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#SidVicious #punkrock #icon #sexpistols @sexpistols
Se io dovessi chiedervi di nominare una figura iconica legata al punk rock, la prima che vi viene in mente, molto probabilmente la vostra risposta sarebbe Sid Vicious. Questo perché per
molti, il mito che circonda Sid Vicious è diventato l'essenza di ciò che era il punk rock: anarchia, violenza , specialmente ai concerti, nichilismo, eccessi selvaggi, un'apatica mancanza di interesse per tutti e tutto e morire giovani a seguito di una pervasiva noia e
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1) It's been 6 years ago that I've made my first crypto investment.

Since then I've:

• Graduated
• Worked at a trading firm
• Quit my job
• Bought 2 properties
• Moved to a new country (ongoing)

I'll be sharing the good, the bad and the ugly.

This is my story 🌎

2) It's late 2016. A time where no one has heard about bitcoin or the term cryptocurrency in general.

I was a student in my early twenties trying to get my degree as a teacher in physics and computing.

I had big hopes and dreams but believed I didn't have the capacity.
3) I see myself as a normal smart individual but not a genius.

I always thought I had to be either brilliant or born into a rich family to escape the rat race.

Or just have plain luck in some way or another.

Since I wasn't any of these I accepted I had to work my entire life.
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Day 260 of #Blender3d| #b3d

I generated an image using #stablediffusion and #DALLE 2

I put the image into #ICON to turn it into a 3D model.

Then I used #mixamo to animate the model. (Then did a little extra thing with Blender) Details below!
How I did it:
1️⃣ Generate Image Using @playground_ai which has both #DALLE & #stablediffusion.

I chose stable diffusion.

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Learn how to create a ɴᴇᴏɴ ɢʟᴀꜱꜱ effect using @sketch

How far can we take this tweet? 👀 Let's retweet and see how it goes 🚀

#MadeWithSketch #glass #NeonArt #effect #icon #design #designtwitter #uidesign #tutorial #Tips
@sketch Create a 200x200 rectangle and give it a corner radius of 65.
@sketch Remove the fill and apply a background blur
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The case for #interoperability and #ICON’s Blockchain Transmission Protocol (#BTP) $ICX
#cryptocurrency #blockchain #metaverse

A thread! 👇
There are many similarities between the internet and #blockchain in terms of how the #technologies have dawned and evolved. This will, undoubtedly, continue going forward. Much like the dawn of the internet, there are isolated networks operating with their own rules and uses.
Really, this was pre-internet because, initially, the internet was just a connection between similarly isolated networks of computers. But as the #technology was refined and became more desirable and used, this network of networks grew into what we know as the #internet today.
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Another 🔥 thread by @real_digidavid

I’ll add a couple of additional things to his thread, with some stuff to look forward to in the future for the CPS 👇🏼
1) Stablecoin Treasury
- Soon (as early as next application period 👀) the CPF will be converted to bnUSD until a max cap of 200,000 bnUSD is reached. Then ICX will accumulate in the CPF until it also reaches its max cap of 200,000 ICX.
1.1) Once the ICX max cap is reached, the remaining inflow of ICX will be burnt 🔥

These 200,000 max cap parameters will be adjustable based on demand for CPF funds, inflow from inflation and BTP fees, and the amount of ICX we’re hoping to burn.
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@BobRossOfficial I know a painter who knew Ross. Bob pre-drew the paintings he used on television. The BR enterprise is a building hidden next to a birthing center in NOVA. He was a troubled artist, like many artists. The fact that his own son and wife contributed to the doc says something.
@BobRossOfficial LIVE TWEET:
Seems like the Kowalski’s want to silence #BillAlexander - who obviously contributed to @BobRoss success.
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1/ The case for #ICON $ICX for 2021. The new revolution of finance & blockchain is here & I truly believe $ICX represents the best value out of any protocol on the market. The next few months will be some of the most exciting in recent memory for $ICX holders. Let us dive in. 👇
2/ Firstly we have one of the most bullish updates to the #ICON network in its history (coming in Q2). That update is called: ICON 2.0: BATANG. “Batang” is a Korean word for Foundation (or Foundational). ICON 2.0 is a cleaner, more polished version & a complete overhaul of 1.0.
3/ ICON 2.0 will come with additional functionality & scalability (EVM & BTP will launch with it). There will be no token swap & the migration process from 1.0 to 2.0 won’t require any action from token holders.
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0/ Reasons why you should be #Bullish on $BAND @BandProtocol

If you are bullish on #defi and smart contract adoption, you want to get exposure to needed middleware like #oracles. Smart contracts can't access real-world data and APIs, and oracles like $BAND solve this problem
1/ Chainlink dominating 97% of the entire oracle space having the first-mover advantage. $BAND was founded in 2017, on the market since late 2019 with now around 2.6% of chainlinks market cap.
So the question is how big can $BAND grow and capture value relative to $LINK?
2/ If we look at other spaces eg smart contracts, $EOS & $ADA are around 10-15% of $ETH's market cap

Exchange token show a better ratio with $HT at 40% of $BNB value while $OKB and $FTX are around 10%

If $BAND does a similar ratio of ~15% of $LINK - that puts it already at ~$25
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1/ I wanted to do a pros and cons list for staking $ICX #ICON from my perspective. Hopefully this will help many of you, especially those who haven’t staked or are considering staking your $ICX.
2/ Pros:
- You get a high ongoing return (currently approx. 16-17%) on the amount you stake, thus increasing your $ICX stack.
- You are able to compound your staking returns over time (stake, claim, restake, repeat).
3/ - You reduce the circulating supply of $ICX, thus reducing the sell pressure (by a huge amount) for the $ICX market. In my opinion, a reduction in sell pressure will also lead to larger price movements when ICON does move upwards.
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I would love to back #ICON @IconicLabsUK. The new team seems highly capable, genuine and ambitious. The roll-up strategy that they're employing could work marvellously.

Unfortunately, the shares are untouchable ATM. I need say no more than EHGOSF, 06/08/19 RNS.

Fatal. Period.
The ridiculous thing is that #ICON @IconicLabsUK said they were using EHGOSF again as a last resort, because I) legacy liabilities were unknown at the time, and II) there was no remaining issuance headroom without a prospectus.

Well I) is now known, and II) is being worked upon.
Simple solution for #ICON @IconicLabsUK:

- Amend prospectus to seeking permission for a conventional equity placing of £2.0m, and an issuance of ~£0.5m to mgmt. (they're essentially founders).

- Repay drawdowns to date from EHGOSF, and cancel agreement.

- Settle liabilities.
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PARTNERSHIP ANNOUNCEMENT! We are excited to let you know that we are in the early stages of creating #blockchain courses in Central Valley, CA with the prestigious @GeekwiseAcademy!

You want developers #ICONproject? We are here to serve!

#fresno $icx #icon #icx
@GeekwiseAcademy @helloiconworld @BitwiseInd @shift3tech @RootAccessCA @ValleyInnov @Hashtag_Fresno 1. Since 2013, students of all ages have learned real-world technology skills via Geekwise Academy. At its core, Geekwise is focused on building on-ramps for those traditionally left out of the technology industry.
@GeekwiseAcademy @helloiconworld @BitwiseInd @shift3tech @RootAccessCA @ValleyInnov @Hashtag_Fresno 2. To date, more than 4,000 people have built apps, developed websites, and created technology used worldwide.
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0/ Strong finish to the week in the #cryptocurrency and #blockchain space. Partnerships, funding, mainnet/testnet launches, interviews; that's just some of it!

Below, a 23-part thread covering the latest from the budding #crypto industry over the past day or so. Enjoy!
1/ 🙋‍♂️#Crypto spot and futures trading platform @ErisX_Digital announced two additions to its board of directors: @EthereumJoseph (CEO & Founder, @ConsenSys; Co-Founder, #Ethereum) and #fintech entrepreneur, Chris Conde!
2/ 📢 @HelloICONworld [ $ICX ] published a write-up detailing their strategy to expand the #ICON public #blockchain ecosystem!

There's plenty planned for 1H19, including the launch of a DEX, DID #smartphone app, and Tokyo-based #dApp launchpad.…
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0/ Plenty happening in the frenetic world of #crypto and #blockchain!

Below, I've gathered 20 events that caught my eye from the past ~24 hours. Hope you learn a thing or two!
1/ 🌊 @WavesPlatform [ $WAVES ] secured a $120M funding round to launch its private #blockchain platform and system integrator, #Vostok [ $VST ].

3% of $VST will be airdropped to holders of $WAVES tokens. Second funding round scheduled for early 2019!…
2/ 🦁 @Brave Software, an innovative privacy browser combined with a blockchain-based digital advertising platform, joined @AdLedgerOrg, a non-profit R&D consortium building and implementing the #blockchain standards for #digital advertising.…
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0/ The stream of #crypto- and #blockchain-related news knows no end!

To help you stay on top of all that's been happening over the past 24 hours, I've put together this 22-part thread.
1/ ☁️ @helloiconworld [ $ICX ] launched 'ICON Development Network' on #Amazon's AWS Marketplace, allowing developers to easily run a private instance of the ICON #blockchain network through @awscloud.

Makes building on #ICON far more convenient.…
2/ ✍️ @_PoetProject [ $POE ] - a decentralized protocol for content ownership, discovery and monetization in media - is now live on the #bitcoin #mainnet!

Partnership announcements and product updates in the coming weeks. Growing strong!…
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0/ Fun fact: plenty of non-#bitcoincashfork-related news went on today!

Here, a thread devoted to a bunch of #crypto-related happenings from the past ~24hrs. Granted, not as entertaining as watching the hash wars play out in real-time, but it deserves your attention nonetheless.
1/ 🍭 #Bitcoin rewards rebate app @TryLolli raised an oversubscribed $2.25M seed round. Investors included @BainCapVC, @VersionOneVC, @ForerunnerVC, @SVAngel, @FJLabs and @DCGco.

Congrats @AlexAdelman, @MattSenter and team! Keen to see #Lolli progress.…
2/ 📢 Aware of the community's increasing level of demand for greater transparency from the @HelloICONworld [ $ICX ], the I.F. issued a detailed write-up addressing their oft lacklustre performance re comms.

Worth reading for those interested in #ICON.…
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