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#ChatGPT is a before and after in the economy. Many sectors are now disrupted.

This should greatly increase investment in AI versus the old-school version of doing things.

But not all #AI #investment will succeed.

Here's my take on the two divisions of AI (feedback welcome):


AIs based on PUBLIC models or data.

Startups that use models like #GPT or others based on image, text... trained with publicly available dataset/models, maybe adding their own "layers/fine tuning".
The part they are building, in many cases, may be overperformed for the biggest models, their "parents".

Like Saturn and his Son.
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1 of t/ top reasons #startups fail is not having enough capital, or not raising $.
@i_JaspriyaKaur & @Sahiba_Gambhir take #founders through using #Finance as a #moat.
More on bad math vs healthy financial practices & building a strong foundation frm day 1 👇
#TuesdayTalkies 🧵
2/ Don’t confuse revenue w/terms like GMV, ARR, Bookings etc. Revenue is a key metric which determines business depth and valuations; however it can be easily misinterpreted/misunderstood.
#TuesdayTalkies @i_JaspriyaKaur @Sahiba_Gambhir
#Surge05 #GetReadyToSurge
3/ Good math is imperative for good Unit Economics. It's important to keep evaluating your biz assumptions as UE are fragile @ initial stages. Certain assumptions made when you hit the market may not pan out as expected. Fix the UE piece first before going all out on growth.
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1/ This is the largest issue with #Cryptocurency as a whole. This psychology. Scary as an investor. Price going up doesn’t make U a better project, company, tech etc. $CEL (LOW BETA) as it refers to pricing. Market Mechanics effect price. The project, company effects VALUE. 👇🏼
2/ Celsius #CapitalStructure & #Moat #6PlusRevenueStreams & VERY HIGH BARRIER TO ENTRY @CelsiusNetwork pays 80% of revenue back to depositor (married w/equity holder, so no conflict of interest as is case w/traditional Bank capital structures). $CEL © competitor 30% PROFITS lol
3/ Celsius didn’t or hasn’t listed on MAJOR exchanges, price is determined based on short term supply & demand. #MarketMechanics This effects the PRICE not VALUE. Not listing on Exchange allows them to give it back to community. Exchanges manipulate
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$FB's case in📊1/:

#Facebook is the core #moat to $FB with arguably the largest (2.9B MAU) and strongest (fundamentally interpersonal SM) network effect on the market. Displacing the #1 keep-in-touch SM'll be tough, competes w/ email and phone, but enables blitz-scaled bolt-ons.
🌏2/ While #Facebook has seemingly saturated the market in NA (at ~53% of MAU/pop) and EU (~47%), bulk of user growth is in AP-RoW, long runway from current ~28% penetration (some more incl. #WhatsApp).
Using DAU/MAU as proxy for engagement we see the stickiness of FB-Messenger.
📈3/ Billions of users in #Zucc's hands driving unrelenting growth in ARPU, across the board. As NA-EU prints money, AP-RoW will further develop and get online while $FB's SMs enables ppl & businesses to prosper. Long-term opportunity of growing ARPU on this userbase is immense.
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I woke up to a great twitter thread from @QuinnyPig. As always, @QuinnyPig has a good twitter thread on mechanics and some technical details on what it means when @awscloud says it is will boot Parler off of #AWS

2 points: WHAT and HOW you build on #Cloud
Two points are most important for any business that builds on Cloud: (1) WHAT is built on Cloud and (2) HOW it is built on it?

There are some great points here and wanted to start a twitter thread on my own quoting @QuinnyPig.
Quoting @QuinnyPig (emphasis added)...
"Making WHAT you built on AWS's systems work elsewhere is super challenging."

This making it "elsewhere" whether another cloud or on-premise servers requires how the original technical architecture and solution(s) are built.
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LOW FREE FLOAT SalesProfitGrowthCashFlow&Safety
2nd Up - 25Sep2020

📌#LowFreeFloat is Now a days #Moat for some good Quality Companies. Here is #stocks to chose from !


Read Criteria & Details in below #THREAD👇


1/8 ImageImage
📌Free Float = Public Float(DII+FII+ MF+ Corporate+HNI+Retail)

No. of Shares publicly traded which we buy/sell from exchange in everyday life.

📌For simplicity I assumed non-promoters shares though custodians & locked in shares should also be excluded.

📌High Free-Float = Good Governance(In general). Promoters less influence & other shareholders can exercise their rights.

📌Low Free-Float = More Promoter influence can easily manipulate stock price for their gain.

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A relative of mine came to me to look for best #FixedDeposit option available today, and that got me thinking that there should be a #Stock which can fulfill this purpose, and voila i got 1 #SJVN, so here is a thread, why at current levels it is a FD.
#SJVN is the principal business activity #Electricity #generation of the company. The company is also engaged in the business of providing consultancy. Both of these segments are not affected due to #COVID19
SJVN Ltd. been honored with the CBIP Award-2020 of Best Performing #Hydro #Power Company. Company has 5 working projects. 2 #Hydro, 2 #Wind and 1 #Solar. Capacities & Locations are mentioned below: Image
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India is a land of unique monopolies....
Even though there are so many "competitors" in every sector, there is a consistent market share #monopoly/#duopoly in most sectors or particular segments of those sectors!
Some very prominent examples are...


Organized Paint Industry
Duopoly - 59%

Asian Paints - 42%
Berger Paints - 17%

(appx values)

Telecom Industry
Duopoly - 62% & rising

Jio - 34%
Airtel - 28%

Vodafone has 28% as of now but every month it loses out subscribers at a fast pace to Jio & Airtel

(appx values)

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Grindwell Norton, a debt free, Saint Gobain Company, with excellent fundamentals - high CFO, Improving RoA, OPM and Inv Turnover, consistent RoE, RoCE, Dividend Payout Ratio showing good technical strength, breaking out of a 12month rectangle. #Technofunda…
Healthy pull back in Grindwell, it grinded all the weak hands out! Did not hit the 50 day SMA nor hit the 7% standard SL I follow for #TechnoFunda. Set for its sustained up move? Check peer Carborudum 👍 #moat #oligopoly @krishnblue Since your tracking this, views appreciated.
And here is Carborundum for you from the mighty Muruguppa Group. Is this chart talking to you?
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Damos inicio a un nuevo #ViernesValue sobre #ValueInvesting y análisis cualitativo con @ValueInvestingS y @The_Godas. ¡Nos espera una buena jornada de aprendizaje!

.@ValueInvestingS y @The_Godas en #ViernesValue.

Apple es una de las empresas que mejor cerrado tiene el cerco alrededor del cliente. Es un ecosistema perfecto que intensifica la demanda.

.@ValueInvestingS y @The_Godas en #ViernesValue, ejemplos de #moat:

💡 Intangibles: Pfizer, Berkshire.
🖥 Costes de cambio: Constellation, Microsoft.
🌐 Efecto red: Facebook, Ebay.
💵 Costes: Intel, Saudi Aramco.
🛒 Escala eficiente: Walmart.

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Alphabet está construyendo el futuro mediante atracción d los mejores talentos, inversión decidida e innovación constante. Recomiendo encarecidamente la lectura del transcript earnings call 1H2018.
#Alphabet $GOOG $GOOGL #GBIIAccionGlobalFI
👇🏽Aquí algunas de sus perlas 👇🏽
"Our video platform, Youtube, is growing tremendously"

"We are very excited about the big oportunities we're seeing in Google Cloud Next"
"We are continuing to see tremendous growth in Maps -with especially strong growth in countries like Indonesia, India and Nigeria, which are growing over 50% y-o-y"

"I have always seen Maps as a big asset for us. Now, we're taking different initiatives looking for monetize it"
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