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The #Israel’s Defence Min, Benny Gantz, will be in #India today. Israeli media hs bn quiet abt it.

Isreali media gv a HINT last week about the IMP security pact he’s expected to sign with Indian Def Min —that it’s going to be abt AIR & MISSILE defence sys. (Via TOIsrael) Image
Israeli govt is going through a rough patch right now, as rumours of #Netanyahu’s return are also doing rounds. Benny Gantz, the Israeli Def Minister, was the Ex- military chief of Israel. Hence I used his old pic in tweet 1. Image
Israel has sought to tighten defense ties with New Delhi in recent years, especially in the fields of air and missile defense. Toi
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A 🧵 on how Merge will make NFTs extinct:

NFTs are the hottest thing since 2021,your favorite celebs with Apes and Punk Pfps. But,

NFTs are more than that and @Pak's merge is an evolution and extinction of NFTs how we know it :…
2/ Quick background :

Murat Pak's Merge at 92M$ is the highest sales by a living artist for a single artwork. It also has seen one of the highest number of participants in the NFT space with ~29K unique buyers

How is this piece unique tho?

3/ Merge is unique in 3 ways:

1. Walled gardens : Most NFT collections have artificial scarcity, Merge aimed to be inclusive with an infinite mint

2. Not JPEG : Merge is an onchain art work and it shows that NFTs can be much more than PFPs and collectibles
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#NIA nips #Pak sponsored terrorist activities in the bud.
It conducted searches at multiple locations in Gujarat & Maharashtra today, including #Godhra.
This ws a network spread across— Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra & Gujarat.
Plan was to carry out terror acts in India.
Since sometime Pak agents wr contacting Defence personnel to glean sensitive info of Vital installations through Indian SIM cards.

Earlier many telephone exchanges meant for this purpose wr also busted by diff intel agencies.
Last year in a similar case 6 modified exchanges & 1000 SIM cards wr recovered from Bengaluru. Similar cases emerged from Kerala and other south Indian states later.

@MandarSawant184 @MeSavarkar @MumbaichaDon @ibhagwa_n @hathyogi31
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#TTP released a statement about the recent political developments in Pakistan, asking public to pay attention to the 2 key issues:
"1. #PAK Army is the real culprit behind all the crimes in Pakistan inclu. riots, civil war, sectarianism, bargaining over national sovereignty...
...making the country a battleground for American proxy war, inflation, unemployment, insecurity etc. This is our& your first duty to get rid of the Army. So if you can't stand side by side with us against the mercenaries of these dollar priests, then at least get your loved ones
...out of this dirty rank (PAK Army) in time& think about their future, so that tomorrow there will be no place for them to hide.
2. As you are aware, PAK Army is the real obstacle to the great cause of Pakistan (establishment of a real Islamic Government) for seventy four years.
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#Pak sponsored LeT and JeM must be targeted to free India of terror

In the coming weeks, the Paris-based money-laundering watchdog, the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), is set to review Pakistan’s performance on countering terror financing.…
Once again, all eyes will be on whether Pakistan will be 'blacklisted' for promoting terrorism or will remain in the 'grey list' as the financing watchdog meets for its next session in April 2022.
Pakistan is on the “grey list” for its failure to address the problem of terrorism financing since 2018.Every time before the periodic review meeting, Pakistan puts up some facade of compliance by showing that it is
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#Pak NSA's #Afghanistan visit disappointed Imran govt as its security concerns went unaddressed Image
The recent visit of Pakistan's National Security Adviser Dr Moeed Yusuf to Kabul did not turn out to be fruitful to Islamabad as expected as the security concerns of the Imran Khan government were not properly addressed by the new rulers in Afghanistan
It is no secret that the real disappointment for Pakistan with NSA's Kabul visit came in the security-related issues as Dr. Yusuf could not meet with the Taliban PM, Mullah Hassan Akhund, and Deputy PM, Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, the official statements from the two
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CPEC projects: #Pak's #Punjab deploys 11,225 security personnel deployed to protect #Chinese nationals Image
Pakistan's Punjab home department has deployed 11,225 security personnel in the province in an attempt to protect Chinese nationals working on Beijing's multi-billion dollars projects in the country.
The security personnel includes Army, Rangers, Special Protection Unit (SPU), Special Branch representatives, police and departmental security, the News International reported, adding that the personnel are for
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#Pak radicals destroy Hinglaj Mata Mandir in Sindh province

Pakistan Islamist radicals on Sunday demolished Hinglaj Mata Mandir, located in Khatri Mohalla, Teh Mithi, Tharparker district of Sindh province.

This is the 11th attack on Hindu shrines in the past 22 months
Krishen Sharma, President, Pakistan Hindu Mandir Management reached the spot and in interaction with media told them that Islamist radicals are not even afraid of Pakistan Supreme Court and the Pakistani Government.
Meanwhile, the local Hindu leaders took out a protest rally on the issue. Pakistan has been repeatedly slammed by the international community for not taking
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Sincerely hope & pray #SPG Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are not discussed & debated in public or put in public domain. There will be discussions in the Supreme Court but SOPs will be studied very closely by India's enemies to exploit. This is a landmine. Tread cautiously!
Many years ago #Pakistan asked #India for help to strengthen security of their prime minister. #Pak wanted to study/learn about #SPG. India had politely declined. #Pak would learnt our SOPs & exploited weaknesses.But now with #Punjab breach in court, alarm bells should ring again
Internal politics should not destroy the strong edifice on which national security structure is built.We have burnt our fingers in the past with intelligence operations debated in open court. Am confident #SupremeCourt will ensure secret SOPs are not shared in public. #IndiaFirst
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The axis of evil

#ImranKhan Sets Up #Pak-#China Business Investment Forum Amid Mounting External Debt: Report Image
On Monday, Prime Minister Imran Khan launched the Pakistan-China Business Investment Forum, aimed at promoting investment between the two countries.
This comes after the opposition parties intensified pressure against the ruling party over mounting debts and widespread inflation, ANI reported citing ARY News.
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@bsarwary reported about the story behind today's artillery exchange between #PAK border forces and #AFG #Taliban in #Kunar Province.
Earlier, @Natsecjeff and @OSINT_Insider also reported about the heavy fire exchange between Taliban& PAK security forces on Durand Line, in Kunar.
Sources in AFG #Taliban have confirmed to Tribal News that the clash with the #PAK army has been going on since today 4pm.
The PAK army is shelling AFG from its bases in Mohmand&Bajaur while TB are responding to their shelling from Sarkano&Asmar in #Kunar.
#PAK #drones are also seen over border areas of #Kunar Province near the Durand Line, where #Taliban are exchanging #artillery fire with Pakistani military forces.
Below is a video shared by @paykhar allegely showing Taliban's artillery firing towards PAK.
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#Taliban seized barbed wire from #PAK security forces in Gushta& IEA's chief of intel for #Nangargar warning PAK guards to avoid any movement towards AFG territory, else, the TB like Jihad against them, more than Jihad against Jews.

#Nangarhar media office officially confirmed that the #Taliban prevented barbed wire project of #PAK on Durand Line in #Lalpura District:
"Mawlawi Mohammad Daud Muzamil, Governor of Nangarhar&a number of military officials visited the area& assured the troops of their readiness." ImageImage
#Taliban allegedly took control of an area from #AFG territory, that was grabbed by #PAK and a primary school was established there by PAK, in #Lalpura district if #Nangarhar.
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Hamid Karzai, former President of #Afghanistan, has called Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan's @PakPMO remarks at the Extraordinary Session of OIC @OIC_OCI Council of Foreign Ministers an attempt to sow discord among Afghans, and an insult to the Afghan people. Moreover, …
…allegation that #ISIS is active in #Afghanistan, threatening #Pakistan from #Afghanistan is clear propaganda as the reality has been the opposite. The threat of #ISIS has been directed from #Pakistan against #Afghanistan from the very onset.
The former President urges the …
…Gov of #Pak to strictly refrain from propagating against #Afg and interfering in our internal affairs. #Pakistan should avoid speaking on behalf of #Afghanistan in international forums .It should work towards creating positive and civilized relations between the two countries.
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An alleged #TTP member wrote on twitter:
"Over the past few days, there have been reports of talks between the TTP& #PAK government/army:
* There is no progress yet.
* Prisoners release is the first condition but not fulfilled yet.
* About talks, all TTP is on the same platform.
* Both parties don't confirm talks to media, for caution.
* The #IEA may be a mediator, but neutral. Even it is possible that IEA as a mujahidin movement be more in favor of TTP.
* Attempts to spoil negotiations, make it unconditional& to prove it failed, are already neutralized.
* TTP will definitely not hold unconditional or non-Sharia talks, inshallah."
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We didn't know better then. As we celebrated cricket, Gen @P_Musharraf launched #Pak Army into #Kargil. Dec 18, 1999 Capt Nadeem & L/NK Laikjaan & others were sent on reconnaissance patrols. We gave Pak cricketers a standing ovation, Pak Army firmed up defences on Kargil heights
530 Indian families lost a son, a brother, a husband, a soldier in the #Kargil war. In the months preceding Kargil, #Lahore bus journey was hailed as a game changer that would herald an era of peace. Pak sent one team to Chepauk, another with Assault rifles & Arty guns to Kargil.
We could have been fooled then but now we have access to information even from #Pakistan. The architects of the plan Gen Musharraf, Lt Gen Mohd Aziz Khan (CGS), Lt Gen Mahmud Ahmed (X Corps Cdr) & executed by Maj Gen Javed Hasan, (FCNA) & Brig Nusrat Sial (62 Bde Cdr) #FactsFirst
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`Victory of Muslims over Hindus,' Pak cricket captain Mushtaq Mohammed after 1978 test series win. (Don't just blame Pak interior minister Sheikh Rasheed. It is #Pak DNA. Understand it.)
India's aim should be to isolate #Pakistan till it remains a state sponsor of terror.
Why would #Pak bring in religion into #Cricket? Whether it is '#SheedaTalli' @ShkhRasheed or #MushtaqMohd,Pak cricket captain who in a cricket series after close to 2 decades called Pak victory over #India victory of Muslims over Hindus: coincidence, happenstance or enemy action?
Is @ShkhRasheed a lone looney linking #Pakistan cricket team victory to #Islam? Is it only #MushtaqMohd who called #Pakistan cricket team victory in 1978 victory of #Muslims over #Hindus. Another gem from another Pak cricketer about namaz offered on ground. Know their mindset
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celebrations in the valley, Kashmir you beauty ❤💥 #PakvsIndia
another video from valley , with more fireworks & slogans in love with Pak over historic victory from Indians
#BabarAzam #PAKvIND #ICCT20WorldCup2021
aftershocks from #India of historic defeat by #Pak 😂
#BabarAzam #PAKvIND #ICCT20WorldCup2021
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Established to empower children with education, the school system of 46 #AGSs since its inception in 1998 has taught more than 1.5 Lakh children from the region


@ChinarcorpsIA @RadioChinar @asthana_shashi @kakar_harsha @EduMinOfIndia @kayjay34350
The Northern Command of the #IndianArmy running these schools provides education to nearly 15,000 students every year

There are 30 AGSs in #Kashmir, 8 in #Ladakh & 8 in #Jammu

#EducationForAll #IndiaNarrative

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RUMOURED RARITY CHECK for #LostPoets @muratpak @poetslost #page #NFT #NFTCommunity

1/ Click on your Poet in opensea, right click, save as png
2/ Download a hex decoder (eg. Hex Fiend)
3/ Open image in hex decoder, convert it to ASCII
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A partir das 08h, ao vivo na Globo, SporTV e BandSports!
#Tokyo2020 #JogosOlímpicos
20 MINUTOS! Bruno e Ketleyn já estão no preparo!

📸 Christian Dawes/COB
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The Battle of #Longewala was one of the first major battles in the Western Sector during #IndoPakWar1971. #Longewala is 16 km from the IB in the Thar Desert in #Rajasthan & the lone road to #Jaisalmer via Ramgarh emanated from here. (1/n)
#IndianArmy Image
#Longewala was held by a platoon of 14 BSF. However due to the looming war clouds, 'A' Compony, 23 PUNJAB under Major Kuldeep Singh Chandpuri was deployed in Oct 71. The rest of 23 PUNJAB (part of 45 Infantry Brigade) was deployed at Sadhewala.(2/n)
On 03 Dec #Pak 51 Brigade Group began to advance with 38 Cavalry & 22 Cavalry to capture Ramgarh & #Jaisalmer respectively. While the two armoured regiments reached Gabar (inside #Pak) by 0100h on 04 Dec, the rest of the forces could not. (3/n)
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The #1971IndoPakWar was the outcome of continuous atrocities & genocide by #Pakistan on the people of #Bangladesh. The genocide of 25 Mar 71, led to the birth of Mukti Bahini, which played a stellar role in the liberation of #Bangladesh. (1/n)

#Pakistan opted for war with #India instead of stopping genocide in #Bangladesh. On 3 Dec 1971 at 4.45 PM #Pakistan initiated the war with pre-emptive strikes at 12 #Indian airfields. (2/n)
As the basic strategy of #Pak was to launch a powerful attack in the West, a large portion of her Armed Forces was deployed there. These included two Armoured Divisions, ten Infantry Divisions, two Armoured Brigades and seven POK Brigades. (3/n)

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A Summary thread of the Quaid-E-Azam Trophy
Most Runs
-Kamran Ghulam (25yo): 1249 @ 62, 5x100, 5x50, HS 166
-Saud Shakeel (25yo): 970 @ 57, 3x100, 5x50, HS 174
-Agha Salman (27yo): 941 runs @ 58, 2x100, 6x50, HS 169
#Pakistan #Pak #Cricket #FirstClass #Stats #TestCricket
All players are at a prime age for international cricket and average 35+ at a FC level with Ghulman and Shakeel averaging 48+. With their recent batting woes in tests, and an aging batting order, the inclusion of mid-age talent could be what the test team needs.
Most Wickets
-Sajid Khan (27yo, Off-Spin): 67 wickets @ 25.08, 5x5fas, 1x10fas, Best of 6-71
-Nauman Ali (34yo, Left arm orthodox): 61 wickets @ 23.16, 6x5fas, 3x10fas, Best of 7-53
-Zahid Mahmood (32yo, Legbreak): 52 wickets @ 26.94, 3x5fas, 1x10fas, Best of 6-57
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Food Specials in Karachi:

1. Nihari: Javed (Dastagir, F.B.Area).
2. Biryani : Allah wala Biryani Center (Gol Market, Nazimabad)
3. Singaporean Rice: biryani chowk
4. Haleem: Mazedar Foods (Samanadbad)
5. Gola Ganda : Uncle Gola (Dhoraji)
6. Namkeen Boti : Al-harmain (Al-Asif)
7. Gol Gappay : Liaqatabad Bridge
8. Chappli Kabab : A-one (Shah faisal)
9. White Karhai : Anwar Baloch (Malir)
10. Chargha : Café Laziz (Burns Road)
11. Katakat : Tayyabi (Hussainabad)
12. Brain Masala : Noorani (Khalid Bin Waleed Road)
13. Hunter Beef : Hanifia (Binori Town)Con
14. Murgh Cholay : Ghousia (Near City Court)
15. Balochi Tikka : Madina 2 (Super Highway)
16. Chicken Chatni Roll : Hot n Spicy (Khadda Market)
17. Bihari Tikka : Meerath
18. Malai Boti : Ghaffar Kabab House (Port Grand)
19. Bun Kabab : Hanif Bunkabab (Pakistan Chowk)
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