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Ketogenic Diets: Not For Everyone?
The potential association between elevated blood lipids and a high fat, low carb diet.

#ketogenic #keto #ketodiet #longevity
The notion that in some cases food can be a medicine rings true. For better or for worse, diet can change one’s physiology.

One of the more popular diets today is the high-fat, very low-carbohydrate diet, also known as a ketogenic diet.
In some, the ketogenic diet may help to ameliorate obesity and type 2 diabetes and positively affect problematic cardiometabolic markers.
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@CleoProtogerou, @fleroy1974 & @martinhagger
Beliefs & Experiences of Individuals Following a #ZeroCarb Diet:

"driven by health concerns & benefits. Participants expressed a strong social identity"
@MDPIOpenAccess #carnivorediet #ketodiet…
"All participants reported improved wellbeing & quality of life since taking up the diet. These improvements are related to health; interpersonal relationships; learning & growth; simplicity & independence".
"Physical health benefits related to the digestive system (e.g., reduction or elimination of irritable bowel syndrome symptoms); integumentary system (e.g., smoother skin, stronger hair, and nails); and musculoskeletal system (e.g., reduced joint and back pain)"
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Since this got some attention, and few asked for details, let me elaborate. People were like this is keto, you don't know gluconeogenesis?, we are without sugar since 5 years, etc. So first some basics. 1/ #biochemistry #diet #nutrition
So, what happens when you have had dinner at 9 pm and slept off?
Okay, before that, the brain is a peculiar thing. Its preferred and predominant fuel is glucose.
The food takes roughly 4 hrs to be digested and assimilated. What supplies glucose after 1-2 am? #nutrition #diet
2 things:
1. We've stored glucose as glycogen in liver. So that gets broken down.
2. After few hours of that process, gluconeogenesis (process in which body makes glucose from 5 different things) starts.
They are overlapping processes, first major, second minor (to begin wth). 3/
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I've been doing a bunch of @coursera courses, some of them totally random. For the joy of learning, I thought I'll share them here. #Mooc

*Introduction to Ancient Egypt and its Civilisation*…
*Wonders of Ancient Egypt*
also from UPenn. #coursera…
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Inspired by @PeterHotez #grandrounds, we started a pilot elective to teach #scicomm & debunking #misinformation to @uchipritzker medstudents

Each student selected a myth to debunk & created an infographic with science/#visualart guidance
#medtwitter #scienceupfirst 🧵
Inspired by @tropical_toxic cover art @TIME assignments, @sara_serritella and I are sharing their work here w/permission.
Students could choose any misinformation to debunk. While some chose COVID19, not all did! They also specified their audience.
For those skeptical of government creating vaccines by Zachary Newman MS1:

We have risen to the challenge before and accomplished amazing things through working together. The mRNA vaccines show us at our very best. #Getvaccinated #amazingthings #COVID19vaccine #thisisourshot 3/x
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Does Custom Keto Diet Plan work For Weight Loss?
Many people who take part in a weight loss program are in search of the most effective and legitimate reviews for a ketogenic diet. #keto #customketodiet #ketosis #ketogenicdiet #ketogenic
Some of the most effective fat loss plans offer a personalized keto diet plan. In this plan you choose the number of carbohydrates you eat every day, the number of calories you consume each day, and the number of proteins and fats you consume each day.
These reviews provide information on how well this diet plan works and its side effects and benefits. You have to consider the pros and cons of the diet before you begin. See Here:… There are various advantages and disadvantages of the diet,
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I wanted to collect my thoughts on the study released earlier in the week by @KevinH_PhD. It turned into this blog-sized thread.

The study compared a high-carb, plant-based diet to a low-carb, omnivorous diet in a 4 wk. cross-over study.

The results created quite a stir.

Participants were randomly assigned to a plant-based diet or low-carb diet for two weeks. They then switched to the other diet for the following two weeks.

Both groups lost weight but participants on the plant-based diet ate less and lost more fat, despite higher insulin.

This triggered some to question whether the carb-insulin model was dead. CICO enthusiasts took a few victory laps, bashing low-carbers as foolishly fixated on carbs and beyond reason.

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NEW THREAD on #LCHF-raud & #KetoDiet.
The following article I wrote has references to over 1200 studies on nutrition, including Randomized Control Trials. 👉…
5 Reasons I Don't Recommend a Keto Diet by Dr. Michelle McMacken @Veg_MD 👉…
Gary Taubes, author of several books and articles on low carb high fat #LCHF-raud diet (fad), FINALLY concedes that saturated fats are the enemy in this BMJ article: 👉…
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Stay tuned. Later today, Sunday, I’ll be live tweeting the prep, cook, and consumption of the ultimate steak... a 3 pound wagyu rib-eye. Lots of tips you can try at home. Here’s a sneak peek. RT to your friends at #worldcarnivoretribe #zerocarb #MeatHeals #ketodiet #steak #LCHF
Good morning everybody! Let’s get started on the perfect steak. #BEEF It’s what for dinner... and breakfast too!
Step 1: Buy quality fatty meat. Today, we’re cooking up a wagyu rib-eye from Austin’s own @RangerCattle. Whatever you buy, your best bet is almost always the rib eye. That’s the tastiest cut.…
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ماهو #النظام_الكيتوني او #الكيتو و ما فوائده؟ سؤال شائع احاول إجابته في التغريدات التالية. تابع.

#التكميم #نباتي #ڤيجن #كيتوني #أتكنز #التخسيس #كيتوسيس #كيتو_دايت #السمنة #كيتو
#ketodiet #ketosis #keto
كل خلية من خلايا أجسامنا تحتوي على مولدات طاقة تسمى مايتوكوندريا (الصورة). تستخدم الخلية هذه الطاقة للقيام بوظائفها. هذه المولدات مرنة من حيث نوعية الوقود التي تستخدمه لتوليد الطاقة. فهي تستخدم الجلوكوز (الناتج عن اكل #الكارب) ان وجد. في حالة انعدام الجلوكوز تستخدم الدهون.
كثيرا ما تتحول الخلايا لإستهلاك #الدهون مؤقتا، مثلاً في حالة #الصيام_المتقطع لفترات أطول من 12 ساعة. ولكن تحول كل خلايا الجسم لإستهلاك الدهون بصورة متواصلة يسمى #كيتوسيس (#ketosis). ينتج هذا الوضع عن تخفيض متواصل لإستهلاك #الكارب إلى ما دون 50 غم يومياً لأيام او أسابيع.
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