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#Healthcare is just an interesting business to be a part of. I saw a fellow post details from the PSU Health website that included a bunch of information in json format. I was curious to see what the data revealed. 1/n Image
2/n The most interesting surprise, aside from specific breakdowns of variation in reimbursement per service by payer, was the specific classification for "Amish/Mennonite OP Rate". Image
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I have been curious about the changes to ICU capacity capacity. The weekly data captured at……… now shows data through the week of 12/11. At first blush, the data doesn't appear to have changed much since the prior week. 1/n Image
2/n The aspect I am most curious about is the reporting of the data. An example of this is in reporting of ICU beds available and used. See below for one PA example: It is confusing to see the beds at this facility change during the weeks of 10/2 and 9/18 #covid #hospitals Image
3/n In contrast, note the reporting at this alternative #Pennsylvania hospital: While the average total #ICU beds increase slightly during the two most recent weeks, in contrast with the prior example, this hospital shows a percentage used < 100%. #LehighValley #ABE #Bethlehem Image
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#Insurance #healthinsurance On this topic I had written a thread and few interesting questions came up. As and when time permitting am responding. Today am answering the poser from @savitanarayan . Her points:
a. Medical Insurance is so non-transparent
b. Also needed is some info on what the buyer shd look for in the fine print before signing up. It’s a merry dance afterwards with the insurance company holding all the cards.
Since both are interlinked, answering them below.
It is different strokes for different folks. One size does not fit all. What factors do we need to consider when buying #healthinsurance? Every Health Insurance covers:

First part, looks at general features. Second part, what you, the buyer, should do.

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#LifeInsurance #JeevanUmang #Insurance As response to my thread on #healthinsurance a question came: "Sure, wil wait for ur resp. what I am told & if that’s true, then I like it - for 15 yr pay 2 lac PA , life insurance cover would start from day one would be close to 30 lacs,
and from 15 th year onwards I get 2 lac PA till death. In all this yr cover will keep increasing...." from @Parthiv33 . Jeevan Umang is a wholelife policy that gives the benefit of pension without being a Pension policy and therein lies its greatest benefit.
Let's assume a person aged 35 takes this policy with a premium payment term of 25 years - i.e. at 60 premium payment is done and dusted. What will he receive?
From the time he's 60, he will start receiving Rs. 392,000 per annum till he's 99 years of age.
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#insurance #healthinsurance One of the questions that came up in response to my note on Insurance was, "but the big issue with health insurance is the long list of ailment exclusions that most of them have". Let me try and answer this question.
Health Insurance policies in India are diseases and / or treatment agnostic, except in specific cases. The primary intention of this Insurance is to cover expenses incurred during hospitalization for a treatment regardless of the underlying disease / medical condition.
There are 3 #WaitingPeriods in Health Insurance. a. First 30 days after taking a fresh policy (not applicable for renewals done within time); b. 1 to 2 years waiting period applicable for specific medical conditions - regardless of whether it was pre-existing or not. and...
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If #HealthInsurance is more expensive the more you use it and because it’s more comprehensive, how can we drive costs down while not sacrificing quality of care?

The answer is not throwing more money at it and hoping for the best. It requires a drastically different approach.
Insurance is expensive because today, it covers all care. If we pay for routine healthcare out of pocket, while using insurance to cover catastrophic claims, we would see a dramatic drop in costs. Even caring for those who have very little would save taxpayers over half the cost.
How do those who can’t afford coverage be able to afford routine care not covered by catastrophic insurance?

Direct primary care.

To learn more about this, hit that follow button. I’ll go into depth about direct primary care shortly.
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Pharmacy Benefit Managers have undoubtedly created barriers 4 patients w #ChronicPain #intractablepain #PalliativeCare #RareDiseases w medical necessity for #opioid analgesics. Citing CDC GLs & going even further. This ex shows 67% decrease in Rxs.…
All PBMs do something of this nature & plans vary. They should look for & prevent abuse & fraud, but as outlined in their own literature on policy, Benecard is absolutely interfering btw Drs & patients by using CDC GLs & unilateral decisions on what is appropriate for a patient.
Per CDC, based on their clarification of intent of #opioid guidelines; these policies meet definition of misapplication & misinterpretation. Being as @CDCgov @CDCInjury neglects to intervene in official capacity; PBMs, #healthcare insurance companies will continue this practice.
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What has Protesting Accomplished?
--- by Christopher Reilley

👉🏾Within 10 days of sustained #protests:
#Minneapolis bans use of #chokeholds.

👉🏾Charges are upgraded against Officer Chauvin, and his accomplices are arrested and charged.

👉🏾#Dallas adopts a "#DutyToIntervene" rule that requires officers to stop other cops who are engaging in inappropriate use of force.

👉🏾#NewJersey’s attorney general said the state will update its #UseOfForce guidelines for the first time in two decades.

👉🏾In #Maryland, a bipartisan work group of state lawmakers announced a #PoliceReform work group.

👉🏾#LosAngeles City Council introduces motion to reduce #LAPD’s $1.8 billion operating budget.
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I don't know that I have the words to describe how emotionally exhausted I am. In 11/17 my wife was diagnosed with #breastcancer and had a double mastectomy in 1/18 followed by rebuild. Between 1/18 and 5/18 I lost 4 clients. 3 to overdose and 1 to murder. (1/12 )
I turned 50 in there someplace. In 11/19 my then 10 year old son was diagnosed with Stage 4 medullablastoma #braincancer. Surgery, 35 doses of #ProtonRadiation at @MayoClinic. Over 50 chemo doses @SanfordHealth. Split family as wife and I took turns living at @RMHMN. (2/12 )
Weekend nights sleeping in recliners and on couches at the Sanford Children's #hospital as we watched poison be pumped into our child to attempt to save him. Watching him miss 1.5 years of his childhood. #Homeschooling, isolation, fear, tears, anger (3/12 )
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THREAD. How much does treating a serious case of #COVID cost? Here’s a (partial) figure.

First, a pleasant surprise regarding #HealthInsurance - how often does that happen? My insurer, @UHC, has waived cost-sharing for #COVID19 TREATMENT (not just testing):
I logged into @UHC today and found a slew of Explanations of Benefits (EOBs) with a nominal total cost of more than $320,000 for my #COVID19 hospitalization. Bills are still coming in, so that’s not a final figure.

#coronavirus #Covid_19 #COVID #healthcare
But under “You May Owe” on the EOBs, I saw $0, $0, $0 - i.e., @UHC isn’t hitting me with any co-pays for #Covid19 treatment. I was prepared/expecting to shell out my out-of-pocket max ($6,000 in-network, $12,000 out-of-network).

#coronavirus #COVID
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While the states are guaranteed of their GST revenue (14% growth!!!) they are losing big time on all others of their revenue sources like liquor and petroleum.

Also there will be a downstream impact of shrinking of Union's divisible pool from which states get 41%.
Public finances, for both the State Govts and the Union Govt are going to be wrecked.

Both must use this opportunity for a purge and reset of the Governance Model to cut down on the bloated bureaucracy and regulatory cholesterol.
The number of ministries and Deptts must be cut down to less than half.

All of the welfare must be in the form of Income Support / UBI / Negative Income Tax / #SchoolVouchers / #HealthInsurance
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Being financially responsible is important for your health and your financial life. To "live within your means" means that what you spend each month is less than or at least equal to the amount of money you bring in each month. For many people, it’s a lot easier said than done.📌
Credit cards, loans, savings, and even emergency funds allow you to buy more things than your income would ordinarily allow. Unfortunately, that kind of lifestyle isn’t sustainable and, at some point, your reckless spending will catch up to you. #financialliteracy
Your savings and access to credit will run out and when that happens, you’ll be forced to make some important changes or face financial ruin. #financialliteracy
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#HealthInsurance #Bancassurance #AyushmanBharat Having worked in Insurance and Health Insurance, let me share my views. a. Bancassurance - Taking a Mediclaim / Health Insurance policy through your Bank is good if your concern is only regarding premium.
Health Insurance through Banks is inexpensive, which is good. However, service can be an "iffy" thing. Bankers don't have their own Insurance company, their service can take a hit when their alliance with Insurers break down.
And there are always chances that the data of customer with the bank is not clean; that "dirty" data passes onto the Insurance company which will lie low till a claim arises.
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#Hahnemann is a cautionary tale of for-profit companies plundering a #SafetyNetHospital for a land deal. After speaking with several former physician trainees and the Internal Medicine PD @DaveAizenberg. The stories were disheartening. We must do better. #HahnemannStories 1/
#Hahnemann #tweetorial-In all the talk of policy changes and corporate malfeasance, the personal impact cannot be undersold. One story that needs to be shared is that of Erika Correa (permission given to share her experience). #HahnemannStories #medtwitter #MembersMoveMedicine 2/
Dr. Correa was starting #HemeOnc fellowship orientation at #Hahnemann when the closure was announced on June 26. She was suddenly without a program, funding, or health insurance. She had bought a house in Philadelphia, planning to stay at least 3 more years. #medtwitter 3/
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On August 7, 2019, the @IPCC_CH published Climate Change and Land, a special report that addresses greenhouse #gas emissions and their link to #desertification, #land degradation and #food #security. Image
This report is the culmination of two years of work by 107 experts from 52 countries. The report is a key scientific input at the Conference of the Parties of the #UN Convention to Combat Desertification (COP14) in New Delhi this month.…
About 1/4th of the Earth’s ice-free land area is subject to human-induced degradation that is an adverse land condition caused directly/indirectly by humans, leading to a long-term reduction in/ loss of,the land’s biological productivity,ecological integrity, or value to humans.
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#ElizabethWarren's bill reminds me of Romney's advice to youths in 4/2012, "Borrow money, if you have to, from your parents. Start a business... [Jimmy John Liautaud] borrowed $20K from his dad..."

The loan was c. 7/82 and was actually $25K.
$25K in 7/82 = $59K in 4/12
In the first half of 2019, the nat'l average #rent increased by 2.6%.…
Warren declined to be interviewed for this story. In May, at request of media, her campaign released a summary of her outside work. As a senatorial candidate, Warren released a shorter version, which omitted her work for Dow Chemical.

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76 yr old Mom needs help…
In 2011 I was bitten by a tick. I have a brain tumor/IIH & such severe intestinal damage that I CANNOT digest food w/out enteral food RX. It's $198/wk, even w/pharma discount. My (now) 77-year-old Mom is my caregiver but she can't afford it. Don't have enough to eat/save 🏡. 😭
I contracted E
Chaffeensis, Rickettsia of unknown etiology, & #LymeDisease. I just had 8th spinal tap to relieve pressure on my brain.
I'd been on antibiotics for 19 yrs.
I caught Coxsackie B4 virus-a cousin of polio. Lost most use of (L) side.
I wasn't treated for 11 mos. #Lyme
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Economics of Freelancing panel at the ready! @aajanewyork @cessemi @shakofilm @andrewseng_ @juliapshu
Some facts about #freelancing #freelancelife. Challenges + benefit: we always have to keep producing and creating. @aajanewyork #aajafreelance
"You've got to be a go-getter, a hustler." - @shakofilm Cold pitch. Go to networking events. Have patience. Keep networkimg. A lot of work comes via networks, catch-22 tough to start w/o portfolio or connect w communities e.g. @aajanewyork #aajafreelance. #freelancing
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Let's recap
PM @narendramodi Lal Qila/RedFort speeches 2014-2017
Promises V/S delivery... #IndependenceDayIndia
Thread below..
Bank account for every citizen of the country.. #JanDhanAccounts #IndependenceDayIndia
Initiative of ensuring safety, dignity and equality for all girl students. - #CleanIndia #SwachhBharat #IndependenceDayIndia
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If you, like me, cannot point to a single thing @RepFrenchHill has done for the benefit of his constituents in #AR2 then you owe it to yourself and everyone else in the seven county area to vote for @clarketucker this November. #arpx #Vote #Midterms2018
.@RepFrenchHill has voted to end coverage for pre-existing conditions. He doesn't care whether or not you can afford to see a doctor, or even if your health insurance will cover a visit. He does not care about #Arkansans #AR2 #ByeFrench #VoteThemOut #arpx
.@RepFrenchHill supports @realDonaldTrump #ConcentrationCamps for migrant children, infants, and toddlers. He refuses to speak up about these egregious #HumanRights violations. #Arkansas deserves a better, more humane representative in #AR2 - @clarketucker is that person! #Vote
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I'll be trying to avoid @UHC for the rest of my life, or until we get single payer. Here's a brief description of a terrible experience that really isn't that bad in the grand scheme of things.
I was on UHC, had no problems, then got a new job and extended it for one month with COBRA. Hurt my knee (I was on crutches for two months) and paid out of pocket to cover an MRI, bc doc's office didn't have my new card, couldn't run it. I paid knowing I was in-network.
They sent a claim denial to my doctor (not me, as they should have, since I filed the claim). They needed diagnosis codes. I went in person to the doc, got them, and called them in. They refused to accept them from me.
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