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WHATTT!!! Health insurance premiums are likely to go up? 🤯

Yup! Because of higher claims due to COVID-19 resulting in rising healthcare inflation.

But here are some hacks to reduce your premiums ⤵️

#investing #StockMarket
How could you reduce premiums on your health insurance:

• Get treatment in Network Hospitals

• Opt for voluntary deductible

• Pay 2-3 years’ premium to earn 7.5% discount

• Switch to policies with sub limits

#healthinsurance #FinancialFreedom
▣ Get treatment in Network Hospitals 🏥

A hospital that has an agreement with an insurance company for providing cashless treatment is referred to as a Network Hospital.
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Travel is back on the table! With restrictions easing off, most of us are now determined to plan our next exotic vacation.

We have our bucket lists ready, a list of places to see, things to do, and cuisines to savour. But what about insurance? (1/8)

#insurance #travelinsurance
Travelling on a budget is not easy. We know from practice that we need to set aside money for unforeseen expenses. But, when travelling to a foreign land, could we take an extra step to be a little more prepared? (2/8)

#travel #financialplanning
Why should you take travel insurance? It safeguards the interests of the travellers on foreign land.

Imagine falling sick, meeting with an accident, or even losing your luggage & passport. As glum as it may sound, it is essential to prepare for emergencies. (3/8)

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@MondayNightIBD @southasianIBD @ibdesis @Empoweringpts9 @DCharabaty @ownyourcrohns @crohnsbabble @LivingWithUmeed @vkckiranpullela @TheMaveilousGut @dunung_ruchita 📣 #IBD patients & caregivers:

#IBDPoll 1️⃣

📊Thinking abt your IBD needs, what's been the biggest hurdle to your care?
📝 In the replies, elaborate. What’s helped your care?

Please share your #PatientExperience w #MondayNightIBD 👇🏽

@MondayNightIBD @southasianIBD @ibdesis @Empoweringpts9 @DCharabaty @ownyourcrohns @crohnsbabble @LivingWithUmeed @vkckiranpullela @TheMaveilousGut @dunung_ruchita #MondayNightIBD #PatientExperience
#IBDPoll 2️⃣

🧐Thinking about your culture’s expectations

📊 Have you tried Complementary and Alternative (CAM) Therapies (ex: ayurveda, homeopathy)?

What drove you to try these therapies? Please share your experience.

SE=side effects
@MondayNightIBD @southasianIBD @ibdesis @Empoweringpts9 @DCharabaty @ownyourcrohns @crohnsbabble @LivingWithUmeed @vkckiranpullela @TheMaveilousGut @dunung_ruchita Thank you @MondayNightIBD for shining a spotlight on 🌏 #SouthAsianIBD pt experience!

I'm Madhura from 🇮🇳, co-founder Team @ibdesis. We are proud to lead #PatientExperience on #MondayNightIBD!

We hope to improve care for our community around the 🌍 through @SouthAsianIBD.
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A thread on how to choose MS/Ph.D. programs if you have multiple offers (from International Students' perspective, @Omviser1 )

Disclaimer: These are my personal thoughts and do not represent any organizations that I'm associated with.

#gradschool @AcademicsSay #phdstudent
Before I jump in, some background:

When I chose Penn State over my other acceptances (UIUC, Purdue, UC Santa Barbara etc.), my friends and family were surprised to hear that I gave up a top 5 school to attend a top 15/20 in my area.

Sharing my decisioning criteria below 👇
While funding wasn't an issue to me at all, I encourage everyone to think from a ROI perspective at MS or Ph.D. levels.

I read somewhere that an acceptance without proper funding is essentially a polite decline. $$ matters.

#Funding #PhDposition #Scholarships
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You do realize that your telling the truth about why #VoteBlue is pointless when even the #Democrats get a Supermajority, they won't get anything done?

Because that's what your admitting here, your saying "You shouldn't vote for us, because we still won't get anything done!"
We could've had #MedicareForAll or a #PublicOpinion under the @BarackObama Administration. But what we've gotten was a Right-wing #Healthcare Plan by the the @Heritage Foundation that kept the For-profit #HealthInsurance Companies in Control!
That was @MittRomney's Plan & it was supported by Right-wing idiots like @ChuckGrassley & @newtgingrich.

If @BarackObama cared about #SocialJustice, then he would've gone the Franklin D. Roosevelt & Lyndon B. Johnson route to make Democrats pass his Bills! But no.
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Key takeaways on Health Insurance from @Delhi_Investors DIA Expert Talk by:

Deepak Mendiratta @DeepakMendirtta, Founder @PlanCover
organised by
Delhi Investors Association's Brajesh Rawat @BrajeshRawat, Utkarsh Pandey @cautkarshpandey & other members.

A 🧵
Why health insurance?

To protect savings in case of health issues.

Access to quality health care is easy when you don't need to:
~ Dip into your savings
~ Withdraw your investments
~ Borrow from friends or bank

Health Insurance is thus a planning for tomorrow!
What is Health Insurance?

Health Insurance covers cost of treatment of any:
~ Illness
~ Injury
~ Disease
which requires hospitalisation of a minimum of 24hrs.

Hospitalisation is not required in cases where due to technology advancement,treatment is done in less than 24hrs now.
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The Medicare DIS-Advantage Plans...
Many seniors are being lured into Medicare Advantage Plans due to the added benefits of hearing, dental, and gym membership coverage. Image
These plans are actually run by private insurers and actually quite profitable for insurance companies with profit margins of 5% or greater (industry average is 4%)…
Further these plans have the added problems of:
1) Narrow Networks - in fact, many of the most prestigious cancer centers in the country are excluded from these plans. Oddly enough 60% of Cancer diagnoses are in Medicare aged individuals...…
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People and Corporations show you who they are... We choose to believe them!

Ohhhh the irony, two of the bad actors (insurance companies and private equity) that are inflating medical costs and harming patients and healers are suing each other and exposing to us all just a
glimpse of the deception/exploitation/greed that these corps have been using to put profits >>> patients.

United is suing Team Health (owned by the private equity Blackstone group) for over coding and thus overcharging patients by $100 million.
Fremont Emergency Medicine (an affiliate of Team Health) is suing United for their gross underpayment of frontline clinicians.

It's likely that to some extent both are true...

Private Equity is harmful to patient care because they often boost their own profits by
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No, no thanks, no gracias, not in a million years, never ever…

No Optum I do not want to be apart of your racketeering swamp of vertical integration.

Let’s talk about some Optum facts:
Optum is now the single largest owner of Physicians.
Optum is a subsidiary of United Health Group.

In Q2 of 2021 UHG made $4.3 billion in profits and $71.3 billion in revenue.

UHG stock share prices have grown 2200% (from $20.02 to $460.47) since Nov 2008.
Two of the main ways UHG makes such massive profits is to deny payments to physicians for services rendered (I hear from physicians everyday that this happens to) and because their PBM OptumRx uses spread pricing to inflate the cost of medications their members purchase
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"The Healthcare System breed passivity and dependence..." ~ Steve Forbes
The main ways that the hospitals and insurance companies do this is to:
1) Hide their prices
2) Make it complex to understand
3) Build rapport to enlist trust in patients that they will be taken care of
However what we see everyday is that these folks use deception, complexity, narrow networks and many more tactics to make it difficult and complex for patients to get any benefit from their health insurance.
Where health insurance is difficult and complex, Medical Cost Sharing
is simple and easy.
You make a monthly contribution, you have an initial unsharable amount, and you can choose any doctor you want! #simple #easy
Check out our website for more information about how you too may be able to find your Checkmate
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Insurers can REJECT your claim if your disease treatment falls under a "waiting period"

Here are the key things you need to know about waiting periods in your health #insurance policy.

A thread. (1/8)
💡| As the name suggests, waiting periods in health insurance is quite literally the amount of time you need to wait, for an insurance policy to cover your diseases.

But since it’s insurance, it’s not that simple.

There are mainly 3 types of waiting periods...(2/8)
(1) Initial 30-day waiting period:

~This waiting period is only so that insurers can make sure that someone doesn’t take a policy after they get sick.

~Accidents (since they are unpredictable) & COVID (waiting period could be 15 -30 days) are exceptions. (3/8)
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#healthinsurance #seniors #SeniorCitizens
@NandiniVenkate3 in her note, mentioned that being a Senior Citizen in India is scary. And I might add, "is tough as well". That tweet,
generated a lot of traction.
Let me try and address some part of it.
From a finance standpoint, There are 3 aspects of being a senior citizen: a. Health and Health Insurance Costs; b. A steady income from broad source of asset base. c. People who will put Vultures to shame and acting in the financial services industry space.
I will address the 1st part in this thread and why PM / must make an intervention.
Health Insurance to senior citizens is problematic. As they move into an age where they are faced with a prospect of reduced steady income, the demands on that money goes up.
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Here's a simple guide on how you can effectively claim your health insurance👇

Part 1- Cashless claims.

A thread.🧵(1/10)
#Insurance companies have tie-ups with a number of hospitals to manage cashless claims, you might have heard them, cause insurers love to brag about them. (2/10)
They are called network hospitals and here, the hospital and the insurance company settle the claim amongst themselves, with little to no effort from your part. (3/10)
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What would happen if the US made the enhanced premium subsidies in the American Rescue Plan Act permanent and extended the marketplace subsidies that fill the #Medicaid “coverage gap” in 12 states?
A thread.
According to a new analysis from @UrbanInstitute and @CommonwealthFnd, adopting these #healthinsurance reforms would reduce the number of people without insurance by nearly one-quarter in 2022 – falling by 7 million, from 30.3 million to 23.3 million
Adopting these reforms could improve the lives of 5.8 million uninsured adults living in the 12 nonexpansion states who have incomes too high for #Medicaid but not high enough to qualify for marketplace premium subsidies.
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A thread on Health Insurance - Part 2:👇

மருத்துவ காப்பீடு பற்றிய பதிவின் தொடர்ச்சி:
5. மருத்துவ காப்பீடு பற்றிய நமது தவறான புரிதல்கள் மற்றும் மருத்துவ காப்பீடு வாங்காமல் நாம் செய்யும் தவறுகளைப் பற்றி இந்த பதிவில் பார்ப்போம்.
IRDA வெளியிட்டுள்ள அறிக்கையில் ஆயுள் காப்பீட்டுடன் ஒப்பிடும்போது மருத்துவ காப்பீட்டுக்கான விழிப்புணர்வு மிகவும் குறைவாக உள்ளது என்று குறிப்பிட்டுள்ளது. மக்களுக்கு மருத்துவ காப்பீட்டுத் திட்டங்களைப் பற்றிய தவறான கண்ணோட்டமும் ஒரு காரணம்.
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A thread on Health Insurance - Part 1:👇

மருத்துவ காப்பீடு பற்றிய பதிவு:
1 மருத்துவ காப்பீட்டு
2 மருத்துவ காப்பீட்டின் முக்கியத்துவம்
3 மருத்துவ காப்பீட்டின் நன்மைகள்
4 மருத்துவ காப்பீட்டின் வகைகள்
5 மருத்துவ காப்பீட்டை பற்றிய தவறான புரிதல்கள்
6 மருத்துவ காப்பீட்டை வாங்கும் முன் கவனிக்க வேண்டிய விஷயங்கள்
7 மருத்துவ காப்பீட்டைத் தேர்வு செய்யும் முறைகள்
"நோயற்ற வாழ்வே குறைவற்ற செல்வம்"
பரப்பரப்பாக ஓடி கொண்டிருக்கும் உலகத்தோடு, நாமும் வேகமாக ஓடும் இந்த காலக்கட்டத்தில் நமது பாரம்பரிய உணவு முறைகள், உடற் பயிற்சிகளை மறந்ததனால் மற்றும் பல காரணமாக பல நோய்கள் மற்றும் உடல் நலமின்மை ஏற்படுகிறது.
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MUST READ: *Terrific* letter to @SecBecerra, @SecYellen, and @SecMartyWalsh signed by 97 Members of Congress and spearheaded by @RepTomSuozzi and @RepBradWenstrup.

They urge @HHSGov, @USTreasury, and @USDOL to not only reflect congressional...

...intent in their rulemaking by ensuring a balanced process to settle payment disputes between #health plans and providers, but also ensure an #IDR process that captures the unique circumstances of each billing dispute and does not cause any single piece of information to be...
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Is your age the only determinant of your #HealthInsurance premium?

#Premiums refer to the payment that you make to your insurance company so that they can take care of your medical expenses.

The actual amount depends on how likely you are to require a payout in the future and how much your insurer might have to pay in such an event.

There are various factors that affect this amount:

1) Your age: Health Insurance costs less in your youth. The older you get, the more likely you are to develop certain diseases- and so your premiums are higher.

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Let’s talk about Maternity #Insurance

Bringing a child into the world is a magical experience. But it's also very expensive. And unfortunately, your regular #HealthInsurance policy may not cover pregnancy and childbirth expenses.

The reason is that Health Insurance covers unforeseen medical expenses, and getting pregnant is a very real possibility for most couples.

But don't fret- you can opt for maternity insurance as an add-on. This usually covers:

1) Hospitalisation, as well as pre and post-hospitalization expense
2) Delivery expenses
3) Pre and post-natal expenses
4) Treatment expenses for children born with congenital conditions

Keep in mind:
1) Maternity Insurance is expensive as there is a very high claim ratio

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#LetsTalkMoney by @monikahalan is all about US understanding OUR Needs & Wants, & constructing OUR Money Box.

It helps BUILD a system in place , rather than focusing on a (non existent ) single shot solution.



A 🧵 on it .
Firstly, build your own system to manage Cash Inflows & Outflows .
Find a way that's least troublesome but automatically separates the 2.

#Budgeting & #Allocation must not be a cumbersome task !

Easy bifurcation helps in Better mapping.

A bird's eye view on the same 👇
Moving onto Emergencies . This pandemic has made so many of us realise the importance of it .

Another interesting facet :
Unwillingness to take risks comes from the FEAR of not having money when needed - typically why Bank F.Ds are preferred.

Hence the EMERGENCY fund.
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Health insurance provides people with a much needed financial backup at times of medical emergencies.

It’s important to have health insurance as a safety net. If you unexpectedly get sick or injured, health insurance is there to help cover costs that you likely can’t afford to pay on your own.
Health care can be very expensive. It can be an enormous financial burden. Surgery, emergency care, prescription drugs, lab work, scans and examinations – these sorts of costs can add up very quickly.
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This pandemic is a harsh reminder that no #healthinsurance is not an option.

Have heard of families getting financially ruined because of COVID related hospitalization cost.

In this thread I'm covering 10 vital aspects to consider before buying Health Insurance Policy.
1. Maximum Coverage

There are several crucial points like the room rent, ambulance cover, etc. which have an expense limit associated with it in TnC of the policy.

Choose a plan which covers all the essential pointers and an extensive range of diseases.
2. Claim Process

Research company’s background, the network of hospitals, settlement process, company’s management, claim settlement ratio etc.

Also check sublimit clause, inclusions & exclusions.
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1/ New report from ⁦@AmerMedicalAssn⁩ provides:

•Detailed look at official US healthcare spending estimates through 2019 using data from ⁦@CMSGov
•Preliminary estimates of 2020 health spending from ⁦@Altarum…
2/ •Health spending was 17.7% of GDP in 2019 and increased by 4.6% to $3.8 trillion ($11,582 per capita).
•Spending in hospital care (6.2%) and prescription drugs (5.7%) grew faster than physician services (4.2%) in 2019.
3/ • In 2019, spending growth in #Medicare (6.7%) and out-of-pocket payments (4.6%) reached their highest rates in the last decade while private #healthinsurance (3.7%) and #Medicaid (2.9%) were on a downswing.
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