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Hello, we are @guneetkaurahuja and @aimanjkhan, yesterday we looked at the evolution of anti-dissent laws pre UAPA, and today we will focus on developments post the 16th Amendment to the Constitution. 1/n
Wartime emergency provisions of Defence of India Act, 62' were made permanent through the enactment of Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, 1967. It allowed central govt. to ban organisations. for 'unlawful activity', a power that was reserved with the state govts. till then.2/n
The government does not have to give reasons for banning the organization, just declare them an “unlawful association”. The only review mechanism against the ban was a government-appointed 1-judge tribunal. 3/n
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Hello, we are @guneetkaurahuja and @aimanjkhan, and we, along with some other colleagues, will be taking over this handle for the next two weeks.
Before we dive into discussing #UAPA, we will talk about the evolution of repressive anti-dissent/anti-terror laws in India to give some background & context to the conversation.
We think this background is crucial to understand if a law like UAPA is in response to some new & unique threat if terror or a continuation of colonial instinct to mute dissent, & rule through a fascist politico-legal structure rather than a democratic, rights-based one.
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On this day 101 years back,
Cold-blooded massacre happened at #jallianwalabagh.

It was Sunday & around 15,000 Sikh's of Amritsar were celebrating their new year Baisakhi at the 7 acre park.

It was evening & the British came with around 90 footsoldiers & the 1st thing they did
Was to close the only exit of the park.

The British under the orders of Acting Brigadier Reginald Dyer took positions & started Indiscriminate Shooting..
They shot till their ammunition was finished & didn't stop even for a second in between.

While around 1000+ people died due
To shooting, around 200+ people died when they fell into the deep well while escaping the bullets.

The youngest was a 7 month infant..

The estimates says around 1200 people were massacred & 8000 people were injured..

The reason for #JallianwalaBaghMassacre was that British had
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The Jallianwala Bagh Massacre
(A Thread)

On 13th April 1919 the Jallianwala Bagh massacre was carried out by the infamous Brigadier-General Reginald Dyer .

The Massacre was the result of the Anarchical & Revolutionary Crimes Act of 1919, famously known as the Rowlatt Act.
The Act came into force a month before the massacre. It shocked most Indians who had expected to be rewarded, not punished, for willingly fighting alongside the British in the WW1. The Act allowed political cases to be tried without jury, & imprisonment of suspects without trial.
The Act resulted in furious protests throughout the country. Gandhi started a campaign against Rowlatt Act. There were violent protests that resulted in the burning of the Town Hall and Railway station, disruption of telegraphs and communication system.
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Today is the 101st anniversary of the #JallianwalaBagh massacre
Soldiers of 25th London enforcing the 'Crawling Order' in Amritsar, Apr 1919.
Buildup to #JallianwalaBagh massacre
"Your action is correct and the Lieutenant Governor approves"
Michael O'Dwyer (Punjab Governor) to Gen Dyer, after the massacre

Dwyer was dispatched to his maker to seek his approval by Udham Singh Shaheed in 1940.
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A soldier lost life and 3 other suspiciously went missing after the Patrolling vehicle was attacked by unknown gunmen in Madaini area of Tehsil Shewa, #MiranShah #NorthWaziristan .

#Kashmir #Waziristan #PakistanArmy
Lance Naik Amjid who was shot lost his life on the spot while other three soldiers namely Naik Murtaza, Naik Ismail and Khassadar Sabir went missing after the firing incident.

The search operation is continuing in #Miranshah #Miramshah.

#Kashmir #neelumvalley #neelamvalley
Road side bomb blast in #Qutabkhel targeting Patrolling vehicle which was travelling on #Bannu - #Miranshah road.

No casualties happened in the blast as the Patrolling vehicle was far from the blast.

#Waziristan #Kashmir #LoC
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Today marks a centenary since the Amritsar Massacre, known in India as Jallianwala Bagh.

It is a gaping hole in the knowledge of most people in Britain, whilst still a raw wound for many in India.

We owe it to our own future to be honest about our past. /1
At age 10, I recall being taught in school, without nuance, that Empire had been a force for good. I had by then already heard of Jallianwal Bagh. That was (cough) many years ago, but the nature of public discourse often feels stuck back there, in nostalgic, whitewashed mist. /2
It has been in equal parts ludicrous, embarrassing and sad to watch the Brexit debate often pick up the threads of Empire, without any idea of how others view us.

So, too, the idea that former colonies will wrap us in their family bosom & welcome our patronage once again. /3
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Today is the 100th anniversary of the #JallianwalBagh massacre
Soldiers of 25th London enforcing the 'Crawling Order' in Amritsar, Apr 1919.
Buildup to #JallianwalaBagh massacre
"Your action is correct and the Lieutenant Governor approves"
Michael O'Dwyer (Punjab Governor) to Gen Dyer, after the massacre

Dwyer was dispatched to his maker to seek his approval by Udham Singh Shaheed in 1940.
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The Jallianwala Bagh massacre took place a hundred years ago, this day.

On 13 April 1919, troops of the British Indian Army under the command of Colonel Dyer fired rifles into a crowd, who had gathered for a peaceful protest at the #JallianwalaBagh in Amritsar.
#JallianwalaBaghMassacre Hundreds were killed from the firing. Many drowned as they jumped into a well. Official estimates of the dead vary from 300 to over 1,000.

100 years later, the British have still not formally apologized for this massacre.…
I visited #JallianwalaBagh last year (photos in prev tweet).

It was a somber experience. 100 years later, standing in the garden, and walking through the narrow entrance passage, you could still visualize the horrific scenes there from April 13, 1919.

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1/2 Theresa May’s expression of regret for the British massacre of Indians at #JallianwalaBagh is a welcome first step. As someone who has long sought an apology from London for its colonial atrocities, I am glad her statement at least addresses the issue. But it is not enough.
The British PM must now express a “full, clear and unequivocal apology” as sought by her opposition leader, Jeremy Corbyn. More important, Britain must express atonement not just for one atrocity, but for the colonial evils of which #JallianwalaBagh was the symbol,not the cause.
Re these remarks by @theresa_may, , it really isn't about current UK-India relations, which are in good shape, but an expression of collective atonement by Britain for 200 years of exploitation of another country&its people. There are no other implications.
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