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🧵When US @Surgeon_General talks about an epidemic of #loneliness & social isolation and the impacts on #health, it definitely grabs the attention.

This important intervention shows that #loneliness is, unfortunately, still a huge issue for our societies, UK included... 1/
Back in 2018, the @JoCoxLoneliness Commission headed by @RachelReevesMP & @SeemaKennedy published a report calling for action on #TacklingLoneliness, which led to the creation of a Loneliness Minister in Government & a strategy to combat #loneliness 2/ Two women outside number 10
Many organisations across civil society, from tiny community organisations to huge businesses, worked together to build social connections and support people of all ages to reconnect with others, recognising the negative impacts of #loneliness on individuals & wider society 3/
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Loneliness is a disease. Deadlier than cancer.( I work in cancer so just a stark realisation)

Because in cancer, you are atleast surrounded by the ones who love you, take care of you, show you affection and tell you that you matter.
In stark contrast, in loneliness, you feel1/n
Like you don't matter at all, nobody understands you or wanna be around you, you don't deserve other people's love and affection/attention, that you are not important.

So yes, loneliness is a silent killer and can make a person emotionally fragile and commit mistakes such as 2/n
having recurring negative thoughts, being hypervigilant, being chronic overthinker and overanalyzer, seeking unhealthy emotional/romantic/platonic relationships, becoming people pleaser, social anxiety, general heightened anxiety, stress about future, performance stress, sleep3/n
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Who prioritizes time with family and friends more, Republicans or Democrats?

How did the pandemic impact the time these groups spent with loved ones?

We surveyed people about this in 2019 and 2020.

Here's what we found.

#loneliness #family #friends #COVID19 #politics Image
Friend Time

"How often do you spend a social evening with friends?" 0 (Never) to 6 (Daily).

Both Republican and Democrat men reported spending more time with friends compared to women.

There was no significant change between 2019 and 2020. Image
Family Time

"How often do you spend a social evening with relatives/family?" 0 (Never) to 6 (Daily).

Between 2019-20, time spent with family significantly declined for all groups except Republican men.

Democrats reported spending significantly less time with family. Image
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🚨 Starting now! 🚨

Follow this thread for live updates from our excellent panel on loneliness, chaired by @aveek18, w/ @zabrams, @JamesEvansMS, Su Moore (@JoCoxFoundation), Prof Pam Qualter (@EducationUoM), & @Matt_VickersMP 👇 Image
@aveek18 @zabrams @JamesEvansMS @JoCoxFoundation @EducationUoM @Matt_VickersMP Prof Pam Qualter starts us off - "loneliness is a subjective experience", she says, which occurs when we lack good quality relationships with others. "We're not talking about social isolation", though loneliness has the same effects on physical & mental health
@aveek18 @zabrams @JamesEvansMS @JoCoxFoundation @EducationUoM @Matt_VickersMP #COVID19 has put loneliness on the political agenda, says Prof Qualter (@EducationUoM), particularly for children and young people. Surprisingly, we didn't see a large increase in loneliness during the pandemic - but we are seeing an increase in social anxiety post-lockdown
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We’re back from the last day of the @UNECE Ministerial Conference on #Ageing, starting with the Opening of the Ministerial Segment!

✅ Follow this thread for key highlights throughout the day

✅ Or join the livestream:

#AddingLifeToYears #MIPAA20Rome
Ministers from the host of #MIPAA20Rome, Italy, are now speaking on the challenges but also the opportunities of population ageing.

We are on average living longer than ever before. The @UNDecadeAgeing is our opportunity to live these extra years with health & well-being.
@dienekeita (@UNFPA) provides a strong message: we must do for older people now what we want for ourselves when we are older.

#MIPAA, #MIPAA20Rome, and the @UNDecadeAgeing all show there is political will to improve the lives of older people. That will must be backed by action.
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We're back from the @UNECE Ministerial Conference on #Ageing 2022!

✅ Follow this thread for key highlights throughout the day

✅ Or join the conversation online on the conference livestream:

#AddingLifeToYears #MIPAA20Rome
Don't forget to join us at a #MIPAA20Rome side event TODAY if you want to learn more about the @UNDecadeAgeing:

🗓 16 June
⏰ 15:50 - 16:10 CEST

#AddingLifeToYears Invitation flyer for the UNECE Ministerial Conference on Age
Zsuzsanna Jakab (Deputy Director-General, @WHO) is now on screen, introducing the @UNDecadeAgeing and how it supports the implementation of the Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing (#MIPAA) in the @UNECE region.

#MIPAA20Rome #AddingLifeToYears Zsuzsanna Jakab, Deputy Director-General of the World Health
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During forced #remotework, employees who perceived greater job control reported lower exhaustion and higher work-life balance, but this was conditional on their segmentation preferences.
Let’s unpack this a little. First, the main terms:

1) Job control
The job demands-control (#JDC) theory of stress (Karasek, 1979) posits that when employees are subjected to a high level of job demands at work it increases strain on employees,
but job control (autonomy) can buffer the relationship between job demands and strain. That is, even when job demands are challenging (e.g., in the COVID-19 context), high control over one’s job reduces strain and can diminish the negative outcomes of high job demands.
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#COVID19: THE #GREATRESET July 9, 2020.

"1) individuals w/ pre-existing #mentalhealth conditions like #depression will increasingly suffer from anxiety disorders; 2) #socialdistancing measures, even after they’ve been rolled back, will have worsened mental health issues;" Image
"2) #socialdistancing measures, even after they've been rolled back, will have worsened #mentalhealth issues; 3) in many families, the loss of income consecutive to unemployment will plunge people into the "#death of #despair" phenomenon;"

#Lockdowns Image
"4) #domesticviolence and abuse, particularly against #women and #children, will increase as long as the pandemic endures;" Image
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Collaboration with @Dolores_McKeen
"Supporting Vulnerable Physicians during COVID19"
@CJA_Journal @CASUpdate

@CMA_Docs endorsed @CASUpdate Statement accompanies :

A Thread
Risk estimates for infection, hospitalization and mortality during #COVID19.
#HealthCareWorkers with or caring-for someone with these conditions at higher risk are #shielding
Picture courtesy: @EricTopol | @TheEconomist

(2/6) Image
@JillianHortonMD shares this eloquently. 🙏🏽
[heroism] vs. [martyrdom]
"I never expected that COVID would help me understand the line between those two things. It was hard to define, but when I drew it, I knew it."

(3/6) Image
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My ongoing career dilemma is as follows:

Many people tell me to be less perfectionist or aim lower.

However, a plethora of data reveal there are different standards for different people for gatekeeping/recognition of merit.

I don’t feel comfortable fudging. Others do, tho.
First, I wonder if everybody is given this advice that they should aim lower & have lower standards?

Seeking to do something different than the status quo or “realistic” is generally considered #leadership and #innovation.

Why not push boundaries?…
For many populations

our pushing the boundaries is the only way they get out of “the margins” or are no longer outside the walls

physical walls
policy walls
payment walls

Those of us w/ identities not mainstream or of marginalized populations see it
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 12/12/2020…
Researchers shed new light on mysteries behind the light emission of fireflies…

#emission #light
A toxic metal contaminates the ocean’s deepest trenches : Research Highlights…

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Our next speaker is Louise Arseneault @L_Arseneault from King’s College London who will be talking about Early intervention for developing positive social relationships: can we prevent bullying victimization and loneliness? #IEPA12 Image
The absence of social relationships, or problematic ones may lead to mental health problems, says Arseneault. At the same time, positive social relationships can protect our health and wellbeing. They are important malleable factors that can be target by interventions. #IEPA12
Transition periods in the human life course (starting school, relationships, jobs and retirement) are potentially tricky times, says Arseneault #IEPA12 Image
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1/4 Yesterday @ChildlessWeek was Comments that hurt, based around lockdown experiences.

I contributed a piece entitled Resonance and yesterday resonance struck. I just stopped, there was tears, well more like a 20 minute sob for the accumulation of grief,
2/4 of feelings of shame and of loneliness. I just felt disconnected and had had enough of lockdown. Great timing as we enter a local lockdown...

In the end I wrote and played new songs on my guitar. It helped, as did chips at the seaside.
3/4 Alongside me the whole time was my brilliant wife and our snoozing paws.

These are difficult times for us all, I had forgotten that in a haze of work and exercise, as if everything was normal, as if everything has ever been normal. Take care all.

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Tackling remote loneliness with 150+ years of combined experience 🚀

Excerpts from experienced remote workers 👇

Share your experience -…

#remotework #loneliness
@madebydusk, who's worked remotely for 20 yrs, finds it helpful to rent a hot desk at a coworking space, go to a cafe, meet up with friends or go for a run.

"Just getting some fresh air can help."…
Alda, who's worked remotely for 11 yrs, feels introverts can fall in the trap of being home for days working and not interacting with anyone in person.

"I've been trying to structure my day into blocks and even scheduling time for daily entertainment"…
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Reports from all around the world including from those of @WHO say that Corona virus is here to stay. The future seems like a dystopian one, and a lot of people are going through personal experiences and emotions that they have never felt before.
The @UN has already laid out their policy about #Covid-19 and the need for action on #mentalhealth. It is serious. We must recognize the importance of a healthy mind. People from all walks of life including small children are concerned and afraid of what the future holds for them
These are the times when we need to reassure ourselves, or someone who can re-ignite in us the confidence in our capability to survive even in the harshest times. This is a window for inspirational figures and government authorities in India to start a movement about the
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Umbereen S Nehal MD MPH: who is this person? Several people have been asking

A thread

Where am I from? Hooboy.
Let’s say, citizen of the world, human ping pong ball. Third culture kid. Genetic mutt

Born: 🇺🇸
🇵🇰 parents - when my parents born colonial rule, pre-Pakistan
To thoroughly annoy my Twitter bestie, @DrvanTilburg

Am an ENFP - a cross between Snoopy, Robin Willians, Ellen Degeneres, Dr. Seuss, Charles Dickens, Upton Sinclair

I border on ENTP - love new info and love to challenge in order to break through barriers or limitations
My great-grandfather was given title "Khan Bahadur" (brave). As a judge, a brown man under Colonial rule, he threw the book at a British attorney. "Learn the law" if in his courtroom. Hence my stiff moral backbone

My mom & me:

(She loves this song)
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Q: I've been seeing a therapist for several years and we recently moved online. It just doesn't feel right. Should we break up?

A: Even if it feels different, research shows that telemental health services can be just as effective as in person services. More in this thread
Even if you receive services like art therapy, play therapy, or occupational therapy, new virtual technologies can enhance your therapy experience and engage you in different ways...
Therapists can now use virtual technologies to engage patients' family members/caregivers, guide individuals through exercises (such as art therapy with tools provided/mailed, parent management with feedback on play); and learn more about the individual's home environment.
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The leading expert on #loneliness in the world, Professor John Caccioppo, said something to me once that I have been thinking about a lot in the past week of corona crisis.
He was trying to define loneliness. It seems strange - we all instinctively know what it feels like, but it’s surprisingly hard to pin down in words & to study.
In trying to do this, John discovered an apparent paradox: it turns out that how lonely you feel doesn’t relate to how many people you see every day. Being alone and being lonely are surprisingly different when you study them.
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THREAD: As #COVID19 forces us to physically distance from one another and as our contact with other people drops, society is at risk for a *social recession*. A social recession is marked by an increase in #loneliness and isolation. (1/x)
Here’s why this matters: Loneliness feels bad. And it’s stressful - not just emotionally but physically as well. In the long term, the stress state triggered by chronic loneliness can increase levels of inflammation in our body and increase our risk for illness. (2/x)
This likely explains why loneliness is associated with higher risk of heart disease, dementia, depression, and anxiety.
When we’re chronically lonely, it also affects how we show up at work and for our families. (3/x)
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With quarantines and social distancing, #COVID19 is not the only #publichealth risk—so is #loneliness. How can we cultivate our social well-being during the outbreak?

In my latest for @sciam, I suggest a few ways to connect without contact:…
So inspired reading other people's thoughts and ideas on isolation and loneliness during the coronavirus. Clearly, this topic is striking a communal chord.

Thread of articles on how to maintain human connection and social wellness during quarantines and social distancing 👇
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We're live with our 2nd #TeLeadershipBookClub! We're talking about @BreneBrown #DaretoLead - join us here:
@BreneBrown @BreneBrown has so many articulated ways to become a better #leader and so many of them fly in the face of the traditional characteristics of #Leadership
@BreneBrown Being authentically #vulnerable rather than demonstrating #fakevulnerability - #daretolead shows us how to have the courage to show up even when you can't control the outcome!
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1/ Before I start getting bombarded by feminist groups for promoting Title IX Attorney’s wouldn’t you like to know my views or opinion before you rush to judgment about what I believe? For the conspiracy feminist’s the answer is NO I have never been accused of anything
2/ resembling a Title IX or rape charge. However, through my personal experiences I can identify and understand the pain caused for families and students have surrounding #falseallegations, inherent problems and frustrations working with uncooperative #Education & #HigherEd
3/ officials, the ludicrous Kangaroo disciplinary hearings our youth are put thru, the frustration of trying to explain to someone without lived experience what you or child needs help with or support with that does not exactly match up with what is in the four corners of the
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Pues me voy a animar como dije el otro día a hacer un proyecto 365, pero en vez de haciendo fotos, editando fotos mías antiguas, random, basadas en el mood de cada día.
La única limitación que me voy a poner, va a ser el formato 1:1... A ver lo que sale xD
I´ll say it also in English :)
I´m gonna try a photography 365 project, but instead of taking photos, processing old random photos of mine...
Only one rule: the square format.
Let´s see what I got, which will be directly affected by the mood of the day...
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Just got to Davos. Ready to fill the leadership vacuum with big ideas. My focus will be on privilege and women. Only going to #womanels #methree. Also, my alligator-skin boots got snow on them, anyone have a blow drier or an FT I can use to dry them off?
Thread 1/n: Small ideas feel big when I'm in my Gulfstream, so here it goes: We have to innovate on innovation. The 7th industrial revolution disrupts AND displaces. Artificial intelligence and blockchain can only solve resurgent populism with #compassion.
2/n We elites are critical to making this debate glocalized. Thought leadership also involves thought stewardship. Communities form the core of our economies. Blue collar workers must be re-conceived as #newcollar workers. Code is key.
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