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Confirmed reports that Rahimullah Haqqani has been killed in a suicide blast in Kabul. As per initial reports a suicide bomber blew up in his room where he was studying. #Afghanistan ImageImageImage


VIDEO from the Islamic seminary in Kabul where a suicide bomber blew up in the room of Rahimullah Haqqani, killing him. People can be heard crying in the background. #Afghanistan
Rahimullah Haqqani was an important pro-Taliban ideologue and was pretty well known in Pakistan too. There have been multiple attacks against him in the past too, which he survived. He was a critic of ISKP.…
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ICYMI: Intelligence shows "The relationship between the #Taliban & #alQaida remains close, w/the latter [alQaida] celebrating the former’s success & renewing its pledge of allegiance" per report from @UN Sanctions Monitoring Team released Friday
Intelligence from @UN members "suggest that #alQaida has a safe haven under the #Taliban & increased freedom of action" per report "[AQ leader] Ayman al-Zawahiri has issued more frequent recorded messages since August, & there is now proof of life for him as recently as Feb 2022"
#alQaida-#Taliban relationship "underscored by the presence, both in #Afghanistan & the region, of alQaida core leadership & affiliated groups, such as alQaida in the Indian Subcontinent (#AQIS)" per @UN report
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UN Report: The foremost division within the #Taliban is between moderate & hardline blocs. The moderate bloc consists of Mullah Baradar, Abbas Stanekzai, Padshah Khan & Shahabuddin Delawar who believe the Taliban must integrate with foreign partners.…
The hardline bloc consists of Hassan Akhund and other senior leaders from #Kandahar. It takes a more ideological view of jihad and sharia, with less emphasis on international relations. Haqqani Network is independent from either bloc, closer to the hardliners but pragmatic.
#Kandahari (Durrani) #Taliban are in the ascendancy among the Taliban’s leadership. This hierarchy has taken shape at the expense of non-Pashtun groups within the Taliban.
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#Afghanistan has seen a string of attacks this week in Kabul, Mazar-i-Sharif, Kunduz, and Nangarhar.

Attacks in Kabul & Mazar saw #Hazaras targeted.

🧵AW #OSINT verifications so far:
(1/8) On the morning of April 19, a series of explosions targeted educational institutions in Dasht-e-Barchi, #Kabul - an area with a predominantly #Hazara Shia population.

✅AW verified the attack at Abdul Rahim Shahid High School

🗓️ April 19
📍Dasht-e Barchi, Kabul
(2/8) The next day, an explosion occurred at the front of Kandahari market in Kabul, where a Taliban-operated vehicle was targeted.

ISKP claimed the attack.

✅AW verified the incident

📅April 20
🕐Shortly after noon
📍Qua-e Markaz, Kabul
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#Explosions reported in #Kabul, #Nangarhar, #Balkh& #Kunduz today.
In Mazar-e Sharif City, a #Shia worship place was targeted. In Kunduz, according to @bsarwary's sources, an aid distribution site was the target. Explosions n other provinces were not as deadly as the 2 mentioned.
According to @aamajnews24, 31 people were killed& 87 more wounded in the #Shia mosque #explosion in #Mazar-e Sharif today.
#Taliban downplaying the threat of ISKP, but the group was behind several deadly attacks in Afghanistan, since the Taliban took over the government in Kabul. Image
Spinghar News meanwhile reported about the explosions in Kunduz& Nangarhar.
In Kunduz, at least 4 people were killed& more than a dozen wounded.
In Khogyani District of #Nangarhar, 4 #Taliban were reportedly killed& one more wounded as a result of explosion against their vehicle. ImageImage
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Abdul Rahim #Muslim_Dost, a fomer detaine of the US-run Guantanamo Prison& alleged founding member of the #ISKP, #surrendered to the #Taliban in Nangarhar.
He publicly disassociated himself from ISKP, for the killing of innocent people by the group n 2015.…
In Oct. 2015, #Muslimdost confirmed that he had pledged allegiance to IS leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi& was loyal to him, but condemn the activities of #ISKP in AFG under leadership of Hafiz Saeed.
Below are two reports on the topic:…
“I was in Terah area of Khyber Agency when I announced allegiance to the Khilafat (IS). Groups of people were joining us and I would convince them, but we were unaware that illiterate people like Hafiz Saaed Khan are damaging the holy name.”…
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50 #ISKP loyalists came to the intelligence directorate of #Nangarhar& joined the IEA (surrendered). They were pardoned for their past deeds, based on the decree of the Amirul Momineen.

Those surrendered, are 'suspected pro-ISKP' civilians.
According to the below tweet& video, as a result of the #Kunar governor& local tribal elders' efforts, 25 alleged #ISKP loyalists, realizing the legitimacy of the IEA, renounced their opposition& pledged allegiance to the officials of the Islamic Emirate.
According to the Taliban's #Kunar governor office, 28 more alleged #ISKP loyalists #surrendered to the TB government in the province.
Since August 2021, hundreds of alleged ISKP loyalists surrendered to the Taliban, mainly in the eastern Kunar& Nangarhar.
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#Taliban seized barbed wire from #PAK security forces in Gushta& IEA's chief of intel for #Nangargar warning PAK guards to avoid any movement towards AFG territory, else, the TB like Jihad against them, more than Jihad against Jews.

#Nangarhar media office officially confirmed that the #Taliban prevented barbed wire project of #PAK on Durand Line in #Lalpura District:
"Mawlawi Mohammad Daud Muzamil, Governor of Nangarhar&a number of military officials visited the area& assured the troops of their readiness." ImageImage
#Taliban allegedly took control of an area from #AFG territory, that was grabbed by #PAK and a primary school was established there by PAK, in #Lalpura district if #Nangarhar.
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Pro-#Taliban accounts on Social Media:
"Right now, #ISKP Khawarij are under siege in #Jalalabad city, and a fierce clash/battle is going on."
#Nangarhar intelligence chief confirmed to media that 3 #kidnappers were killed & 2 more arrested in a raid against their hideout in Qasaba area of #Jalalabad City, last night.
#Taliban recently designating the #ISKP members as kidnappers/criminals.
Nangarhar media office officially confirmed that a Talibam operation against armed kidnappers in Qasaba area, in PD1 of Jalalabad City, resulted in the killing of 3 kidnappers, one TB fighter&a goldsmith kidnapped by those criminals. Two kidnappers were arrested&6 weapons seized.
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New #appointments of the #Taliban:
The #Supreme_Court of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan appointed new heads (#judges) for the appellate courts and city courts in all 34 provinces of Afghanistan.
The appointments didn't include #Panjshir Province.
The newly appointed 69 judges are mainly Mawlawies.
Among 33 provinces, only the Kabul have four City Courts (with four judges), as the city is divided into four zones due to high density of population.
More #appointments by the #Taliban in judicial sector, mainly in the #Supreme_Court but also in the Military Courts of #Nangarhar and #Balkh provinces.
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"A special unit of the #Nangargar's Intelligence Department conducted a #special_operation on a hideout of armed robbers/kidnappers (#ISKP) in Maqam Khan area of #Behsud district, in which the head of the group named Shaheen was killed& 3 members of the group arrested."
Meanwhile, Nangarhar Spinghar News quoted eye witnesses saying that "on Saturday morning a clash broke out between the Taliban& #ISKP (on the outskirts of Jalalabad). According to local residents, 2 ISKP militants were killed, 1 wounded& 2 arrested. TB also sustained casualties." Image
#Taliban statement:
"Dr. Bashir, the provincial director of intelligence in #Nangarhar, said that 80 #ISKP members from 10 districts of the province had #surrendered, with conditional bail of local tribal elders, to the IEA and they were apardoned."
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Since very early in the morning, #Taliban launched an operation against a suspected #ISKP hideout in #Jalalabad City. The clash is still ongoing.
The sound of small arms fire, RPGs& other explosions heard by locals in the area.
Details of the incident will come later.
A pro-TB source released an alleged video of the ongoing clearing operation of the #Taliban agajnst an #ISKP hideout in #Jalalabad City:
Pro-TB sources:
"At least 4 #ISKP members, including a suicide bomber, were killed & Atta-u-Rehman, a well-known figure of the group, was arrested (in today's Taliban operation against their hideout in Jalalabad)."
Below is a video from the incident scene:
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#Extrajudicial_Killings in #Nangarhar:
"Last night, Haji Yunus was evicted from his house in Lalmi village of Chaparhar District&later killed in Saparo village.
Also, a man named Sakhi Dad originally from Khogyani, was beheaded in Surkh Rod district," Shinwari Kara News reported.
Meanwhile, the same source reported that "Unidentified gunmen shot dead a man near the 40-meter road in PD4 of #Jalalabad City, today evening."
No details are available about the identity of the victim & the reason behind his killing yet.
#ISKP claimed responsibility for yesterday's #shooting incident in PD4 of #Jalalabad City:
"Caliphate soldiers targeted a member of the intelligence of the #Taliban in PD4 (of Jalalabad City), in #Nangarhar (Province), with automatic weapon, which led to his death."
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Shinwari Kara News:
"A bomb exploded in a #mosque during #Friday_prayer in Trili area of #Nangarhar's Spin Ghar district, today afternoon.
According to initial reports, at least 15 civilians were wounded in the #explosion. The condition of some of them, is said to be critical." Image
A @TOLOnews report quoted local officials in Nangarhar, saying that 2 worshipers were killed&17 more wounded in today's mosque explosion in #Nangarhar.
Some other sources reported that 3 people were killed in the explosion.
The casualty figures may change.
According to @bsarwary, the target of today's mosque explosion in Nangarhar was the Imam of the mosque, who is reportedly brother of the #Taliban's Governor for Kot District.
Sources told Sarwary that three people were killed& 14 more wounded in thd blast.
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@EnikassT Reports:
* Unidentified gunmen shot dead 3 people in #Jalalabad today.
A few minutes ago, three people were shot dead by unknown gunmen in Daman area of Behsud/ Jalalabad's PD8.
* #Taliban / #IEA banned the movement of armed men, incl. TB, in rickshaws in #Nangarhar. ImageImage
Meanwhile, @sw989fm reported about an #explosion in PD2 of #Jalalabad City today. Hospital sources confirmed that they received at least three dead bodies from the incident scene.
Another source said that two explosions, followed by gunfire, were heard.
#ISKP claimed Sunday's #explosion in #Jalalabad:
"Caliphate soldiers targeted a Taliban vehicle in PD4 of Jalalabad City on Sunday, by detonating an IED, which led to the killing& wounding of 3 TB&damage to the vehicle."
Note: Conflict in number of police district (PD) is normal. Image
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#Explosion(s) against Taliban vehicle(s) on outskirts of #Jalalabad City in #Nangarhar Province today...
Details of casualties to come later...
#ISKP claimed responsibility for yesterday's #explosion against a #Taliban vehicle on outskirts of #Jalalabad City:
"Caliphate soldiers targeted a vehicle of the Taliban in PD8 of Jalalabad, by detonating an explosive device, which damaged it & killed& wounded those TB on board." Image
In yesterday's #ISKP claimed explosion in #Jalalabad, Abdul Karim, a civilian, was also among the casualties (killed). He repotedly left behind a wife and seven children, including six daughters and one son (below you can see the photo of the victim and his son).
@ziaryaad Image
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While one person was shot killed by unknown gunmen today morning in #Jalalabad, @bsarwary now reported about 12 hanged bodies in various parts of the city.
#Extrajudicial_killings in Jalalabad is a new normal but 12 hanged bodies in one day, if confirmed, will be a shocking news. Image
#ISKP claimed responsibility for today morning's target killing of an alleged #Taliban intelligence agent in #Jalalabad City:
"Caliphate soldiers targeted a member of the intelligence of the Taliban, in PD5 of Jalalabad City, with pistol shots, which led to his death." Image
#Target_killings in #Nangarhar Province continue. Shinwari Kara News reported about two new incidents in the province, as follow:
1. On Thursday evening, at 07:00 PM, unknown gunmen shot and killed a person in Farm-e Adda area of PD6 in #Jalalabad. No more details are available. Image
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#Nangarhar Governor Office:
Scores of Ahl-e-Hadith scholars pledged allegiance to #IEA in Nangarhar today.
"We are not in favor of revenge& violence. Anyone can live peacefully under the Islamic Emirate of #AFG using the #amnesty announced by the IEA," Nangarhar governor said.
This comes as extrajudicial killings continue in Nangarhar, mainly in Jalalabad City.
Last night a religious scholar teaching at a local Madrassa was shot killed in Qasaba area of Jalalabad.
Meanwhile, two young men were found dead today morning near the ring road in Jalalabad.
There are also UNCONFIRMED reports about #ISKP flags in Dehraud District of #Uruzgan (see the below tweet).
Note: No ISKP activity was reported in Uruzgan Province since the official announcement of the IS offshoot in Afghanistan, in January 2015.
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After 153 media stopped their operations under taliban restrictions and threats, @Etilaatroz as one of few remaining media seems to have stopped its operations as well. Five journalists of @Etilaatroz were tortured by taliban. Good news is that @ZDaryabi is safe & sound.
On September 8, five @Etilaatroz
Journalists covering Hazara women protests in western Kabul were arrested and tortured by taliban. One of those journalists (brother of Zaki Daryabi) was flighed this badly that he had be to sent to Hospital
Another employee of @Etilaatroz was arrested for covering women protests in Dasht-eBarchi / karte 4 (western Kabul) & then released afew hours after detention and torture 👇

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Recently, I noted that the #incidents &developments in #Afghanistan, even in big cities, remain un-reported.
Yesterday& today, in two separate #explosions in #Mazar-e Sharif City of #Balkh Province, several civilians were wounded (&one child killed). Image
@ZabihGhazi wrote yesterday:
"The Taliban say the whole country is safe, but in the east there are explosions&killings.
Today a bomb exploded in Kama district, #Nangarhar&Mullah Imam was shot dead in (Qarghayee) #Laghman." ImageImageImage
In the comments on @ZabihGhazi's post we read the below unauthenticated news about other incidents:
...a young man was beheaded in Chaparhar district of Nangarhar Province...
...a head cut from the body was found in Jalalabad City and it was not clear where the body was located..
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1. On 19 September, following weeks of inactivity, #ISKP once again started reporting attacks from #Afghanistan.

That day alone, it claimed seven operations—this is the largest number of attacks reported by #ISKP in a single day in years.
2. This spate of attacks has so far focused on what #IS is calling the ‘apostate #Taliban militia.’

It appears to signal the start of the new, reinvigorated #Afghanistan campaign that #IS first said was on the horizon back in August.
3. Notably, aside from #ISKP’s two attacks on #KIA at the end of August, it had been entirely inactive in #Afghanistan until this week.

The last time it went dark for that long was in June/July 2020.
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Afghanistan Crisis Updates

Per @AsaadHannaa in yesterday's #US drone strike in #Kabul , 9 civilians have been killed which he had released their names :
• Zameer, Shopkeeper
• Faisal, Student
• Farzad, Student
• Ayat, 2 years old
• Sumaya, 2 years old
• Armin, 4 years old
• Binyamen, 3 years old
Dr. Amin Al-Haq, One of the well-known members of #AlQaeda has have returned to #Nangarhar Province in #Afghanistan.
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BREAKING -- a U.S. drone strike has targeted #ISIS-K operatives in eastern #Afghanistan.

via @idreesali114
@idreesali114 The U.S. strike today targeted #ISIS-K in #Afghanistan's #Nangarhar province

Earlier, unnamed IC officials had said explosive devices & other materials had been sent by #ISIS from #Nangarhar to #Kabul in recent days.
@idreesali114 Earlier today, the #Taliban was reported to have engaged in clashes with #ISIS-K cells in #Nangarhar's Dara-i-Noor district.

The #Taliban-#ISIS conflict has been centered in #Nangarhar & neighboring #Kunar provinces.
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#BREAKING: People of #Afghanistan have started nationwide protests against #Taliban terrorist organization over changing their National flag to an Islamic one. This video is from #Jalalabad now. There are reports about Taliban terrorists opening fire at protesters in #Kabul!
#BREAKING: Protest against #Taliban over destruction of Statues and National symbols of #Afghanistan in #Bamyan. ImageImage
#BREAKING: People in #Nangarhar are protesting against #Taliban terrorists. They have removed Islamic flags of the terrorist group from the city center and have raised national flag of #Afghanistan again. There are reports about brutal suppression of the protesters by Taliban. Image
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