price of #naturalgas in day-ahead power auctions. The policy has been condemned as a failure, but the story is more nuanced than that. A mini-🧵
A deeper look at Iberian energy flows and prices suggests the cap is alleviating the worst effects of a demand spike & solar/wind output flop. It obvs doesn't help that gas is unbelievably expensive in EU right now. This pushes up the adjustment cost payment to CCGTs
The gas cap could also improve EU energy security by encouraging an influx of #naturalgas and #LNG into the Iberian peninsula which is then re-exported as #electricity into France - which is facing extremely tight capacity margins due to widespread nuclear outages
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1/19) #Uranium - a Tutorial👨‍🏫 walking U thru the #Nuclear fuel cycle, what it is, the stages & issues involved, so U can understand the term that has every Uranium investor smacking their lips today: Overfeeding!😋 Here's a thread that I hope gives U some key insights.🌞⚛️⛏️🧵👇2
2) #Uranium is a very different fuel than #coal & #gas that are burned "as is" in #electricity power plants.🏭⚡️ #Nuclear reactor fuel needs to be specially processed & then loaded into fuel rods that are then loaded into reactors to generate #CarbonFree electricity.🌞⚛️⚡️👇3
3) Mined #Uranium⛏️ is processed into drums of Yellow Cake #U3O8🛢️ that in the west are shipped🚢🚛 to plants in Canada, US & France for "Conversion" into a new form called #UF6 which is then shipped in cylinders🚛 to plants in US & Europe for "Enrichment" into reactor fuel.⚛️👇4
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The @EnR_Network held its first in person meeting in over 2 years in #Lisbon. After a first day of fruitful discussion on collaborative action between Energy Agencies, today, the network held a seminar on #energy and #water #efficiency at national and local levels.
The President of @EnR_Network, @nelsonlage highlighted the role of energy agencies in the #GreenTransition, as enabling agents acting between international and local level, to balance the three dimensions of the #EnergyTrilemma: Security Affordability #Sustainability
Sec of State @Joaogalamba described the vision for national-local level governance towards #NetZero in 2050: "energy agencies work to mobilize local authorities, economic players, and citizens to fight #ClimateCrisis, to foster cities’ pivotal role to deliver the #EUGreenDeal"
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My latest @RealClearEnergy :
If you think the world is moving #beyondcoal think again...over the past few weeks, China & India have announced plans to increase their domestic #coal production by a combined total of 700M tons/yr.
@JudeClemente @SierraClub…
@RealClearEnergy @JudeClemente @SierraClub For perspective, US coal production this year will total about 600M tons. The surge in coal demand in China and India – as well as in the U.S., where coal use jumped by 17% last year – demonstrates two things:
@RealClearEnergy @JudeClemente @SierraClub First, it shows that the Iron Law of Electricity has not been broken,Second, it shows that it is far easier to talk about cutting emissions than it is to achieve significant cuts.
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1/13 A few thoughts on nuclear energy as the white knight of European energy security and independence against the background of Russian fossil fuel dependence.

Not really...

2/13 Let me say upfront that I am not against nuclear energy but it has to make sense. For example Germany made a mistake in shutting down nuclear energy quickly for political reasons. A better approach would have been to sweat the nuclear assets as long as reasonably possible.
3/13 Go for the shut down of the most expensive/dirty power sources first & built up alternative energy sources & storage in parallel. Less (Russian) gas used for electricity generation in that scenario as well. However it is what it is & the clock can't be turned back a decade.
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Tomorrow I receive my #UniversalCredit twice a month I receive £293.00. I have a shortfall in #HousingCrisis of £54 per month , paid my bills . I have bought £14 of food. I now have £6.21 left until 6th June . #DUP get back and form an executive .
I also just remembered my next #UC will have to be used for oil . I rely on friends and my 68 yr old father . Im also disabled and had to return my #motability car as I could not pay for fuel. My car gave my some freedom . Since #covid my anxiety is unbearable @RobinSwannMoH
So I reached out to @CommunitiesNI for support . However money for people in crisis is needed now. I have to wait up to 10 days for a call not for money . #DUP get back to work #UniversalCredit #Westminster Image
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#TodayInEnergy - EIA expects #solar and #wind to be larger sources of U.S. #electricity generation this summer #STEO #SummerElectricityOutlook
Our forecasts for #elecricity generation from June-August 2022 compared to 2021:

🌞Utility-scale #solarenergy generation will grow by 10 million MWh
🌬️ #Windpower generation will grow by 8 million MWh

Read more about our forecasts here:
Clarification: We're talking about our #electricity forecasts here.
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India’s #power situation may be “comfortable” in May-Aug, but could be challenging in Sept-Nov if #coal supply is impacted during monsoon, @IEX_India_ CMD Satyanarayan Goel told @rachitaprasad.

Read the full interview in our special series #PowerShock 👇…
@IEX_India_ @rachitaprasad @IEX_India_
CMD Satyanarayan Goel said that September is going to be another difficult month.

Read the full interview to find out why 👇…

@rachitaprasad ✍️ | #PowerCrisis #Power #CoalCrisis #CoalShortage #Electricity
In May, wind will pick up and we will get almost about 150 million units of extra generation through #windenergy, said Goel in an interview with @rachitaprasad.

Read the full interview in our special series #PowerShock 👇…

@IEX_India_ #PowerCrisis #Coal
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A week ago, the central bank of #China’s official website announced that the People's Bank will increase 100 billion yuan to support the clean and efficient use of #coal.
Already in November 2021, the People's Bank of China (#PBC) created a special reloan of 200 billion yuan to support the clean and efficient use of coal in seven areas; the total amount of reloans to support #coal has reached 300 billion yuan.
In 2021, the strict coal de-capacity policy and energy led to a #electricity shortage crisis. Today's liberalisation of coal is intended to ensure “a normal supply of energy and avoid the pain of power rationing." (Taken from China Energy Network 2022-05-17)
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📢New Paper:
#Energy_sufficiency is the missing lever to tackle the ⚡️crisis & climate heating 🌡️!
With @ThPellerin we show:
1⃣ What's #sufficiency and #sufficiency_policy,
2⃣its benefits,
3⃣ #sufficiency actions in current crisis,
4⃣ what EU could do.
Simply put, energy #sufficiency is about redu-
cing energy consumption through changes
in #behaviour.
It's notion of #enough implies a social lower boundary and a ecological upper threshold. Image
Why do we need #sufficiency policies?
Our collective choices such as taxa-
tion, infrastructure, legal and social norms,
shape our behaviour - currently not in a sustainable way!
Also the new @IPCC_CH WGIII report proposes therefore sufficiency policies!
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Personal news: this week, I am formally filing my dissertation and graduating from my PhD at @ERGBerkeley. My dissertation focuses on how we can better plan for the future of our #electricity systems given the existing and emerging stressors that they are facing.
Today, electric power systems must rely on increasing amounts of renewables, power new loads like heating & transportation, and keep the lights on even as #climatechange makes that more difficult. And policymakers, regulators, & the public are holding electricity systems to ...
... goals of operating safely, reliably, cost-effectively & sustainably & serving users equitably. These new realities increasingly require accounting for technical needs alongside policy goals & critically evaluating how we plan & make decisions in the electric sector today.
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Moneycontrol brings to you a special series of stories that will attempt to capture the ground reality of the #powershortage across the States.

#PowerShock ⚡️ analyzes the complexities, challenges, & possible solutions to the ongoing #energycrisis.


A thread 🧵
#Power generators are owed over Rs 1.1 lakh cr by power discoms yet they continue to sell #electricity to them. 💡

@rachitaprasad brings us important details. Read about the payment crisis faced by the power sector only on #PowerShock⚡️…

#PowerShock | The Discom Story: There’s pain and it ain’t new.

Here are the reasons for #discom woes. Take a look 👇…

by @GoRasika | #EnergyCrisis #PowerOutage | @rachitaprasad
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Our analysis of materials released by @IESO_Tweets in response to our Freedom of Information Request

1. Thirty-two Ontario municipalities, representing almost 60% of Ontario’s population, have asked @ONgov to phase-out gas-fired electricity generation. 1/

2. According to Ontario’s Independent Electricity System Operator’s (IESO) October 7, 2021 (misleading) report,Decarbonization and Ontario’s Electricity System, phasing-out gas power by 2030 would raise residential electricity bills by 60% [page 1].

3. In response to a Freedom of Information Request (FOI), we obtained drafts of the IESO’s report. These drafts reveal the following facts:

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1/10) Prior to last week's #Uranium sector retreat😱 #Nuclear fuel consultants UxC & TradeTech forecasted deep multi-year U supply deficits with 200M lbs demand vs 135M lbs mined #U3O8 supply + 25M lbs of Secondary Supply that will be dropping due to pivot from #Russia⚠️ A🧵4U👇2
2) World #Nuclear Association was reporting 439 operable reactors (392 GW) + 56 more under construction (62GW)⚛️🏗️ with 26 expected to come online this year & next.⚡️🌞 96 more in advanced planning/ordered + 325 proposed🧾 for projected +2.6%/yr growth rate↗️🏗️🤠🐂 #Uranium🧵👇3
3) On Monday #Pakistan announced that a new 1100MW 'Hualong One' #Nuclear reactor built with #China had begun commercial operation⚛️⚡️ which will consume circa 0.5Million lbs of #U3O8 #Uranium per year delivering #CarbonFree #electricity for the next 60+ years.🌞🇵🇰⛏️🤠🐂 🧵👇4
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"From undirected to directed networks of dynamical agents"

Today's SFI Seminar from @robinus88 (@UCSantaBarbara), streaming now:

(Follow this 🧵 for highlights and select slides)
"[This is] the main question when we talk about power could be water, it could be gas, it could be opinions transmitted over social media:"

- @robinus88 (@UCSantaBarbara), streaming now:
"We want to keep the right-hand side of this equation as close to zero as possible. What happens if you produce too much, the frequency increases, which we don't want for a variety of reasons."

- @robinus88 (@UCSantaBarbara), streaming now:

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*How #SriLanka got ruined*

Lankans voted for #Rajapakshas knowing very well what they did in the past, including corruption, selling out national assets to #China, #dynastic politics and all.

They still voted for them because Rajapakshas promised things they could not refuse.
1. Their #GST, called VAT Tax, on all products was reduced to 8%, thus making everything cheaper in one stroke. (It also killed the govt revenue). People loved things getting cheaper.
2. The minimum #incometax threshold was changed from 5 Lakhs per annum to 30 Lakhs! Very few earned more than 30L!
A very large part of the population became #tax exempt. This was very popular among the salaried class.
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There's a lot in this final Mexican court ruling on #electricity, but the biggest takeaway is that any state-generated power gets first dibs on distrubtion, while any private greentech projects get last.
That means solar/wind will only go into the grid at times when the fossil/state system is already maxed out. Since solar/wind are intermittent, green power will only be used under very specific circumstances that will not arise all that often.
Big hit to inward investment. Bigger hit to greentech in general.
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🧵The govt of #Pakistan has found a specific #fiscal space of 250 Bln, which is being channelised to provide relief in #energy prices. Here is the break down

2) 1.5 billion litre HSD/#Petrol consumed per day. Rs 10 per litre relief means Ra 15 billion per month.

3) Decrease in #electricity prices @RS 5/unit (slab 2-5; all commercial) = monthly impact 17.5 billion

Four months subsidy on #petrol #diesel #electricity = Rs 130 Bln

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#Turkish theater actor Orhan Aydın:

"From all corners of my country, #voices of #people are resounding and calling the #government to #resign, #protesting the #electricity #price increases."

#turkey #inflation
On the initiative of the @istanbul_tkp, people took to the streets against the price increases in Istanbul's Gazi district protesting: "Stand up against the robbery!".
@yemeksepeti and @banabi #couriers closed their contacts for the third time #protesting the low increase in their #salaries. Representing the unionized #couriers gathered in front of the company's General Directorate in #Levent.
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Just a few weeks ahead of COP26, China, the world’s biggest public financier of coal, announced that it will end investments in overseas coal projects. It raised hope in countries that want to make low-carbon energy plans and panic among those who feel they cannot do without coal
The announcement could mean the cancellation of over 40 gigawatts (GW) of pipeline projects in 20 countries, even though China has not invested in any new coal projects since the beginning of 2021.
Pakistan is one of Belt & Road Initiative countries where coal formed a major part of energy projects under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC)

Of the 18 ‘priority’ energy projects (11.87 GW) financed by China at around USD 19.55 million, nine (8.22 GW) were coal-fired.
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Facts about #Bitcoin

#Thread 👇
The 3 main things #bitcoin solves. 👇 Image
#Bitcoin is the most efficient energy network in the history of the world.
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#WFIRA2021 Ready for the 2nd day of the world #AgRobotics Forum, packed with demos and round tables. Stay tuned for more @FIRA_team
#WFIRA2021 A series of 3 lightweight full electric small tractors for frequent (repetitive) crop management practices in (organic) vineyards and row crops. Bonus: solar panel roof for the recharge on the go. Demo at @FIRA_team 2021 by @SAS_SabiAgri
#WFIRA2021 #Trektor is a hybrid autonomous tractor now on live demo from Nantes during the World #AgRobotics Forum @FIRA_team
Diesel power generator and electrical batteries allow for flexibility.
Greenhouse horticulture and vineyards are the first applications.
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At I’ve updated 24-country #electricity profiles, to 2020, with constant prices & stand-alone wind & solar, as below.
Mini-thread presents interim analysis, with time-series cross-section (TSCS) regression forthcoming for inference/significance testing
Analyzing rollout, look at sustained material peak rollout (SMPR) – any period in which Nuclear (N) or Wind & Solar (WS) expanded gen%mix >1%/year over ≈10 yrs.

Graphic shows sample countries on average rolled out N faster (3.5%) than WS (2.0%).
What may explain result? Am researching diff. contexts N/WS started SMPRs (avg. 1978/N; 2009/WS):
1) political/financial costs of %mix growth (i.e. adding to vs. displacing (stranded) assets) lower for N during robust TWh growth (≈8%/yr early-1970s) vs ≈0%/yr late-2000s for WS.
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Social license is required:

"Acceptance of a changing #energy sector is also critical for the siting and permitting of new infrastructure. Energy transitions do not mean an end to large infrastructure projects, successful transitions need them." [p 57]

#IEA #COP26 #4IR
In the 386 report on the metal road to the full #digitalization of the global economy & societies, not a single word about data centers. #Electricity for data centers is to increase 15-fold by 2030 representing 8-11% global demand. In one scenario, global demand could reach 20%.
In a worst-case scenario, it is suggested that communication technologies (#CT) could use as much as 51% of global #electricity by 2030. In this scenario, "CT electricity usage could contribute up to 23% of the globally released GHG emissions in 2030". [Anders Andrae] #COP26
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