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the propaganda from the @elonmusk / @mtaibbi / @ShellenbergerMD #fascist circle is insidious because it's seasoned with just enough truth to be plausible.

their narrative about corrupt government involvement with corporate rule *starts* from a place of truth, but...

...the @GOP is NOT less corrupt than @TheDemocrats in this regard; Republican fascism and corporate corruption go hand in hand. the first openly fascistic GOP presidency, @RonaldReagan's, was marked by scandals and crooked deals with lobbyists:…

in a sense, the @elonmusk / @mtaibbi gang are weaponizing their own crimes—Matt Taibbi has gotten as far as he's gotten because he himself is nurtured by "Deep State" connections. that is to say, he's being propped up from behind, by Republican crooks in government.

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We all should reciprocate the support that @SupFletcher gave to all of #SanDiego County during the #COVID19 #pandemic. He and other county officials responsible for our health were subjected to irrational and venomous attacks for their efforts to save constituents' lives.
His house was firebombed just over a year ago. His partisan conversion drew constant invective from extremists, people who menace their neighbors.
Understandably, a man who survived combat in uniform wouldn't expect to be assaulted by #fascist nihilists after being elected to a constitutional office.
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I don't want to *quote tweet* @MattWalshBlog but I'll quote him this way. he said something amusing (betraying his own fears) but it's also very telling, and typical of the "#conservative" (i.e. #fascist) set:

"The Leftist Rage Mob Turns On One Of Its Own | Ep. 113x"

the *leftist rage mob*. heavens! those leftists (or "woke" folks or whoever) are so *angry*! all the time!

angry people are always wrong; just ask @mtaibbi or @NateSilver538 (or @MattWalshBlog) and they'll tell you: being angry is evil and only evil leftists are angry.

that's part of the doublethinkful game that right-wing people are used to playing with emotions: they can't make up their minds whether leftists are always *angry* or whether they're always weak and crying—but #conservatives are at least certain that *emotions* are bad.

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@EU_Commission @IntlCrimCourt Children of #Donbass - THE #WAR IS ON! CHILDREN vs THE #NAZIS | 5 months ago…
#SaveOurChildren deNAZIfication - Special Military QperationZ WORLDWIDE
@EU_Commission @IntlCrimCourt cc: @ DaniMayakovski
#Ukraine. Images from the #Azov Battalion children's camp, where children from the age of 8 are #brainwashed into #Nazism and prepared militarily by indoctrinating them into a #hatred of #killing Russians. (2015)
@EU_Commission @IntlCrimCourt Ukrainian children drugged and indoctrinated by the #Nazis into shouting the #Hitler salute of "#SiegHeil" while being laughed at. (2016)
This video was captured from the flash drive of a press reporter from the #AzovBattalion at the #Mariupol base.
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Will someone please educate #Trump on the difference between a #Marxist and a #fascist? 🤦🏼‍♀️

He can’t even correctly define who his enemies are.

The U.S.government isn’t run by #communists, Mr. President. It is run by #Nazis.

Let’s be real clear about that!
#CanYouPleaseQuit referring to actual #Nazis as #communists.

Commies tend to take offense when you confuse them with their historical mortal enemy!
With all due respect Mr. President, #communists make great allies. (Ever studied WW II?)

Making them your enemy never ends well. (Also see WW II) 📚
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Solomon Bali, an expert on anti-Semitism and radicalism and member of the international Jewish organization B'nai B'rith,
has publicly objected to Bulgaria's attempts to portray Bulgarian King Boris III as a "savior" of Jews during the Second World War. Bali told Bulgaria's TV1 that Jews in Bulgaria were not saved during the Holocaust
but "survived after their postponed deportation" to the Nazi death camps.

In his role as head of the Bulgarian state at the time, Boris III was responsible for the deporting - and the death -
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Бугарскиот стручњак за антисемитизам и радикализам, Соломон Бали од меѓународната еврејска организација „Б'неј Б'рит“ (B'nai B'rith) се противи на обидите - бугарскиот цар Борис Трети да се претстави како некаков „спасител“ на Евреите од Бугарија во Втората светска војна.
За бугарската ТВ1, тој вели дека немало спасување на Евреите во Бугарија, туку „преживување по одложената депортација“ во логорите на смртта.
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Mar 1:
1/ #RussianVolunteerCorps actions in #Bryansk

“We are #Russians, and we are not #Russians”: what is known about the “#RussianVolunteerCorps

@CrimeanWind, of #Telegram, background report on #Russian ..continued

#UkraineRussiaWar #Partisans…
Mar 1:
3/ #RussianVolunteerCorps in #Bryansk

..representatives adhere to right-wing views & #Claim to have traveled the entire #FrontLine.

#Russian #Volunteer #Corps founder, #DenisKapustin (#Nikitin)..continued

#UkraineRussiaWar #Ukraine…
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Mar. 1:
1/ #Russian #CriminalCode: #War changes

@CrimenWind on #Telegram reports:

#Sentence: Up to 15 years behind bars:
#Russia will tighten the responsibility for "#Discrediting the #SVO/[#Ukraine ..continued

#UkraineRussiaWar #Laws #War #Speech…
Mar. 1:
2/ #Russian #CriminalCode: #War changes


#Amendments to the #CriminalCode of the #RussianFederation were announced by the speaker of the #Putin #StateDuma, #Volodin.

For ..continued

#UkraineRussiaWar #Speaking #Writing…
Mar. 1:
3/ #Russian #CriminalCode: #War changes

For persons "#Discrediting members of the #SVO, including volunteer formations", a fine of up to 5 million wooden #Rubles, #ForcedLabor for up to 5 years or..continued

#UkraineRussiaWar #Speech #Ukraine…
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This is from Solapur, Maharashtra

At Hindu Janakroash Morcha rally, far-right leader T Raja Singh once again gave open calls for violence against Muslims and pitched for their economic boycott.

Note: “Landya” is an anti-Muslim slur.

#India #Maharashtra #HindutvaTerrorist
Raja Singh while addressing thousands of young Hindus attending the event urged them to die while writing the history
#India #Maharashtra #Muslim #IndianMuslims #Hindutva #Fascist #Fascism #Nazism #HindutvaTerrorist #SaffronTerror #HateSpeech #Islamophobia #Islamophobia_in_india
Raja also threatened that if the government doesn’t pass laws on love jihad, religious conversions, and cow slaughter, then Hindus will take law into their own hands and use swords.

#India #Maharashtra #Muslim #IndianMuslims #HateSpeech #Hindutva #IndianMuslimsGenocideAlrt🚨
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Pondering the most socially & politically powerful tropes and memes (social constructs - please see R Dawkins’ “The Selfish Gene (you what?),” 1976) of the crazy-arsed 1880’s City of London we may stumble back some decades down a handy Memory Lane 2 our secondary school studies
So here the psycho-cultural (mental) foundation of the SA Law Society’s grandiose and socio-economically devastating Theory of Diminished Responsibility:

“In traditional literature a tragic hero is utterly vicious but in The Mayor of Casterbridge, Michael Henchard is not the..
“the typical tragic man, [palaru] tragic hero.. impulsive, arrogant & honest, ambitious at the same time.. moral value supported his control over his wife, dau. & lover”


“..a kind of mysterious & unavoidable power, character, fate, deeply..”

Enough already

R Brown ‘66
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On June 30, 1941, the #Nazis marched into L’viv, with assistance from the Ukrainian nationalists (the OUN-B) — who, on their own initiative and without authorization from Germany, immediately declared that #Ukraine was now a country.
The Germans prevented OUN-B leader Stefan #Bandera from entering the Ukrainian territories during the invasion citing security concerns, so Stetsko (Bandera’s second in command) delivered the proclamation of statehood in his stead.
Stetsko announced that Bandera would lead the new state as Providnyk, and Stetsko would serve as the prime minister.
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let's try again. I wanted to write more *specifically* about Mr. @elonmusk—speculating about why he's the catastrophic person he is, based on what's popularly known about him. everything I'm going to mention is something reported in the popular press (not by @mtaibbi.)

we know that Mr. Musk had an abusive father, whom @elonmusk has had little good to say about. the man was typical colonialist trash—a South African grifter and speculator who *got lucky*, making a lot of money quickly with a partial share in an apartheid-era emerald mine.

Mr. Musk (and certainly his #ElonMusk fan club) has tried as hard as possible to suppress any chatter about the emerald mine; Mr. @elonmusk himself, a prolific and habitual liar, has even tried to pretend that the press made it up. but it's too broadly reported to deny.

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This video gets most historical details correct, except for the part about “British and Americans punished the wrongdoers after #WWII.”

How Britain and America Inspired #Nazi #Eugenics

Gotta bring this one back for an encore! 😝
Eugenics and race played significant roles in Ukrainian interwar nationalism, yet remain largely unstudied.

The Ukrainian nationalists’ understanding of the racial makeup of their imagined community was contradictory as they struggled to reconcile their desire for racial purity
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@anthonyzenkus @GeoffYoung4KY #NewWorldOrder isn’t a kooky conspiracy theory…it’s an actual ideological mission ~ the most dangerous utopians of all-time.

Maybe like #Fabianism + #Fascist #Eugenics rebranded.

Orwell, Huxleys, CS Lewis, HG Wells, Betrand Russell, etc wrote about it.…
@anthonyzenkus @GeoffYoung4KY ‘The Open Conspiracy: Blue Prints for a World Revolution’

1928 ~ #HGWells

#NWO ideologists aim to suck up all the world’s wealth to gain total control over it + enslave humanity for their “greater good”.

They’re almost finished ~ they’ve been working on it for over a century.
@anthonyzenkus @GeoffYoung4KY British imperialists set out to hijack the 🇺🇸 over a century ago to continue their global empire mission.

They succeeded. It’s even in Congressional archives.

They bankrupted the 🇺🇸 taking over the world with 10’s of trillions of our tax dollars.

If they win #WW3, we’re done.
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After 🇭🇷 won the🥉place in #WorldCup2022, 🇭🇷 players celebrated by singing patriotic songs by Marko Perković Thompson, including his iconic '90s song "Bojna Čavoglave" w/ its opening verse "Za dom spremni". Countless anti-🇭🇷 activists labeled 🇭🇷 players & the song as #fascist
THE SUPREME COURT OF CROATIA on the salute "Za dom spremni" of the patriotic song "Bojna Čavoglave" by Marko Perković Thompson: "In the appeal the prosecutor claims that the defendant [Thompson] knowingly and intentionally encouraged the audience to participate in the performance
of that salute in the manner in which that salute was performed as official salute of the totalitarian regime of the Independent State of Croatia. However, at the same time the prosecutor ignores the fact that in this specific case it is about the defendant's authored song
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@TuckerCarlson CIA organized #JFK’s brutal public assassination six weeks after he ordered we withdraw from Vietnam.

A few days after his murder, oil man LBJ reversed that to escalate the war which killed millions of poor people.

CIA asset #LHO really was a pasty.

@TuckerCarlson #JFK ordered we start pulling out of Vietnam War six weeks prior to his murder with #NSAM263 ::…

A few days after JFK’s murder, Texas oil profiteer #LBJ ordered the escalation of the war which led to millions of ☠️ #NSAM273 ::…
@TuckerCarlson It was pretty well known at the time #JFK’s assassination was a #fascist #coup on the 🇺🇸

A lot of old articles, interviews about it.

Here’s a clip from one of #JimGarrison’s ::…
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#Fascist politicians typically gain support by appealing to people’s nationalism & racism, especially by promoting suspicion or hatred of people that they label as foreigners or otherwise cast as 'illegitimate citizens' — as Hitler did with the Jews.

Do you understand? 🇬🇧 Image
There are a number of general characteristics that fascist movements from 1922 - 1945 tend to have in common, many of which will feel eerily familiar to anyone living in Britain today. 🇬🇧…
I'll just list a few. Draw your own conclusions.

Opposition to Marxism, wealth redistribution, & liberalism.

Racism, sexism & misogyny.

Conservative economic programs.

Unquestioning obedience to authority.

Anti-urbanism. Anti-intellectualism. Anti-individualism.
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I have had the privilege of reading
the thread authored by @tweetsfromstar but I
differ on following reasonings & add some observations on
the maintainability of my standpoint.
#Integration is a subjective matter. Every society & religion has their own integration standards.
You can't integrate a #Woman wearing a #bikini 👙 in #Afghanistan🇦🇫 or #Pakistan🇵🇰?
Attaching sufferance to #Hijab while pressing #burka or #niqab as an oppression is a sanctimony towards hijab on your part.
It's the same to assert that #Kalashnikov can be integrated but the #G3 cannot be integrated despite the fact that both are destructive and pose threat.
Neither #Hijab nor #burka is a choice, both are enforced through coercion, fear or at least to say childhood indoctrination.
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#FascistCrimes#Otd in 1944, in Bassano del Grappa, Italy, the Nazis and their fascist collaborators tricked 31 young #partisans into surrender and murdered them, leaving their bodies to hang from the trees lining the town's main boulevard>
#Thread 1/9
#26settembre #September26
for 4 days. What led to this massacre? The ranks of the partisans had swelled considerably in the summer of 1944. Many young men "took to the mountains" also to escape the Fascist draft and war, and execution if >
#Thread #BassanodelGrappa @LouiseRawAuthor #26settembre
they were found. That caused several problems, one being making it easier for informers to infiltrate the Resistance movement and traitors to gather information for the Nazi/Fascists who were getting ready to launch a series of massive anti-partisan raids. >
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#AoGCult Stephen Strang owns Charisma Magazine (helped by #CNP Pastor Karl Strader his nephew is Doug Wead Russian $ Trump) promoting Clay Clark’s ReAwaken America w/ Flynn #KochNetwork #Fascism


Flynn spoke @ Assembly of God “church” #AoGCult by John Hagee & close friend Doug Wead (Russia $ Trump, #AmwayCult) Robertson, Graham, Crouch, Dobson, etc & National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) & National Association of Evangelicals #KochNetwork #Fascism…
Pentecostal Assembly of God #AoGCult started early 1900s (Global) by Parham. Horrible history - violent deaths. Pastors - Graham, Falwell, Oral Roberts, the Bakkers, Karl Strader, wife Joyce is Aunt to Doug Wead #AmwayCult Russia $ Trump #KochNetwork 👉…
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When I and others suggest that today's Tory party is verging on fascism, some people say I am exaggerating. I'm not. I offer four examples that illustrate that today's Tory party has become so right-wing that classifying them as fascists is accurate /1
Firstly, scapegoating. In the 1930s, the German Nazi party blamed all the country's problems on Jews. They called them the Untermensch. In today's Britain, refugees who cross the channel to claim asylum because there is no legal route open to them are demonised in the same way /2
Secondly Trade Unions. On 2 May 1933, just three months after Adolf Hitler's appointment as Chancellor of Germany, All Trades Union were banned. In today's Tory Britain, legislation to remove the right to strike is being proposed and pushed by the Tory Party /3
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Nazi-Fascists of Bulgaria:

IVAN - VANCHO MIHAJLOV - "The Man Who Murders For Von Ribbentrop"

"But even high officials of the German Foreign Office, accustomed to these constant visits from bloodstained ‘leaders,' were startled when, Image
oneday in the spring of 1940, their chief was called upon by no less a person than Ivan Mikhailoff, confederate of Pavelic and head [usurper] of the IMRO - the Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organisation".
- "Of all the murderers on Hitler's visiting list, Mikhailoff is the most brutal and cold-blooded."

Source: "The Voice," Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, Saturday, 30 August 1941.
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