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1. Thread on Britney... #Britney ImageImageImage
2. As unfortunately have many others, Britney Jean Spears break into "fame" came with Disney, notorious for child mind control programming as well as pedophile Walt... by aged 12 she was a "mouseketeer" #BritneySpears #Britney #Disney #Mouseketeers ImageImage
3. There have been 4 groups of mouseketeers 1950s, 1970s, 1990s and 2017/8. Britney was in the 90s Mickey Mouse Club alongside Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake, Ryan Gosling, and Keri Russell.… #britney #mickeymouseclub #disney ImageImageImage
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Starting soon at #Quality2021

@QualityForum presents a conversation with @MaryDixonWoods:

How can we improve #improvement in health and health care?

After all, improvement begins at home.… Image
Some significant challenges raised by @MaryDixonWoods

Not least amongst this is the reliance on unvalidated measures.

#Quality2021 Image
This is a substantial task.

Measures need to be co-produced and good enough for evidence-building.

@MaryDixonWoods #Quality2021 Image
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1/7 Eye contact is one of the most underrated #communication tools in general conversations, but it’s importance is amplified by several magnitudes when trying to facilitate group #conversations during #debriefing.
2/7 Making and holding eye contact is a great way to invite #engagement in the conversation. Giving them the opportunity to opt in or out without placing them psychologically unsafe position created by verbally trying to engage them.
3/7 They may initially signal that they are not ready by closing their #bodylanguage Move on and engage others in group. Periodically check back (with eye contact). When they are ready they will signal that through opening their body language ready for you to invite their input
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My fav thing about @sprucepointcap is how, when called out for basic & material errors, he just ignores it and/or blocks the messenger
@sprucepointcap This took 10 seconds of googling to figure out was wrong
Correction - it's my second fav thing about him. This is my first:
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#PatientCentric care, #PtExperience #Tokenism, #HoldingSpace #WeAreBetterTogether ⚠️ long thread.
Recently I attended a meeting of an organization whose focus is in improving #healthcare. This is a highly respected organization. One ☝🏼 of their founding principles is the 1/
engagement of various #stakeholders including #patients and #caregivers. This was not the 1st meeting of this org. I have attended. I walked away from this particular meeting sad, frustrated & a bit angry. The topic was on #patientcentric care. A topic that is near & dear 2/
to me. The caliber of individuals involved was spectacular; academics, researchers, consultants. As I scrolled through participants as well as listened to the conversation and watched the comments come across the screen I was enthralled with the dialogue however 3/
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 04/02/2021…
Linguistic tricks to grab your online audience’s attention…

#linguistics #AudienceAttention #engagement
Mistrust of the CBO is unfortunately a growing bipartisan avocation…

#CongressionalBudgetOffice #data #trust #reports #politics
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THREAD: a story. "After I said my standard "centers are now open, start your art" one new 6th grader from Russia came to me and said "I listened to everything you said, but I must have missed something - what are we supposed to do? 1/8 Image
I explained that this was up to her - she could choose a center and begin. I watched as she started a painting. It was as if she had never experienced any of it before - what to do? What to make? How to make it? What next? And now what? Each mark she made delighted her. 2/8
She made a red heart outline (on a GIANT piece of paper) and filled it in with more red (she was delighted with this) then - made a red heart outline and filled it with blue.I wish I video-taped her it was like watching a baby take her first steps. 3/8
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Audio has finally arrived in India from being a non-existent category in 2019 to now becoming a mainstream content format.

Category creation is tough but we believed in the compounding power of rapid execution and iteration led feedback loops. We are now seeing the results (1/6)
#Engagement - 1 Billion+ monthly listening minutes in Feb'21 with users spending 110 minutes daily on Pocket FM app

Continuous product experiments have helped us find strong PMF and we are now amongst the top OTT platforms in India. (2/6)
#Growth - 6x growth in last 5 months

We have always believed that PMF alone isn't enough. Our continuous growth experiments helped us find a strong product-channel fit. (3/6)
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Honored to offer #PolicyRecommendations w/ Gabe Collins @RiceUniversity @BakerInstitute

#HoldTheLine through 2035:

A #Strategy to Offset #China’s Revisionist Actions & Sustain a Rules-Based Order in the #AsiaPacific

Between now & 2035, imposing costs on strategically unacceptable PRC actions + pursuing defense diplomacy offers a sustainable path to influence PRC behavior & position #IndoAsiaPacific for continued prosperity & growth under a #RulesBased regional system.…
The United States should resist yielding strategic principles & position to a People’s Republic of China (#PRC) that is facing increasing constraints on its economic potential, national power growth, & prioritization of competition over citizens’ welfare.…
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Dear Youth,
In light of #AfricaYouthDay yesterday, and throughout #Africa Youth Month, I will be supporting the @_AfricanUnion's call on all young people to view their #natural spaces as opportunities to influence their #communities and consequently the #African...

... continent with the aim of encouraging young #Africans all over the world to see themselves as integral to achieving Agenda 2063.

To build a community of youth experts and voices on key #development issues to drive the promise of African achievement
@ossap_sdgs @estherclimate
I support the @wellbeingafrica For Women Africa's Youth Initiative, which has mentored and provided micro-grants to support over 63 youth partners in global #development, from 18 African nations in building a body of over 194 published research editorials in the last four years
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@sinanaral on false news

#tweetiatrician peeps, @AmerAcadPeds, @AmerMedicalAssn and @PublicHealth @DrTomFrieden @DrPaulOffit @SaadOmer3 @ASlavitt this is a must watch and Prof Aral’s work is so critical.

People>bots are source of misinformation spread

Must watch @TEDTalks by @sinanaral of @MIT & @MITSloan

Fake news spreads as it invokes surprise & disgust. It is also tied to novelty.

Being negative & relying on creating anger & disgust “wins” over positivity. *sigh*

@AmerAcadPeds #tweetiatrician

I’ve long had a concern over the doctors & #Scicomm who “review” “fake news” out there. Yes content may generate anger & disgust among pro-science followers but how often do you boost the stats of the original fake content?

Have also seen sharing of false info about #STEM peers
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#Transparenztweet Einladungsschreiben zum Stadtteilgespräch am 29.09.2020

Sehr geehrte*r ...,
im Mai dieses Jahres hat der #Stadtrat über die Einrichtung eines Stadtteilmanagements in #Connewitz diskutiert. Anlass war die wiederkehrende urbane #Gewalt um #Silvester und ...
am Rande von #Demonstrationen im Stadtteil. Erst letztes Wochenende mussten wir wieder #gewalttätige Auseinandersetzungen gegen #Eigentum und Menschen erleben, bei denen die politischen #Forderungen in den Hintergrund rückten. ...
Dabei sollte es keinen #Zweifel geben, dass #Gewalt kein #Instrument der politischen Aushandlung in einer #Demokratie ist.

In der Stadtratsdebatte hatte ich damals einen Alternativvorschlag unterbreitet. Die Einrichtung eines kommunalen #Stadtteilmanagements in #Connewitz ...
Read 11 tweets… First ever Qa|\|0n SoundCloud rap? History in the making? Is this the new net culture?

@realDonaldTrump can I get an RT??
Thanks @b_u_um for the instrumental
I wanted to make this song and use all the Qa--n0|\| hashtags to promote it and get a lot of #engagement but now theyve all been banned so there isnt really any point, oh well 🤷‍♂️
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Not sure where to start the discussion on this article. I am very interested in multiple aspects of this paper. First, & this is just related to this paper but the overall current climate of the treatment & care of those with #Chronicpain
#HHS #Chou 1/…
So much energy has gone into research looking to define optimal strategies for opioid tapering where is the energy being given to development of other medications that are as effective as opioids with less risk? I know this paper referenced that many #patients tapered 2/
experienced pain relief & increased functioning yet as an advocate I receive regular calls from inds where pain care has been reduced or cut off entirely w disasterous results. My kids benefit from #opioid #pain meds. I am nor are they opposed to the utilization of other meds 3/
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Sometimes theres a reason behind some of the #hate, And Some people are caught up with a genuine concern after reading stories like this over the years and the only people listening are those on the Far right #TalkDontLabel…
This headline was from just under 2 yrs ago, From 23,000 to now 43,000 And this kind of thing sends fear into the public, when they try voice their concerns they are shut down with a label or placed in a tickbox, Making them more vulnerable
When media made #anjemchoudary the go to Muslim, I made bad choices in #MyFormerLife & will not excuse my behaviour, but the lack of meaningful #engagement with me or my #beliefs was a factor in being more involved in Echo Chambers.
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There is sometimes a reason behind some of the #hate, And it's not always those Who are Far right, Some are caught up with a genuine concern after reading stories like this over the years and the only people listening are those on the Far right. #TalkDontLabel #DebateNotHate
If some on the left want to break the vicious circle of hate Then you must realise theres no bogeyman! Stop being lazy & refrain from using #labels, #TickBoxes & #Pigeonholing People who think differently to you. Accept responsibility that maybe YOU could be part of the #problem
I made bad choices in #MyFormerLife & will not excuse my behaviour, but the lack of meaningful #engagement with me or my #beliefs was a factor in being more involved in Echo Chambers
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#SriAgenda in 15min 🔔 #June30 10am CEST

Investors as catalysts of the climate transition | #COP26: Investor action on climate (Webinar 2) "@PRI_News @LSEplc…

#sustainablefinance #climatecrisis @SRI_Natives @SriEvent_It @Managers4Future @andytuit ImageImage
@PRI_News @LSEplc @SRI_Natives @SriEvent_It @Managers4Future @andytuit Investors as catalysts of the #climatetransition - #COP26: Investor action on climate (Webinar 2), just started with a ⚡terrific⚡ line-up of speakers for the 1st panel

#sustainablefinance #climatecrisis @LSEplc @PRI_News @UNEP_FI @GFI_green @GenerationFndt @COP26 @PreCop26ITA ImageImageImage
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I made bad choices in #MyFormerLife and will not excuse my behaviour, but the lack of meaningful #engagement with me or my #beliefs was a factor in me getting more involved in the Echo Chambers of #Hate... 1/5…
I saw them as the only people who wanted to listen and the only ones who understood the problems like i did. Once inside the Echo Chamber, I was only exposed to like-minded people, who not only shared my world views, but often held much more extreme beliefs
Ideas are allowed to breed and fester. With my own thinking left unchallenged, I spiralled into hate.

#DebateNotHate #MeetThePeopleYouHate #DialogueIsThePartOfTheSolution
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Le webinar commence maintenant. Alors, c'est quoi #TikTok ? Une plateforme de contenu qui inspire la créativité et donne de la joie à l'audience, d'après Mathieu Rampart de @tiktok_France .
@Reech_com @GetSwello @MerciHandy
#InfluenceMarketing #SocialMedia #RéseauxSociaux #CM
Sur #TikTok, à la différence des autres plateformes, tout tourne autour du contenu. L'algorithme pousse des contenus, comme des challenges, qui intéressent potentiellement l'audience.
@tiktok_France @Reech_com @GetSwello @MerciHandy
#InfluenceMarketing #SocialMedia
#TikTok propose du contenu spécifique, diversifié et personnalisé aux utilisateurs.
Son point fort d'après Mathieu Rampart de
@tiktok_France: une personnalisation très avancée de chaque fil d’utilisateur.
@Reech_com @GetSwello @MerciHandy
#InfluenceMarketing #SocialMedia
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#Kerala #COVID-19 Response: 100 days of virus in 10 charts. Through a comprehensive scan of the daily bulletins, guidelines and news media, we present a detailed timeline of the state’s policy measures undertaken over the first 100-day period… (1/n) Image
View the entire timeline of the 100 days and the various policy measures undertaken here (2/n) Image
#Summary: We map cumulative case trajectories against major policy decisions… and the trend in 5-day moving doubling rate in Kerala… (3/n)
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