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DeFi Loan > TradFi Loan 💪

Using #DeFi to buy real world assets is in many ways superior to TradFi.

Lets explore it via @marcusdotam case of buying a 🚗
• What did the bank say?
• How did he vet projects?
• Whom did he choose?
• How much money he paid?

Join me, a 🧵

1/10 Image
Marcos lives in beautiful Guatemala 🇬🇹

To be able to enjoy it fully, and explore LATAM he needs a ride

As any good law abiding citizen he first went to his local fiat dealer

After about an hour of checks the clerk was thrilled to offer him the competitive rate of 24%


Marcos, being no fool, told him to F off and went straight to exploring what good ol' DeFi has to offer.

MakerDAO, Aave, Compound, Liquity, Alchemix and many others were inspected and half of CT consulted.

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Today #stablecoins are the most important elements in the world of #DEFI and #Cryptocurency (before #Bitcoin of course).

Let's see how @LiquityProtocol offers a decentralized stablecoin, independent of bank reserves.

THREAD 🧵🧵🧵 Image
I'm not saying that $LUSD is the best stablecoin, you have to understand that each #stablecoin has its advantages and disadvantages.

These advantages and disadvantages must therefore be dealt with according to the needs and the context.
Given the current economic context, with banks dropping like flies, I think we should seriously consider decentralized #stablecoins that are not collateralized by money in the bank.

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L'USDT ne publie pas de preuves de ses réserves 😨
L'USDC de votre adresse peut être bloqué à tout moment 🔒
DAI est composé à 80% d'USDC 🤮

Comment retrouver un réel contrôle sur son argent et assainir l'écosystème ? 🤔

Découvrons le stablecoin le plus résilient du marché 👇🧵 Image
Si vous préférez une version Blog, ce thread est déjà disponible sur mon medium 👇…
[0 - 5] Introduction

Le concept de #blockchain décrit par Satoshi Nakamoto dans le #whitepaper du #Bitcoin montre la décentralisation comme un tiers de confiance afin de ne plus se reposer sur des plateformes aux agissements opaques 💭 Image
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1/ #Kujira is the true successor to all that was good about the #Terra / #Luna / #UST ecosystem.

Forget Terra 2.0, look into Kujira. A thread. 🧵

@TeamKujira rebounded after the Terra collapse with its own chain, exchange, stablecoin & liquidation engine.

All in two months! 👇
2/ The team started with a liquidation engine on top of Anchor, but after Terra collapsed, they shifted gears.

They deployed their own chain on Cosmos and started building. FAST.

Now, Kujira is about to make its latest move. 👇

3/ I present you their Cosmos native stablecoin: #USK.

This is the missing piece to bring the #Kuji ecosystem together.

The best part? All fees on Kujira network will go to Kuji stakers (see #13).

What about risks/competitors? 👇
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1/ On March 28 I made a thread on the top 10 reasons why we are in a bear market using stablecoin charts.

The only divergent signals (opposing this view) were from #UST & #USDT.

What happened since?

#UST went to 0 & #USDT lost $9 bil in mcap.

Next 👇

2/ All reputable stablecoin mcaps were falling (#USDC, #DAI, #LUSD), except UST and USDT.

USDT has now corrected this divergence and is falling in the trend (pic).

UST was not so fortunate and crashed to 0 with more algo stables following the same trend: #USDN, #DEI.

Next 👇
3/ UST did not have the backing to account for its mcap, hence it went to 0.

Why so bad? Because of a death spiral:

Buy 1 UST, burn it for Luna, sell Luna for $1. With $18 bil UST to burn for Luna, this crashed Luna's price to 0 and UST followed soon after.

Next 👇
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1/ Time to dispel the myths around #Terra / #Luna / #UST once & for all!

Is it decentralized? Is UST a stablecoin? Is it #SAFU?

What are the alternatives???

Are you with me?

Here's the thread you've been waiting for. 👇
2/ Before I debunk the most important myths about Terra, I suggest you check my earlier thread on this to understand the context better.

Ready? Let's start with myth number 1. 👇

3/ Myth number 1:

🚨 "Terra / Luna / UST is decentralized."

Verdict: FALSE ❌

I can explain, lets's look at the Terra / Luna network first and then UST. 👇
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1/ I see a lot hopium on my feed, but its time for a cold shower.

Are we out of the bear market? Probably not.

Here are 10+ reasons why you don't want to drop the soap. 😂

🚨 Bearish divergence warning on multiple charts.

Lets dive deeper, a thread. 👇 Image
2/ Lets start with stable coins first, then move to more "exotic" assets in crypto (e.g. NFTs/DeFI).

First, #USDC - best centralized stablecoin (aka, they can freeze your money).

See that beautiful top? USDC market cap falling since 1 Mar 2022 + double top = bearish.

Next 👇 Image
3/ Second, #DAI - best decentralized stablecoin (aka, they can't freeze your money).

"LOL you forgot about #UST." No I didn't, keep reading.

Again on DAI, double top + falling mcap = bearish.

Next 👇 Image
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1/ I just read #KuCoin's 2021 Annual Report and 2022 Forecast on the Crypto Industry.

Here are my key takeaways, a thread. 🧵

Lets go! 👇👇👇

#DeFI / #NFT / #DAO / #Stablescoins / #Memecoins / #Risks Image
2/ #BTC and #ETH remain the undisputed market leaders.

🔸BTC was the best performing major asset in 2021
🔹ETH has also been gaining traction as a store of value

ETH becoming deflationary is a big change (pictured).

More on ETH next 👇 Image
3/ #ETH Gas Fees

ETH network occupancy rate was over 98% in 2021 (pictured)!

This is close to its resource critical point leading to high gas fees / the scaling problem.

#DeFI ecosystem is limited by the performance of ETH.

ETH2.0 is expected in 2022. Next, #shitcoins 👇 Image
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1/ Here are my best #DEFI yield farms, no scams, just real underlying value!

Over 100% APY is possible while you hold on to sexy coins. ❤

Let's start with low-fee chains, then end with #ETH DEFI farms.

Recommended liquidity pools are below. 👇

P.S. I also highlight the risks Image

1️⃣ Provide liquidity on Spectrum [#Terra chain]

⚠️ Fees: Vary from $0.20 to $1.6 but is generally very cheap to use Terra chain.

Why Spectrum and not Anchor/Astroport?

It can auto-compound your profits = more profits!

Liquidity Pools (LP) I recommend, next tweet 👇 Image

➡️ ANC/UST - 50% to 200% APY

LP + ANC + ASTRO + SPEC rewards. Rewards are inflationary + watch for impermanent loss (IL)!

➡️ SPEC/UST - 50% to 100% APY

LP + SPEC rewards. Inflationary + IL

➡️ bLuna/Luna - 8% to 10% APY

LP + ASTRO rewards. No IL as a bonus! Next 👇 Image
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A couple of days ago, I said I would make a thread on #stablecoin #yieldfarming on #BSC. So, here it is! If you need fresh ideas on how to gain maximum #yield on your #stablecoins, look no further!


First off we start with @linearfinance. Depoit #lUSD or lUSD-#BUSD LP into one of their vaults to start farming ~25% or ~30% APY paid in $LINA

If you want to know more, read this;

@LinearFinance This is an obvious one @PancakeSwap has many possibilities for yield on your #stablecoins. The #yield is rather low compared to the #yieldfarms of dexes on other chains. There are however some farms that will deliver ~15%

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